June 29, 2015


This kitty was in the newspaper Friday from the shelter.  ALMOST looks like me.  I used to be in a shelter too.  I was fostered after that rather than, well, you know....and then, because there are so many dogs in the house also being fostered, they asked my Vet which was Admiral's Vet then as well,  to keep me and four other kitties please.  He agreed.  Admiral arranged our meeting and the rest is history.

May THIS baby also find true love with a family.

A smaller mustache and I only have one white eyebrow to my name BUT a beautiful Tuxie waiting to be loved as much as I am.  No..I don't think I am up for a sibling though.

June 26, 2015

Happy Happy Birthday Dear Jan

Jan , Happiest Birthday in the world to you today.  Mom and I think the absolute world of you and want to be among the first in line to help you welcome the day  and wish you birthday greetings.

We also send our love,  headbonks and nosetaps.  Well, *I* do.  Mom isn't too good at that.

June 24, 2015


Kitties, look at what *I* won!  Isn't it wonderfuls!???

I won the prize for the fill in section of Queen Nellie's bloggie, The Cat From Hell!  You got to say where you wanted to go for vacation and what you wanted to do.  Well, you know ME!  I wanted to go see three very special mancats!  Heeeee.

I'm gonna have FUN!!! Look at Spitty and Boomie! Austin is being a gentleman of course.

June 22, 2015


Kitties!  There have been enough brothers and other sorts of folks here to make a kitty  (me!) about ready to pack up her little kerchief -on- a- pole- over -my -shoulder hobo bag and take a walkabout (if I were only allowed out).   Sheesh.

Peace reigns now.  About time.  More activity this week past than I have ever endured it seems.

June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day to All Dad's Everywhere

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's and to Mom's who act in place of Dad's.  My mom knows about that.

June 20, 2015


I am so very sincerely sorry to learn of Radish's passing.  His new mom, Layla of Cat Wisdom and her husband gave Radish their all to nourish him, love him and medicate him and give him his life back.  Radish flew away despite this.  Good bye darling.

June 14, 2015

It's Good to be Queen

IN My Home

Here I am, in my home.  I go there to relax in the day.  But when I spill out onto my veranda as the sun creeps over and lights and warms it,  mom rarely thinks to capture that in a picture.  If you look carefully you can see me looking out of my window up at the front of my house.  I go there to my vacation home frequently.

Later, you can visit if you like.  Girlcats welcome as well as mancats.  I am not always a flirt you know.  Ahem.

You may have to biggafy. Mommy took it hurriedly before I squirted out of there. 

June 12, 2015

Sleepy in Tennessee

Caught on mommy's lap last night.  Can't a girl get some privacy while she sleeps?


June 11, 2015

Thursday in the Garden

Kitties, I wish I were allowed out to nom these.  But alas.  No.

From my daffodils this Spring

Bee and Cone Flower

Wish I remembered her name

The first butterfly I captured on camera

Primrose I believe

Granda Flora Magnolia ...salad plate sized when opened fully

June 9, 2015

New Today!

Me, in purrson minutes ago.  Contemplating being left alone so that I might nap comfortably.  But no.  Stalked with a flashy box and pestered to no end.  Spitty, perhaps I think of you.

June 3, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

Kitties!  Yesterday I achieved the pinnacle of giving.  I brought six toys  to mom.  They were all in a line from just outside the bedroom door to the bed.  (no, Lion wasn't there *sad ears*) Mom was so proud she took a video.  She doesn't know how to post it with a MAC as I think you have to go thru U-Tube or something and mom is, as always, totally useless and doesn't know how to post one there either.  I know we aren't able to just do it using the handy thingy Google gives every other kitty here in the Blogs.

I had a nice long drink out of a paper cup in the bathroom a few minutes ago and now I'm on patrol and scrubbing at the windows to make the evil other cats go away from my home!  They are parading around out there like they owned the place.

Mom and I are really enjoying the pictures coming in from Blog Paws participants.  It's our only window in to the fun happenings and dear furriends.

Have a good napping day my Pals.  I will too.

These were nommy till she put them on top of the fridge.

Yummy Mother's Day flowers

I can still see them Mom! 

June 1, 2015

OH MY !!

Mommy looked a little in need of cheering I thought so....I took Lion out of the toy basket, and carried him into the living room.  She was reading so while she heard my tiny sound of "I'm here" she didn't pay enough attention.  Just said "Hi sweetheart" and kept on reading.  I rolled and was charming and the movement got her attention and she said....LION!  She's always complaining that I kicked Lion to the curb and when I haul him out...she's reading!

She left him there and hoped he would come into the bed last night with Donkey (who is looking mighty delicate as Sammy said) and floppy mousey, but no,  he remains on the living room floor.

Mom went to get here hair done and Lion is STILL in the same place.  Mom is going to use  the ebil sucky monster so everyone will be moved for awhile.

I'm happy that my Katie still loves me.