September 30, 2012

Easy on Sunday

Mom changed the sheets this morning.  I have a new fort!  ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.

September 29, 2012


Kitties, I loved my new toys when I donated to Winnie's Wish so much I donated again and had the toys sent to a kitty I know on Twitter.  He will be so happy--especially if he has fur sibs.

Mom has been busier than ever these past days.  She had a birfday early in the week and had family company that evening and it seems something every minute of every day and early evening since.  She barely helped me at ALL!  I rewarded that behavior with one decent horking this morning.  I am down to about once every 7 to 8 days now instead of many times a day every few days.  I think that fuds that were recommended to me is helping a lot cause I am not barbering as much.  (S.D. Sensitive Skin).

It's Caturday, I horked up some breakfast (not all) and the rest of the day can go on without any more business to conduct.  I fink I need to get Mom up out of this chair, play with me and then, get out the door.  <3

September 26, 2012

YIPPEE Kitties!

KITTIES!  I am over the MOON I am so happies!  I got my Winnie's Wish toys from Star and Leo at  Celestial Kitties!  Oh they are every bit as good as Leo and Star said they are.  Kitties, for 15 green papers you can have 5 excellent toys that you will love.  I gots a fevver, a purple one, a fantastic kickaroo wiff a zillion fevvers coming out the back end.  (hm....) and a fat pillow, a plump heart and a STRINGY!  I played and played and played wif my kickaroo and the stringy!  My goodness, I had the most fun with those.  My fevver?  What a blast I had.  I bunny kicked my heart and pillow too.  I LOVE these toys.  Please ask your pawrents to get them for you AND they help Chrystal's Cat House.

September 25, 2012

Marg's Animals

Kitties and Woofies, please help Marg of Marg's Animals.  She has a chip-in on her page and she needs help so badly as her sweet woofie girl Jasmine is very sick and has had to spend a lot of time at the V-e-t's.  That is furry expensive and Marg has so many animals to take care of and feed and care for.

Won't you visit and read about Jasmine and her struggle and help?  I have gone to Marg's page and borrowed a picture of Jasmine so you can see her dear little self.  She's such a pretty girl.  Thank you furriends.

September 24, 2012

Meowy Monday

Kitties, I was glued to mom's back most of the night.  I sure was glad to see her and I even let her see that.

Mom's trying to help me get things done but she said she had things to do herself, so helping ME a lot is going to wait till later.  Something about a good housecleaning that had to be done! (Fancy THAT!) and groceries, my fuds, laundry, and other stuffs.  This is mercifully short till mom comes in here to help me again.  She's still cleaning up the aftermath of the pawty---just meowin'.


September 21, 2012

Pool Splash Pawty and MOARE!

Kitties!  I say wait till one hour after the door hits her you-know-what and then warm up your ESS's, charge up your Tunnels, get in your cubes and come right in!  We're having a  house trashing pawty! Doors will stay unlocked and wide open all weekend for all of you and for Gingers and black kitties from around here want to come in and  have a tussling contest!  

I have lots of fresh strong nip and vine.  CK said she'd bring her stash and her CD for musics!  Boomie is coming to help set up everything before you get here and be the co-host.   His sisfur Tutu will be here to as bartender.

We have water and milk for the teetotalers, and bacon beers chillin' in the coolers.  Tutu will bring more from her house for us and serve them up.  She may serve up a few biteys too.  Just sayin'.   I am expecting a huge turnout so we'll have plenty to eat and drink.  Practice up on your best songs cause we're having karaoke contest too. "Croon and Yowl" First prize is a kiss from me, Katie Isabella AND a nip toy from Nip and Bones.  You can't beat THAT quality with a stick!  If Caroline comes, she can scream the night away.  We'll join her.  Loudest screamer and the first one to draw the poleececats  to the house gets a prize.

I have popcorn to pop and scatter and bat around and tacos and chips to munch and decorate the carpet with.  I have Vole cutlets and Squerrel drumsticks fresh off the squerrel.  I have a Bucket O Birdies,  and Snakie fillets! And for dessert I have vanilla micecream.  I bought it from a vendor.  I'd hate to catch that many mice and milk 'em.   I will serve it up on the floor...that'll make it easier to eat.

There are lots and lots and LOTS of toys for us.  Enough for everyone.  Fevvers, wands,  nip and vine filled toys to lick and bat.  I set my wooden puzzle box back out in the middle of the living room with lots of balls and other toys, bells and small mice to bat out of the holes.  I have two big nip cigars for the manly mancats and roguish girlcats.  I have furry and smooth mice, birdies, tomatoes, balls, cubes, rattan toys and cloth toys.  I have carpet throughout the house...claw as you wish.  Mom will squeal with joy when she sees the new decoration on the carpet. AND I have woods all around the house where all the wild animals are.  Go play if you dare.  The trees are very very tall, so great to climb. Mom won't let me out though.

The toilet paper treadmill is freshly primed with a new roll of toilet paper and the rest of the rolls are ready to..well...roll!  So, come on in and be ready to enjoy the treadmill.  Oh and join the Slip and Slide.  I have a piece of shower curtain liner rigged up and a full tub of luke warm water..let's take turns doing the cannonball down into the water.  Whoever makes the biggest splash is the King or Queen.

We'll have Zoomie races too.  Something fur everybuddy.  The finale will be a contest to once again determine who the best mini blind player is, aside from me.  I disqualify myself of course.  No old people mewsicks please.  The livelier the better.  We wanna stomp and howl so sharpen your claws and get ready to play!   Those who want to stay the weekend, your choice of beds to leap on or my beds in the house are open to you too.  I will fur mom's pillow so that's mine. Otherwise, my home is your home.

Come one come all.  She's gone and good riddance.  (please come home soon, mom).

September 20, 2012

Oh MY! Fursday Surprise + UPDATE

Kitties, it looks as though Blogger has forced the change of Blogger style onto me.  When they did that before you were allowed to change back to the old style.  Now, I am stuck.  Luckily mommy has a blog and she's been using the "new" format for a year so she's used to it but she and I still prefer the old way.

I can see that mom is getting closer to abandoning me.  My fuds for several days are out, bags for litter waste, and most of all, she looks guilty.  GOOD!

I do have my red blankie that Auntie Karen made for me and I have my catnip blankie that Ms Stella O'Houligan made for me way back when I was gotted in January.  So I can lay on them and think about the (Shhhh...don't say ANYTHING about this next loud where she'll hear it) house trashing pawty.  Serve her right.  She likes to keep a tidy home for us. Well now, time to learn to enjoy some messies, Mom!  Go off and leave ME?  You'll pay. Simple as that.  I'll post tomorrow when she isn't here to interfere.

UPDATE.  Precious Tamir of Friendsfurever has passed away.  Please go comfort his mom.  We loved him dearly.  He joined Sniffie this morning.  God speed dearest Tamir.

September 19, 2012

Meow Like a Pirate Day

Arrrr, Avast and shiver me timbers.  (Those timbers were shivering in the new low in temp we had outside!) Man the mainsail and hove to at the nearest cove so we can bury all these jools we snatched from unsuspecting humans!  If you don't put some hurry in your steps it's off to the plank ye go, ye scurvy cats!

Here I am looking fierce and determined.  (thanks 100% to Oui Oui).  (Mom confesses that one of her sons sent her the TV graphic.  Mom is as pitiful as she said she is in graphics).

In closing I would like to say God speed to Victor Adamus, husband of our loved CB friend Ann.  My condolences to Ann as she goes forward.  I will not cease prayers for you, Ann.

Victor Mathew Adamus
December 27, 1947 to September 18, 2012

September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tuxie

Here I all of my ever increasing Tuxiness.  I noticed that I am becoming a bit more well rounded as I like to call it.  I hope others will think I mean in education, but we know I am talking about my beautiful feminine catly little body.  Ooops, wait.  I have to play the cello.

OK.  Back.  Did you read that Squashies got her donor?  Two of them actually, so that she can build up her red blood cells again and get better?  The power of all of you and Twitter and face Book helped her.

I have given thought as to what will happen when mom has gone over the mountains for a visit for her birthday which really isn't till next week but her son is a teacher and will have more real time for her this weekend so she's going early.  Anyway, tune in and listen up Fursday or Friday to see what my plan is.

September 17, 2012

Meowy Monday

I have spent the last several nights warmly stretched out very long against mom's back at night.  That sure is fun 'cause she can't turn over without disturbing me.  Heeeee.

I see the dreaded red leather backpack is out and the Winnie the Pooh tote bag.  I know that means she is going to be packing some stuffs to abandon me for the weekend.  Her birfday will be coming up so her is spending it wif her son who lives over the mountains.  And I get a sitter. She'll start putting stuffs in the the bag soon.  I fink there are small things in there now.

I will have to consult the Magic 8 Ball again and see what I need to do while she's gone.  Hmmm....

September 16, 2012


Our dear friend, Squashies needs our help!

Here is what is written on her blog:

Urgent Request!

If your cat has been blood typed, and is Type B (Rare but prevalent in Asian breeds,) we need your help.  Squashies is in desperate need of a transfusion. We can't find a Type B donor.

We will pay all expenses to bring the cat and you here to Baltimore.  With a very generous bonus for your time and discomfort. Call Dee @ 443-527-9226.

Our little girl is running out of options.
Thank you!
Please help if you can.  Katie hasn't had blood work yet.  I am just so sad as I love those two cats and I would give anything to help. 


September 15, 2012

Purrs for Squashies

Kitties, mom and I just learned of Squashie's sickness.  She needs your purrs and prayers so much.  Please go see her and purr for her.  She is a dear sweet little girlcat.  xox

September 14, 2012

Why I asked...

Here is why I took a poll yesterday, Kitties. I used to pee two times at least a day.  Sometimes there was a small little one as well..making it like 2 1/4 pees or something like that.  Then I went and had my horrible shots and I started peeing just once a day. Sometimes a bit other added that could be called two times, but not what mom was used to seeing.  So, that ends my conversation about it. Thanks Kitties.

September 13, 2012

Fursday Poll Again

I love to nap in the suns.  I try to move with the sunpuddle as it travels on.  Here I am yesterday enjoying my sunpuddle while mom annoys me with the flashy box.  Sigh.

Oh and I walked all over her this morning to get her up.  AND displaced the little lamp's shade too.  I also stepped on the little folding clock and caused it to light.  That light helped me find the lamp shade.  It's a soft pretty feminine shade of pink and the base of the lamp is "cut" class.  (pressed).

OK.  Poll time:  How many pees do you  single kitties in a family make a day?  1? 2? 3? or more and what's "normal" for you?  I know moms and dad's don't really know if there are 2 or more kittehs in the household. My mom cleans my box each morning right after my breakfast so she knows what I produce. I seem to have changed since my shots but that is a time marker and likely a coincidence as far as shots and a change are concerned.  Tomorrow or so I will tell you what the Vet said.


September 12, 2012

Not Werdliss Wednesday

Kitties, Oui Oui  made me some MORE avi's to use cause she knows I and my mom  truly ARE useless with graphics.  Any we have are kindly made by others out of sweetness toward us.  So you will be seeing those Oui Oui made me from time to time.

The one I will have today I chose cause Mom said the way I get her up and at 'em in the morning is so nice.  I just head bump her over and over and scent her.  When she sits up AT LAST, I head bump and scent her some more, roar some purrs and I get some kisses and THEN, I get breakfast!  Kitties, she makes me werk for it.

We sorry we have only been to maybe 3/4th of our furriends the past several days but there is a LOT of house maintenance going on all WEEK including guttering whatever that is!.  Today is MOARE!  A moisture barrier will be laid in the crawlspace under the house.  And vents will be changes to modern ones.  So we will be here but in different times thru the day and early evening.

But head bumps to all of you, and soft purrs.  Love you.

September 9, 2012

Mo Cats Day

Bring 'em on..all the cats in the Universe!  And I will taunt that moron who said no cats!  Here we all are and I'm gonna show you some EASY with it!  Cause I am NOT intimidated ONE bit.  Watch this, doofus who doesn't like cats!  I'm even showing my fangs!  These pics were taken yesterday for Flickr.

September 7, 2012

Giving Mom a Treat

Kitties!  Usually when I sleep with mom, I am in a little ten pound ball rolled up against her front or her back.  Last night, just as she was falling asleep, she felt me creeping up in the dark and settling right into her midriff.  She smiled a bit I know and fell the rest of the way asleep.  Hours later, she woke probably to turn over and felt me still there.

 But the "treat" part comes next here---she woke and discovered that I had relaxed and stretched totally out, with my arms stretched out too toward mom's head and my legs all stretched out pointing to her feet.  My back was pressed all along her and I allowed her to pet me while I remained unmoved.  I slumbered on.  She was able to stroke down from my face and whiskers (that was an accident on her part) all the way down to where my tail hooks on. She did that for a few minutes and then she went back to sleep.

That was a treat for momma because I just don't ever stretch all the way out like that with even my arms extended.  I am sure glad for my home and my mom.  She doesn't get a lot of comfortable sleep because she won't move me or wake me (so far) but I guess I'm worth it to her.  MOL.  I know other families with multiple cats are pretty crowded during the night.  I always wondered why we like to sleep with our pawrents or human brothers and sisters.   Can't be the bed because we don't hold the bed down all day as well.

Looks as though most kitties and their mom's say that there isn't a defined difference between girl and boy cats; that it appears to be individual personalities and that the socializing we get (or not) when we are babies makes a huge difference.  There does seem to be a general thought that girl cats are drama queens more than boy cats as well as perhaps a bit more independent.

We fanks you for answering us as another kitty (a boy cat and love bug) and I were discussing the matter and couldn't come to a conclusion.

As for me, and also in parting, mom says I am THE single most all day and all night demonstrative little girl she has ever seen.  Admiral was loving when she was approached or when she crawled into bed but I seem to take the crown.  And that is NOT taking anything from beloved Admiral.  We are all different.

September 5, 2012

Fursday Poll

Kitties and Woofies, I have a question for you if you care to let me know.  Your pawrents too.

Long time ago when mom was casting about looking for another kitty to love and care for after finally not grieving quite so hard for Hopping John, she mentioned her quest to a friend.  That friend had two female woofies I might add.

Mom said she had always had boy cats and so she was setting about the neighborhood hoping for some kitten families.  One such family was found across the street!  Mom's friend stressed that mom should get a girl cat.  She said that girl cats tended to stay in their established territories, that the territories were smaller than with boy cats.  AND she said that the girl cats were just kinda girly in a cat sort of way.  The boy cats are loving of course as are the girl cats but that girl cats did tend to stick closer to home.

Mom DID get a girl cat, Robin, and Robin was truly a cat among cats.  She is the girl that mom mentioned a few times that helped mom rear her three sons, who nursed the whole family through illnesses, and who was the true matriarch here.  Robin was the last cat allowed outside.  Everyone else is strictly indoor.

The poll I mentioned?  Mom and I want to know if you kitties and your pawrents think girl cats tend to be more homebodies than boy cats..the territory thing I mean.  Robin had a territory of three houses in either direction and she came home when called.  We also want to know if you think girl cats have female personalities distinct from the boy cats personalities?

Inquiring minds want to know.  Mom maintains that I am girly, Admiral was girly and Robin was girly but with a tough side too.  Hopping John and every one of the boy cats were boyish.

September 4, 2012

Wiggle Wednesday

Kitties, I don't know what it's like to be still unless I am asleep.  Just sayin'.

Did I tell you that last week I saw the long haired beautiful black kitty right outside my Bird TV station window?  I never screamed or woke mom.  She only knew because when she got up (I never went in to greet her as I always do) and got my breakfast ready, I did not come in to eat.  She looked for me and found me staring out of the window and down at the black Angora-like kitty that I had a fit over last month.

When I heard mom come in, I DID start talking and made small meows and got a little bit agitated but not too much.  Mom looked out and saw the kitty just looking up at me like "what is your PROBLEM!" So she just left us to it, and nothing happened I think mom was beyond relieved) and I came in to eat a good breakfast.  Maybe there is hope.  I haven't seen Ginger though.  Now THAT would likely be different as he was aggressive toward me.  But I did make a little progress.

Did you know I can smell a Party Mix treat all the way from the living room into the computer room?  Mommy put four of them on my cat tree.  Within a few minutes I came trotting in and went right to them.

Here I am looking out again at my sunpuddles and Birdie and Ebil Squerril TV's. And Mom not too far away with the water bottle if needed.

September 3, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday (and Tortie Tuesday for all the Torties out there) Tabby Tuesday too.

Kitties, Spitty asked me where I was and I appreciated that-- XXOO-- because I wasn't here for a few days where usually I am.  I was finking that I was overloading all the kitties and woofies wif so many bloggies so I sat a few days out.  But I did go around to see most of my furriends even so.  Cause I loves to read about what you are doing.

A dear kitty furriend told me to try Science Diet fuds for Sensitive Skin.  Mom bought the smallest bag she could find and she has been feeding it to me for over a week.  I also had an allergy shot 2 weeks ago, a short acting one, so I have not horked but one monstrous hairball the day after my shots in 2 weeks.  The shot should about be worn off now, so we will see if my new fuds are doing the trick and keeping me from so much itchies that I barber my pretty furs off.   I will meow the results to efurrybuddy when I know fur certain.  Other kitties and woofies itch too so maybe this is the very thing that will help.  Claws crossed.

Biggafy to read if you need to.  Mom took this at the river and provided the caption.

September 1, 2012


I gave mom this sweet bouquet.  She was thrilled and so was my brother.  They both feasted on this beautiful bundle.