December 30, 2019

LOOK Who Came To Breakfast!

Kitties!  Mom got up to feed me and brother (who went back home at 1000 today)  this morning and she saw DONKEY who actually and truly came to breakfast this morning.  He has never ever done that.  He just goes to the bedroom.

How in the wide world did he climb up there?  Mom asked if I helped him.  I was busy with my own breakfast so I was not able to meow with a full mouf.  Mom gave him oatmeal.

December 27, 2019

Been Sitting in Boxes all Day!

Happy Boxing Day passed by now Kitties!  I had a happy time in all the boxes around here.  Can't do any better than that for a happy boxing day!

Here's my other favorite brovver up from Charlotte.  Him's a Teacher.  He brought me heavy duty shopping bags which I love.  I'm rewarding him in the first picture last night as we watched Voyager.

He and Mom went to the Park each moaning and blew cold air around in bunches- as they huffed and puffed around the park seven times.  Mom always misses him and his wanting to be up there walking with her.  This morning we had another walker with us.  A fellow Lt. friend of Mom's.  They talked about everyone as they all three schlepped along with Randy's girl dog.

I have  lots of boxes and bags, and I am about to get at them.  Come on over...we'll have a pawty!

December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas

Kitties, Woofies, Pawrents, Merry Christmas to each and every one of you--- furred or not, on this beautiful day.

Mom and I send love, our affection, and our sincere wishes for a good year to come to all of you.  May happiness and peace reign in your minds, may joy be attainable and may kindness be your birthright come true.

December 20, 2019

The V-E-T Has Another Iron in the Fire

Well Kitties, I'm not supposed to know this but I have two excellent ears on my head and I heard the discussion while I waited for mom to pay the bill for my manicure.

You know I wouldn't take my sedative and mom wasted two capsules trying. So,  I was rolled up into a burrito  after I got there to get my nails done.  No one hurt my neck.  And while I cursed like a mancat on nip,  I wasn't too bad.  The first time I was there though I cussed like a sailor, I ranted, raved, hissed like a locomotive and howled like a hurricane's winds.  This time, just cussing.  No meds.

The V-e-t decided to try the med in treats...prescription of course.  Mom was given samples of 6 flavors to see what I would eat.  So far, 2 out of 6 are winners.  I have had Seafood and tuna flavors.  I have beef, liver and I forgot the other 2, to try.  Then, mom will tell them and they will have the treats made.  Costly.  They are small little round chewy ones. Mom has put them on the window sill as I sit patrolling, and I just reach over and nip them up into my mouf. We will see if they work.  Will I take them after the med is inside.

Today I feel like a million dollars!  I have lain in my tunnel to attack ( that is my signal I went to play.  Mom stops what she's doing and starts playing with me).  And I have bunny stomped my nip ball, my donkey, and attacked my favorite thing of all.  The bird fell off it, and I loved the string hanging down mom kept the wand and we play stringy all the time.  I've been running..attacking my delicious catnip infused ball, flying thru the tunnel and playing with stringy.  Having a fight with stringy in the tunnel as well!  Brother is here till in the morning so that makes me extra happy.

Mom made Brother homemade Sloppy Joes.  She makes them better than anyone.  There was close to two pounds of them so mom said he must take home the leftovers.  He sure will!

December 16, 2019

Toe Hawks R Us

Well, we know there are other scrumptious looking toe hawks...I could name quite a few furriends in the CB with them.  But here is a helping of mine as I try to trim my nails and clean my feets!

Mom's taking me to you-know-where to get mine done.  She has to give me that horrible stuffs the Vet prescribed ahead of time to keep me from being the Tasmanian Devil.

Here I was the other day, thinking about things.  Pondering.  Wondering about whether I needed to be on the counter... Results will be published as soon as they are gathered up.

December 15, 2019

Not an Ordinary Day and Special Update on the Journey to the Bridge.

Today is the anniversary of having lost Admiral.

I miss you every single day, Lady Bianca, though you brought me Katie to love while you are waiting for us at the Bridge.   Thank you every day for making me go to the Vet's office for something else, and there was our Katie Isabella, waiting for me to come and get her.  I know I wrote on Katie's first blogs that Katie used to jump up on the dresser in the bedroom frequently where Admiral's ashes are, and lay by the urn.  That is true.  She has done that often for years.

Here Admiral is being taken in the Golden Pram by @PepiSmartDog to the Rainbow Bridge.  @MariodaCat was allowed to go by special permission as was Nik, Admiral's husband @CatRulers, and @HollyCatRocks.  Just to the edge... looking over to the Bridge.  Admiral was received by precious Pals and Furriends and Pepe took Mario, Nik back.  Holly already dwelled at the Bridge.  She came to hold her paw in case she or I was afraid.

Once a cat is loved, that never goes away though we are divided from one another for awhile  All of the CB parents know that our loved fur babies always return that love in very visible and loving ways.  Family always and forever, is what I know.

Katie, take care of Mommy.

December 11, 2019

Now Who Was That You Named Queen?

Now, I believe I heard the Queen mentioned?  In this home, there is no doubt as to the Purrson.  

Here I come, ready to get in mom's lap.  Have my green eye right on her.  Drew a bead as soon as I got out of the hallway.  Landing in 5 seconds...4...3...2...

December 7, 2019

Oh, But....

Oh, but Kitties!  Woofies!  I wasn't ON the counter looking out the window in the last post.   That was mom's tiny little desk that Home D. created for her when they tore out the old kitchen back in 2004 and designed another with more cabinets and created space for mom and me.  Here is a true thing!  Believe it or not and it is true as the sun rising...I have no desire to walk on the counter.  It's just a habit I didn't form.  Go figure!

Would this face fib?

Well, yes...yes it would on occasion.

December 5, 2019

A Beautiful Sight

Mom says this is one of the most lovely of sights.  She thinks so anyway.  Such a classic pose...and our sweet bodies have such lovely lines.  Serene.   And it hints of warm snuggles to come when we settle in your lap.

December 3, 2019

Another Day, another Breakfast! YAS!

Kitties, Mom did go out with every one else and had Thanksgiving dinner.  It was the movie later that she stayed home with me.  She ate almost nothing..I however, ate my usual supper.  They came home from the movie about 8ish, and didn't care for it at all.  It was "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood".  The actor who played Mr. Rogers did not do well at all they said.  The favorite brovver who went with Mom's niece was reared on Mr. Rogers  (as were my other brovvers) and knows how he spoke and showed animation while speaking, and that he was not expressionless- as was the actor trying to portray him in the movie.

Mom finally walked barefooted through a hork when she got up yesterday morning and it was still dark as she passed through the house turning on lights.  Ha... and again... HA!

This kitty was given to mom and me when the niece arrived a week ago today.  Mom put it here in my office/playroom/bedroom.  It startles her when she becomes aware of it again in the corner of her eye while she is at the computer.  It's one of those doorstops.

THIS is me the first night we were alone again in the house.  WHEW!  Though I did miss Brovver.  I was glad to have mom home more..see her doing her usual things and I got to snuggle.

Mom was sent this by Simba's  Antics  and enjoyed it.  The look on the lady cat there at the couch arm is what mom enjoyed as well as the raincoat and hat!

Well, mom has to finish her face and head off into the biting cold.  I'll stay here.