March 20, 2018

There She Goes Again...

Kitties, Mom came back from her walkie with the scent of Eau de la Woofie sticking to her like glue! And she had the total iron nerve to show me a picture of yet one more woofie she met up there where she walks. And after I made sure Donkey did come into the bed room with loud announcements these past three days..this is the repayment I get.

Jimi Hendricks is his name!  In the doggy flesh!  Eight months old!  How dare she do that again!?

The saving grace is that he has a cat brofur called Thor.  That's the only saving grace! keep that up and you will have no head ornament at night from now on!

March 17, 2018

We Three Powers in the Home

Kitties!  We had a meeting here this morning  before Mom got up.  Just me, Donkey and....Lion.  The Tabbies asked about him and he thought it best to come out and show himself lest anybuddy thought he was sick and ailing.  He's not.  I know he came home with Donkey long ago and at first he and Donkey both were in the rotation to come to our bedroom.  Then, after a few years I kicked Lion to the curb--- and no matter how he was marinated and fluffed...I just said no.

I keep mom and Lion on their toes however as I will haul him out two or three times a year.  Now that Donkey is so tired,  I gathered them up to have a conference.  I asked Lion if he wanted to be the one to come in to see us in the night and he said "yes".  I will take that under advisement.  Donkey said that he has been at least down the hall to the threshold on more occasions than not and does not wish to retire yet.

Mom found a second Donkey that same occasion that the first Donkey was bought.  She has put him out for me a few months ago and put my loved Donkey in a restful place... but I have ignored the new Donkey she has saved all these years.  She has had him marinating a long time, as has Lion been marinating but for whatever reason I am being stubborn.

Here is the Summit meeting with me, Donkey and Lion on Mt. Katie  this very morning.

We recessed right after this momentous shot of the Power meeting.  Donkey was (and looked) exhausted so I made it as brief as I could.

March 13, 2018

Sadness in Donkeyville

Kitties!  Donkey has only come into the bedroom once in over a week!  After 6 years!  Last night NO one came in to sleep with us.  Of course, *I* am responsible for choosing who... and I have left Donkey lying sadly on the living room floor over and over this past week and a half except once.  Look who came in night before last!  And several nights before THAT along with Floppy Mousie.

Mom put Turtle on the dresser so she could get a better picture of him.  I have brought him in quite often with Donkey.  But Donkey is tired and he does look like he is tired.  Very very very tired. I have been thinking that perhaps he should retire.  I will make up my mind about it within the next month.  If he does, he will be put into the oak library card case mom bought a few years back...where he will join many of the Admiral's stuffs.  Just Donkey will go there if I say so, because he is special.  The rest of my special toys will go the way of other things.

It is a pretty day and mom is gonna leave me in about an hour only to come back and leave me again!  I need to nap to strengthen myself for this event!


March 11, 2018

Happy 16th Birthday Madi!

Madi, I wish you a very happy birthday today dear furriend.  Love and smoochies all day long to you.

I talked mom into a short reminisce about her first driving and getting her license as I never got the opportunity..unless I wanted to drive myself to the v-e-t.

Mom said she never had a learners permit.  She just mooched time with any and all friends and neighbors foolish enough to allow her to learn in their cars.  Her dad was working in the day of course and seemed adamant about weekends in NOT teaching her.  So...she mooched around getting turns in other vehicles.  Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

After she got the feel of a car down, of all things- she talked her into letting her drive to and in  Philadelphia, ( she was hoping to go to Strawbridge and Clothier) (dresses!!) (that turned out to be a no-go) which was 30 miles away from where she was in New Jersey at the time!  She had to live up north a few years due to her Dad's work. (she is from Va.) So, off they went.  Mom got her best most scary experience in Philadelphia traffic.  Looking back she said she didn't know how she managed not to have an accident and her not licensed, only 16 years old and all that stuff.  But eventually she got to be 17 and that was the legal age for a drivers license in NJ. She passed.  Only thing she got dinged on was shifting into neutral before stopping completely.  The examiner said that she didn't have control of the car when she did that.  It made sense and he relented and allowed her to pass after a firm lecture (which mom took to heart).

Her driving on dirt roads leading to goodness knows where...all by herself and other silliness is legion in her own mind! :-)

Happy Birthday precious Madi.  Mom and I truly love you and we send smoochies, sixteen of them from Tennessee.

This is a blog hop which I will make mom do her pitiful best to do.

pee ess:  Can someone tell mom how to get all the blogs on the bloghop to show up at the bottom of my bloggie please?  She just remembered she forgot to do the HTML...

March 6, 2018

Tuxie Day!

Here it is...Tuxie Day.  Tabby and Tortie too..but here in my home it's Tuxie day!

Mom said there were two days of sun after four weeks of rain and overcast.  It started raining again  yesterday afternoon, so that is outside keeping sunpuddles away from me again.  However Mom took these  pictures yesterday before it started raining again.  She will try to get the pink daffodils as soon as it stops raining.  Their heads are drooping with the weight of the water.

Mom loves violets better than anything else. 

One of her hyacinths

Pink one

March 1, 2018


Kitties,  I am thankful for my home, my mom and favorite brovvers, all of them.  I am grateful for the unfailing love I get from all six members of my family.  For my foodables, my fresh water and clean litterbox every day.  Mom said coincidentally, she is grateful for the same things for both of us!!! But she does the cleaning of all the potties in the house.

Here I am on another clean soft bed.  The one on the spare room.  Brovver will be there tonight.  I can hardly wait.

February 27, 2018


Kitties! I think some kitty mentioned that it would be nice to comment upon our bedtime routines before the end of the month.

I think everyone knows mine but just in case, I will mention it here. Long about bedtime I pace and/or sit and stare alternatively till she goes on in to bed.  I give her but the barest few seconds to get under the covers before I am up and on the bottom of the bed and stomping up to her chesticles where I plop even if she's not ready yet.  That's tough beans for her.

After some petting and talking and scritchies while perched up there on her chesticles...the light goes off.  I stay an additional few minutes and then, jump down.  She falls asleep quickly but I come first~ meaning I always always bring in my toys, my Donkey first.  Each one's arrival is announced loudly.  I expect a thank you, so she wakes and murmurs one with each of my announcements.

If you look at last night's babies I brought in; Donkey is the closest to the bed, floppy Mousie is the second and Fat Pink Mousie is the third.

Last night's family gathering.

Those throw rugs are there for me to rest on, thereby keeping some black furs off the carpet but they are also there for horking purposes as those are the places I target the most often.

Mom has them flung all over the house now after the carpet got cleaned- in a close- to- futile attempt to keep the carpet clean...silly mom.

So I sleep pressed up against the side of her face for a long time..all warming her ear and face with furs and purring and then, I move up to the back of her head  on our pillow.

The morning wake up for her is me all the way..just an arms length away from her face.  I extend my arms and put a paw on each one of her eyes,  as soft as a Pussy Willow resting on her eyes. Purring.  She smiles and says good morning.  Our day starts.

That's our day start and end.  XXX