July 19, 2018

Fursday Thursday

Kitties, it's been quite a while since I have done this but this morning..as soon as mom got the oatmeal ready for herself,  I got from the wooden floor in the kitchen to the carpet in time from my own breakfast bowl,  to hork up my entire breakfast.  It was still in perfect form as it hadn't hardly had time to do anything in my tummy but come back out.  I ate in double-time as I loved what she gave me.  She feared this would happen; and I obliged her expectations.  I walked carefully to another great hard-to-reach- place on the carpet (under the heavy heavy glass and wood coffee table) and horked some more after leaving a calling hork card on the 5x7 rug as well.   Ah.

Mom is taking favorite brovver back to his home this morning and I am saying goodbye.  He was here Monday afternoon till now recovering so we are saying goodbye for awhile.I LOVED it.  He and I are tight as a knot!

LOOK what Travis's mommy  on LoneStarCats did on their bloggie a few days ago.  Mom is honored and me too!  We are saving for ever!  XX  My tail is serving as my crown!  Super touch!

July 16, 2018


Mom and I...we are thinking of the Admiral.  I never knew her personally but I hear of her all the time while mom speaks of her on the phone.  Several more of her furriends have flown away to join her and so we, mom and me, began thinking of the Admiral.

We would like to post a picture of her.  One of Mom's favorites.  She was in her rocking chair with her dolly and her teddy.  She spent a lot of time there in the  later afternoons when the sun shone on her.

Love to Minchie's mommy, Merci's mom,  Gracie's mom and dad, Miss Itty's (Sunny) mom and Dad, Mamacita's mom and dad and Simba's mom and dad.  Angel Batman's Mommy and furblings.  Mom said she will be out there on the deck looking for their stars tonight and looking for Admiral's as well.


July 15, 2018

Sunday Selfie

Ooops...I am still not too good at this.  I tried though.  iPhone is heavy for my paws!

July 12, 2018

Done With Memory Lane

Kitties, another picture from before.  Mom was wandering  in Sevierville, home of Dolly Parton, when she saw this youngster behind the plate glass window.  She was outside trying to find a non-glaring part of the glass to take a picture of this little love's side.  The kind secretary invited mom in and allowed her to take pictures.  It was just right for a kitty to have that heart.

Mom wasn't allowed by the kitty to love on her.

And look at this car's license plate!  Must be a kitty owner's car.  I mean Kitty STAFF car. Mom biggafied for you.


July 11, 2018

Other Favorite Brother

Kitties, this is an old picture that mom came across yesterday.  Its shows the Admiral being all imperious on Christmas day back in 2011 with other favorite brother daring to approach her majesty as she was at impawtent business.  An inquiring hand from North Carolina that only shows up 3-4 times a year---even though it is other favorite brovver, could be met with lethal clawses or a nip with sharp Tortie obeying teefs.

However, once she remembered him, she was putty in his hands as he is a Cat man through and through.

You might recall this precious 3 week old baby that he rescued from the school yard several years back.  Her name is Coco; and she went to a totally adoring home.  Seriously, they gave her all the love any kitten could ever hope for.

July 8, 2018

Can You Dig It?

Kitties, Can you dig it?

And here, below,  bless my soul, I had a blazing sunpuddle I was sleeping in.  Here she comes with the ol' phone.  Trying to tiptoe.  As soon as she started to hunker down to take it, the sunpuddle turned down the heat and light AND I woke up.  NO SUNPUDDLE to snooze in after that.  She scared away the whole shebang.

And here's YOUR double serving of Stink Eye, Mom! 

July 7, 2018

Where Did it Go?

Me, hoping to see my Mom's mind coming back.  It's been missing.

Kitties!  My furry and whiskery and white socked apologies. My mom has been feeling very rough these past three weeks.  All kindsa yuks she said.  Yesterday was the first time she felt at least 99% normal.  She said she's very grateful.  BUT Kitties...maybe I ought to sue HER!  Something made her go into comments  last evening to see if there were any awaiting 'approval' for the first time in about a month-- and kitties!  There were 34 some comments awaiting.

 I have a standard to uphold to never disappoint my furriends and she just fell apart, and furthermore  she dared used that excuse about the yuks to let the comments accumulate. Said she forgot to think! A dear Kitty had even said something about not knowing where her comment went.   I would meow not!  It had been sitting there in the comment basket for a week and a half for pity sake.  Mom...you better look out.