February 27, 2018


Kitties! I think some kitty mentioned that it would be nice to comment upon our bedtime routines before the end of the month.

I think everyone knows mine but just in case, I will mention it here. Long about bedtime I pace and/or sit and stare alternatively till she goes on in to bed.  I give her but the barest few seconds to get under the covers before I am up and on the bottom of the bed and stomping up to her chesticles where I plop even if she's not ready yet.  That's tough beans for her.

After some petting and talking and scritchies while perched up there on her chesticles...the light goes off.  I stay an additional few minutes and then, jump down.  She falls asleep quickly but I come first~ meaning I always always bring in my toys, my Donkey first.  Each one's arrival is announced loudly.  I expect a thank you, so she wakes and murmurs one with each of my announcements.

If you look at last night's babies I brought in; Donkey is the closest to the bed, floppy Mousie is the second and Fat Pink Mousie is the third.

Last night's family gathering.

Those throw rugs are there for me to rest on, thereby keeping some black furs off the carpet but they are also there for horking purposes as those are the places I target the most often.

Mom has them flung all over the house now after the carpet got cleaned- in a close- to- futile attempt to keep the carpet clean...silly mom.

So I sleep pressed up against the side of her face for a long time..all warming her ear and face with furs and purring and then, I move up to the back of her head  on our pillow.

The morning wake up for her is me all the way..just an arms length away from her face.  I extend my arms and put a paw on each one of her eyes,  as soft as a Pussy Willow resting on her eyes. Purring.  She smiles and says good morning.  Our day starts.

That's our day start and end.  XXX

February 25, 2018

Good Grief

I had an ew-glee surprise for mom today.  She got my breakfast ready and put down for me.  She prepared her coffee and oatmeal after I was served.

Right after she poured the coffee and stirred a few walnuts into the oatmeal, a major huge horking session started.  I produced a really huge one on a throw rug.  Good.  No carpet cleaning to be done she said.  (HA!  Dream on Mom). Not to be outdone by myself however, I horked up another onto my most favorite kick stick EVER ...and the carpet too.  You know how we are Kitties...we many times won't play with stuff we horked on no matter how clean.  With her coffee and oatmeal rapidly cooling, I horked again in the hallway.  As she was cleaning that up...I helped myself to another hork...right into my track ball and onto the carpet of course.

Mom finally brought her cooled oatmeal and coffee into the computer room where I am sitting like a vulture poised to strike again.  (I didn't after all).

Mom says this is par for the course for me since I first came home. Then, it was daily and I blogged a lot about it.   I have been letting 2 weeks go by with no horking in the 6 years since then.  So,  every 2 weeks or so I treat mom to a cold brekkie while I hork mine.  Mom says she thinks I eat too much kibble in the night and having my wet foods in the morning touches the whole thing off.

She feels she knows the answer to this. I get ravenous if she takes up the dry kibble for the night, but changing things isn't that cut and dried. If I get ravenous, I eat too fast when I do get breakfast and here we go again.

Mom was going to help me tell you about my surprise for her yesterday morning when it was time for her to get up. My face was about 6 inches away from hers poised onto her pillow- facing her.  When her eyes opened with my paw poking her mouth  repeatedly, she saw my face flattened out on the pillow right at hers.  My half mustache and gleaming eyes were about all that was visible in the dawning light.  I CAN be charming when I'm not throwing up.

Me last night with my favorite kick stick ever .

February 23, 2018

Obverse and Reverse

Scrumptiousness on both sides.



Note Bene:  MY side is the other side, the one not taken. Katie.

Mom opened the door today in the 80 degree warmth.

February 20, 2018

My Client

Kitties!  My client was here today to consult with me over previous things happening.  I was happy that Spitty also remembered to recommend me to other possible clients in the CB.  A girl has to live after all.

This is one of the things he spoke to me about!!  Just this morning at the park, LOOK what she and the Sticky One's mom made my client do!  Tried to get him to pet the doggy!  Now that is egregious! Right?  (what does that word even mean?  It sounds lawyer-ish).

Case in point:

That's Ringo, a woofie furriend of Mom occasionally if he happens to be there, when she walks.  She also will be sued by my client. See is she isn't!!

February 17, 2018

Where Did it Go?

Kitties, this Monday coming up  starts the third week of unceasing rain.   Here I am again on my chair wondering what happened to the sun.  We used to have one.  Maybe someone borrowed it.  I wish we could get it back.  Three weeks is a long time to do without.  What if it never comes back?

February 14, 2018

A Gift for Mom

Kitties, I gave mom the best Valentine's Day gift she could ever hope for.  A whisker!  AND I laid it where she couldn't miss it.  Mine are white and hard to see and find.

 I breathed in her ear last night and smacked my lips occasionally too.  That was all staged to wish her a happy Valentine's day!   I put the whisker in on a chocolate brown part of a throw rug!

That was all staged to greet her this morning for the best Valentine's Day effur!  Happy Valentine's Day to each and all of YOO!  XXX

This is all mom has of mine since I have been here because they are so hard to find on an almost white carpet.   There is an eyebrow in there too! It's black. 

February 11, 2018

Snuggle Weathers

Kitties!  It's cold of course and always raining it seems.  Here is my solution until and if the suns come again, and there are sunpuddles to soak in.

Mom misses the suns too.  Her has to have her walkies in the cold rain or overcast wevvers.  That's her problem and none of my own.  I have this:

February 8, 2018

Say it Isn't So

I hear mom talking on that small rectangular thing she has that she's always fiddling with when I am sleeping, or trying to, on her lap.  If she keeps it up enough, I leave!  When I am on her lap, no Words With Friends or email or texting allowed!  Also, she actually speaks to the thing.  And I heard her telling my human sister, the mommy to the Sticky One, that I was going to have to have an appointment for a  s-h-o-t.  The dreaded one that starts with an "R" I think she said.  That always makes me feel badly.  Mom dreads taking me in for that.

My favorite tech is now working elsewhere...a good 45 minutes away in another city.  I won't have her to look forward to any more when I go to the Clinic.  She said she could still come by for claw clipping.  And she'll babysit me when mom goes away.  Did mommy every tell you that when Angel Admiral was here...in the last year of her time with mommy, Admiral would hear mom on the phone making appointments with the v-e-t.  Admiral was ill and had to go about once a week.  When mom started talking, Admiral took off and stayed under the bed where mom could not get her.  Mom had to go outside and make phone calls to the v-e-t.  Seriously.  Well, who knows?  I may take a leaf from Admiral's book of rules.

Mom, please don't make me go.  I'll be a good girl I promise. 

February 5, 2018

Shivering me Timbers!

Kitties, colder'n whodunnit here.  Yesterday it was raining a so cold as to have formed some ice before mom was set to head out.  She decided not to but made up for that today.  Me..I am cold.  BUT she called me for Brushie, I came charging out of the bedroom with my tail so high it almost cut the air in two.  I got me brushies and loved them.

As soon as she finishes with my dictation and flat ironing her hair, I get to play.  Trying to decide which wand toy I wanna wake up for.  Maybe my Neko fly.  I will see what pleases me.

Mom bought new whoopty-do sheets, that are pale pinky-lilac.  We washed them and put them on yesterday.  So we got to sleep on them last night.  OH how nice!  And I did a great job branding them as mine.  They had some goodly amount of black furs on them.

Mom's human v-e-t visits both went very well.  The first one was her regular family v-e-t  who was as tickled as a cat with a double set of whiskers at her loss of weight and how many miles she walks a week. And the visit on Friday was with her dermatologist v-e-t.  He froze off a dime sized pink place on her cheek though it was not a trouble point.  He wanted to make sure it wouldn't become one.  Now her face has an angry looking red spot.  But she'll just deal with it till it heals.  (She's so vain...and she KNOWS that song is about her...)  (Ah, Carly Simon!)

Anyway, Going to make her get in there and finish her hair..see you in a while.

I'm waiting patiently.