December 31, 2013

Mom said...

Know what Mom said last night to someone?  She said we furbabies all so sweet and loving, why were we not born with little wings on our backs? You know, to show how sweet and angelic (and naughty too), we are.

  I got to thinking about that and I started meowing hysterically.  Imagine.  Coming down the hallway say, in the night to get a drink of water, or go to the human litterbox, any reason at all and here comes your kitty, flying down the hallway on their way to their cat tree or something else and WHUMP!  A collision!   Or your pawrents coming home with groceries and your fuds and you flying with your 11.6 pounds of furs and muscles to meet and greet.  WHUMP!  Or your humans going anywhere not paying attention particularly and you flying aimlessly around.  BAM!

Why would you run, THoE or walk when you could use your wings and fly, I meow to you?

Mom got to thinking that sweet though we may be sometimes {when we aren't being naughty}, wings are probably
not a good addition to all the rest of our equipment.  And can you imagine not wanting to land when you had to use your litterbox?  Just being like the birdies and lettin' 'er fly as you go from place to place? Not so sweet I imagine mom is thinking.

Happy New Year and 2014  all my furriends and friends.  I appreciate and love seeing each and every one of you.  Furball or human.  Thank you fur being there.  xoxox

December 30, 2013

Monday Musings

Too many of our furbaby furriends are flying away to The Bridge.  That is so hard to bear by those of us who love them and their families.  Several in the last two days.  Mom helped me put them in the sidebar and said to remember that I also put them on my Rainbow page in the tabs above.  Their leaving always makes mommy very very sads and her eyes leak a lot.  I am sads too because I love my furriends here.

Mom changed the bed linens yesterday and put on another blankie instead of our red fleece one.  It's a cream velvety-like one.  I have never seen this one Kitties, but you know what?  I smelled Admiral all over it.  I started at one end and made my way all the way to the top sniffing every thread.  Yup.  That was her alright.  It's an honor to share her blankie.  Oh, you say it's all of ours Mom?  OK then.

Here I am  on it last night.

Oh, and about 0245, mom heard horking sounds and shooed me OFF the bed before I horked up a decent amount of kibble onto the bed.  I made it to the floor instead.  Just saying'.

Gonna watch the last half of the Bell Bowl Game with my first favorite brovvers University playing Navy.  Byy.  xoxox

December 29, 2013

Easy on Sunday and Other Stuffs

I am in my thick and very padded new(ish) cat bed dictating-- and-- inspecting the lining of my eyelids.

Look what other favorite brovver brought from Over the Mountains to mom for Christmas.  Look at this new coaster for her coffee cup!   Says it all!  I have Mom's heart!

First favorite brovver is holding it for mom

December 28, 2013

While I Can...

My other favorite brother will leave tomorrow so here I am...while I can.

Taken in bad lighting early in the morning...thanks mom!

One arm and footie on the chair. See my mitten?

Both of my arms are dangling...

In his rollaway bed. That's the computer chair arm you see too.

December 27, 2013

Whatta Day

Kitties!  Mom and brovvers are running from here to there, there to here.  Busy busy-- but I am getting my lovins and brushies and fuds.  People are coming over and busy busy busy.

Just two brovvers are here.  The other brovver is married so he is at his home in The Big City.  This brovver here who is a teacher will leave us Sunday meowing.  Mom so doesn't want him to.  That has never made him swerve in the last and I doubt it will this time either.  What's the matter Momma?  Aren't I enough for you to keep company?

Older brovver is making great strides in healing and gaining stamina so he probably won't be here a whole bunch longer.  I will miss his petting in the middle of the night but I will get to see him often on visits after  he goes back home.

I can't wait to start using the CB Cat of the CB Calendar.  I am January 7th cover girl.  xoxoxo

I have enjoyed everyone's card that I could get and all the sweetest wishes for a good Christmas both for me and my family.  That meant the world.  Fanks you from my furry heart.

My Tunnel and my Bag.  Is There ANYTHING Else Needed? No.

December 26, 2013

Lotsa Posts

This is the 500th Post since I started  blogging 23 months ago.  I will announce my Gotcha Day in January.

Mommy said 81,657 page views for since I started in late January 2012.  I have a flag and page counter on  front page too but I didn't put that up till I had been blogging close to two months.  So Mom and I are relying on Google's Stats.  Anyway, that's a lot of posts telling about my life and hap pies and sickies.  Fanks you for listening and reading and sending me loves.  I send you loves too.  All of the time.

Contemplating the Universe
Mom said she liked the bad lighting enough to save it.  Sheesh.

December 25, 2013


In the deep dark night night time last night, I brought these to mommy.  I only announced Donkey and left someone else as a surprise.  Seeing mom's face get all smiley was worth it.

December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and Merry Catmas

Fanks you fur the loves and purrs through all of the time since I started blogging.  Your friendship means so much.  Purrs and snuggles to you all, each one, kitty, woofie and pawrents.

Have a happy day today and tomorrow.  I will be thinking of all of you.  xxoo

December 23, 2013

Santa Claws

I sure hope Santa Claws comes here wif things for me.  He has  already caused several things to arrive a bit ahead of time.  I am so happies with what I got and I use them all every day!  xxoo

Mom said we'll have turkies on Christmas day.  I can't WAIT.  Oh and my other favorite brovver from across the mountains is here now.  I am warming his bed as I dictate. Now I have TWO to enjoy.

But here I am getting ready for a big diner share on the 25th.

December 22, 2013

Easy on Sunday

Kitties, I will get my easy on with two brovvers here.  One is coming for Christmas from over the mountains.  He will be here for supper.  Can't do better that THAT!  Oh, and I have been letting mom do better at sleeping although a leg cramp came and got her about 5 this meowing.  She had to get up and walk it off.  I was good and did not disturb her while this was happening and I let her go back to bed with no demands from me.

pee ess:  This will be our first Christmas with my new human sisfur, Christi.  My other brovver married her in late May this year.  ❤ We loves her furry much.

December 21, 2013

December 20, 2013

MUCH betters in TN.

Kitties, momma was mean to me.  She was so very sleepy all day so when she hit the bed she took care to lie near the edge the way she used to.  Of late, she was in a crescent position and left me a clear space at her waist so I could nestle in.  That was her choice.  BUT:  That cause her discomfort as it allowed me to do my vast expansion all over the bed whenever she moved.

Last night, she laid at the near edge of the bed, her side, covered up to her shoulders and fell asleep instantly.

I soon announced the arrival of Donkey (only!) and while she spoke to me, she went back to sleep.  I wound up at her knees on the other side of the bed! She slept on.  Without me.   She even got to turn over a few times without really disturbing me settled on the blanket at knee level.  She went to bed at 9:30 so she did well!

This morning I asked her to get up at 6 by lying on half of her pillow.  She said my breath was stale!  Can you believe THAT!?  But she slumbered on regardless.  Half an hour later I asked her to get up again and she moved back, revealing a warm space at her waist so I fell straight down and glued myself to her.  I didn't stay long though.  I was starved.

That is Chapter Two of the continuing saga "Sleepless in TN".

THIS is what's coming case you're wondering.

December 19, 2013

Sleepless in TN

Mom said last night was one she hopes not to repeat as sweet as she thinks I was.

She woke to turn over (she is like a roast on a spit..constantly turning, I swear!) and discovered that I was lying on my back, my head even with hers (and partly in her hair) and stretched out the ENTIRE length of the bed!  Yes.  Even my legs were stretched fully out, pointing to the foot of the bed.  She reached her arm over to see where my head was and that is when she found it to be by hers.  I gave her hand several wee tiny tiny licks, so she did wake me.  But I never moved and she couldn't.  I was mortared to her side---completely un-movable.  I had oozed over into the hot place she left on the bed each time she moved herself to turn over until I filled the bed completely.

I know for a fact that mom really doesn't like disturbing me when I am so trusting and comfortables.  She suffered for awhile lying there awake.  Finally she turned over some and of course I oozed on over with her making it hard to make adjustments.  She turned over her pillow to get the cool spots again and I left her no room to put it back down.  There, she had to take a stand and ask me to shove over some.  But it was a miserable night.  For her.

I brought Donkey very early on.  No one else yet.  And this morning, I busted open brother's door not just once but twice!!

Oh well, better to go through all of that than not have me here.  Right momma?
My crown Nellie gave me. 

December 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday to Come...With Fang

Wordless Wednesday today on Tuesday, with added attraction...a fang. Biggafy for best view of fang.

Fang is located under my 'stache

December 16, 2013

Poor Mommy

You know, ever since Mommy let me go to the hospital round about Thanksgiving I have not hardly brought toys to her since.  I did bring Donkey maybe 5 times since then and one night, I brought two toys.  That's it.  And Lion is so so sad because HE just stays on the floor never chosen any more.

Mommy said she hoped I would please go back to the way I was.  Lion and red Mousie Heart are lying together in the living room waiting to be chosen.  They are so sad.  (So is mom.  I may do better.  Maybe.)

Fans you fur liking my Christmas card.  xoxoxox

I have a page that I am keeping cards on.  I hope I find all of yours.  Kissies

December 15, 2013

Here's My Christmas Card

My brovver Over the Mountains made this for me on accounta my mom is lamer than a duck!

But here it is.  Please take it if you like it.  xoxox  Merry Christmas. (a little early)

Merry Christmas from Katie Isabella

December 14, 2013

Couldn't Wait for Christmas

My Boomie sent me a Christmas present!  A Tickle Pickle and a Ball soaked in liquid catnip and stored in catnip to keep it fresh and fabulous for me all of the time! I could smell it right through the box but mom said no, I couldn't open it.  But I pestered and pestered and asked and sniffed until she finally gave in this morning.  You shoulda been there!  WHOA!  Such sniffing and rolling and bunny kicking and stomping with my back feet you've not seen from me!

I even clawed mommy while she was trying to play with me and the Tickle Pickle!

I am such a fortunate Ladycat to have such a wonderful Mancat who sent me a wonderful intoxicating present.

I sorries I opened it so soon, Boomie.  I couldn't stand it.


Oh what a fragrance!

Scuse me, Mom...I must do this.

December 13, 2013

Can You Help Babydoll Find a Home? Now More Important Than Ever

Kitties or Woofies, are you able to help pull out the stops to find Babydoll a home?  She lives with Marg, at Marg's Animals.

Most of you regular readers know Marg I am sure, but we need to find a way to help out here if we can because Marg needs that one room that Babydoll won't leave because she is so afraid of other cats, for a hospital room.

I have Tweeted it and put it on Face Book-- but it needs to do more and go farther than my pitiful contact list can do.  Please help.  Marg has a very sick girl kitty there and  that kitty needs vet treatment.  That's  (vet treatment) not the problem, follow up is, as the girl kitty needs to come inside for followup treatment which Marg would do if only she had a room to keep her in by herself.  The only room is the one Babydoll lives in.

Thanks furriends.

December 12, 2013

Fursday Tuxie

Good Meowning Kitties!  I got two awards!  One from Mariodacat  and one from Spitty Speaks
called the "Friends and Followers award".  I appreciate them both for thinking of us, and we are definitely their friend and follower and glad of their presence in our life.  xxoo

I will just select two furriends as mommy said "get a move on, will ya?" on accounta her has stuffs to do.  I selected The J-Cats!  They and their mommy are about to go on an adventure kinda sorta!!  And Leo of Celestial Kitties!  

Kissies and huggles to all of you.

December 11, 2013

Happy Birfday to me

Kitties, this is the day I celebrate as my birthday.  So did Admiral Hestorb.  This is because the cat that came way before me and the Admiral, Robin, passed away to the Rainbow Bridge on that date many years ago.  When Admiral came to stay with mom, her birthday was set as December 11th at the Vet's.  Close enough, as it was figured to be October.  She was a rescued kitten when mom got her so it was fairly easy to tell.

Me, I follow the same loving thought and celebrate my birthday on this day. We reckon I am now 5 years old.   My Gotcha Day is easy though.  Mommy sure wrote that down.  Coming in January.  xoxoxoxox

My best birfday present is you.  Each kitty and woofie out there who visits me.  Love to you.

December 9, 2013


Look at ME!  I am famous.  Ann of Zoolatry made me famous!  Come and see! I'm in the Advent Calendar!  Ann caught me with her magic camera as I was out in the snows making a snowman! We are honored for real and for true.  ❤ ❤ Mommy said she will always come back to that to see me wearing my hat and looking adorables.  Fanks you Ann.  XOX

Boy, mom and I were fighting for bed space all NIGHT!  Mom gave up at 0500!  I never meant that to happen but she said she was hot from the blanket, woke up too much trying to navigate available space left by me.  Kitties!  I expanded on BOTH sides of the bed this time.

At first when we went to bed, I was in the curve of her stomach where she left me a space.  After a few hours she wanted to turn over.  Fine, I oozed on over into the hot spot she left and forced her over into the cold other side of the bed.  Later she turned over again and I was taking the entire top half of the bed!  I relented, walked down and snuffled around waist area and laid down with my warm back pressed into her waist.  Kitties, it was all over but the shouting.  She loves me so there we laid there like that even though she was dying to spread out.

Please come and see me in my famous snow shot?

Sleepily yours.  Well, that's her, not me.  I was throwing her a treat by writing that.

Here I am just before bed time warming it up for us.  It's a double bed and see?  I only take up a lot of it, not all of it  She always is complaining!

pee ess:  It was FINALLY a TWO toy night.  Donkey and my red heart mousie!!!

December 7, 2013


Kitties, I am still sneezing each day but the kind that just sound cute...meaning no rumbles inside while breathing and no nosey wets.  Hopefully this is 90% over.  Fanks you from the heart for the loving good wishes.  xoxox  (and for my fave brovver.  HE is progressing wonderfully so far!)

I brought my donkey just to the doorway of our bedroom, but I did announce his arrival and I slept with mommy most of the night.  <3<3<3

Time is slipping away from us and mommy said she hasn't hardly got any shopping done at ALL.  Not even for ME!!

Kitties, have a wonderful Caturday.  ALL of you are just beautiful.

Dear Yoko flew away to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  I will truly miss her and knowing she was there ruling over everyone including her mom and dad,    Please go see her family and leave some words of comfort.

Please know that those babies mommy is aware of are posted in our Rainbow page, as always.  They are NOT forgotten by us.  xxoox

December 5, 2013

Rockin' Fursday

Kitties, I finally slept with mom until that alarm woke us at 0130.  But even so, I came back to wake her this morning with headbonks and purrs AND--------I brought her my DONKEY last night with an announcement.  She heard the announcement as I brought it in she said this morning, smiled mostly asleep and knew I had finally brought her my toy to play with.  My favorite one,  Donkey.

AND I laid on her lap last night.  She's short so there was hardly any distance between me and her face so these are close ups of what she says is sweet.  My footie and the side of my face as I slept last night before we went to bed.

December 4, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

Kitties!  I got up on the bed last night.  First time in several weeks and I fell asleep on mom's chest.  I also sneezed in her face.  I HOPE I don't give her my disease!  I left when she turned out the light but I woke her up this morning first time in several weeks also..and gave her a couple of head bumps.  In my better days I give her like 10 or more head bumps going both ways, each.  AND loud purrs.  No toys though.  I didn't bring even one and I am not playing but I did poo and P.

 Oh, and yesterday after eating a HUGE breakfast, I chose mom's black leather checkbook cover and checks in it of course, and the ADT bill that was under it to hork ALL of my breakfast onto.

I am less bubbly in my breathing and sneeze far less.

Mom said she was going to try to get to her meeting this morning at 1100.  Brother is ups and feels pretty well and is dressed and so on.  So am I.  Mine is a beautiful form fitting fur suit.

Here I am snoozing in my thick newer beddie.  Look who is with me!!

All is right wif my world...almost. Need Donkey and Lion.

December 2, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday! Not Any Other Tuesday

I am proclaiming Tuxie Tuesday!

Mom was busier than hen's teeth all day.  But she picked up the phone at late afternoon just before 5 and asked if I could see a vet and that she had to be honest, she felt like I have a cold.  They agreed even though they were to close in half an hour so mom and I hurried like lightening forking thru the clouds to the office.  They phoned for her records so it's official.

Mom had all the dates for them and after an exam AND A TEMPERATURE CHECK!!!!!!!!  BOOMIE!!! SPITTY!!! LARRY!!!  AUSTIN!!! LEO!!! What's a girl to DO!?!?

Normal temp.  clear lungs but congestion above making me sound bubbly breathing as I mentioned.

My beautiful eyes are already clear again.  I don't sneeze nearly as much but I snorfful when I eat and drink and now I am BATHING again.  I bathed where that thermometer went!!  How DARE they violate the QUEEN of Tennessee and Attending Lands??????

I have not slept with mommy nor have I brought a toy but that one night only after I went to the hospital the first time.  Since then, I have been camping.  No mommy.  No Donkey.  But I finally laid in mommy's lap for the first time in several weeks, Kitties.  She was pitifully grateful.

Brother went to bed at 9 and mom is soooo sleepy she may go right after this.

Thanks you all..over and over for the kind thoughts for me and brovver and the purrs and prayers.  We sure needed every single one.  We love you back.  We do.

Here I am last night where I was for about 20 min.  Then I went to lay in a corner again.  xxoo

I not played in 2 weeks though.

In new Vet's Office. Mom said it funny. 

Ladycat Monday Today, Just For Me.

Kitties, I came out for a little while last night after 14 or so hours on the counter.  I spoke, I sneezed and what a mess.  Today,  I got up after a night on the floor next to the bed.  I have not gone to bed with mom but that one night. After a very nice breakfast and a decent drink, I am in my girl cave right now.  Here is a phone pic of me in it.  Mom is taking brovver to his surgeon for staple removal and then, we will see about me.

Dad Terry of Brian's Home and wife needs all our love right now.

Here I am though you can't make me out I am sure.

December 1, 2013

Brian's Home and All His Family including his Mom and dad.


Brian does so much for all of us and now we need to do for him.  Gather around in a Pawcircle and purr and purray.  Sister Gracie is VERY ill right now with asthma and pneumonia.  Sisters Dolly, Sascha and Precious as well as Brian are all very unwell. Their mom and dad are so very worried and worn down to a nub.  They need prayers too.

Graphic from Ann of Zoolatry