July 12, 2020

Roasting and Toasting

Kitties!  I am back to complete and total normal operations including trying out all the sunpuddles I can find in every room.

This was early yesterday morning.  I found great ones later too in the spare room and in the living room.  This one was taken in my room.  I am patrolling too.  Weeks of worrying mom is over.

Does anyone else sleep like this?  I have ceased draping all over mom's head and half her face to settling in, with my  arms folded in, and resting my chin and throat on mom's forehead while she sleeps.  She woke in the deep night time, just barely coming to consciousness (I can tell) and felt white satin on her forehead...minimal weight, just warm enough, and soft as a whisper.  It was me.  I have come up, lain on the other pillow and faced her forehead for several nights now...resting my head on her forehead.  Mom said that is far easier to sleep with (her) than enveloping her head with half my body.

See you at your house.  We can trade secrets.

July 6, 2020

Ah.....at last!

Kitties.  I made thunder in the hallway and leapt up to one of my fave "observation ports"!
I do believe I am completely over it finally.  I was patrolling last night too.  And I kicked the stuffing out of moms head while she tried to sleep last night.  My front legs hammered her forehead (claws in and covered)  in a gingantor stretch many times.  I tossed and turned a lot too.

Few minutes ago

July 3, 2020


Kitties!  Brother is going home in the morning.  Other favorite brother will be here Thursday so I can love on him.  My client  and his mom will be hereTuesday in between the two favorite brothers.

I found a sunpuddle yesterday meowning.  I hope I keep doing that.

July 2, 2020


Kitties!  We will have Brovver (he does his laundry here and pets me...) so I will have that to look forward to.

Guess what?  Look and you'll see what.

June 30, 2020

Around the House

🎶Hello Windows, my old friends,
I hope to patrol with you again,
Because a sound of softly walking
🐕Will bring memories of me stalking....🎵

 I'll run!  And see the kitties there!  I don't care!

☀️Sunpuddles keep calling
But I'm still mostly stalling
I'll lay in you again one day
Wait and see, I say.

The snore of napping...

June 27, 2020


Kitties!  I wonder when the forced change will come to the blogs?  Hope they don't make it hard to find my Rainbow Page.  Hope I get to keep it.   I have a huge long list of fur babies.  Wonder if I can have my headers?  Mom is like a newborn kitten when it comes to tech stuffs and creating. She doesn't like change.  I grew up just like her...sigh.

Anyway, Mom got a same ol' same ol' picture of me yesterday, but by grannies, it's in the full day time.  Not night just before bed as it always has been.

Brovver is going home today.  Been here since Thursday afternoon.  I'll be rollin' on his bed in there after he goes.  Mom's broken three eggs and they are ready for the pan.  She has the bacons done to a turn.  Debating biscuits or toast.  I say toast.  I like to beg some.

I had a good start to the day Kitties!   I woke mom, 0615... and she turned over so we could snuggle all the way up close for about fifteen minutes.  Can't beat that with a stick!

Happy Caturday!