May 30, 2014

Spoiled Rotten Little Diva!

Mom said I am a spoiled rotten little diva cat!  That's true so what's the problem?  Who made me that way?

Kitties!  Sometimes I get fed with a spoon! Can you believe it? When I wasn't eating much, several times she got a spoon, put some fuds back in the can (I refuse the dish when I am being contrary) and she brings the spoon to me and offers my stinky goodness on a spoon.  Of course I will eat it.  I didn't eat my breakfast gooshey fuds today and while I ate my dry fuds, I refused my evening wet fuds too.  Out came the spoon and I went right over to her.

I have been very purry and loving to brother and to her but I haven't played hardly at all for three days.  I lay about and sleep a lot.  That's not what she's used to so she started to worry.  (sheesh, mom, chill!) So when I fell asleep with my just picked up brown big furry rat still in my arms, she worried some more that I couldn't stay awake.  She got on the phone since I wasn't any fun and as she was talking I came trotting fast toward her with my pizza in my mouth.  I laid to on the floor between us.  Then I went in to munch more dry fuds...came out hopping with my back in the air, stomped on the red heart mousie, got into my tunnel and told her to stop paying so much attention to me!  You worry too much about me Mom, after several years of Admiral being sick.  I'll be fine.


May 28, 2014

Wednesday Whiskers and stuffs

Kitties, if it isn't one thing it's another.  I decided not to eat or drink for 24 hours Sunday and scared mom to death.  But finally on Monday she saw 1 evidence of night time drinking in my Monday morning litterbox.   Tuesday when we got up I had filled the box with all that was required! I finally ate so I made a bunch.  How our humans can worry.  I DID bring Donkey after three nights off and not bringing anyone.  Donkey has been brought every night since.  Lion still languishes in the living room watching TV wondering when his turn will come again.

I get Brother today and tonight.  Can't wait.  We really love each other.  I have a special birthday snuggle to have with him.  (Thursday, if he is still here.  If not, then this evening and tomorrow)

Queen Katie Isabella, signing off.

May 25, 2014

Easy on Sunday

Kitties, I hope you are all having a big sunpuddle to enjoy.   Happy Sunday!  You can biggafy if you want to.

May 22, 2014

It's Always ALL About Me.

Kitties, Mom had a video but it was with me faced away, of me reaching into my puzzle box where mom always puts in some of my kibble and taking the pieces out with my paw curled up over the piece and putting it in my mouth.

Every kitty may do that but until *I* did, she had never seen such a thing. So as with the same pride as about any of her kids, she called a friend and bragged on me!

The other night about 3:40, I horked all over the bottom corner of our bed.  Sheets only, no blanket.  But still it smelled heavily of my Science Diet kibble.  She had to get up, clean it paper towels over and under the wet stain to try to protect the mattress. And while I slept elsewhere that was less odorous, she drifted in and out till I got her up at 6.  THEN she changed the sheets again.  She had only just changed them that morning before.  Aren't I good!?

Mom said her usual place, the arboretum, did not plant wildflowers this years except coreopsis and columbines.  So her easiest and best place became useless just as it was last year.  She loves to make macros of flowers and not the usual type as roses, lilies, etc.  She prefers wildflowers.  Well, good luck mommy.  Just don't take me on your search.

I am over the almost 2 weeks of horrible reaction to that allergy medicine.  Sure feel better.

I think I'll hop in my tunnel and head to Austin's home in the  U.K.   If Hannah and Lucy don't mind I would talk to take tea with them a bit later.  I will go prime the tunnel.  xo

Here I am watching Super Reader after I watched  Curious George.  I LOVE my "baby TV".  I really watch.  Really. If mom turned it off while I watch through my eyelid filters, I immediately turn and look at her...till she turns it back on.

May 20, 2014

Brian's Birthday!

Kitties, today is Brian's birthday.  Mom and I love him so much as well as his Sisters.  We both are wishing him the happiest birthday with treats and toys and playing time.

And Kitties!  Today is Brian's parents 42nd Anniversary!  I am so happy for them.  Many more to come, dear couple.  We send congratulations and loves.

Have a HAPPY day, Mom and Dad of Brian's Home.  And you, Brian, have a loving happy day.  xxooxx

May 18, 2014

Part Two:

Kitties!  The lady at the rescue said that the mother cat accepted the baby and that he was nursing when she wrote to mommy on FB.  She also said it's a boy, and that he has teefs!  So he is also getting some canned food. She said he was more like going on four weeks of age but very very skinny and anemic due to blood loss from flea infestation.  But he is warm now, nursing and she said he will be catching up soon with where he should be.  Mom is just glowing she is so happy.

Now, about ME!  Last night we went to bed and sometime in the small hours, mom, who was three quarters NOT on her side, (she is a side sleeper) felt me as I was  climbing atop the sheet and between her ankles, and pushing them away with all my might.  My arms and my legs were both stretched out and I was pushing with both ends to get her silly ankles and calves out of the way so I could be comfortable between them!  She laid there awake (thanks to my efforts) Kitties, and callously allowed me to push and strain to get a comfortable ankle- less place to get a decent nights sleep!  Did she help me by moving her ankles?  Simple answer is NO!

So I finally succeeded in moving them with my mighty strength and settled.  She laid there minutes until she couldn't any more and had to turn onto her side!  After ALL that work I did, she forced me out of my nest!

OH!  And no wonder Donkey has NOT been brought in, in three nights!  She doesn't deserve him.

Here I am, all in my bikini asleep in front of my puzzle box!  She doesn't deserve seeing me!

May 17, 2014

Mom's Day, Week and at Least 2 Years Have Been Made.

Kitties, mom said she went to the pet food place today to get me some more fuds.

While choosing, a couple of guys asked her if she liked cats and when mom said "yes", while still choosing fuds, they asked if she would "take this one".  She turned and it was a tiny shivering little baby with dark furs and white eyeliner.  Could not have been but two weeks old.  His mommy, feral, didn't feed him any more and he is, the man said, the so-called runt of the litter.  All of these are at his shop, wherever it is.


The men were getting the baby some milk and a nursing bottle.  I said I couldn't but I did go immediately to find the name and number of the rescue group that is always there several times a month.

I gave  her phone number to the men and I also left a message to the lady in charge and gave her number to the guys.

I called her a few minutes ago and she is taking the baby.  There is a mommy there who gave birth four weeks ago, and maybe she will take this little one.  But the baby will get help.

I was in the right place at the right time.  I was able to help and thank heavens.  This has truly restored some of my faith in human kind.  I reared three cat men and apparently there are two more out there.  :-)  I just got a FB message from the rescue that the kitten is there.

Thank you Gentlemen.  May God bless you for your mercy to a helpless being.

May 16, 2014

How Embarrassing

Kitties, I got mixed up, THANKS MOMMY!!!! on Straw Hat Day.  Fanks you fur not making me feel as silly as I do all by myself.

Efurrybuddy looked wonderfuls and we enjoyed seeing all the beautiful hats.

Mommy went away and left me to the sitter as you know and had Mother's Day away from me.  But I told her to post the numbered plate from Portugal she got besides flowers, for her day.

She said she didn't use the flashy part but there was a terrible glare from the windows and her was too lazy to move the plate.

Spitty, Mommy said she is sorries she thought it was heavier.  I will lay a bitey on her fur dat!

May 14, 2014

Happy Straw Hat Day

Happy Straw Hat day Kitties.

I will make mommy help me today while I sit and laze about showing off my chapeau!

By the way, her being gone and then coming back has made me so happy she has had a good three hundred head bonks in two days, not kidding.  And I can't stay off her.  I am all better now.  xoxoxoxox

May 12, 2014

Hoping I am Well

Kitties!  Two weeks ago tomorrow, I went to get my claws done.  While there, the v-e-t attended to my itchies.  This is a new v-e-t remember.  Anyway, Mom and I never knew what the former v-e-t gave me but it was excellent and never caused me to miss a beat.  THIS time I went into a terrible time where I slept all the time in my PTU and barely came out.  I wouldn't play, I wouldn't sleep with momma and I would not get on her more than 20 minutes a few times a week.  I didn't purr either.  No toys delivered either.  AND no wake up call.  She wanted one as I was so not normal.

I started to come up out of it a couple of days before mom went to spend mother's day with one of my human brothers.  She never would have gone if I had not.  Never. Mom kept in close contact with my sitter whom I love.  But she could hardly get home fast enough and was I EVER glad to see her.  I purred, trilled,  gave her a million headbonks,  rubbed all over her incessantly and in general,  I was SO SO happy.  So was she.

Last night I leaped up onto her chest and roosted purring till she turned out the light and a little while when I left the bed I made my sweet sounds as I bought in DONKEY!   I laid down beside her and she dropped right off to sleep. I woke her at the crack of 6.

Mom said she will never ever allow that depo medrol ever again so help her.  She never knew I would have the horrible reaction I was going to have.

Mom and I decided not to blog till I seemed out of the woods as it made her too sad to write about.  It seems I am better each day but never ever ever again.

She spent Mother's Day as I said with other favorite brother and had a wonderful time. She did bring me a double wide (Is she "saying something" here???) new scratch pad with great nip to rub in it.  But most of all, she brought herself.  Mom and I know she should do this more often..head away to other brother's home to get me used to it again.  She had to stay here several  years but that was very OK with her!  But now, she can get gone again.  I need to get used to that.  PeeEss...look who came to say good bye to her!  He was in the driveway till he was persuaded to go to the grass.


May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day to all our friends and furriends.  Mom and I luvs you, and honors you on this special day.

May 6, 2014

Blog Break

Kitties, I am taking a blog break for a little while.  I will see you probably each day but mom and I are taking a break.

May 1, 2014

My V-E-T Visit

Kitties, I needed my nails to be  trimmed.  They were getting like swords so off I went.  And while there after 7 months of nothing, Mom asked if I could have some help with my allergies.  Remember, I changed v-e-t-s.  So the nice lady gave me a shot of something I had not had before and kitties, my reaction to it scared mom.

I went straight into my PTU when I got home and had a bite to eat and I stayed in there from 2 in that afternoon, even overnight.  My mom was so worried without me to sleep with to guard her that she rose at 0355.   She pretended that was get up time, and brought my breakfast to me right there to the PTU.  She called the v-e-t at 8 am and got a return call several hours later and told her what I was not doing, which was not living my life.

No patrolling, not hardly any foods,  staying in the PTU and mom was asked questions and answered to the Dr.'s satisfaction and was told that I was not going to keel over after all.

Sure enough, I came out and acted fairly normal from that afternoon on, and I did get into bed with mom for the night last night.  So now she has stopped worrying so much.

I am not itching now but I think we will try the "step process" from now on.  An additive to my fuds of a fatty acid, and hope I eat it and that it helps. And then, foods for an allergic kitty..and so on.  We do NOT want the steroid shots due to the bad reactions they have over a period of time.

So, mom feels happier now and so do I.