September 17, 2020

I am having my way- and that is the way it should be.  Nothing more need be said about that.  And it's about time too.  

Brovver is here for a day or so.  He'll be staying  taking care of me, as Mom heads off over the mountains.  Dai$y and I spent a lot of money shopping in Milan last week including fuel for our private jet.   Mom and my human sister in love spent oodles of money in "the big city" this Tuesday!  Now, it's Mom's turn again!  She said she was well under the weather for a week and this is celebrate time as she is better. Once she gets into the City of Charlotte, it's all over but the smoke coming out of her wallet and card case!   Dai$y and I deserve another trip to Paris to make us for mom's desertion.

Heigh ho efurrybuddy~ 

September 14, 2020

Momday and Me

 Mom made a last decision last night.  I felt badly for myself, but I felt badly for her too.

I wouldn't even lay on her chesticles while the light was on after we went to bed.  I laid with my head at her waist because I didn't want to see that sneering Leopard by her head.  Mom said I didn't even wait for the light to go out before I left.  When mom turned the light back on, I was curled in a ball on the floor by the bed.  That bothered her.  She gave up then, & took Leopard off the bed and put him away.  

She asked and asked; patted the bed and patted..but still I would not come.  Finally I did, and saw Leopard was gone.  But I got off the bed anyway.  That left her with calling me over and over and patting the bed some more.... in the dark.  I finally came up...laid there at her waist maybe half an hour.  FINALLY I walked up and settled.  Mom said thank you.  I don't stay long, but I washed her face.  I noticed she fell asleep instantly.  

When she had to get up early to go the The Big City, she saw I was on the floor again.  That made mom feel terrible. 

Mom said since that fateful medication the last big Vet day, I just have not had my same personality.  She can't blame theVet.  Who knew I would have a reaction so severe. (I meowed it back then to you). 

Here I am, being a good girl.

September 12, 2020

About Time!

 Mom said she's feeling all better, but Leopard stays!  I want to sue.  I'm an CatAttorney but I can still sue!

Brovver says he will be here to take care of me for mom's trip over the mountains to see other brovver, who asked her to come over for her birfday.  I'll have brovver ALL to myself.  We can talk, tell stories, watch TV, eat, and I can have petting and maybe some brushing! I know I'll be loved!  Bet I won't even miss Mom.  That will be a little later this month. 

Do I look like I'm kidding? I'm gonna sue that Leopard! 

September 11, 2020

We Need to Talk Mom

 Mom, here we are at the tub're brushing me and now I want to speak to you about that Leopard!  He is sleeping in there between us again!  

I realized at 0230 you were not well.  You asked me to get off your head.  When you came back to bed, I had waited patiently and settled on your chest.  You immediately asked me to leave.  Claimed I was hurting your already hurting abdomen etc.  After shooing me off several more times, you got up AGAIN and went in to the living room to my recliner.  Hours ticked by as you went from one place to the other unable to sleep and getting weaker.  I gave up.  The next night after a bad day with little sleep and hardly any food for you.  *I ate well* , Leopard came BACK to our bed.  He is still there!  

I heard you tell brothers that you slept 9:15 hrs. that first night Leopard was there, even though you were in pain.  *no fever at all the usual 96.7*   I had to be in the middle by myself .  I did walk on your abdomen these nights which is still hurting and you SHOOED ME OFF AGAIN.

This means war. 

September 8, 2020


 Kitties!  I am looking for mom's sunflower!  She told me the mowers cut it down.  I told her that as bad as that was, he was so small and had no flower blooming that they just swept on by with the mower. That doesn't make it any easier for mom though.  She loved that that thing.  But she enjoyed seeing me this morning- looking outside into the foggy morning. 

August 30, 2020

Stoopie Leopard

 Kitties!  That ol' stoopie Leopard is gone away from me still; but I know from all the tossing and turning that he just may come back for a visit.  

Here I am this morning:   Resting comfortably with my lookalike.

You can see Leopard is no where is sight.   Oh no...he is.   Not in here but:  King Spitty will come over and deal with him. (I'm pretty sure). (I went over and washed his ears last night...he'll be putty in my paws).

Leopard declared: I'm ready to help  our Mom! 

He said that about helping Mom  because I have learned now to not smother her by covering her head but hey, what's wrong with falling asleep...all magnificent close to 15 pounds of me, on her chest?  Heart doesn't have room to beat?  Pish Posh!  Getta grip, mom.