February 25, 2019

A Lady and Her LadyCat

You know Kitties, this Ladycat doesn't have a moment of peace when it comes to the flashy box.

Here I am.  Last night..all relaxed and stretched out, my arms  placed on momma's chesticles and purring after she spent the day cleaning my home.  Oh.  Our home.  

And here I am right now today...dictating and helping with my very own paws.  Does she appreciate it?  I think not, Kitties.  Notice the keyboard is over on the basket.  I am in front of the screen where I need to be.  No purrs and head bonks for her then.  I'll leave.

February 23, 2019

How EXTRA Nice

Kitties, my other favorite brovver, whom Mommy loves  so much same as she does the other two favorite brovvers, sent her THIS today!

 Mommy never in the world expected it and she and I both were so surprised and grateful.  They smell so fragrant and fresh.  They are beautiful, and Mommy let me sniff them as she watched carefully because  I wanted to taste too.  They came at a good time for her.  She needed the sweetness.  The Admiral's husband, Nikita's mommy sent one too.  Mom and I feel loved and that helps tremendously.

Just meowing at ya.  Mom and I are so happy to have these beautiful flowers and we  loves my brovvers. And we are grateful for the love we get from our friends here in the CB.  💗

February 22, 2019

Rainy Rainy Friday

Kitties, it just won't quit raining. A full week of it after a full week minus 2 days of partial suns, last week.  12 days.

Here is what I am doing.  I stay glued to one of the old heat vents in whatever room I want to choose. This is one in my room.  I left mom some complementary furs on the carpet as I skidded to a halt.

February 19, 2019

Come and SEE...

Look Kitties!  Here is my new chapeau.  Austin took my picture himself and his mom called it my chap-oh!  But never mind!  I had the best of times shopping for it and if it could fit her head, mom would borrow it I know.  It would go well with her blue eyes!

February 17, 2019

Sorta Selfie Sunday

Kitties...this is the way I roll.  

Soon as I wake up...I will go visiting.  I have a new blue chapeau...that's fancy for hat.  I want to show it off.  I got it on a shopping trip to Italy with Dai$y a few weeks ago.

February 13, 2019

Wordless (sorta ) Wednesday

Kitties, I am sending smoochies to all of you.  Double smooches to the mancats of course.  Happy Valentines Day tomorrow.

February 10, 2019

Really? I mean, REALLY!?

Gee willikers mom.  Can't I get a break!?  A Standard Poodle whose hair is  about your hair's color?  Um...do you have anything ELSE you wanna say? Sheesh.  Take me to the v-e-t and whoop out the phone the minute a red woofie comes into view!  Whatta deal!

February 9, 2019

No Extra Company For Me

Kitties, Favorite brovver was here till just now for 2 sleeps. Now he's leaving and I can't run  back and forth between Mom and brovver all day.  I'd pace and worry about it, but I'm dictating from my comfy beddie just now.  Any mancat willing may pop straight over.  I need the snuggle company.

Here I am again, yesterday late afternoon in my favorite ever sunpuddle.  Brovver is also on the couch but to the left and not in the frame.  We shared the puddle for a couple of hours.


February 5, 2019

Last Night

Kitties, mom said I sure do know how to shout.  She was sleeping so hard because she had to get up o dark early to go to The Big City yesterday morning and she was gone all day, so she was very anxious to go to bed last night.

She was dreaming along quite nicely she said, but that ended when she woke to my hollering about as loud as I ever have hollered in my life.  I announced the arrival of Donkey and then Fat Pink Mousie.  I was L-O-U-D.

Mom said that for all these years, if I don't bring anyone else into the room, it will  always be Donkey.  I never fail after all these years.  That clearly shows her what I already know.  I love him and he is my favorite of all.  Mom confessed that she also loves Donkey.  I bring him in to please her.  She never fails to smile  when she opens her eyes and she sees him, and  she always says "Donkey"! when she does.  She brings him gently back to the living room.

I like to make Mommy happies.

February 3, 2019

Easy...and Curly

Kitties!  I am having my easy in the sunpuddle and I am having one heckuva yawn too.  But I wanted to show off my curly whiskers.  They do that when I ask them too.  It's how I wear my monocle too.  One  whisker curls UP,  and my  one white eyes brow curls down.  They meet and suddenly I think I look imperious.  And Queenly.  I didn't put it on  for this picture because my eyes are closed.