February 27, 2015

Say it Ain't So...

 Yer kidding me, right Mom?  Yer taking me to the stabby place...the V-E-T next week?  For a shot?  I thought I had my shot!  What manner of chicanery is this? Don't make me borrow Spitty's Viceroys!

What shot?  Distemper?  Who says I have a bad temper and need a shot for it??  Whoever it was lied through their fangs.

That because you need the carpet cleaned this Spring and they won't let me stay there for a few hours without it?  Protecting ME?  I didn't think I was a threat because I am always indoors so they told you it's to keep ME safe?  You believe that?  I have some property to sell you..located somewhere in Florida. Starts with an "E".  You'll love it.  Lots of Brazilian  Mamba snakes in it now to keep you company.  I'll stay here.

February 25, 2015

Happy Faces on Mom and Me As Well

Look what came in the mail yesterday?  The Etsy person who fashioned Mom's earrings with me on them decided on her own volition to fashion another pair as the first set never made it her to this day.  They were ordered early January so we gave up hope.

She notified Mom that she made another set and mailed them before she told me so I would know not to pay for them.  I insisted...so did she that I would not pay for them.  I accepted after a little minor arm wrasslin' and they came!  Here they are!  Aren't I gorgeous???  Questions as to who made them are welcome.  Just email me.  I think my address is in my profile.  I don't want to  spotlight someone in a commercial venture here as it would be unfair to other craftspersons as I don't do it for others.  So I will tell you privately.


February 23, 2015


Where are Viceroys when you need them to gather about and protect you!?

I never had any of my own, and I failed to ask King Spitty if I could borrow his.  LOOK at this outrage, this insufferable indignity I had to endure TONIGHT.  The nightmarish handling!  The terror filled moments punctuated with kisses from the perpetrator.   My claws....my beautiful claws...gone.  GONE I say.  They will grow again but that matters not.  I had to allow this in my own home!

And to think I offered my hospitality!  The quintessence of Queenly favor.  To what avail?  Captured in my own home next to my thick beddie by the very girl I welcomed in.  Wrapped in our TN orange  towel and bundled like a burrito.  The idea.

Oh, the pain.  The disrespect. I need to go take a nap now.  Then I will take to my bed.

PeeEss.  Blurry due to extreme action on the part of the Queen (and the captor)

There WILL be repercussions.  

February 22, 2015

You Decide

Kitties!  What is more impawtent?  Me watching my Tommy the Tank Train episode or being disturbed by mom again with the silly flashy box??   Purrsonally I know it's my baby show that's more impawtent.  She claimed to only take a moment of my time.

 But Kitties!  I am trying to view my show AND finish growing in my single white eyebrow again.  I have made progress in getting it long enough to start curving over my eye again but it's only about an inch and a fraction long right now.  It will take me a lot of concentration to get it back all the way out to curl around my eye like a monocle.  It falls out about every 8 or 9 months it seems and I have to carefully nurture another one to fruition.

I am greatly perturbed. 

February 21, 2015

Katie, Waffles and GloGirly

Once upon a time when I first came to live with momma and started to try blogging, Katie from  GLoGirly.com herself welcomed me right away and signed her messages with TOK which was The Other Katie.

Mom and I have both been charmed with her and we were also swept away with Waffles when he came to live with Katie, the Boss.

Katie wasn't feeling well here a bit back and mom and I have been concerned for her.  We are hoping that she is all better or well on the road to being all better.

GloGirly herself made this sweet picture just for the two Katies, and as you can see, I saved it.

Feel Better Boss.  Waffles, don't ever change.


February 17, 2015

One Extreme to Another

Well Kitties, this screen shot was from two summers ago here where I am.  Other favorite brovver's phone while he visited.   Today, we have half an inch of ice and a little snow on top for starters.  BUT we still have power and we are grateful for that.  More is coming as far as snow is concerned but the well below freezing temps aren't fun.  Some minus zero temps coming at night.

Meanwhile see me being disturbed AGAIN.  I was really asleep as you can see by the third eyelid still retracting as I came to consciousness with her flashy box hovering over me.  Not very flattering!  She gets extra demerits for THAT!

Huh?  Whaaa? Gahhhh

February 16, 2015

Things I Could Do Without

Oh my.  The sleet has already started.  Mom had hurried so she could get out and buy even more food for me but while the weather guessers said the ice etc would arrive about noon. It's here now.  So, I do have sufficient foods.   Our bad weather is supposed to stay in one form or another (snow-ice-snow) till Saturday is the best guess so far.

This is me.  Not happy about that forecast and I was absolutely tee-totally not happy to have to wait for mom to come to bed last night as she stayed up to see all of SNL last night.  Oh she used to love that show.  It has changed she said and she isn't too interested any longer.  But the old stuffs was making her laff and that shook me on my place on her lap.  RUDE, mom!

NOT happy! 

February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day dearest furriends and mommy's and daddy's.

Ours is particularly wonderful because favorite brother got fabulous news today.  We are thankful.

Hope you have extra treats today and your parents too.  Heeee.

February 12, 2015

Tuxie Thursday

Fanks you Brother

Last  night's feets and upside down heddie wif whiskers

February 10, 2015

Land of Make Believe

I am making believe that mom will learn how to cause a video she made on her iPhone appear here on my BLOG!  Sheesh, Mom.  Can't you do nuffin? This is an iMac  mommy got us and my videos don't show up on it as does everything else mom does on iPad and iPhone and iPod (we are an all MAC family and the iCloud puts everything BUT my videos on all the other devices.   There IS a way to do it but what a pain it seemed when my human brovver sent the instructions over.  Yuk.

Here she got me again today with my baby shows roaring in the background while I watched curled up in a ball with my back outward and my face into the crack of the seat back.  I was watching!  Through the back of my head.  Make no mistake.  If she had turned it off or got in my way, my head would have popped up quickly with an accusatory stink eye looking at her.

So, foiled again.  Sheesh.  * Looks at Mom over shoulder and throws paws in the air in disgust*

February 8, 2015


Mom never did get her earrings that look like me from across the pond.  Who knows?  They may show up some time from now, but it has been close to a month since they shipped.  I would say they are long gone somewhere.

The person was kind enough to offer to make another pair but mom said no, that would not be fair to her.  She made them and shipped them and was paid to do that.  After they left her hands, they were no longer her responsibility.  I has a sads though because I really wanted her to be able to show me off.

Good Meowning all kitties and woofies.  And pawrents too.

King Spitty crowned me wif this beautiful crown.

February 6, 2015

That Other One

Here is that other picture mom took of me while I was fast asleep.  I had collapsed in the hallway.  Couldn't go another step.  So she only has two pictures of me with my feets in the air.   OR:  It might have been something some kitty said!

February 4, 2015

Kitten Bowl

Here I am, with Floppy Mousie (he has floppy legs) and DONKEY as we watch the Kitten Bowl.

By the way, I still bring Donkey in every single night for us to play with.  I bring Floppy Mousie too and Fat Pink Mousie that Dyl gave me.   I have kicked Lion to the curb and he never gets to join us any more.  I did tease mom by bringing him in here a few months ago.  Watching her enjoy seeing him in with Donkey was funny to see.  She got the phone and took a picture!  May as well face it Mom.  He is outta the family.

February 2, 2015

Not Either!

I am not spoiled or ruler.  At least that's what Mom says.  Heeeeee.  Well, *I* say I am not either!!!

Just for that, I am going to show my potty! Even my Precious Cat litter bag in the back there.  Mom likes it and so do I because it is totally dust free.  Here I am enjoying the hot air coming from the wall register that is barely visible in the back of my potty.  I lean over the tiny desk edge to get the flow of air.  Our kitchen is long and narrow and every inch is spoken for as the house is small.

Mom is going to get her hair done.  Something about roots.  Is she part tree or what!?