December 10, 2018

That Cat From Christmas Past!

Kitties, this'll be me again soon.

Planning my bitey on a family leg!

Bet you can't see me!  I'm getting ready to run out and attack a leg!  I may open something again too. All the pressies are for me...right?  Right?

December 9, 2018

Sunday Selfie , Over VERY Easy

Kitties, I don't want mommy to embarrass herself again so I'll just post my Selfie that I barely stayed awake to make...and let that be it.   If anykitty  or Woofie wants to put it in the Hop, I'd be spared the embarrassment of her goofs.   The Cat on My Head  If it is.  I'll just sleep through it. Here's a razzberry though.

December 5, 2018

Tabby's Place

Kitties!  My mommy has become a sponsor at Tabby's Place.  Mommy said she would put  the address link here if any of you kitties and woofies want to ask your parents if they would also sponsor.   Mommy said she and I will decide from year to year about which fund we will support.  In any case, the babies there will benefit.  And she shops Amazon Smile too, with their contribution to Tabby's Place whenever she or I buy anything from them.

Both Mom's and my heart fills with love seeing the special needs cats there.  All of the cats, of course but the special needs ones just make us want so badly to help.

It's awfully cold Kitties.  Others are colder but it will be 23 degrees F for us tonight.  Mom said she was so cold what with the flurries today and wind, she went to the gym for the treadmill instead of walking outside.  Usually she will just take a deep breath and stand the temps and whatever it's doing, but not today.

See you over at your places, you all.   We'll send smoochies to you.

Mario and me, at a time gone by. 

December 2, 2018

Easy on Sunday Photo Hop (I hope)

::Kitties, here I go again with what I always hope is the Hop.  Maybe it will be better.  I think mommy needs someone standing over her with a club! ::

Kitties, woofies, I used a timer this time.  My nails are too long to press the button on the phone.  Good thing these are digital.  I messed up the first 39!

And I see she messed up again.  BUT she tried, and thank you J-Cats.  Mom thought she did as you told her.  Sigh.  pee ess:  Mommy said she gives up now.  No more trys.

November 28, 2018

My Mirror Image (not really) of the Spitster

Kitties!  I sent this picture I am posting here today to Spitty a few weeks ago and told him I wished we were facing opposite directions in HIS own header picture are we are both calm, sleeping and enjoying the bestest sunpuddles to be offered on either Coast!

The Header picture was kindly done by Ann of Zoolatry back in 2013.  I loved it and still do.  Her work is without equal.  It's peerless.

We are busy here at our home.  Mom goes back and forth to The Big City daily now but that part may ease after the first week of January.  She's been trying to be here to help me post.  BUT she does help me come to see you even when I haven't posted.

By the way, remember that the fur family you occasionally see in my sidebar go to my "Rainbow" page after a week, to sadly make room for other babies who fly away to the Bridge.  They are all there if you would like to visit them that way.  They are never gone when you don't see them on the side bar.  We love them too much.

XXOO to all.

November 24, 2018