December 27, 2016

Other Favorite Brother

Other favorite brother is here till Friday morning.  Favorite brother will be here Monday.  My kitty cup runs over with gladness (and me...I fill it well)!  Third favorite brother is Sticky Person's daddy and usually the Sticky Person and his mommy are the ones who represent him except several times a year.

It is raining again just as it always used to until we had about 5 months of almost continuous suns which mommy and I loved.  But rains came again to put out the forest fires everywhere around here and the close-by Great Smoky Mountains.  Has has hardly quit raining since.  So no sun baths and mom has to scuttle around for her walk in the continuing rains.

Mom and I hope you had the best of times with your families on Christmas.  We did around here.  Well, I did because I stayed here guarding my home while brothers and mommy all went to Sticky Person's home for Christmas and dinner.  I was happy to remain here.  Mommy came home as did other favorite brother and regular life resumed.

Mommy sneaked this from her chair last night!  The penultimate in betrayal, as it makes me look fat! And other favorite brother started calling me Little Pot Roast again!

December 22, 2016

A Word or Two

Mom and I think perhaps a few words about the v-e-t visit.  I was roodly snapped up against my idea of a good afternoon and taken to my Dr. with no chance to empty my bladder first...not that a kitty thinks that way... so when I had to endure being hurt badly, I screamed.  I was defenseless and I didn't understand why mommy allowed this to happen.  Being defenseless and in pain and frightened, I lost control of my bladder.  Mom never saw it as a deliberate act. Neither did the Vet nor the tech.  I was not angry kitties,  I was frightened and  I was being hurt and I was defenseless.  I know you understand and don't think badly of me. I told mommy she should have left that part out.

But  today, I am my usual calm self.  Love yoo furriendsđź’—

That's sun on my back...not gray.

XXOO Kitties and Woofies.

December 21, 2016

Bad Day at the Homestead!

KITTIES!  It was the worst of days!  It was the most horrible of days!  Come and see!

Mommy came home from her work out and found this...about 20 times repetition on the carpet all the way down the hall as well as the living room.

Scared her to death.  She cajoled me into lying down so she could look at my feets.  Nothing there.  My face and ears..nothing that she could see.  She called my friend  at the v-e-t office and Tiffany said to come in after I sent her a picture of the carpet.

after I got there
Tiff and my v-e-t came in and I got the whole enchilada. ears, nose throat body in general know what!

STOP in the name of common decency, Dr. S!!!

Kitties, woofies, I will tell you I was screamingly outraged after the thermometer was deployed because was discovered that my anal glands were full to the brim!  I had been scooting apparently but mom was not here to see me.  She only saw the marks.

Those said glands were expressed and I will tell you right now, I left a puddle o' pee on that table!  Show THEM!  I screamed my head off...extra loud and it made mom feel pretty bad!  That's Tiffany you see holding me.

Then, I was spirited off to get my tummy cleaned off because I peed on everything and oh MAN!  My CLAWS WERE CLIPPED!!! When I was brought back in, I was growling loudly and hissed and lunged at Tiffany.  I turned and gave mom some loud hissing!  Then I focused on her and quit.

BAD day kitties and woofies.  Anyone want to soothe my ruffled feathers?

December 20, 2016

Back in the "saddle" Again.

Kitties and Woofies,  Mom has tried to make my beddie as appealing as possible.  She did all she could think of to get me to use it along with all the other places I use.  But my answer was always "no".    This morning she was looking for me and failed to find me.  She wondered if I had slipped into a closet again.  Then, by chance she saw me sound asleep in my comfortable beddie.

She took this picture--- which made me crack open an eye to tell her that she had half a dozen like it for pete sake!   I also tried out the bedspread she put on yesterday and the pillow shams.  I rolled around and dove in everywhere till they were thoroughly messed up.  That is my job. I take pride in my work.

By the way, mom finally has new glasses, so her typos which grew storied in their frequency and content have lessened quite a bit.  She told me it is amazing how things change when you can see what you're doing at the computer.  However she still makes them, but no longer has any excuse to hang her hat on now that she can see better.  Me?  My claws keep getting stuck between keys.

No mancats allowed in  to read this next part.  LEAVE!  That is my Queenly command.  Are you gone?  OK.

Ladycats, mom noticed that after I leave my box, at times...not all the time, maybe a total of four times have I leave either a nickel sized drop o' peepee on the kitchen floor, or one the size of a silver dollar.  All in line with my path from the box. Sometimes I take off quickly out of the box just for fun.  I have done that for years.  This peepee spot happens when I leave..not before I get in.  I am doing otherwise well, I'm playful, I eat normally and have my usual 2-3 clumps per day...added to the fact that I have a wet cold nosie.  I don't have a sickie, and I don't do this all the time.  Mom and I wonder, can a lady cat dribble?  Sometimes?

No boycats need read this, now. 🙀

December 14, 2016

An Angelversary Today

Kitties and Woofies, my Angel Admiral left me for the Bridge on this day of December 14th, 2011.

It is still just as hard to not have that precious face to kiss and that dear little body to hold as it was when I returned home without her that of the worst days I suffered save when Robin passed away.  I recall I did not bother to wipe my eyes for the tears fell like rain from first waking moment to last.  My shirts were damp.

 They are precious to us.  Their innocence, purity and love are like the veriest richest treasures we have been given, along with our human family.  Our fur kids are family too and their love is a never ending gift.   I have equally precious Katie Isabella chosen by Admiral to comfort me ever after.  What love I have to hold.

Admiral, Lady Bianca, I miss you so much.  I will always and forever love your memory.

December 13, 2016

CHRISTMAS Present for ME!

Kitties, I got a wonderful Christmas present from Mariodacat who loves me furry much.  There is a pair of black with polka dots along the frame, sunglasses, a primo nip stuffed toy and with it a beautiful sitting black lady cat just like ME!  They smell so heavenly I could not keep my snooter out of the package as it was being opened.  Here I am, rubbing it all over, and bunny kicking it too. It was deader than a doornail when I got finished, I'll tell you.

Isn't Mario good to me?  I sended him something too.  Heeeee.  But here I am all happy and having the most fun.

December 11, 2016

Got'cha, Mom!

Just when she thought she was safe!  Got 'er again!

I have not had a big old liquid and plentiful horking session after breakfast since I started my probiotics.  Nope.  Not once.

However, today, after being served breakfast and just starting to eat it, mom started her two eggs in the pan...I might add they were only just finished and she was about to put them in the little salad plate when that dreaded horrible horking sounded loud and clear.  And of course, all ahead STOP in the kitchen as mom gathered the paper towels and the trash can lid to hold the sopping towels as she cleaned, and the cleaner.

She no sooner got a start on the really big wet sloppy one, liquidy (there has to be such a word...right?) and kibble plus a hairball of modest size--- BUT I started another hork in the computer room.  Wet, yellow, staining but smaller.  And another in the spare room as she strained to clean the computer room carpet.  Well, she had two months, just over, off from all that.

I'm Queen so I can do as I please.

December 9, 2016

Hit the Jackpot

Kitties, woofies, sometimes we absolutely hit the jackpot when our mom's and dad's come along.  We are loved and cared for as the family we are.  AND we love and care for our pawrents too.  It's an even exchange.

Sometimes people choose a kitty and they think the kitty should have the personality of another species of animal.  You wish so much that a course in what cats are like could be uploaded to new owners so they wouldn't feel so disappointed when a cat acts like a cat.  Toes are severed because of scratching...punishment ensues because of playing.   I'm preaching to the choir here so I won't keep on and on.  Just a wishful thinking on the part of me and mom is all.  MY Christmas hope is fair and humane treatment for all animals no matter what species.

Pee Ess:  I am making room on the sidebar again but know that all our furriends and family members are safely in my Rainbow page and truly they are not...not ever...forgotten.  I promise.

December 7, 2016

The Sweetest Thing

Mom said that after I leave my perch on the chesticle area at night when we go to bed, she looks forward to what happens a little later.

I leave after she turns off the light.  I make my announcements as I come in carrying each toy to the bed side or into the bed.  I only make the announcement, go get another of my toys and so on.  Then, its time for my bedtime too.

Last night mom was already rogered out when I finally made up my mind to get onto the bed and walk up to her head.  She brought her arm out from under the blankie so she could pet me for a few strokes and then she put her arm back under the cover.  I walked behind her do-ragged head and made a sharp right turn and settled along side her head.  My elbow was at her neck.  My soft soft side was against her cheek and my whiskers were tickling along her forehead.  I commenced to LOUD purring.  Very loud.  My purring was loud because I was snugged up against my mom whom I love so much.  I love sleeping like that since I was so sick several months ago.  I know mom was smiling in the darkness even though I restrict her movement.  Oh, and believe it or not she has urged me to move sometimes.  Not often.

Thank you mom.

I have Spittola's undies on by mistake...

December 6, 2016

Tuxie Toosday

Good Meowning Woofies and Kitties!

The flashy box keeps flashing and following me everywhere with no room to breathe or to relax without introoshun.  The following are proof of this statement.  Mom said that was kittenish of me. No it's not.  It's true. I am in my favorite place which is the back of the couch bathing in sun.  Why is that so hard for her to respect regarding my privacy?  So I wore my bikini to take in the rays.  Does that mean every cat has to see it?  Maybe I was a little bloated that day and wanted to stay away from furriends eyes!  Sheesh mom!

Catching the rays Mom!  Gimme a break!


OK!  I'm awake!  I'm awake! 

This one is for sale to hang behind the bar in a Kitty saloon!  

December 4, 2016


It has been one of the saddest weeks in mom's and my memory when four of our dear furriends have gone to the Bridge together.  They are without pain and are they are waiting to see the rest of us, but we feel quiet, lost and bereft.

Rest in peace dear furriends.  We'll be along.   And seeing your faces will be joyful.

December 3, 2016


Caturday is here again Kitties and Woofies, and the bacon will be cooking with the eggs coming along behind piling up in a plate.  There may be biscuits with butter and jam.  Brovver is here.  I have had the best time with him.  We have played, and I have spent time with him up on his bed getting scritchies and petting.  It is so fine to be so loved.  I feel like a Princess as well as a Queen.

Kitties, may I ask for special prayers and purrs for Bhu, at Patty Skypants who has been in the hospital for days now.  I am so grieved for him and his Mommy.  He may not make it and he is away from his family while they are trying so hard to get him to rally.  Here he is when he was much younger.  Isn't he beautiful?  I want so badly for him to feel better again.

Thank you Kitties!  Love to each of you.

December 2, 2016

A Day of Loving

Broken Heart here.  You are Both precious gems.  Love made you that way.  Your love for your families and their love, and ours, for you both.  We will  meet again by and by.

December 1, 2016


Kitties, Mommy and other favorite brovver came upon a violent scene a few days ago!

Someone dedded these two individuals and...gasp...the bodies were still lying outside their home on the ground!  No respect was shown the victims.  I am an attorney as you may recall and I will file a paper of some sort when I get an opportunity, to force the town's constabulary to act!  Poor victims out there in the snow.