September 30, 2013

Meowy Monday

Kitties, I have taken all the babies who flew to the Rainbow Bridge in the past several weeks and put them on my Rainbow page.  No one that we knew is missing.  We loved and still do love them all.  They are on their own page for always; and the sidebar will be there for honoring those quickly, when one of us runs to the Bridge.

Mom put the fleece blankie on our bed so I have been up there snuggling on top of that next to mommy.  I love when it's cooler. When it's hot, mom just has a sheet on top of the bed.  Doesn't look good although the sheets are very pretty.  A blanket finishes it off to where it's not so jarring when one prances into the bedroom.

Mom accidentally took a half hour nap when I jumped up on her lap at NOON for pete sakes.  She's still tired from all those nights of coughing I think.  But boy, is she ever better!

I just wanted you to know about my Rainbow page again.  xoxoxox  And now for the News on WKAT-TV

September 29, 2013

Easy on Sunday

Kitties!  Angel Woofies!  FINALLY Mommy stopped coffing except for a little bit and we can SLEEP lying down (well, I was lying down, just she wasn't) and snuggle and stuffs and she's eating as well as me now.  Why yesterday she had three chicken fingers left over from a family dinner at Ruby's and a square of homemade birthday cake for breakfast! If that's not better, I don't know what it.  She said she might actually clean the HOUSE!  Yes.  That's a wonderful thing!!

Here I am celebrating! NO more coffing all night (I hope).

Mariodacat made this for me.

And here I am sleeping off my Vine.  Just sayin'.

FULL bikini shot! Top and bottom.  Woooo
So, now, mom said she hasta take off jammies and get ready fur the day. OH!  Here's her birfday cake.

Happy birfday gone by, Mommy.

September 26, 2013

Remember Me Thursday

Kitties, today is Remember Me Thursday.  It's in honor of all of the animals in shelters who never got their forever home.  Please take some time (I know you will...I am meowing to the choir here) to remember these innocents who were, by and large, only there in the shelters because humans did not do their duty and spay and neuter their pets. What happens as a consequence is a tragedy and so un-necessary.

Remember Me Thursday is a Pet Adoption Awareness Campaign via the Helen Woodward Animal Center.  

Oh please, continue to adopt your new companion and please encourage other pet owners to spay and neuter their pets and help prevent needless suffering, cruelty and unkindness to these innocent beings who are supposed to be under our stewardship.  

Please light a candle to their memory and to responsible stewardship and caring.

September 24, 2013

Sad News...

Kassey, of GreatGranny BlogSpot has flown away to the Bridge.  She left her mommy, GreatGranny yesterday morning.  She was fifteen years old and her mom is unable to post due to a provider problem she has been enduring so she agreed that I would announce Kassie's running to the Bridge so her furriends would know.  Kassie has been in poor health for a while now but with all of her problems trying to post, we had no idea.  She stopped eating and began to decline despite all Granny could do for her.

Please stop by and offer some words of comfort to Kassie's mommy as she is really very sad to not have her dear family member with her any longer.

Here is Kassie's picture which I lifted from her blog.  This makes mommy and I so so sad as we have known Kassie for a long time.  Years.

September 23, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday and an Award

Kitties, Nerissa gave me an award.  It is different and called Opposites Attract.  Look how pretty it is!

Here are the conditions of the award:

 I must thank the kitty who awarded it to me, and this I do with a smile. And then,  post it on my bloggie.

 Then, award it to another kitty who is the opposite of me.  I am a girl cat so I will look for a boy cat to award it to.

If you want to send it to a multi cat household, just say "to the girls of'''  whichever blog they are a family member of.  Easy peasy.

I nominate Boomie, of The Furries of Whisppy.  He is a handsome, strong, and lithe mancat extraordinaire!  Caretaker to little sisfurs. Worthy of all manly things. xxoo

 I also nominate Charlie, handsome mancat of Kjelle Bus.  He is always so gracious when he comes to visit.  xxoo

Happy Tuxie Tuesday to all.  (and Tabby, Tortie, Torbie Tuesday too)

September 22, 2013

Easy on Sunday

Mommy said I havta just be patient while she has this silly sickie that makes my life so ruff.  I never get any time off from nursing duties.  AND she disrupts my sleep!  And she's so demanding!  And, I hadda wait three DAYS for a good thorough brushing on accounta if she leans over, her starts wif the hacking and coffing and whining again.  BUT I love her.  I keep climbing up and onto her  over and over until the mama-quake shakes me off.  Mom lets me sit here and read but she isn't attending her typin' duties too well.  She gets a percentage of bloggies.  Sending snugglies and purrs to you too.
Mom went into our bedroom a few minutes ago to change the linens and she saw my gift from last night.

My Donkey and my heart...mommy, what else do you need?

September 19, 2013

Meow Like a Pirate Day!!!

Yo ho ho!  Kitties!!! I can meow like a pirate TOO thanks to Savannah's mommy of Savannah Paw Tracks, cuz her helped us out cuz MY mommy is as useless as mammary glands on a boar hog!  She's lucky to get from one room to another!

Arrrrgh---avast me hearties!  I have me grog over on the shore saved in a trunk fer anykitty who will help me git this rigging done.  I be tired and ready fer me grog. Whilst we work on this fine ship I be noticing who halps me!  So come aboard and climb up the mainmast and work with me. Iffin ye do not, yer gonna hang from the yardarm Mateys!  Come on!  Use the claws yer momma cat gave you,

HEY!  You gonna make me do this all my SELF!?

September 17, 2013

The Way of My HouseHold By Katie Isabella, Queen.

I expand to fill all of the bed except the edge and careful of the tail, Lady!.
Kitties, I keep her right to that edge of the bed and I fully expand to fill the rest. Now if MOM had drawn this it might look a little better but since I am the one who painstakingly drew it, I am hoping for compliments.

Oh, and here is another thing to consider.  I was so relentless now that she has the red fleece blanket on the bed and it is as soft as my furs, that I ultimately caused her to move to the complete other side of the bed in order to have a (small narrow) place to lay. Hey, she made me lose some sleep with that incessant coffing and worse sounds with phlegm.  What's a kitty to do?  Right?

September 16, 2013

Turrible Toosday for Tuxies

Poor Mom.  She went to the human Vet this afternoon and he guessed "Atypical Bronchitis" as the symptoms---laryngitis, complete with no voice at all, no fever, racking coughing that made the laryngitis really get 100% bad, seemed to be a good enough guess.  She was prescribed a Z Pac and a pill with you-know-what in it to calm the cough. We will see.

Thank you for liking my pictures yesterday.  Heeee. I love showing my tummy and bikini and toehawks.

Her still can't speak of course and I don't understand why.  Makes me sad not to be talked to.  I brought my Donkey only last night.  Maybe I had better include Lion too.  Might help her.

This is my bloggie but my mom feels badly so I let her say so.  xoxoxox

Monday MishMash

Kitties,  Here are a few not so good pics mom took again.  AND again, if she went to get the good camera and took it out of it's "Glass taxi" and fired it up and got the settings right and got all focused in, it would all be over but the shouting.  Because there I was in the window on my back going across the sill and the sofa instead of alongside.

Mom has NEVER seen that before.  SO..out came the phone.

Totally on my back dripping off the edges of sill and sofa.

Then, I flipped over onto my back going lengthwise.  Just to keep her in check.  Look at my luxuriant tail!

Kisses gladly accepted.
 Oh, and look what came in the mail a few days ago.  The birdie from New Zealand that I bid on.  It's a type of mud hen.  Mom will NOT let me play with it!

Mom will drink some more Delsym tonight and that will allow her to drift off to sleep BUT: she will cough the rest of the night away.  She has a headache from coughing so much. I'm in for another stormy night.

See ya laters.

September 15, 2013

Easy on Sunday

Kitties, mom is coughing so much and so hard she disturbed my sleep all night long.  I stuck by her though!  It was like trying to sleep in a fun house with those sloping moving floors!  I thought she would bounce me OFF the mattress!

Here is a picture she took of me resting so you could see my long eyelashes!  Now, she couldn't get her regular camera out and, if she moved I would have moved too, so she did the best she could with what she had.  You can see my ear and nose.  The curled up little strands are my long feminine eyelashes.


September 14, 2013

Chilly Caturday

Kitties, sorry for my absence over at your homes again.  Mom should be pounced on all night long!  I am growing very tired of her shenanigans---keeping me from commenting.  She will let me read blogs here in her lap but comment..oh noooo.  She jumps up, dresses and does stuffs.  Not MY stuffs!

Today I will slip on my cheerleader outfit to see my team lose to the Oregon Ducks.  We are just  this year newly developing under a great coach so it will take awhile, several years, to get back into winning shape but I will cheer for them this afternoon regardless.

I will make mom put coconut oil on her list for later and see how I do with it..  I will let you kitties know,  The first hurdle will be...will I eat it?  Only time will tell.

Kitties, it's cold in the house as it got to the low 50's outside last night so mom said she hasta get dressed.  I will make my way around to those who visited me.  Love and whisker ticklies.  I sorry I so late.  It's mom's fault! xxoo

September 10, 2013

Goodness Gracious

Kitties, it has been a bit busy around here.  It gets that way every couple of weeks.  I am left to my own devices all day for several days but I don't hold grudges.  I come in with mom at night. As always Mom told me she is sorry that she must do other impawtent fings even though she says that MY business is impawtent too.  She tries to make up fur it and we know nokitty minds our absence.

HERE is once again ample proof of no grudge.  Mom took this yesterday meowing as soon as she got up.  It is my donkey, my lion and my heart shaped red mouse that I was given.  I make a sweet soft announcement all the way down the hallway into the bedroom with each.   My three favorites of all. Who loves ya mommy?  *I* do.  Looks like she vacuumed the day before and I didn't get the carpet just right again! I'm working on it.

September 7, 2013



Mom has the front door open for me.  It's 64 degrees so the a/c won't come on.   And as there are no TV channels operating thanks to HER!!! I am not that interested in looking out so I give a glance and walk away.  But she claims it had to be.

 I am going to have to hear a LOT of hollering and see a lot of foot stomping and watch mom on the floor pounding the carpet.  Why? It's football time in Tennessee today. We won the cream puff game last Saturday but who knows about today.  Our team has yet another new coach and he has his hands full trying to build a decent and then good team.  We have fallen about as far to the bottom of the ranks in the SEC as possible.  Maybe things will change for the better in the next few years. But enough about that.

 In between the shouts and gnashing of her fangs I intend to ask to play. I have my soft colorful ball ready and a treat ball.  I have my wand toys already out and mom just threw me my Silvervine rag.   We have to get stuffs ready quickly as the noise from mom will start at 1230 promptly.  Heeee.

See you at your homes.  Sure will beat mine with all that silly stuff on the human TV for three hours!  Got treats?

September 6, 2013

Furry Friday and a new PS

Good Meowning kitties.  Here I am on patrol.  Mom made a decision a few weeks ago that will benefit me in more ways than it will cause me a problem.

That is, she has stopped feeding the birds.

One thing and the most important thing was, kitties were coming from who knows where to keep an eye on the birds in MY yard.  And you may recall that made me crazypants.

We both love seeing bird TV but we both don't like the stranger kitties here in my front yard making me crazypants (and I was) and the birds being disturbed if not worse.

So, all windows are free except one in the spare bedroom right next to the feeder area.  As there is no feeder and there seem to be no more kitties, mom said she will take that film off the window to allow me afternoon sunshine and to help with my patrols.

Did somekitty tell me a quarter of a teaspoon of coconut oil daily?

We just learned about Dash Kitten being killed in a dog attack.  God bless his Mom and family and God speed darling Dash.  XXXOOO

Please leave some words of comfort for Dash's mom, Marjorie.

September 4, 2013

Wednesday Wonderfuls that's me. xox

Here I am..missing a treat (look carefully) and other fine Tuxie sights.  PLUS:  yesterday's kitty comment was right..a donkey in the bedroom..all is right with the world.  Mommy and I took this a few minutes ago while I directed and snoopervised.

Ooopsie..that one got away. I punctured his fingers too with my clawrs! 

Add my Lion too and that is my trio of lovies. Donkey is the gray one.

I am back to Queening it over the household.

September 3, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties last Tuxie Tuesday I was fine until the afternoon when I went to the dreaded v-e-t.  This Tuesday I am coming up out of my down time.  I attacked the bed sheets a few minutes ago with such ferocity Mom was totally impressed. She made sure I was covered with the top sheet and I battled my way across the bed like a mole in a tunnel coming out to sharply whap her hand.  Ooops.  I apologized though and got right back to business of tunneling and burrowing.

Last night I played a bit with Stringy finally and I also played a bit with the scraping sounding thing inside my bag.  I wonder if Mom had anything to do with that sound because I saw her right at the other end of it.  Hm.  Must think about that.

I had a good breakfast and a good supper last night.  Mom was sad Sunday because after she vacuumed the carpet through the house, hardly any Katie prints were on it.  Usually I un-do her work within an hour with feets prints everywhere! This time it still looked pristine till today.  Now I think I can make up for lost time and put my prints all over including under chairs and tables.

Oh, Donkey and my gift red mousie wif a heart on his back were in the bedroom right next to our bed.  Complete with what mom calls adorable sounds when I bring them.

XXOO and fanks you for the help with loves and purrs.  Mom got skeered when I was not myself. I betters now.  xox

September 2, 2013

Meowy Monday

Hi Kitties,  Just a few meows to say I fink I'm improving a bit day by day.  Just a reaction to a shot.
Fanks you from the bottom of my heart for the good wishes.  My mom needed them as much as I do because she gets her undies all in a wad whenever anything is wrong after all that with Admiral.  I have never been under the weather but we are confident that I soon no longer will be.  XXOO

OMC! Is THAT what it looks like?  MOM!!!! Come here! Spider!