April 9, 2020

Life is Just a Bowl of Broccoli

Kitties!  Through the years my mom and the kitties who came before me, have spoken of all the trees we have.  I decided to put a picture here so you can see for yourself.  Every time another tornado comes through or a severe thunderstorm the town will worry about the forest of trees toppling on our homes.  And that happens quite often.

My town was carved out of thick woods/forest.  The trees are very old and very very tall.  Mom finally got two in the front yard down much as she disliked doing that. One was a maple and one was an oak. The oak was 90' tall.  The company who took it down couldn't get to the top with their bucket fully extended.  So of course when it was sawn at the top and the pieces were lowered to the ground with ropes. It made mom  truly sad to let it go.  The maple 60' tall as well.  But they either one would have cut our house in two as happened across the street with the neighbors home.

I'll think of all these things and more *I'm snoring this second in time* as all this time  we have stick in the house passes before my grape green eyes!

We will get through this is what mom says and I believe her.  XXOO

April 4, 2020

Kitty Life as Always

Kitties!  This is what I was doing at night.  Brother who is leaving today back to his place was sitting there and I got up there behind him while he read.

April 1, 2020

Mom and I Need a Vacation After That! (A slight revision has been added)

Kitties!  I got to the v-e-t.  They took me from the car.  Mom was bid goodbye.  I was given 100 mg.   of whatchamacallit! All mom knows is about two and a half hours after she left me ( her not allowed in the Clinic- nor anyone else) she was called and told I said many many HBO words, cussed stylishly, growled and hissed and said some more unsavory things.  I fought too.

Mom was told that they would still try to give me all my shots if they could and burrito me for claw trim.  Mom told me she kept asking on the phone to the v-e-t, about how in the wide world I could do all that (she believed them...just could not figure how when I was packing the gabapentin) with sedative in me that worked great the one time SHE got it into me.

So I came home with no blood work this time as was planned, as they didn't want to torture me; and I'd had a full panel 6 mo. ago.  No real exam....no potty patch.  Just nails and shots.  Almost a bust.  They way they talked to her on the phone, I wasn't even going to get the shots.  But they got it done while mom was on my way.

Now.  When I got home, I ate big as soon as I got out of the PTU.  Then, I staggered to mom and asked to be picked up. She picked me up under my arms and settled me on her lap.  I immediately laid my head on her chest and closed my eyes  and fell deeply asleep.  The gabapentin had finally kicked in.  I slept 6 total hours undisturbed. They had waited 2 hrs., but apparently it wasn't enough.  Mom put me on my recliner after half an hour on her lap and that is where I slept my 6 hrs.

I slept with mom though at night.  ON her head. I needed that.

Here is a picture mom took when she laid me in my recliner.  My head was down and my face buried except the mustache side was up facing.

It was a bad bad bad day for me...and Mom too.  Next time they will likely wait a bit longer.  I hope I will recover from this because I had just started acting nicer while there the last 2 times.. They thought Mom should have been there.  MOM thought so too but they wouldn't let her.

Oh.  I lost 6 oz.  since August 2019.  Mom helped with that by giving me just enough dry food to cover the bottom of the bowl 1 layer (medium sized) and premium wet food 2 times a day.  I eat it all.  I have been more active too.

Last night

Air Lily, with Lily flying the pink jet, gathered up all my Twitter Pals, the woofies and kitties, and brought them to the Vet's office to hold my paws.  But they all landed just before momma got me.  It was so good to see them!

March 30, 2020

UnHappy Girl

Kitties!  I will be taken to the v-e-t tomorrow early morning.  I am supposed to have all my shots and my senior physical, bloods stolen, wee -wee stolen,  claws cut, my bloomers shortened for "certain" reasons,---(I has long bloomers, you know).  And they will have to sedate me wif a pill when I get there.

No one is allowed inside.  The parent calls from the parking lot and they come and get us.  Parents pay by phone.  Mom will be called to come and get me hours later as it takes 2 hrs for the sedative to take effect, then they tend to me, then I have to waken and then...they will call mom.

Please hope good things for me?  Mom always gets scared when senior bloods and pee comes due.  She remembers Admiral's terrible times.

XXOO I hope to see you tomorrow or so.

March 27, 2020

An Embarrassment of Riches

Kitties...I move these wonderful toys back and forth each day...and when they aren't out here in the living room, they are out in MY room or if it is my small family...I bring those into the bedroom.

I Rule.  Absolutely.

woke me up for this! 

Living room

My room is filled with my faves out as well.  I am a busy bee.  Mom has said so many times it's like having a toddler living here for pete sake!

No Legos though.  Not into those.

March 24, 2020

Well Balanced Nomming

Kitties!  No one can ever say I am not a careful nommer.  Look at the healthy things I have out to eat!

A fried egg!  A banana! See, I ate it all.... nothing but the peel left!  A tomato, A chicken leg, Heart Shaped mousie, oh and my fave...sushi!  Well, a frosted donut, yes.  Dessert. 

March 20, 2020

Rain Rain Please...Go Away

Kitties, I have endured a month of rain.  Looking at the Dark Sky app..next week will be another week of rain except Thursday. 30% then. No sunpuddles.  I am still on patrol but no sunpuddles.  Thursday we did get one hour of cloudy sun and then, back to rain.

Brovver is here till tomorrow and that's sun in my life.  And...he's warm when I lean on him.

That's all I gotta say about that!  Finishing my treats!  Catnip flavor!