March 31, 2019

Face Sleeping

Kitties, I spent most of the night sleeping on mom's face.  My nose was right even with the top of hers, and my upper face was whisker side down --laid along her forehead and eyebrow.  My shoulder was on her ear-- and we slept pretty well.

My other favorite brother left this morning to go back over the mountains.  I loved having him here.  I warmed up the bed he slept in, when he first went to bed and after he woke up in the morning.

I tried on my new blue hat for him, the one Mom Ellen made for me.  Unfortunately I didn't allow Mom a picture of me.

Painting by Barb, Marvelous Marvin's Mommy

I'm in a huge huge sunpuddle AND in my comfortable beddie.  Can't beat that with a stick my mom always says.  Mom is in here with me finally getting her cup of coffee.  She had to wait so she and brovver could take a walk before he went back over the Mountains.

Mom said soon as she gets that coffee down she will start house  cleaning.  I'll help.

Waiting on a brovver.

March 30, 2019


Kitties!  My other favorite brovver is here.  YEA!  I was in on his bed this meowning mom saw as she walked past the half opened door and the light was on in his room.   He's here  from over the Mountains and even left his classes after a half day of teaching to get here yesterday before the traffic got bad. Because.... my client turns 4 years old today!  Wasn't it just yesterday that he was crawling around getting into my fuds, my water and occasionally trying for my bathroom facilities? Playing with my toys (except my babies, who are 5 in number...those are carefully hidden against marauders as is my tunnel).

Mom and other favorite brovver who arrived  here yesterday, are going to my client's home for his party and favorite brovver will be there too from his own home!

There are going to be plenty of cupcakes and cookies and pizza too.  All you  furriends who are all my besties, come and go with us.  ♥️  Gather at mom's car...just leave your tunnels anywhere in the house..she won't mind.

This is a pic yesterday of this season's cherry blossoms in the civic center park.

March 26, 2019

I Did It. Not Mom.

Kitties, I really REALLY made mom smile the day before yesterday when she got up, turned on the light and stepped down from the bed.  (she has to have a little step to get IN bed...and she has to step down from it.  She is 5'1 as always but the bed just gets the better of her.)

Anyway, look what I did.  I did it on my own.  Some cynics would say it was a happenstance.  But I say I did it on purpose because I love Donkey and I have brought him in with us every night for going on six years. I thought Donkey deserved the declaration!  So I made him a declaration.  Mom said she will always keep this picture.

You can see all my feets prints all over the carpet as I usually spend a lot of time going to get my family out of the living room and bring them in.  This time, just Donkey and his tribute from me.  I'm glad Mom appreciated it.

March 24, 2019

Too Late For a Selfie.

Kitties, Someone else (Sammy and Teddy) were remarking on how their Pawtraits were usually about the same,  in bed or sleeping elsewhere.  Me too.  I wonder if I am up even an hour in the day.

These are new pictures I promise but the same.  I took the first one as my selfie. Mom said the sight of these makes her want to smooch one.

Mom said she doesn't care where it's been.

Then, yesterday...poor mom can't get me doing much more than enjoying my sunpuddles while I have them.

March 22, 2019

Another Day at the Office

Kitties!  Mommy went to visit these Antique Shop kittens again.  She loves seeing the tussling and the hide and seek they are doing all over the big shop.  Hearing the thumps as they fall over while wrassling and as  they chase their toy together.    

Their mom (the owner)  is always half heartedly trying to keep them off the huge table where she and the other ladies who have booths in the store do their quilting for the silent auctions at their church.  The reindeer quilt in the background incidentally, is waiting for the owner to put eyes on the reindeer.

Here is one of the pair of sweeties.  Mommy calls all kitties sweeties.  I guess I'm chopped liver or something.  pee ess:  Mommy is the one who was whispering to herself "  For goodness sakes!" at the cat's work with the quilt!

March 19, 2019

Lion Smiled

Kitties!  Last night Mom took this picture of me and my little family I keep by me and bring into the bedroom at night to sleep with us.

Lion finally made it out of seclusion a few weeks ago when I dug him out of my toy basket and brought him to the hallway in the middle of the night.  Mom was delighted..poor woman.

He stayed there for several days and then, he made it to the threshold of the bedroom.  Then, nothing.So mom put him in the living room with Donkey and my others, and after a month, last night, I bunny kicked him, used him as a wash cloth on my face and then, stomped him with my back feets.  You can see Lion's huge smile there as he lies on his back, catching his breath.  Donkey is there too as is Ducky, Floppy and Fat both. I keep them safe by me.

March 17, 2019

The Dreaded Van

Kitties!  Someone asked me about the Vet and I wanted to tell you that it didn't catnap me and that I made it back into the house OK.  With shorter nails I might add.

Someone else thought I went out in mom's or the nail clipper's arms.  No..I was in my PTU all zippered in safely for the trips to and back again to the house.

Not sure why the person insists on not coming into the house.  Mom asked twice and both times was told a resounding no.

Mom only does this to keep me from having to be hauled out every month for claw cuts.  The cost is the same with the groomer person as it is at the v-e-t.  

Must be Spring.  Mom bought a camellia yesterday and it's waiting on the lawn man to dig the hole as mom can't get the shovel into the rock hard dirt.  Red clay.  This morning after hauling herself around for her walkie in the freezing temps,  (now it's low 50's) she went to Wally World and got another lopper.  Someone she doesn't remember who, had to have borrowed the one she had all these years, and failed to return it.  Returning home, she lopped off the lichen ridden azalea branches while I snoopervised from the window.  Can't prune azaleas today, as this is the time they start setting buds and so on.  Late Spring she can prune them back (give them a haircut).

I'm dictating through thought processes as I am snoring and can't be bothered meowing to mom.  But here I was before that.  The sun  beam is showing my underwear...cinnamon colored.

March 12, 2019

Oh Noes...CLAWS

Kitties!  My claws are gonna be cut!  A groomer is coming to do it.  The vet tech person I thought liked me and mommy quit any and all communication at all, suddenly in January and refuses to answer  our queries as to what is the matter.  We know we didn't meow anything wrong. So rather than haul me out just for claw cutting, she engaged a groomer who comes by every 4/5 weeks and trims them for me.

Thing is mom has to sit here till the groomer comes.  It's not raining so she wants desperately to get outside and work up some sweat.  She just texted them and they said 11-1.  So mom asked if she could at least go to the Park and walk an hour.  Then they texted they'd make us next since it's so short a visit.  We're still waiting.

I'm all unsuspecting in my beddie.  Mom has the PTU upside down to receive me when they get here.   They insist that I be put in a carrier and taken out to the Van.  Almost may as well go to the v-e-t.

I'll dream in till mom wakes me.  Seeya bye.

March 10, 2019

A Present for Mom

Look Kitties! See what I gave mom yesterday.  She saves them like the treasure they are.  I am the Queen of the household and I am used to adulation like this.  I  can don't let it cause me to be insufferable.  She has a bag full of mine and another of Admiral's.  My other favorite brovver has Robin's, what's left of them.

See me on this finally sunny day?  I had to make Mom take it for me.  I couldn't be bothered with the timer for my selfie.  Busy melting down off  of my perch.

March 8, 2019

Picture Will Not be For the Faint of Stomachs

Kitties, before I go on, I wanted to say as I frequently do, that although you don't see the pictures of our furriends who flew to the Bridge on my sidebar, they are still here.  Just in my Rainbow page which is clickable just under the header picture.  All the dear ones that I knew... and that I  meowed with are there.

Now.  Mom said I have to be truthful and tell you that after two days I was not as enthused with my new foods as I had initially been.  I eat them, but with persuasion.  (she brings them TO me with a little mat, when I am in another room, so tempt me).  Sheesh.

AND I had a horking time yesterday that brought back memories of a year or so ago, before I changed kibble.  I used to hork every single day then, and sometimes 6 spots were decorated on the carpet as mom followed me with the paper towel roll and spray.  Changing to another formulation of foods, for indoor and older kitties helped tremendously.  The sensitive skin and stomach was a wash. Just took us years to figure that out!

So, I horked several times with the new fuds but I think it was because I took on quite a hearty drink of water just in front of breakfast.  Look where it's been landing!  Look away those kitties and woofies who are faint hearted at this stuff.

My scratcher!  Mom had to turn the brand-new scratcher over a few days ago for the same reason, I horked all over it... and have the clean side showing.  Then, I come today and ruin that clean side with another hork session.

So, she'll be off to the store to burn more green papers!

March 5, 2019

A Turnabout for Me.

Kitties, for the past several months I have been not eating hardly any of my wet foods.  Mom bought the Royal Canin (which I used to be wild for)  as well as my Fancy Feast. And while I used to like the large variety of both  brands, again, I refused to take more than a literal mouthful.  I'd lay there by the dish.  Mom worried.  Of course.

Four days ago as she stood there wishing she knew what was wrong (and knowing I wasn't getting my probiotics since I refused to eat my wet foods) and she made the decision to crack open a can of totally different food from another maker she'd never bought from before  and in a different flavor combo than I every had- and in a pate which I have always said I don't care for.  I like morsels and chunky meats.

Anyway, she has always kept a way different flavor and sometimes maker of food in my cabinet.  Just one.  Just in case.  If I hadn't eaten this one after taking it out several months after she bought it (she was careful of dates), she would have tossed the remainder of the fairly expensive can of food and gone back to worrying.

Here is what happened, Kitties:

And that was pate...which I did NOT Like ever.  And a really odd combo of flavors.  It was their "wild" variety.   I haven't horked it up either- except once last evening when I ate so fast, it's no wonder.

Just one more "you never know" in my life.  Expensive food (more so than FF)  but worth it.

That face I made in yesterdays picture does NOT apply.  I love this stuff.

March 3, 2019

Days of My Lives!

Kitties, it raining out there after the floods and 1 1/2 days of sun.  S oI slept all day again.  Hey, I got tired of ALL my two brands of cat foods,and would not eat any of the wet any more.  Mom worried.  She had a last ditch can of another brand and it was pate at that,which I don't like, and so she threw away the food I didn't eat and gave me the new.  I went crazy pants over it last night and this morning.  This evening too but I ate so fast I horked it up!  On my new scratcher!

Here's some pictures of me and stuffs.  LION came out of retirement!  AT LAST!  He almost got to the bedroom, but he certainly got into the hallway and into the living room!  LION!  Yes!  Himself.  Donkey was amazed to see his brother that he came home to me with.  ( the grammar there, will ya?)  Mom said the pic of me was by accident of the finger on the shutter and it's out of focus but when she saw it was she went through the pictures, she started laughing till tears almost came.  So here it is.  I don't think I can forgive her.

(in case you're wondering, I was just coming out of a giant yawn)
Watch it, Lady, if you're helping it right!

March 1, 2019

Still Life...Updated. Dr. Seuss Day.

Kitties, mom was waiting on brovver to finish at the barber shop and walked down to her fave antique store.  She really likes the owner and all the ladies who work in there.  The store has booths as they are called, with the various owners' contents for sale.   Mom goes into a trance in there and comes out lighter in the wallet every time. She loves it there.

The door was temporarily locked when she got there so she looked at the things available through the window.  Look carefully, biggafy,  and you will see the perfect little statue right there, front and center.  Perfect in every detail.  Mom thought she didn't care what it cost, it was going to be hers.  Luckily the owner drove up within that minute as she had been paying a few bills and was temporarily locked up during that time.

MOM:   When the owner unlocked the door the perfect little figurine named Nermal, leapt down and scampered toward her sister Cara who was in the back of the store.  I have videos of those two babies playing, but I cannot seem to get to my account on UTube to put them there so I can upload from there to

Nermal in the back, Cara in the foreground
Happy Dr. Seuss Day Kitties.  Like my hat?  I won it from Mom Ellen of 15 Cats and Meowing.