June 19, 2019

Bizzy Bizzy

Kitties!  I'm just so bizzy all the time.  I have duties, obligations and work to do.

My nip ball from Yeowww
This is hard work.  I have to get this ball covered in spit so as to bring out the aroma and flavor of the nip!  My tongue is tired.

Then, I had to go in and inspect our bed...and I had to consult with the Oracle as you can see.  Impawtent business.

Then kitties, I just toppled from exhaustion with all that activity.

Hurry up Mommy.  I need to go to bed and rest!

June 16, 2019

Who, ME?

Brovver, I wouldn't burrow into your clean laundry.  After all, you brought it here to do...I wouldn't be that naughty.  Would I?  I'm just enjoying the clean laundry bag.  I was asleep on it and in my sunpuddle before mom came in here to take my picture.  Sigh.

June 9, 2019

Did it Again!

Kitties, do I look like a cereal killer to you?  (mom said if she used the other word...blogger might come down on me).  (You never know where their censors are...if there are any.)

I am such a catizen.  I struck again.  Mom came back from the gym and headed to the human litterbox and oh NO!

I struck again.  Pink Heart mortally offended me.  I drowned him again!  He was drenched through.  I thought I dedded him!  Mom hurried and picked the miscreant up...and administered recusitation. NO FAIR!

Mom just told me she wishes she had the iPhone here because I just this minute rushed in here and grabbed Pink Heart... and he is at the threshold of the hallway. Between my paws.  And the hallway leads to the bathroom! Where my huge waterbowl is. Heeeeheeeeheeeee!

Do I look like a cereal killer to you?  I ask you.

HEEE!  He's not even dried out yet from where mom resuscitated him!

June 7, 2019

Look at ME!

Kitties, mom got a picture of me..(well, favorite brother did tonight as he is visiting) of me doing something fun to see.

Mom showed me  in another blog a good four years ago doing this.  It wasn't any more obvious in a picture that time than it is now, but mommy will tell you that I was holding a favorite ball...just as I am here..my Yeoww catnip stuffed ball, and using it as a washcloth.

I would lick it two times  (always 2) and rub it on my face.  Over and over.  I actually charmed some treats out of her because when I finished my face wash, she went and got me 2 treats!

Sorry this is so dark.  I made her try to lighten it.  Brovver took it and sent it to mom's phone and she tried to fix it.  You can see the gleam of my eye there though.  That came out clearly!

It's late and the shadow of the table is showing on the rug and mom's ever present night gown.  Has she no shame?  Sheesh!

June 2, 2019

Me Last Night

Kitties, it was toward bedtime and I have lately found myself at mom's feets while she reads before we go to bed.   That's her dotted swiss nightie and her feets.  And that's me.  By the way, that is floof, not Katie girth.  Ask Leo!  My main mancat. He oughtta know.

May 30, 2019

The Boss of Me

In this case, that's me, mom, saying that.  Not the Boss.  The Boss has only to look my way, and it's whatever she wishes.


And put this  face on my face at night...it's all over for me.

The weapons that work

And these...apply them to my face and pat my cheek or mouth with them, and I'm done for.

May 26, 2019

Selfie Sunday

Kitties!  Oh! my! Catness!  That expression on my face is because of the 8 ball I see off to my left!  I'm behind it!!!!

The 8 BALL!  For pete sakes!  I just got caught by the self timer and mom made me use this one for my selfie!  the 8 ball!!!!!!!!!!  Now what will happen to me?  Will I be eaten by Lion?  Nibbled by Mousie?  Kicked by Donkey?  I'm worried!!!  But I'm joining The Cat on My Head Hop anyway.

I'd say biggafy for the horrified view