June 30, 2019

Not me, Mom

I wasn't here.  I was asleep.  I was visiting Spitty.  I was arranging my toys.  Donkey needed my attention.  I had to arrange surgery for Fat Ducky.  I was in the closet arranging things.  I was in the kitchen cleaning up after supper.  I was in our bed warming it.  I was waiting for my brushie.........

It wasn't me, Mom.

June 28, 2019

See the Wee Baby!

Kitties, Mom was getting me some wet fuds this morning at the pet supply store and when she got to the aisle with the cat food, a couple came out from there with a tiny tiny little wee boy kitten.  Blue eyes still.  I think she said they had had him 3 weeks so far.  

That baby was wearing a wee tiny harness that was no bigger around than mom's wrist.  And it was still a bit large on his tiny frame.  She, the mom and the dad too, wanted him to get used to a harness early and was happy that my mom loved on his tiny tiny self.  She wants him socialized she said.   When he was over her shoulder, his precious chubby rump was only just over her shoulder and that dear tiny face was just over the other side.  So SMALL!

These pictures don't do his wee size justice or his sweet face either.  Just like the rest of us, mom said he would not cooperate.  His mom smooched his sweet little sides, flanks, head.  Mom got a smooch in.

Mom is just smiling and smiling.  She smiled so big all the way through the store and still is, hours later.

Awful pictures but the lighting was awful, the baby wouldn't cooperate and there is no way to judge his tiny size with those pictures.

June 26, 2019

What's a Ladycat gotta Do to be Brushed???

Kitties!  In case you remember The Realm of Capitol Drive  up until Princess Treasure passed away in 2014...while that blog is just resting in place, Princess Treasure's momma, the PM, has since adopted another lady cat called Deedle.  No one knows Deedle is there yet except one person who saw the URL  in my blog here.... the end of my last blog.  If you would like to visit Deedle, here is her address:


I am finally appeased.  I have been ghosting mom for the past two days.  She hasn't been here a lot during daytime hours and so I have not had my combing or my brushies as I should.  She's been busy with two of my brovvers though that is over now..and going places and also running errands and gone galloping on the treadmill.  So I have been following her around and being a door stop in thresholds all over the house.  She had to iron 8 shirts and that took awhile too.  That done, I know she wanted to sit down with her Dr. Pepper.  But no.  She got my blankie and brushies and combs and slicker and her other grooming tools and man, she scraped out a HUGE handful of furs.  Biggest ever.  She deserved that huge awful horking I delivered while the oat meal was cooking.  Gave her three horks yesterday.  Like...get a clue mom.

Friend of mine...employed as a tailor. His own workspace.

Tired of being unbrushed! 

Mom, I know where you sleep.  Look out if you don't go get my comb out. 

June 24, 2019

Alone at Last

Kitties!  My other favorite brovver from NC came to be with me over the weekend.  All of us went to Cades Cove in a rented van.  The three favorite brovvers, mom, sister-in-law and my mom and the sticky one.   It rained the entire time just as it did for mom's birthday trip to Biltmore.  But we didn't care.  It was us all together that mattered.

see the rains?
*I* however was left unceremoniously at HOME all the day long from 9 am until 7 pm. What kinda deal is THAT?  I was terribly emaciated and near starvation.  Not a single scritchie, pet, or adoration all DAY and--- no baby shows. Can you believe that she did NOT leave the TV on, tuned to my shows? No Daniel Tiger, no Sesame Street...no Peg plus Cat. And it was twilight when she got HOME!   NO SUPPER for me.

Today though, I was kind enough to single him out on his bed this morning for my gracious goodbye.  I allowed 20 minutes of scritchies, and pets.  I purred hard the whole time.  I head bonked hard enough to rock him backward.   I thought that was very gracious of me and hospitable.  This is me taking a break from work, Mom had to sneak the phone outta her shorts and try with one hand.  Serves her right.

Have to take a nap.  I over-extended myself.

pee ess:  a new kitty blog.     https://onedeedlebug.blogspot.com

June 19, 2019

Bizzy Bizzy

Kitties!  I'm just so bizzy all the time.  I have duties, obligations and work to do.

My nip ball from Yeowww
This is hard work.  I have to get this ball covered in spit so as to bring out the aroma and flavor of the nip!  My tongue is tired.

Then, I had to go in and inspect our bed...and I had to consult with the Oracle as you can see.  Impawtent business.

Then kitties, I just toppled from exhaustion with all that activity.

Hurry up Mommy.  I need to go to bed and rest!

June 16, 2019

Who, ME?

Brovver, I wouldn't burrow into your clean laundry.  After all, you brought it here to do...I wouldn't be that naughty.  Would I?  I'm just enjoying the clean laundry bag.  I was asleep on it and in my sunpuddle before mom came in here to take my picture.  Sigh.

June 9, 2019

Did it Again!

Kitties, do I look like a cereal killer to you?  (mom said if she used the other word...blogger might come down on me).  (You never know where their censors are...if there are any.)

I am such a catizen.  I struck again.  Mom came back from the gym and headed to the human litterbox and oh NO!

I struck again.  Pink Heart mortally offended me.  I drowned him again!  He was drenched through.  I thought I dedded him!  Mom hurried and picked the miscreant up...and administered recusitation. NO FAIR!

Mom just told me she wishes she had the iPhone here because I just this minute rushed in here and grabbed Pink Heart... and he is at the threshold of the hallway. Between my paws.  And the hallway leads to the bathroom! Where my huge waterbowl is. Heeeeheeeeheeeee!

Do I look like a cereal killer to you?  I ask you.

HEEE!  He's not even dried out yet from where mom resuscitated him!

June 7, 2019

Look at ME!

Kitties, mom got a picture of me..(well, favorite brother did tonight as he is visiting) of me doing something fun to see.

Mom showed me  in another blog a good four years ago doing this.  It wasn't any more obvious in a picture that time than it is now, but mommy will tell you that I was holding a favorite ball...just as I am here..my Yeoww catnip stuffed ball, and using it as a washcloth.

I would lick it two times  (always 2) and rub it on my face.  Over and over.  I actually charmed some treats out of her because when I finished my face wash, she went and got me 2 treats!

Sorry this is so dark.  I made her try to lighten it.  Brovver took it and sent it to mom's phone and she tried to fix it.  You can see the gleam of my eye there though.  That came out clearly!

It's late and the shadow of the table is showing on the rug and mom's ever present night gown.  Has she no shame?  Sheesh!

June 2, 2019

Me Last Night

Kitties, it was toward bedtime and I have lately found myself at mom's feets while she reads before we go to bed.   That's her dotted swiss nightie and her feets.  And that's me.  By the way, that is floof, not Katie girth.  Ask Leo!  My main mancat. He oughtta know.