August 31, 2012

Furry Friday

Kitties, my human brofur is coming over for supper.  And I'm getting ready to have a glossy soft coat of furs to be petted.

August 30, 2012


Kitties, I only brought in three toys.  I didn't want her to get used to the riches I gifted her with yesterday!

Here I am in my bikini.  I am only wearing the wispy bottom as I can't find enough matching tops for all of my, um, girlcat areas.  So I'm going commando there and wearing the bottom.

August 29, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Kitties!  It was a four toy night!  I have four of my favorites in the bedroom!  I have the sweetest announcement Mom said.  She never minds hearing me as she says I sound like I'm talking and my voice is low.  I brought in my tomato, my kickaroo, my nip cigar and my big brown fur mousie!  It doesn't get any better'n that, kitties. Mom here:  Actually, 5 min later I saw her donkey!  It was up against the closet door.  So it was a FIVE toy night.  Busy girl!

Here are the toys in an early morning capture complete with a shadow!  AND here is our bed.  Note that it is extremely rumpled and tossed about it.  I rule here.  Mom gets to sleep on the edge, no really...and I expand to fill the rest of the bed.  I mash into the small of her back.  I graciously allow her to turn over occasionally and then, I am mashed into her stomach.  Ah...the rest of me just fills the space and mom has murmured occasionally that she may as well let me have it and she go sleep in the spare bedroom. What?  There's a problem?

August 28, 2012

Tuesday Tuxie

Here I am...still Tuxie Tuckered a few days after my shots.  I have MORE than perked up since then.  I'm practicing being flat.

Kitties and woofies with Google+ bloggies,  I am so sorry but I can't comment on your blogs because Google won't let me unless I join and mommy won't let me.  I so sorries.

Terri, I so wish I could visit you and your kitty but I can't seem to get there from here.  Maybe you don't have a blog but just an account?  XXOO  anyway and I am grateful for the visits.

August 27, 2012

Naughty? You decide

Firstly, mommy is holding me on her lap and squeezing my meaty little sides and my back legs.  She keeps saying "Scrumptious!  I could eat you up for supper".    "Look how tender and meaty you are!" And she squeezes my leggies and sides some more.  I am feeling a bit uneasy.

But on to the decision I ask of you.  Mom finally put Admiral's Cat Sitter DVD into the player and I saw it on the TV screen.  I was fascinated.  Mom thought "good!" BUT after she went to get a chair for me to sit comfortably at screen level, I stood up to get those rats that were teeming around on the screen.  I put my arms out...momma put me on the floor lest I knock over the TV. I STILL tried to get them.  Momma could see I was assessing if I could jump up.  That did it and the TV went off.  I stayed and stared for half an hour.

This morning Mom was watching the news and there was a piece about all the hundreds of hummingbirds this man has at his house (and all of his feeders).  I was fascinated and started to make that leap.  Mom turned the TV off but I KNEW they were still there!  I searched all around the bottom of the furniture unit that held the TV and in as many places as I could get to.  I had just gathered my leaping muscles into a bunch to leap to check behind the TV when she tried to distract me.  Kitties, not even Silvervine took me away from my sentinel for those birdies.

Personally I don't think I'm naughty.  I am just trying to hunt.  Mom doesn't really think I am either but it's easy to see that she'll have to be careful what I watch or that TV will be in pieces on the floor.

Oh, here it is, and I am presently watching Public TV children's shows.  I LOVE kid shows.  And you can see the primitive pair of cats on one shelf and the wooden cat curled up on several books on another shelf.  There is a golden panfer head on top in the middle wif green eyes and the cat fairy.  Is this a cat oriented house or what?

August 26, 2012

Easy on Sunday

Kitties, I have the zoomies this morning and last night I brought in four toys to the bedroom.  Usually it's two on a good night, three sometimes but last night I brought in FOUR!  I am finally over my lethargy from the shots.  I was meowing to another kitty yesterday on my kittyfone- and I told Mario that I wondered if I was sleeping so very very much because I was finally getting a rest (no matter how short-lived) from all the itchies I had before the allergy shot.  So who knows; I may have been catching up on rest too.

I have gone around and I've seen many slumberous kitties so now, I will join you.

August 25, 2012

New Kitty Blog

Kitties, do you remember Mumsey and Chancey, who is a gardening doggie?  Well,  Mumsey and her two kitties  have started a kitty blog as well.  I got to be the first kitty to follow.  Please go see her new blog called Mumsey's Kitty Korner with Snookums, Pooh and Patches.  Pretty kitties and mommy already wants to snorgle them all.

I had a wonderful time last night with everyone that came to my home.  I got petted and complimented and loved on.  But I slept with mommy cause she didn't feel good so I hadda be a nurse.

I started my sensitive tummy fuds.  I celebrated that with the biggest hairball ever!  BUT no breakfast came with it, how strange.  Just a hairball big as half a weenie and a little kibble from during the night.  AND I horked it up on the counter and the washing machine.  Sure beat the carpet again.

We'll see how things go with the allergy shot (short acting) and the Science Diet sensitive tummy fuds.

PEE ESS:  Mommy says I can't comment on Google+ blogs and I so sorries.  Fanks you for coming to see me.  I wish I could comment on your bloggies but mommy doesn't want me to join Google +.  XXOO


August 24, 2012


Kitties, I actually have not felt quite myself these past several days.  I ate...I used the box..I sort of made a stab at playing, but I didn't nap "right".  I was on the floor looking forlorn instead of on the bed(s), the couch, the chairs, sunpuddles, etc.  I only stayed in mommy's lap maybe 15 minutes and left her to go to the floor for some reason.  No cat tree, no beddies,  just not myself.

I guess that is a result of my shots.  It had mom worried last night as I was on the back of the comfy couch, yes, but I stayed there in a tight ball for 3 1/2 hours.  When mom came close to pet me and give my paw a kiss, I was purring with her approach but I didn't want to budge.  So I was off kilter somewhat.  I was trying to attend a Twitter pawty last night and somewhere about 10...mommy got especially concerned and we gave up for the evening.

Today I flirted with the worker who came to the house and I have played more.  I ate well and by the way, since that shot (remember...short acting) I have not horked any fuds. Because I'm not barbering.

A dear furriend, Mewsings of Cottage Garden Cats  recommended Science Diet fuds for sensitive tummy... so mom bought me some today.  She, the furriend, said her babies aren't barbering any more since she bought it.  Let's hope.

We have a wonderful family night to look forward to tonight.  My human brothers will be here except one.  We are celebrating the youngest brother's birthday here even though it was 8/22.  He spent it with his lady and now they are both coming here for cake and ice cream and *I* get all these laps to explore.  <3<3<3

August 22, 2012


Kitties, I made it through amazingly well after that horrible experience you-know-where.  I only felt a little tired.  I still feel a bit tired I have to say but I ate well, I didn't hork it up and I am being allowed to look out of the front door again at Birdy TV with mom handy to spray me or others if need be.  My Dr. said my getting so upset with the stranger kitties was me being territorial.  I do NOT want to share my home or my mama wif anyone.  Ever.

Last night mom went straight to bed and a little later I joined her and she found me mashed into her stomach as she slept on her side.  (We likes to spoon sometimes).  When she had to turn over, she kept a hand on me hoping I wouldn't leave as I usually do and I stayed..mashed into her back.  We both slept well.

I 'preciate you kitties coming by yesterday and wishing me well.  Spitty and I really went through it yesterday but he had more to hiss about than I did.  I will tell you however..hiss I did!  And a few growls too. Oh, and my teefs were pronounced sparkling and ears clean and sweet smelling and my whole beautiful 10 pound one ounce self was in purrfect health.  Dr. said he still maintains I am three years old despite my high energy and kitten ways.  So, I will say I am three then.

Another thing about the allergy shot.  This will be a short acting one..just a few weeks to give me a break.  Mom was told to call me Dr. after 2 weeks.  I think he will make a plan for me then. He does not like to give those shots if he can help it.  I appreciate that care.

Here are a couple of roses for all of you for caring about me.  Mommy took it in a small garden about a mile from here.  She focused on the ones at the ends and let the middle guy "go" as he was all tired and about to loose his petals anyway.

August 21, 2012

All Over But the Shouting

Kitties!  I went to the v-e-t and had the rabies booster and FVR-DC booster. I also had a reduced dose of  allergy shot too.  I have barbered myself so much that it is what is causing all the vomiting.  I have horked up long fat actual hairballs.  It is all because of my allergies. With this reduced dose shot I will not be itchy and I'll have a much needed break.  I actually woke mom up at 0256 this morning as she felt the movements of me jerking my beautiful furs out.  Quick head movements rock our bed.  And she could actually hear my teeth as I clipped the furs steadily.  I don't have bald spots but all of my long hair is gone.  Now I am a short to medium haired girl.

I'm told that fever and lethargy is a side effect  of the booster shots but my chance of side effects is reduced the Dr. said because I also had the small dose of allergy medicine.  That is a treatment, whatever that med is called for fever and etc from shots if it gets too bad.

I just wanted you to know I went and I'm back and I weigh...wait for it...wait for it... ten scrumptious delicious delightful and beautiful pounds plus one ounce.  I gained a pound and one ounce since I came home with Mommy!  Dr. said he was fine with my weight but he would rather I not gain more.  So there goes my lunchtimes, POL (pout out loud).

Here I am, one of three pictures I allowed mom to take several days ago.

If I have already shown you, I 'pollergize for doing it again.  <3

Today is the Day and--- a Discussion by mom.

Mom is getting ready so that she can take me to the V-E-T for those horrible shots.  The thing is, the rabies one is required by my State's law.  Worse still if I got sick enough to be in the hospital or needed to be boarded they wouldn't have to take me in if I don't have my shot.  I found out thru an article that a kitty has to take into account the type of rabies vaccine they get.  Standard rabies vaccines are made with an adjuvant, a special ingredient that helps make the immune response more vigorous.  But that adjuvant is thought to be a possible cause of an aggressive cancer unique to cats.  This info is from Dr. Tracy Dewhurst who is a contributor to my local newspaper.  She further states that adjutant free vaccine is labeled for one year; so boosters are needed annually.

Mom here:  I will make sure as to what Katie gets when she goes in and that is is injected in the leg, not the neck.  Cancers appearing at the injection site that have formed in the neck area are not easily treated whereas those at an injection site in the leg are more easily treated.  I know this is unpleasant stuff to talk about and I dread taking her in.  I could refuse, yes, but trying to take her in for other things would bring about more reminders and me refusing; and I would not be surprised if they said "find another Vet".  All this is in my imagination of course.  It hasn't happened.

Unpleasantness aside, I hope all you kitties and woofies are well and remember, I am a worry wart mommy.  Talk to your own vet or do research and just be informed.  Sometimes kitties and woofies have to have medicines that are unpleasant against things that are even worse..even if you have an indoor pet.  I have indoor only pets, but again, the State law says  thy must have the shot.  Moreover, boarding and hospital stays are very difficult without it.  Considering that they are in with other beloved pets, I can almost see why.  I did refuse Admiral having one for years.  She didn't have to go to the Vet though until she got sick.  As they had a complete blood profile on her after her sickness, the Vet allowed her to be in the hospital without the shot.  So there are always exceptions.

OK.  No more unpleasant discussion.

August 19, 2012

Sunday Snoozin'

Kitties, here I am in the PTU again.  I wonder what PTU means?  Mommy?  Do you know?  Can you tell me? I want to know too.

I allowed mom to take this picture but she had to use the flashy thingy on the box on accounta it is a very dark rainy morning and no light.  She tried adjusting the ISO, got yellow looking stuffs and decided "just use the flashy thingy"  (she's lazy and didn't want to do other adjustments).  If you look carefully you can see my tiny tiny front teefs in that first picture.

I so appreciate Jazz Bones (I think it was) who came to see me and several others on mom's own blog that came to see her and she's not able to respond because they use Google+ and Mommy won't join that.  Funny since this is a Google blog spot, that their Google+ won't allow cross commenting.

Have an easy peasy sweet Sunday kitties.

August 18, 2012

Brother and Me

My brother came over after work yesterday to try mom's new chicken recipe.  It's over on mom's human bloggie and man, hearing them go on and on about was good!

But for me, I was so glad to see him.  I gave him all of my attention.  I even snoopervised him in the night as I was at the foot of his bed (I never did go to mom and sleep with her nor put her to bed as I always do by being a Sphinx on her chest) several times.  He got smoochies and headbumps and scentings all of which he loves.  And this morning, I was in my PTU sleeping again when he came in to say hello and get some smoochies if I would grant them and I laid my sweet head on his hand in the PTU and drifted off.  Mom rose quietly from the computer here to take their picture and when she came back with the camera, I was up and stretching.  Sigh.  She never learns.  I hate to keep being so hard on her but she has to be trained.

This morning earlier I was spread out on the sofa arm.   An arm and leg draped to the left of it; and my other arm and leg draped to the right of it..flat on my belly.  She went to get the flashy box and I was already sitting up at the end of the sofa arm.  Had to snicker a bit.  Poor mom.

Here I am this morning in my PTU before I had a chance to rouse up and leave it before she got back with the flashy box.

August 17, 2012

Freaky Furriday

Kitties, I'm not freaked out yet but maybe next Toesday I will be if mom decides that she's freaked out.  I have to go to the v-e-t for my annual shots. I will have a physical too.  I don't remember any more how I react to those things before I came to my real mom here at my home, and mom doesn't know if the shots will make me sick the way they did Admiral.  Mom didn't put Admiral thru it for the last 4 years she was with us.  So we will see what happens.

For almost 2 weeks I didn't hork up a meal but I sure did this morning.  My favorite fuds and I must have eaten too fast even though mom gave me a small serving.  There was all the kibble I ate in the wee hours in the piles I made all up and down the hall and in the entry way.  I horked in 5 different places.  Some were small drops but three were substantial.  Ewww.  Mom's brekkie was spoiled again.  I say to her...I'm worth it.

I'll have some lunch later and see if I can keep THAT down.  XXOO

August 16, 2012

If You Bring It, They Will Come

No matter how small a shoe box it is, they will sit in it.  If I sits, it fits.

August 15, 2012

Around the World in How Many Days Mommy?

That Ess is standing in the corner by itself on accounta it is hard to aim as Mark said yesterday and I have had some near misses when I go visiting. I don't think it has anything to do with being a girl cat driver either!  But the tunnel, thanks goodness for it because I point it in the right direction, close my eyes and I'm there!

Tonight, after seeing Boomie and Tutu, I am headed to Simba and Audrey's house.  I want to eat from Audrey's auto feeder if she says it's OK, and chat with Simba about HRH Princess Treasure. Then, off to San Francisco to tell Spitty some stuffs he needs to hear from Admiral per her orders to me UTB last night. We MAY have an aperitif.

A quick stop at Niko san and Goro san's home to have a cat cultural exchange and learn some more Japanese words and then, home for a nap.  After Mom gets up, I fire up the tunnel again for some day tripping straight to Wales whereupon I will size up Austin, and he, me.  We will make a determination as to who is the prettiest and who catches the most mice and then, we'll take about all our furriends.  MOL. (He's a gossip.  Or is it me who is?)

Depending on the time and naps, I may stop off in Nova Scotia to see Nerissa.  He intrigues me. I need to probe deeper and see what makes him purr.

Leo of the Celestial Kitties is a vision in silver gray.  Star, his sister is as well but Leo..oh MY oh MY!  I must go by there and see his man cave in purrson. I may scent it, but only with my facial pheromones.

LP and sibs and Prancer Pie and sibs are on tap for tomorrow evening and I intend to enjoy their hospitality to the fullest as they will mine when they hop on their boogie mats like The Island Cats do, or Ess's or Tunnels for a visit.  Ernie and the skies for me.

Katnip Lounge is toward the end of the week so as to see all of those venerable kitties  (I'm a youngster) and learn at their knees..ah..what an opportunity-- and I hear their mommy is an excellent scritcher too.

Whew. I'm exhausted.  All because Hannah and Lucy sent me this lovely tunnel.  I am headed to see them right after my supper.  After whisker tickles with them, I will head to Malaysia to see Boomie.  XXXOOO

August 13, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday a bit early..

Kitties, I have been all over the globe now that I have my tunnel.  Mark from Mark's Mews was right.  The Ess is so hard to aim!!!  Now I don't have to worry about overshooting the mark and go sailing way over from where I wanted to be.  I was headed to Tutu's house to check on her after her Ladygardenectomy there in Malaysia and I almost landed in Thailand! I don't know anyone there so I pulled up and made a hard turn to the right, whew! I finally crash landed at the catio and Tutu and Boomie at last.  They had to wait on me paw and paw till I was recovered from the fright of being lost!  Now..I just hop in my tunnel..voila!  My heart still races thinking of the near-misses!

I must not have slept quite as well while Mom was gone.  I have been doing some major napping these past 2 days.  Today's nap was 3 1/2 hours in a row!

But maybe I am sopping up sleep to go to visit Possum in Jerusalem.  He invited me yesterday and will have special Fancy Feast for me.  That may take a few minutes to get there instead of the near instantaneous arrivals elsewhere.  I may ask if Possum wants to return with me.  I can escort him back to his Mum afterward and that gives me a chance to visit,  His Mum made a fabulous video tour for all the mom's and dad's of we kitties over on her own bloggie.  I loved it.  You may want to go see the videos and hear the music while you get a tour of Israel.

I will leave you with a picture of the Cat Fairy.  We've had her for years!  She's made from wood and hand painted.  Her wand has a blue star on the end.  Her arms and legs move too.

August 11, 2012

Mommy is Home and Looky What *I* Got in the Mail!

Kitties!  ALL the way from ENGLAND!  Royal MAIL!  I got a present from Hannah and Lucy.  I really DID.  They had read my bloggie when I said I have to use my Ess to travel to visit on accounta I didn't have a tunnel and Hannah and Lucy kindly sent me one.  It was waiting for me when Mommy got home this afternoon.  I LOVE it!  I have gone in and out, and even ran through it time and again!  and I'm ready to transport all the way over to give them both nosetaps for sending me this wonderful toy, a sweet card and two rolly ballies I can whap!!!

Kitties, I am thrilled beyond words.  I never dreamed I would love a toy so much.  Thank you sweetest Hannah and Lucy.  You have made your furriend Katie very very happies.  xoxox

August 7, 2012

Whisker Wednesday early

Kitties, things are going on around here and Thursday morning fairly early mom will leave me to the care of my sitter while she is gone till Saturday.  It will be lonely for me as I will have no one to sleep with but my sitter truly likes me and does play with me.  I like her too.  It's worth the $$$$ to have a licensed bonded insured pet sitter but..$$$$.  MOL.  As the commercial goes, I'm worth it.

I may blog tomorrow night before mom  and I go to bed.  But if I don't I will see you Saturday night.  This picture was taken last night.  XOX

There was nothing in the traps this morning and they are gone now.  Mom will have to bring in the bird nectar while she is gone from home until she comes back even though this is a crucial time as it is drawing raccoons etc.  Mom also took down forever the big 5# capacity bird feeder outside where I used to watch the Bird and Squirrel channel.  Today while she stayed near- she opened the door for me to watch them and a calm black long haired beautiful cat (I put a picture of it in my bloggie several months ago) was lying very close to the porch a few feet from me.  I started scrubbing the glass..that brought mom in immediately, then I started hissing and growling.  The black cat (Admiral used to just look at him) looked at me while still lying there.  I leaped away and flew down the hall as the black cat had gone in that direction outside.  I saw him standing near my window and I got horribly anxious again.  Mom sprayed me several times and lowered the blind but I tore into them trying to get the calm introoder.  Finally with Feliway all around we got thru this one too.

So mom took down the feeder that attracts the cats, Ginger and Black and that's that.  No more watching TV.  The station is closed forever.

Mom's got  impawtent stuff to attend to all week till she gets back home but She will still keep helping me go visit you as long as she can till she comes back.

Purrs appreciated.  Kind thoughts too.   Fanks you.

August 6, 2012

Early Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties and Woofies..attend please:  Mom Paula of Twinkletoes is tending her dear Mom while her mom is in the end stages of leukemia and in hospice care.  Please go and offer your loving prayers and words and support to this dear family while they are so afflicted.  It wrings my heart.  So does Poppy Vic's condition.  It seems guarded right now and Ann and he could use our prayers and support while they battle through this horrible thing.

I haven't been here for a few days but I have been visiting many of you.  We caught another raccoon this morning but after tonight, no more traps.  My 8 days contract  will be up after this night and I will have to start defending my honor again from marauding raccoons and possums.  Sigh.  Oh, and vishus deer too.

I'm still making my rounds.  Been doing that since Saturday.  xox

August 4, 2012


Kitties, Another Opossum was captured last night.  They too climb up stuffs for fuds but the wildlife man said he felt the raccoon we caught was the culprit really.  Here is a view of the deck so you can see that it is high up. Ours is a one story home so you can tell we are on a downhill slant. (The house's foundation, not us MOL) You will see mommy's tomato plant reaching over the rail and the "flying saucer" hummingbird feeder. It's short and flat and holds a cup of nectar per refill.  Easy to clean.  Hummers love it.

Mom said to also include a normal toward end-of-summer look at our woods.  Yesterday you saw a Fall picture when the leaves were turning.  You can also see why we have so many wild critters here.  Deer, black bears, foxes, coyotes, raccoons, possums of course,  and all the regular assorted critters everyone has.

Mommy got the Ruby Throated Hummingbird pic here at the house near the feeder.  Me, mom found me enjoying my sunpuddle again last evening.  xoxo

Happy Caturday Kitties and Woofies.

August 3, 2012

A Kiwi Doggie + small update re: deck

Kitties and woofies, I would like to introduce a good furriend, Ambassador Schonheit, who goes by the blog name dieschonheit---true to his German Shepherd roots.  He is a Kiwi woofie from Auckland New Zealand. We have known him for some time, years, but he is new at his blog and I hope you'll go see him.  His Mom and Dad have two kitties too, Millie and Ollie.  Ollie is a brusier at 15 pounds! Millie is a petite girl.  Their pictures/profiles are on Ambassador Schonheit's bloggie.   Here is a picture of him. He is furry handsome and gets along with his feline siblings well.
In this photo I feel sure he was questioning his pawrents about those two meowy babies that were coming into the household after he had ruled supreme all by himself.  That is a loook of disbelief and "why???" if I ever saw one.

No one in the traps today and mommy put the hummingbird nectar back out early this morning.  She hates bringing it in at night as the hummers like to visit even when it's dark.  Mom and I have seen that.  But better to do so despite the hummers bulking up to go home, than draw unwelcome visitors to the deck.

Speaking of the deck, here is the view the critters get and how far they must climb.  The trees are Fall pictures and the side with the privacy fence is the low side..the other picture shows the high side.  My home is built on a decline. (or incline however you wish to see it.  We live in hills and mountains).

August 2, 2012

Fursday Roundup...LONG post

First, Kitties, I would like to thank Madi, my sweetest FFF ( feline female furriend) who is "Down Home in NC for this award that I picked up on her bloggie yesterday.  She said we could.  I never had a sister so I would like to be a sister to all of you bloggers.
Our mom's are supposed to tell 7 things about themselves.  If mom can't think of anything up to 7, she said she'd put my stuffs in.  That would be more interesting anyway.

Mom sez:

1  I have never had more than one pet at a time.  Once I had a doggy named Jack. His hair was as red as mine and he was a hunting dog.  Raised him from just weaned.  I loved him very very much.  When I got married, Dad asked if he could keep him and I agreed.

2 Until Robin and Admiral and Katie, all of my pets have been boy cats (and Jack).

3 Yes, Katie is very likely spoiled but the good part is, she doesn't know it.  I am going away, 'bandoning her middle of next week for 3 days.  It will be good for her.  She needs the separation really. She'll have a pet sitter 2 times a day,  Spoiled. I reckon.

4 I am a serious amateur photographer.  No, my kitty pictures don't show it but my Nature ones come closer. :-)  I contracted Lyme Disease 2 years ago from crawling in the bushes getting macros of insects.  I was cured after 30 says of medicine. Caught it early.

5 I have always had a typically male career. That makes me more likely to be able to get along wif da fellers purty well.

6 I draw, watercolor and play guitar.  Is there no END to my "talents"?  Heeee.

7 I read oh my goodness do I read.

Dat's all, Folks!

Here are who have been in the traps these past 2 days.  Both were turned loose I assure you but away from here.  One is a raccoon and one is an O'Possum.