October 16, 2019

Sleepless in the City

Kitties, I'm turning it over to mom and I'll hide my eyes because it's about me.

Kitties and woofies, Mom here has few wits to have come to wits end...but what few I have are flumbuzzled.

Katie has been sleeping on top of or crowded up against my head for several years now.   Throw in free face washing and eyelid checking.   A little less so in the summer months.  But now,  it's cooler and the last three nights will be an example.  I am unsure how to handle this. Thought on how will be appreciated.

Katie has her sweet and beautiful face exactly next to mine...we are literally cheek to cheek.  Wait,  Her mouth and nosey are mashed to my cheek/eye.  Mashed in tightly with a big sigh and settled in, her paw on my neck (that's OK) her sides and shoulder pressed against the upper part of my neck.  Last night, she upped the ante and gathered my head into her arms.  Like a head-sized ball.  She let out a long sigh, settled her nose and mouth right into my eye and nose and started purring to beat the band and then, off to the arms of Morpheus.   Just her.  Not me.

TMI, but I have the smaller CPAP.  The little "nose pillow",  and she cuts off,  or reduces greatly the air  coming through on the side she is snuggled deeply into.

I can't keep her out...that's like punishing her for loving me so much.  I keep moving her but she waits a few seconds politely and when I am still, she settles right back in.  This went on six or seven times last night, and I even turned the light back on each time.  Nope.  My little girl stayed right there.

Here's an example from last night's sleep count by the Fitbit.    That's just a part of the night.  

Eyes burningly yours,

Mom of Katie

October 13, 2019

Sheesh Mom!

Mom was up at the park burnin' up the pathways  this morning when she came upon THESE!

What in the name of cheese whiz and crackers does THAT mean?  Last time I looked in the mirror I was a cat.  Not a dog who likes playing with sticks!!  She claims she was simply seeing if I would be attracted to the scent of wood and outdoors.  The answer is a resounding NO- I AM NOT!  Get rid of that insult!

Purrs and purrayers are lovingly sought for this kitty, a Flame Point Siamese whose name is Sunny.  Here is what his Mom said to a friend of my favorite brother over the Mountains.

"Sunny had bladder obstruction (in ICU for 3 days/surgically inplanted catheter in bladder), passing crystals in his urine and this past week treated for acute onset of hematuria. He is currently receiving IV fliuds daily plus meds. Under the careful watch of his fur mom".

 Love to Sunny and his Mom too for we know she is very worried. 

October 9, 2019


I am locked out of Admiral's blog, until the site gives me a break.   So I thought I would put her sweet self in mine.  ❤️

Here she is...
Where is the beautiful Tortie? 

My girls always sleep in my place on my side.  See her closed eyes?

Treats were given by youngest favorite brovver. 

October 7, 2019

Mom and the Cat Cafe Pictures

When mom went to visit the other favorite brovver over the mountains, she went to a Cat Cafe.
It's called The Daily Mews Cat Cafe in Charlotte NC.  So far I think the wrangler said about 150 adoptions.  Only 12 cats were in residence Saturday when we were there.  We enjoyed our visit and spent some money buying merchandise!

Mom, other favorite brovver, and his lady friend all went together.  They got to stay a good hour.  Reason time was added was suddenly there was a thundering herd  fleeing through the little cat head shaped door.  EVERYONE ran like the wind and squeezed through.  We were alone in the room.  The man who said he was a cat wrangler added the time we paid for to be doubled.  They were being fed.

Someone couldn't make up his mind..sitting in the doorway.

Other favorite brovver's arm

They had a skyway across one side

Love the Charlotte skyline depicted.
Frannie is a gorjuss Tortie

into my purse! This is Clement, a knuckle gnawer.  He love nipped my knuckle

October 3, 2019

Abandoned- Sorta

Kitties!  My mom is finally headed over the mountains to visit other favorite brovver.  Favorite brovver will be here sitting me until Mom returns.  That will be late Sunday afternoon.  Third favorite brovver or sissy-in-law will come over if need be.

This is her birfday trip even though her birfday was back in September, same day as Teddy and Sammy's mommy.  She wasn't able to go till now due to favorite brovver appointments, for which she wanted to be with him.  GUESS WHAT? She's going to her first ever Cat Cafe in Charlotte! Cheating on me.

So, he'll be a scooping my box, feeding me and him, playing ,and petting me.  I won't miss mom one bit.  When I first came here to my home...so happens favorite brovver was visiting that day.  So I have known him all my life with mom.

Wish mom luck.  She hates merging onto I-485 only on her return to home and me.  All the other merges  comin' and goin' are fine.  That one has a short ramp and the speed limit is 70...so everyone is going faster than that.  Her toes are curling now  thinking ahead with just helping me write this.

This is me a minute ago, getting ready for brovver to show up.  Yea, me!

September 28, 2019

Test Results

Kitties and Woofies...I was surprised when mom got a call from the Veterinary Hospital.  They said ALL of my numbers were good.  Turns out I didn't have any pee to collect, and they said I had a small bladder as well, when they tried.   So I have 30 days from today to have another collection at no charge.  I'll be ready for a nail trim again so we can do it then.  No sign of thyroid problems and nothing to indicate kidney disease at this time.  My numbers were smack dab in the middle.

Mom and I worried as I am a full figured lady cat (with many devoted loving mancats who like snuggling with my rich, warm squeezy Tuxie self) There was a family  fear of pre-diabetes or full blown diabetes because I am 12 and so full figured.   Though I have no symptoms.  All is well however.

Thank you so much for caring and letting us know you cared.  We are both grateful and we have your backs too.  Always.

XX I am happy and I  know I am well.  XX

September 27, 2019

Today is the day! With Update on Going

Kitties!  Mommy has given me the medicine in a bit of tuna (water packed and solid white albacore as I deserve) and tuna juice and I ate it all done.  Mom has had her breakfast and she will be decorating her face here shortly and getting dressed.  I will be there early-like.

This is likely to be me soon, I hope.  Mom and I don't know what to expect.

this was taken several nights ago...
Mom got me there by 0810. I got the medicine very early here at home.  I was very relaxed indeed, but I did manage to hiss a few times while having my nails done.  They asked if mom wanted to be present for blood drawing and mom trusts them already and she said no, it would be all right. I did say what I thought while it happened though, but I didn't scream or make any sound mom could hear.  Dr. told mommy when I came back.

waiting on the Vet

I got a potty patch and I had two bad mats on the right flank that they got off me...I have an almost small bald patch there.  Very close cut.  Had to be.  They were bad, and the size of a quarter each.  I got a senior exam.  I got full blood work and anything else, urinalysis, for a work up.  Mom and I won't know till Tuesday.

Here's how much I love mom.  I only want to be with her, not by myself.  When I got home, I did eat, and had a good drink of water.  After that I very tiredly followed momma who then stood still, and I leaned on her.  I just wanted to be with her as close as I could.  Mom decided not to pick me up but tried to get me to walk up her legs  to be snuggled as she sat.  I decided not to, and stayed by and on her feet.  I have been sleeping since I got home at 0945. I got up to get a drink once.

Brother has spent at least 2 hours lying on the floor at my beddie, loving on me and petting.

Please hope with us that my bloods are going to be OK.  She already said my teef looked good but I will need a dental soon.

XXOO  Thank you for thinking of me  ( and mom) kitties and woofies.  💗