September 29, 2015

Tuxie Tuesday (and Tortie)

Kitties,  It is Tuxie Tuesday (and Torties Tuesday as well).

Tuxies and Torties rule.  Just ask one.

September 27, 2015


Kitties, Woofies, I have finished my fourteen day treatment of antibiotic pills.  The Vet tech is a friend of mine and I am not fussy at all.  She opens my mouth and puts the pill back where I can't get it out so I have to swallow it.   That's all right through because I feel SO much better.  And Donkey is all right again as you all know.  Life doesn't get better'n that!

Mom took a long walk this morning but a boxer sized dog looked like he was interested in her.  He did NOT do anything bad.  Just looking at her but as the car was nearby, she got in and left.  She can't afford to be bitten or have anything happen just now.  Discretion.  Better part of valor they say.  I need Cupcake to accompany her.  Wearing a dress is one of Cupcake's charms of course, so that she will have all the boy dogs  falling by the way side as she  and I pass.  Mom'll be safe. She said she was going to work out in the morning again so I am looking forward to down time where I can tear through the house like a wild thing.  The are marks from running feet all over the carpet all dug in the time when she's gone.  I didn't tell her about Spitty.  Most of the time when she's gone, we run nekkid through the house chasing one another's luxuriant tails.  Lately Spooky comes over  as well and Leo kind of backed off.  Hm.  Maybe it's my expanding waist.  I'm a thirteen pounder you know!!!

Happy Monday!  Here's Mommy in July.  She's always doing the pony tail thing so I can't get my toes tangled in her hair! She put it in her own blog a month or so ago and thought maybe you wanted to see who I meow at alla time.

September 25, 2015

Fankful Furiday

Oh Kitties, thank heavens Donkey survived.  He even looks slimmer and more fit despite his squillion years of age (sort of like Mommy).

He came out of surgery and went straight to recovery.  Fankfully he didn't need life support and we heard weak hee haws within minutes of being placed in recovery after coming out of his sleep.

Last night about midnight he gathered himself via my mouth and came in to join his pals with us in our room.  See?  I brought his besties ...Floppy Duckie and Floppy Mousie in with him so they could talk about the trauma of all that happened to Donkey yesterday.

WHEW! I don't know what took so long.  Why wait till his very insides are spilling out Mommy!!!!

September 24, 2015

Oh Noes Furrsday!

Kitties,  DONKEY NEEDS BACK SURGERY! Now.  This is horrible.  I discovered he needs surgery STAT yesterday,  but Mommy finally took him up and away in a stretcher and ambulance to the kitchen operating room where she will perform surgery on his back this very day!!!!

I brought his poor body into our bedroom last night along with Floppy Ducky and Floppy Mousie.  His painful hee haws kept us awake all night!  So that drove her to beginning his emergency services!  Sheesh!  What does it TAKE to get action around here!!?? extremis.  Help! 

pee ess:  That's a computer stylus there for size comparison, the poor guy.

September 23, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

Kitties,  you know by now that sweet Grayce of Katnip Lounge has gone to the Bridge.  Her parents are heartbroken and so is Mommy.  Grayce and her fur sibs were Admiral's first furriends on the CB.  No one else wrote to us and we were so grateful for hers and her siblings and parents friendships.  Rest peacefully precious little girl.  Love you.  I have our Furriends who have gone on befre us in my Rainbow Bridge page.  Please look when you can.  We love each baby in there.

Kitties, I will tell you that I continue to be better each DAY!  I can't get OVER how much better I feel and look.  I don't think mom nor I knew how much I needed medical attention as I was seemingly OK.  I wasn't.  If pee isn't stolen, you don't know what is lurking in your kitty plumbing even if it seems all is well apparently.   Ceiling cat was good to me.  I peed on the exam table while they were stealing all my bloods for my, um...well, senior profile at the vibrant age of 7 3/4th!  As if!!! I never strained, made too many clumps (but too few too often) and I slept a LOT!

My bloods are all great and right in the middle of everything where they should be~

Last evening when the Vet tech came to pill me (takes a split second!  Mom is amazed!!) I came trotting down the hall and my tail was STRAIGHT up, as I came and rubbed on her legs!  Maybe I am so glad that she seems to be making me feel my cat oats again.  The med is called Orbax.

Bye Kitties.  I didn't mean to ramble on so much.  xxoo

September 20, 2015

The Medicine

Kitties!  Guess what?  The medicine I am taking each day (I have 8 tablets left) has had another effect on me.  Not only am I better every day...and mommy said she had no idea just how badly I must have been feeling before the diagnosis (for several months) until she sees me now..all happy and active.

But the other great thing is my coat is like satin again and NO, not one, dry skin flakes.  There is no steroid so therefore that isn't it.  I just am finally getting well.  Mom feels badly that she didn't know I was ill.  She thought I was just "slowing down".  I have to a degree but not to the extent it seemed.  AND I am a bed hog again as I haven't been for awhile.  I lay like a log along side mom and she won't move.  Well, she finally did last night after quite a time.  Ah.  I rule the bed as well as the waves.

Mom said she is going to ask the pet sitter for some weekend in October so she can visit other favorite brother before the snow in the mountains is an issue.  And it will be.  I won't like that visit at all as it leaves me with no one but the sitter twice a day.  Mom has decided she won't think about me until she is close to home on the way back again unless the pet sitter emails something that needs attention as she needs to have a break too.  Just like me.

Look at the wall hanging at the v-e-t's examining room for me!

and look at the tee shirt mom wishes she had!  Other favorite brother sent the picture.  I know who she would vote for!!!

September 19, 2015

Pirate Day!

Thanks to @RealFakeGator I am dressed for the day!!!

Arrrrrgh, Mateys.  15 kitties on a lucky man's chest!  Where's the grog, all ye wenches (Mom) and be quick about it!  Avast and ahoy...climb the mainsail and be on the lookout for ships with lollypops and other fuds for us.  Or suffer the consequences and walk the planks, ye scurvy dogs!

September 18, 2015

Nope, ain't gunna doit.

Nope.  The good times done rolled.  I was glad to see Tiffany come to the house for nail cutting but now, as predicted I am not.  Last night I scurried under the end table but the tech is young and agilel and simply pilled me under there.  Mom would still be trying to get up, so I wish it had been her.

What my problem is, is unknown because I sure am NOT being hurt,  It takes 1 second to do.  Gees, I feel better!  But oh no.  I have to act all offended like I'm going to be cooked for supper or something.

Guys, if a case of wet food sits in the back seat of the car for 2 weeks, is it still good even though the car gets hot inside while sitting?

I was NAUGHTY last night.  I kept running in and jumping up onto mom's back and shoulders while she was on her side sleeping.  Then, I chewed her hair till she put her hand up and then, I licked it.  I did this four times.  Brovver was/is here and still in the living room.  Mom goes to bed earlier.  I ran like a crazy girl.  I feel GOOD!  Even if I hate seeing the messenger when she gets here.

September 16, 2015

Now Hiring! A Better Servunt!

Who will apply for the position  or who will take me in?  This is the last insult!!

  As if!!!

September 14, 2015

Now I know...PEE ESS Update

My v-e-t called mom's cell while she was traveling Saturday afternoon and told her my bloods were great but my problem is a UTI.  The urine sample was packed with bacteria.  How my temp was normal the time I got to see him at 101 degrees when I have an infection, I have no idea.

Mom asked what did she do to cause it and he said nothing and explained how germs/bacteria can travel and perhaps with her having to wait when I  had diarrhea 9/2, and no one being able to clean my heiney plus mom not being able to get me an appt. with my v-e-t (boy, was he MAD!) He said a sick cat should never ever be turned away because they are busy.  She went to another Vet in the interim and he apologized over and over and said that decision did not come from him. And not being treated in a timely way, that may be the cause.  With an uncleaned heiney, bacteria had a chance to travel to the urinary tract.  Mom said I was very aromatic.

Meanwhile, I have to go again today!  I start a treatment and because of mom's recovery and other considerations about that, he does not want mom scratched or goodness forbid,  bitten while she tries pilling me for the first time (I will NOT take pill pockets nor allow evil substances in or on my foods). So he's trying to think of how to treat me for the 10 days I need it without having to come in each day.  (I would protest and fight mom probably after a few days of steady going).

We will work it out today.

I heard mom offer to pay a tech to come out each day and pill me.  V-e-t may or may not agree.  We will find out when mom gathers me up and takes me in.


PEE ESS:  I just came back from having the third vial of bloods stolen.  I also got my first pill.  The tech is coming every day to pill me.  WHEW!  Mommy is paying $$$ for it but I'm like the commercial goes..I'm worth it.

September 12, 2015


Mom here:

Sweet Lucy has flown away from her family and we are very saddened here that she left us because we all love her.  Please go see her family  of 15and Meowing who are grieving and leave them some words of comfort.  We all know how acute this pain in our hearts is.

I will know better in the day but I am almost wondering if Katie missed her favorite brother and went into a swoon?  He left several weeks ago and she coincidentally ?  fell into a funk afterward.  He came over yesterday for the first time (leaving this noon) and she perked right up and asked to be petted and to play, ate well enough, drank well enough  and didn't sleep all day!  Time will tell us.  They are very bonded.

Other than that on this gray raining day I will wish all of you a happy weekend doing what you enjoy or catching up with chore!  That was always me and still is...catching up with chores.

I only wanted to mention dear Lucy first of all, and to say that maybe Katie is better.  No word on her tests yet and probably won't be until this week coming.

September 11, 2015

We'll See

Mom took me again to the v-e-t but this time it was my own and with my favorite tech, it was less horrible than it could have been.

I did have a blood panel done as I am, ahem, sorta 8 years old now.  I don't look it though.  No whispers that I had work done you girls!

Anyway, I won't know the results of that blood panel till next week sometime.  This vet, my regular one doesn't know what's wrong either that I perked up after the Sep. 2 visit and crashed again.  So, I got a few remedies, no hydration this time as it wasn't needed.  My temp was 101 so down from the 103 it was last time on Sep 2.

Mom has worried herself sick over this and on good advice from other kitties, she has stopped the excessive worry realizing it does no good at all and it is not taking into account the purrs and prayers I have been getting.  So, she said she was leaving it in Hands that can handle anything and do.

Meanwhile, favorite brother will be here just for overnight and I am looking forward to that!  Maybe before the snows come in the mountains mom said she hopes to go over them and get to see other favorite brother.  Been too long.  But he came here twice  hess past weeks when she needed him.

I'll meow out the news when I hear it kitty dudes.  Thank you for your love and purrs and prayers.

Pee ess :  Spooky, there will be a note on it's way to you, handsome boy.  Thank you for being you.  I hope Lucy is perked up some today.  Love all of you in the family.


September 10, 2015

Woe is Me + explanation

Kitties, I can't catch a break.  I went to the v-e-t on September 2.  I told you I got a antibiotic (not Convenia) "just in case" as the v-e-t didn't know what was wrong.  I got Pepsid, some hydration and a short acting steroid.  Outside of then eating tons and drinking tons of food & water where I wasn't before, I thought and so did mom that I was better.  Well, I'm not.  I am still sneezing but not much.

I didn't hardly eat at all nor drink yesterday...not even from the glass.  Finally in desperation mom bought me Friskies which I scarfed down.  She has yet to clean the litterbox.  There was nothing in it at 6 PM yesterday so that shows you I wasn't eating nor drinking, till the Friskies for supper at 5.  She will go in there and clean it when my claw hits publish here.

I almost couldn't get an appt. with my v-e-t AGAIN, and we thought I would have to go to the new one I was forced to on the 2nd.  But they called me with a cancellation and I will head in at 1030 today.  Why a busy vet office has just 2 vets and when one goes on vacation cats have to go somewhere else is beyond me.  Hire another!

More later when I see if we can get this fixed.  Sigh.


pee ess:  In answer to Fuzzy Tales:

She's vomiting when she does eat, she's not producing anything in her box of course and she's sleeping 23 out of 24 hours and refuses to play. I need something for the nausea (licking her lips all the time) and something to help her feel better and help with her cold too.  It's been over a week..

September 7, 2015

It's Picture Day

Here is our sweet Flynn who needs us VERY much right now.  Please go visit him right away.

And here we have the familiar lineup that appears each night on the floor at the bed as gifts from the Queen to her servant:

Donkey, Floppy Ducky and Floppy Mousie
Mom said she found these charts among furriends on FB and here and hoped that the public service they do for we cats would outweigh the fact that mommy can't remember who had them first.  This age one came from GloGirly!

I'm "mature"!  How dare they?

This is extremely important. Mom wishes she had known for Admiral. 

September 6, 2015

Selfie Sunday

Kitties,  before  I meow anything else, we are jointing our friends at Cat on my Head for the Sunday Selfie.

I will say I did get betters with the treatment from the doctor.  I have drunk and eaten a lot.  I think that short acting steroid did that though.  There was an antibiotic that was NO  NOT Convenia.  We will see how things level out.  I think the Pepsid helped but no idea how much I got as the Dr. handled it all.

 I wanted to tell you that after favorite brother caught me drinking from his glass of water one time when he was visiting, mom decided to get another glass out just like it and see if I would drink.  WOW!  Gallons.  For now anyway.

The only thing is...for the past two nights when we are asleep in bed, I have made just a few tiny little almost sniffing sounds but mom thinks I am blowing out through my noseicles, not inward.  Not sneezes, at least not yet.  Maybe three or four tiny ones whatever they are, sneezes or general sounds and then sleep.

We are joining Sunday Selfie if we can get it together,  Mariodacat is helping mom.

Here I am showing off my bikini bottom (I'm topless today!) Just as the mancat grabber I am.  That's just me.

September 3, 2015


Kitties, I was taken to the v-e-t yesterday!  My regular one's office said though I was sick, I could not come there as a work-in until this afternoon.  Not yesterday.  Mom didn't stand for THAT as I had a bad sickie so she took me somewhere else.

I had my temp taken and a fecal sample done.  THAT was the outrage and as I was not drinking either and was very lethargic, I got a bag of water whereupon I cried growled and lunged every second!!! So Spitty, if you happen to drop by today, whatta think of that!?  I had  watery BM's  day before yesterday, and my bottom had a decent size spot on it that needed washing but then they tried with just a piece of gauze, there was such a scream fest that the others in the waiting room heard it.

My temp was 103 which he pronounced as OK.  Like 99 to humans.  And that I had not lost weight, they would try the short acting steroid route, the antibiotic, not that bad stuff,  and Pepsid in shot form.  All this done by them as Mom can't "afford" any puncture wounds at this time.

I was awful.  The worst ever!  But I came home.  When we got up yesterday morning, mom found NO pee balls and only a remnant of soft poo in the box.  She could not get me to drink all day and I slept so off I went.  Mom said like the old song "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone" was  "ain't no sunshine when she's sick"!!

I had three pee balls this morning but that's because I was hydrated yesterday afternoon.  Mom is waiting to see what I do today.  I am still somewhat lethargic and won't play.  I DID sleep with mom both nights though.

Donkey came in too.  Both nights.  Please purr for me.  And mommy too who is worried.