August 30, 2018

Mom Has the Zoomies!

Kitties, I swear, Mom has the zoomies and she's zooming around on her two feets about as fast as me, and doing all kinds of things.  She said she's a kitten again today-- and yesterday too.  Her even cleaned all the wooden cabinets in the kitchen awhile ago!  They is all shined up again.  And the floor is all shiny too after she went over it and buffed (she "skates" on the floor with thick rags under her feets all over the floor. Easier).  She cleaned the bathroom top to bottom and no signs of stopping.

For me..I have tuna juice (low sodium and packed in water) waiting for me when I wake up.  I am  exhausted from zooming in the night from patrol to patrol point, and from trying out my new short tunnel I have for short distance travel.

Here I am in my short tunnel.  I have it pointed at the window in case I decide to fly instead of teleportation.  I suspect I will set coordinates though and head for Kozmo.  He needs me.

I don't think anyone has noticed but that wire hanging down next to my PTU is from a 'wall thru' that favorite brother's HAM radio rig was set up over there, and that  wire went the wall to the antenna outdoors.  It's not to my wide screen TV that I have in my PTU.  That doesn't need a 'wall thru'.

August 26, 2018

Always Watching Always Guarding

Kitties, I am on duty and fit for a fight if I have to.  Well, unless I am busy elsewhere or unless I am napping.  Then, take a number

August 23, 2018

Moving Right Along

Mommy rested very well night before last after she got her sleeping apparatus in order.  FitBit logged 8 hours of continuous sleep.  I asked her to get up however at 7.  A girl has an appetite!  Feed me.

 Meanwhile as each hour passed in that day, yesterday, she felt worse and worse she said.  Last night she went to bed at 9.  Had to get up at 0430 to take brother for a CT scan, so she was was surprised to feel good!  Apparently she was worse off that night than she even thought she was. Two great nights sleep filled the bill.

Know what was funny she told Brovver this morning?  What when she turned on the little bedside lamp, I was standing there looking  in her direction with my eyes closed against the light.  Poor woman thought that was adorable.

OH!  Just before the alarm went off she had looked at the clock at 0430 and just got up.  But before she did, she glanced over at me and almost laughed aloud  I was spread all over the bed except the space she filled herself.   I stretched from her elbow to her ankles and filled the entire bed from the middle to the other side of it.  A huge furry Tuxedo  just owning that bed! I did NOT want to be wakened and I did NOT want to get up.  Just sayin'.  (well, her either, truth to be told).

August 21, 2018

Oh no...Monday on a Tuesday!

Kitties, mom had a rough night trying to sleep and consequently disturbed ME!  She made some calls this morning and hopefully with a trip to the big city, she can get what she needs to ensure a better night.  Her has sleep apnea.  And one of the very small type 'masks' that fits under her nosie. Machine died an unexpected death last night. I loved it because I was able to totally melt into her face.  Usually I have to lay right next to it. Poor thing was not happy all night long.  (but...who is?  I kept meowing)

Meanwhile, I have been fed and that is the most important thing.   Carry on, Mom.  Git dressed and git outta here.

August 19, 2018

Sunday Selfie

Kitties...I admit, there was a timer involved and just as I was settling into her chair with my eyes closed and  already dreaming and thinking happy thoughts, the shutter clicked.    Mom was squeeing so much I came near to waking!  Demerits!

August 14, 2018


I hope I am alright Kitties, I have sure been sleeping more than ever.  I am eating, drinking normally...three pee balls a day and a great poopy.  MY blood test *whispers...senior panel* a month ago was good.  I run like the wind and come skidding into a landing when mom says "Brushie"? and play with my tissue paper and my trackball toys and scratch my pads (and the carpet) sniff my nip...bring all my favorite babies into the bedroom at night and sit on mom's lap.  But mom says I am sleeping to much.

She headed off to the store where she bought something about 0930.  I was resting on the back of the couch as you have seen me do many times.  My favorite bird watching channel comes in over there.  When she returned at 1130 I was still there.  She went out again to the drug store.  She piddled around and didn't get home till 2 hrs later and I had not moved.  That was about 4 hours.  I still stayed after THAT while she cleaned the fridge.  I sleep too much.

Saturday, something terribly expensive got accidentally broken when a canned veggie fell onto it from a just opened kitchen cabinet, and smashed it.  She had to take it to Costco and see about getting it repaired or replaced.  Turned out it was under warranty though she didn't know it, and so they are sending it out to be repaired under the warranty!  WHEW!  I could see the green papers growing wings as they flew out of her wallet, the same as she saw them.  So that was one grizzly bear bite mom  didn't have to take.

Just checking in Kitties and woofies.  Sending smoochies to all of you.  XXX


August 10, 2018


Kitties,  I wondered if any other based blogs like mine are having this problem or, is it just me?

I am  Now, whenever I go on a WordPress bloggie, like Brian's Home, Sparkle, Island Cats for example, and all the others who are .com, I must type my name and email each time.  None were like that till this week--- but they are now.  None of the others were either, but they are now.  Is there something I need to do to get the name and address to fill in?

Of course mom will always fill it in.  She is just being lazy.  But she will still help me get to wherever it is we want to go, regardless.❤️

Kitties, William of Mass Destruction said he found that on non-blogger blogs, a lot of our comments go into space never to be seen.  If you aren't hearing from me...I AM commenting.

Mom and I are sorry if we are/were over the top with her homecoming.  Poor woman, she gets so tickled with me.  I'll tell her to knock it off.

Well, it's raining horribly as always.  She went out to get her human furs rearranged at a place called a salon this morning and had to take monsoon gear to wear just to get into the car and into the salon!~

I think I'll take a nap.  Brother is here and he will go home tomorrow.


August 7, 2018

The Return

Kitties! NO one could get a welcome any better than that which I provided.

When Mom came in, after she sat for awhile, I truly passed back and forth across her lap close to two hundred times non stop.  I head bonked  her arms and chest with each pass as well, and some of the head bonks were a series of eight or so rapid bonks.  I had low throaty meows...very low in volume, just between and for  Mom and me.  I followed her every step--- including all the clean up she had to do as the sitter must not have noticed the horking.  I walked up against her for every step..pressing.  She sat nor went anywhere without me pressing on her and speaking those low throaty tones.

That night, when we went to bed of course I was perched on her chesticles.  Later when the light went out, I crawled u to what little of her pillow was left and laid my throat and head on it pointed at Mom.  I spoke some more, and shifted myself so that my forehead was mashed into hers.  Mom said it was the sweetest warmest softest thing ever!

I missed her.  As I meowed before she one to turn on my baby shows, comb and brush with me and make over me.  Now Mom's home and I may not break open the bathroom door this evening while she's showering.  I think I believe she's home to stay.

Look at these slippers she wanted so much.  Only 4 pair left and all size Large.  No way would they do for mom's small feets.  Aren't they cute?

August 6, 2018

She's FINALLY Back

Kitties, Woofies, she is finally back!  She was gone for years!  I practically grew a new fur coat waiting the time was so long!  I like, got all gray, decrepit and wanting to rest!  An old lady like her!  And here she shows up all talking about Joey again!  How he had his second birthday pawty and she was there for it!  He is a kitty living with a friend of my other favorite brovver in Charlotte.  He had a big blowout last year for his first birthday, and mom celebrated that too!  What am I?  Chopped trout or something?  His mommy even served a home baked cake in Joey's honor!

Here is Joey on his birthday, and his house you see there was a gift from a friend of his mom!  She made the doorway and the windows, all for Joey.

aerial view of his diamond shaped sun roof

Glamor shot!

Who are YOO? Friend or Foe?

Mom said he has long legs and will actually HOP from place to place for a few steps.  On all fours, but hop nonetheless.  His feets make such a sweet sound as he runs on the wooden floor. He had the best time at his pawty.

His tail is straight up like a poker!  He's always in a great mood and he sure loves his mommy!
His tail is always up like that. 

August 2, 2018

Look at ME!

Kitties!  Look what I have.  Gleam and shine.  I took a great bath.  Mom even has (she would...poor woman) two videos of me taking my bath last night.  See how well my tail turned out?  We girlcats have to bathe our tails carefully to keep that come hither shine.

By the way, Mom is leaving me tomorrow.  I am already sad.  Who will sleep with me?  Who will provide a lap?  What about my baby shows?  I'll have a radio playing to help with silence but is always hard on me.  I will disappear through her pores when she comes back!  I get very close when I miss her.   It's not the same with my sitter though she takes excellent care of me.   I want my mom.

Gonna miss this! 

My tail. Freshly bathed.