November 28, 2019

My Goodness

Oh my goodness Kitties.  Mom and everyone else here is sitting holding their bellies and moaning.  Not me though.

They went to a good restaurant and there was an unending buffet of roast beef, ham, turkey and all the fixings...all of them and then some more.  A table of desserts, she said...and oh my goodness!

All my favorite brovvers were there, mom's neice from NYC, wives, child, but no kitties.  And mom's former hubby.  They all ate like there would be nothing ever after.

Mom said she didn't want anything for supper.  Everyone else went to a and I stayed here.

Happy Thanksgiving Kitties and Woofies!  XXOO

November 23, 2019

Much Sadness Again...

Furriends, please go see Kea   and share her deep sadness,  as her precious Nicki has gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  He was so sick, more than his mommy or Vet knew until his visit for testing.

My eyes are leaking since I read this a few minutes ago.  Precious beautiful boy, so loved and cherished just as his brother Derry is.

God Speed Nicki.  We will all meet again.

October 2006 - November 23, 2019

November 21, 2019

Now We're Cookin'

Kitties!  Last night I brought in Donkey way before bedtime.  I didn't even announce that he was making his way in.  The bed was turned down for later, the light was on against that later..and I decided Donkey needed to get on in there to celebrate!

I kept asking mama to hold me so last night she got out of her chair where she was reading/watching TV and got into my chair, the recliner.  She rared back, I came up and after a few minutes, I was fully leaning against her chesticles, nice and warm,  and fell very asleep.  We stayed that way a good hour.  I won't allow phones to intrude, so it stayed on the side table.  I hate pages turning while I sleep lying against her, so no book got read.  Just peace.

Look who else came to be with us?  Been a while.  I feel better, so I wanted my friends in here with us finally.  Mom gets all tickled when they have come to stay for the night. Bless her.  I love her anyway, despite her simple happiness at my little family.  Donkey, Floppy Mousie, Turtle and my sushi shrimpie came in.  Well, Shrimpie and Turtle got almost all the way in. Same difference.

November 17, 2019

Better Day

Fanks you efurrybuddy for encouraging me and poor Mom  who acts like I'm on my last legs or something if I don't eat.

I laid on her face a good part of the night, and had my arms around her head.  She said she could stand a good nights rest. I did MY part toward the cause.

I got up...took a bunch of good morning smoochies, gave plenty of headbonks which have been missing for two days.  No Donkey, Mousie or anyone for three nights now... I was anxious for breakfast and woke her to get it.  I ate it all.  She only feeds me a teaspoon at a time till my  tummy says it won't give it back.  I had an entire half a can of marinated FF chicken.  Still in my tummy!  I am napping and snoring in my thick beddie. here at 1130 as I dictate. Even sleeping.  I am clever.

Here I was yesterday morning all pitiful, stretching my poor cold paws out to the heaty blowy thing trying to warm them.  She keeps it 69 in here usually and acts like there's a heat wave when I ask (and I do) for at least 70.  A few minutes before she ran for the phone, I had both paws ON the grille.

November 16, 2019

Mom is Worried

Kitties!  I don't feel well.  I don't know why.  When I came back from the vet Wednesday , I ate a big second breakfast, went to bed and recovered from the drug.  Had a good supper too.  Slept on my mom's face that night.

 Next day, I had a good breakfast but hardly any supper--- but I did have my usual product in my know.

Yesterday I ate little breakfast and no supper of the wet variety, and hardly enough dry  kibble to add more. to my tummy.  Today, I started to eat, but quit my wet food after a couple of swallows only.  Mom saw me hork it up within a few minutes in several places.  When she came back from taking brovver home, I had a tidy dry food hork on the kitchen floor.   I have drunk water though all day as per normal.

I have meowed a bit more today, normal volume, and stayed close to Mom instead of in bed or my crow's nest.  At 4PM mom asked me if I was hungry and I meowed sharply and started for the kitchen.  So we went to the kitchen where she served supper, in wet food. I ate a quarter of it right down.  I am still just watching TV and I won't really stay on mom's lap at all.  Not all day.  Mom doesn't know why.

I got my brushies as always while monorailing on the tub in the bathroom.  I got other brushies in the living room...I was combed on mom's lap but she really had to work to get me there.

I'm in my recliner now.  Mom is worried.

November 13, 2019

Woe is Me

Mom had a hard time giving me my sedative.  I remembered tuna juice from 6 weeks ago and would do no more than taste it.  Then she tried with another capsule opened over a good fave wet food.  Very little.  She followed me everywhere and finally laid in a lot of treats which encouraged me.  Who knows how much is in my system.  All this...just to get a pedicure!  (and a re-up on the potty patch. Thanks a lot, former techs at the "other place". You sure did a number on me.

I'll have to  have momma start the car.  It made it to 21degrees this morning so far.  We're leaving in a few.

I heard the words "appointment for a d-e-n-t-a-l".  Is that going to be scary? We'll jus see about that!

Here is what I wish I was for today!  The figurine my mom found during the bathroom fixing- upping. OR, better still,  lying on her lap last night on her mismatched pjs.

Mom forgot to make the dental appointment!  YEA!  But I know she will call them.

November 8, 2019

Funny Cats

Kitties,  Katie's Mom here:  Simba's Mommy sent me these this morning.  I saw them when I was about to go into Pet Supplies Plus and was still laughing on my way in.  I showed them to the checkout people who loved them!

LOVED these.

November 5, 2019

A Day With Sticky Person

The Sticky Person, my Client actually, came over with his mom today.  He no longer gets into my food or tries to swim in my water bowls.  OR try to get handful of litter out of my personal potty! He's not shrieky and loud, so that was OK.  We had all day to nap (me) play (him) and all is well.

Look Kitties and Woofies, I brought Pink Heart  out and by accident laid him in the narrow sunpuddle on the floor.  Mom thought I did that on purpose but I had to tell her the truth no...I had just brought him out for an airing.

And Kitties!  I got a good brushie this very meowning before my Client and his Mom got here.  See?  Don't I look so good afterward?

That was about 0900 this morning.  That's my brushie blankie and the bag hold all 5 brushies and stuffs.

November 3, 2019

It's Me. SO Glad it is Peaceful.

Kitties, what a week.  All 6 days of it.

Happy Sunday to you all.  I have missed you.  Sorry mom felt compelled to talk about the human litterbox.  But, where mom's are concerned, you can't do with or without 'em.

Hm.  Blogger will not let me show you my picture.  I wonder why?  Just a blank area when mom and I clicked on the picture function.

Let me tell you what a good girl I have been.  I never said a word when the man here used his compressor nor when he was driving in nails powered by the air pressure.  I stayed in my beddie or on my mat by the heaty blowy thing.   Best of all, he sat crossed legged in the hallway the floor and I crept into his lap and got soft words and pets.  Every day!

Tried again, no picture.  I will pout!  It wasn't me up on the couch back in one of my sunpuddles either!


I made her try again after an hour or two.