April 30, 2013

Awardie from Nerissa

I thank Nerissa of Nerissa's Life for his award to me a few days ago while mommy was gone.   It's called The Best Moments Award.  Thank you so much Nerissa and I hope that you are faring well with your operation, dear furriend.  Kitties, please go see Nerissa and wish him well in his surgery.  He has hurt his knee very badly.

Mom was going to cut and paste the rules for the award but it looks so bad on my black background that I am making her go back and forth from Nerissa's blog to mine to write it down.  The rules are as follows:

Winners re-post with their acceptance speech.  And display the badge in their sidebar. What makes a good speech? Gratitude, humor or inspiration.

Nerissa, I thank you for this lovely award and I accept with gratitude my dear furriend.  You are a delightful and steady furriend that I count on for a smile efurry day.

What else am I grateful for?  My home.  When mom came upon me all unknowing a year and a half ago almost, I was in a small cage at the Vet's Office with four other little ones.  All of us needing a home.  Our cages were spacious enough to move a bit and for our litter trays, smallish with shredded paper not litter in them.  Our food was brought and then after a space of time removed again.  The techs came in the socialize us every day.  Mom volunteered to help with that but no one seems to care to take her up on it.  Maybe that's best as she gets emotional about kitties and doggies in cages.

There was a Tortie there who looked like Admiral.  An absolute mirror image, she'd swear.  And a ginger cat she thinks, plus another that we don't recall right now.  The story of me being brought to momma has already been told and that is what I am grateful for.  Thank you momma for rescuing me from that cage and giving me a home where I am deeply loved and cared for.  Where I am played with, given good fuds and lots of toys and lap time and kisses and huggles and gentle petting.   Thank you Nerissa.  I love to express gratitude and I will add as you did that I am grateful for the CB and all of my dear and loving furriends.

April 29, 2013

Grateful Girlcat

Oh Kitties!  I am so glad mom is home.  I couldn't be stand-offish although I gave it a lot of thought.  I was beside myself with happiness when she finally sat in my recliner after putting away all that car full of stuffs she bought. She sat and I came up and head bumped so much it was non stop.  I rubbed all the way down her arms, both of them from shoulder down, I bumped any protuberances available.  Then I repeated it all again while purring so loudly with my voice mixed in it, that it sounded musical.  I know other kitties make that precious music too.  I have noted it when they have written of it in their blogs.  That is when we kitties are over the moon happiest!  I tried to sleep on her and did nap but I had to start head bonking again and purring in between.

Later when we got into bed, I made biscuits so hard that she had to cover herself to the chin to avoid being hurt by my claws which really need cutting.  I began making those musical purrs again and rubbing my face on her and the sheet.  I did get down long enough to bring my favorite toys, my lion, my donkey and my kickaroo even before the light was turned out!!!

I stayed with her a good part of the night. This morning when I woke her I made a lot of passes across her lap; got scooped into her lap for hugs and some kissies and then, I laid beside her with my arm out so I could touch her while she petted me.  It was a good day.

The sitter said I did not hork the entire time she sat for me but within one hour of mom coming home, I horked four times, as usual.  That's the magic number.  She just got the paper towels and spray and started going from one place to the other.  Welcome home mommy!

I got to smell a boy cat on her Kitties.  I will tell you about him tomorrow.  Till then..kisses and huggles.

Happy Girl

April 25, 2013

Soon to be 'Bandoned!

Kitties, my mom is going to 'bandon me tomorrow for the weekend.  Her's going over the mountains to see her son there.  I love my sitter and mommy pays for her to come here two times on Saturday to feed and play with me, once Friday evening and once Sunday morning.  But the fact remains, I am being 'bandoned.  Alone.  Left to my own devices. No mommy to press against in the cold night.  No mommy's warm lap to sleep on in the day.  No treats. I'm getting scared again.  Maybe another kitty will dare to walk on the sidewalk across the street! There won't be anyone to soothe me!

To King Spitty who asked in comments yesterday--brovver is gone and in his home and back to work without my healing purrs.  But I did my job well he told me.  He said they had a party for him when he went back to work that first day.  He said he would love to have his very own resident cat to love and may do so.

It was cold again last night.  Mom has the thermostat programmed to keep the temp lower at night.  It was 42 degrees f outside and felt like it in HERE too. (Mom here:  It was 67 in here)  I had my feets pressed into mom's back warming them.  Mom woke a little to feel my toesies wiggling into her back.

So I will be dividing my time between my two favorite blankies I guess.  I'm not sure I'll have time to lay in supplies for a house trashing.  She may get a break this time from it but I CAN hork EVERYWHERE!! (and I will).

We have a kinda Thursday in the Garden post...here is my strawberry container plant.
Mom already ate the one ripe strawberry.  There are lots of flowers on it and lots of baby strawberries just starting to color.

Mommy said she will check on everyone from far away and let me know how you are.  I may...MAY authorise her to comment.  XXOO

April 23, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties, it is cold again but it will warm up.  The heat and air man was just here to do the yearly summer check up on the system.  Imagine our surprise when we found out he is a dedicated cat man!  He has a Manx, Buddy, who is 16 years old.  He loves his Buddy as the family member that he is.  He is strictly an indoor baby and the tech worries about a time in the future when he won't have Buddy.  He says he will miss work.  I told him I know Mommy did for when her babies flew to the Bridge.  Who can work at a time like that?

Tulip of Critters in the Cottage  has flown to the Rainbow Bridge.  Please go by and leave your thoughts and condolences to her momma.  She will be very missed.  Mommy had leaky eyes for quite a time after reading the news.

Here I am, enjoying the sunpuddles.

April 22, 2013

A Tale of Two Blankies

Kitties!  Now I have two loved blankies and I share time equally with them.  Mommy found me going from one to the other for several hours of naps on each one yesterday.

I am exhausted with my ever evolving sentinel for that very fat mousie.  (mom saw him..he is as broad as he is long).  He has an unfair advantage of being able to stay in the kitchen where he has all the appliances to get under and I can't reach him.

Here I am yesterday night on my blankies.  Mom and I know they are poor pictures but they were taken late in very poor lighting. Please note my arms are thrown up over my head and my fangs are out in one picture and in the other I have my back turned..please not to think I am rude.  Mom said she may include a red dogwood picture that she took Thursday last week.

If you Biggafy, you'll see my fangs!

Black satin floating on a sea of froth.

Red Dogwood down the street last week.

April 21, 2013

Sunday Newses

Kitties!  I barely got to visit at all late yesterday (or furry early in the a.m.) on accounta 1.  Brother went back to his house which is a joy and makes me miss him. 2.  Other brother came here from over the Mountains the very night that favorite brother went home.  They both then went to the Spring football game yesterday which was called the Orange and White game (team colors).  That is a way for the fans (and the team too) get to see how the players are doing before Spring practice starts.

Mommy meanwhile said she was going to a shower!  A shower? GOING to a shower? She's not going to take one here in the rain box in the small room?  She got gussied up a bit and headed off and away mid- morning and other brother did too. I was all alone till 5:30!!!

She said the shower was dry and that it was a family bridal shower for her future daughter-in-law.  She had a wonderful fun time.  Her son, the groom- to- be (in one month) arrived at the end of the shower to sweep his bride- to- be away for a half an hour horse and carriage ride.

Then, when the football game was over and fave brother was at his home again, the other brother came back here and mom and he went out again to supper!  Today, the youngest brother will be here for awhile at lunch time to see Mom and then, peace will descend.

That was my day Kitties.  Whew.  Alone and lonely all day. My tunnel was on the fritz so I couldn't even escape that way.

April 18, 2013

Fankful Fursday

Kitties!  A package came just for ME yesterday late afternoon.  I could hardly wait for Mommy to open it for me.  Mommy doesn't have a picture of me at that time because she is hopeless about thinking foreword!  But believe me when I say I was very curious.  I sniffed the package very hard and very much.  Then, it was open and Kitties!  There was a beautiful hairy Peggy blankie inside.  There was a dear note included.

The Peggy blankie was a gift from Boomie, my Mancat! He wanted me to be all wrapped up in a gen-u-wine hairy Peggy blankie.  He found one to bid on at the auction we just had and won it for me!

I am thrilled on accounta I have said (and so did Admiral I know) quite a few times that I wished I could have a Peggy Blankie all soft and hairy the way so many other kitties did and NOW, I have one.

Boomie, I am so grateful and I crept onto it within a minute or so of mommy laying it out.  I have 2 beds with blankies now! I slept on the Peggy blankie last night when I did sleep after taking a break from the mouse stalking.

Here I am...investimigations! See my tongue?

Ahhhhh, hairy blankie. <3

Mommy took pictures within a hour of me receiving the blankie from Boomie but it was so dark in there they did not come out too well even with the flashy part flashing all over me. But it was too impawtent not to take the pictures when I first was introduced to my soft and loving gift.

Fanks you Boomie.  I love it so much.  XXXOOO

April 16, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday & Wednesday Tiredness

Kitties, I have tried for a solid week to ded that mousie.  But I just have not had any luck.  I have stayed up all night and not slept at all in the bed with mom so she had to do without me taking all of the bed  I checked on her at 0615 and she was in MY part of the bed.  As awful as it is when she has nothing but the edge of the bed, have the entire bed without me is even worse.

Last night I finally went to bed at 6 and slept till 10.  I rested on the red soft hand knitted blankie my Auntie Karen made just for me.  AND kitties, I even gave up a few times and came in to bed in the night with mom.  I just was so cold  and so tired after this weeks work.

Mom was so glad to see me in there yesterday evening that she hauled out the flashy box and took this picture.  For some reason my furs always stick straight UP! Mom brushes me..we don't know why I look so disheveled when I curl up.

Brother is leaving this weekend.  It will be awful not seeing him.  Mom will miss him too, believe me but she will  resume her life and even go over the mountains the next weekend whereas I will suffer not having him here.  I know I will.

I have this beautiful bouquet that King Spitty gave me when he picked me up in his Furrari and took me on a tour of the San Francisco Mint.  I got to do something that mommy wants to do, as she is an avid and serious coin collector.  S mints are a treasure.  Even recent ones.  I will put the bouquet in my girl cave to sniff and enjoy when my brovver is gone.  Fanks you Spitty.  It is so beautifuls.  I will comfort myself with it when brovver leaves me.

April 13, 2013

Easy on Sunday on Caturday

Here I am.  I decided for short trips I will take my Ess instead of the Tunnel.  But first, I have to get my easy on.

April 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday reminds me to grateful to Boomie  for my Nip Nanner.  I love that thing so much ever since I first got it.  All I had before that was Admiral's old VERY gnawed on one.  It wasn't very satisfying but better than none at all.

I love rolling on the floor with MY nanner bunny kicking the stuffing out of it (I always hope I will but I don't ever succeed).  Then I take the time to hold it in my arms real real tight and put my claws into it to subdue it.  When it stops fighting me, I usually lick it till it's wet and green! Of course the fragrance wafting up to my tiny pinhole nostrils is intoxicating to the extreme.  Makes me so happy.  Fanks you so muches Boomie.  xoxoxoxo

April 9, 2013

For Our Dear Friend

Happiest Birthday Marg!  I hope wishes come true and that the day is good.  If the love and respect of we kitties and woofies are any measure, then your day will be filled with love from all of us.

You are our friend always and I thank you for all that you do both for us as a community of blogging kitties and woofies and as people.  Your help is immeasurable and deeply appreciated.

You are just the best, Marg.  Happy Birthday and many many more. <3<3<3

April 7, 2013

Sunpuddle Day

Kitties, I discovered a new place last night.  Here it is.  I was resting comfortably on the cushion when mom came in to use the computer.  Well, tough kitty.  I was there first.  Just as she did when Admiral was in the chair, she went to get the little wooden stool from the kitchen and sat on that.  Just as it should be.  Tuxies rule.

Good luck, Mom.

April 4, 2013


Mom here taking over the blog one last time I promise (until I come back from the Vet's next week). Here is my little girl.  Asleep in her PTU!  Not ten minutes ago I turned around and she was in it.  I always have it out and open and she usually naps in in every week or so.  That she chose tonight..YES!  Now mind I do throw treats in there each day.  Can't hurt.  But this was just taken.  WHEEEEE!

She got extra lovins from her brovver.  He is stocking up as he'll be gone very very soon now.  She started purring as he neared her recliner to pay her his obeisance.  So, she has had plenty of lovins, kisses, pettings, brushings, combings and just plain baby talks all day long.  Heee.

April 3, 2013

From Mom Plus..updated with a cartoon that is purrfect addition at the bottom.

I agree with everyone in that the Vet must have a personal talking to from me, mom,  before Katie goes back again if she does.  I will do that as I did once before.  When Admiral was still living, I left that very office for 2 years which had a different set of vets in it, because of the bad behavior of one of the office personnel.  I went to several other Vet's offices before I decided to go back to the one we have always used through all my cats.  I met the present Vet and found the others moved on and there was a new set of them.  I approached the new-to-me vet about that office person and told him why I had not been there for several years.  He said she had been fired.  I was so grateful to know that.  Until now, there has not been a problem.

I will, as I did then, pay for a visit of his time and express my concerns about this tech.  Make no mistake of that.  This is my little girl and while the tech wasn't cruel, he was uncaring and  possibly hurt her scruffing her for the nail cutting.  All of the things I said last night, I will address  without having the cat with me.  If Katie acts afraid to be put in the carrier from now on, then it will be that tech's fault and *I* am the one along with Katie who will be traumatised forever because of it.

Here Katie has ever been so sweet about being in the carrier and never fussed or cried.  If that has changed I will be very angry because I went thru the dickens getting Admiral to the Vet.  That was no one's fault. It was just Admiral.  Getting a break with Katie was a breath of fresh air. I am deeply concerned about any aftermath.  I hope she can forgive but I won't count on it. I am already apprehensive about going  ANYWHERE next time for a shot.

So, that's the story.  Thank you for your input.  I took out the last part of the blog because it seemed that perhaps the wrong impression was made.  I simply was saying how well Admiral was treated.  I was saying that the Office is a kind one. The Tech was different from anyone heretofore.  This is an isolated incident that will stay isolated because if it happens again after I request  a private talk and another tech..that will be the backside of mine and Katie's furs headed out the door.

April 2, 2013

I Has a Sads

Sorry I gave the impression that it was OK for Katie to be treated that way and that I would continue.  I suppose I wrote it wrong. Phrased it badly.
Katie went to the v-e-t today to get her claws cut and to get a shot for her allergies.  I have never had a moments problem with my girl going to or at the v-e-t till now.  I had a tech I have never met.  When he took her to get her claws cut and to be weighed, I could HEAR her growling and hissing.  I peered through the window and saw he had her scruffed for the claw cutting.  I can understand that but be GENTLE!  Jason or the others never hurt her.  He had to have!  And when he plucked her out of the carrier  in the exam room, he was going to scruff her then and I said please..don't do that.  So he hauled my baby out and carried her slung over his forearm like an old rag.  Her hind quarters and everything from her arms back hung with no support.  She hissed and growled when she came back to the exam room. I asked him if he was a dog person and he said he was (about 19 yr old I would say) and he said he liked them best.  He was honest.  Said  he didn't like cats  that were were mean. I asked what was that as I had not met one.  He said the ones who hiss and growl (like poor Katie just did)  Well, hells bells..no WONDER they are mean to him if he treats them so roughly.  I told him that the cats he referred to were scared or feral, one.  

April 1, 2013

Closer and Closer

Kitties, you should have seen me!  I like all of brovver's therapists SO much that I dance for them...toss my donkey and lion into the air over and over...hop on my back legs, fetch my donkey and lion and repeat it all again and just revel in the pleased laughter of the therapists.  I love to show off!

They will not be in my life any more in a week at the most I would say.  Brovver is recovered.  He is only putting the finishing touch on one last thing and really, mom said he could be gone today if he wished.  He will be gone in a week though.  I can tell you in advance I will miss him terribly for I truly really do love him.  Very much.  Mom will too, but she can reason with herself and rejoice that he is alright.  Me, I just know who loves me so much besides momma so it will be hard.  I even take him my LION!  Sometimes my DONKEY!  I greet him and make sweet sounds for him.

Mom took brovver out to supper and when she got there she saw for the first time ever she forgot her wallet at home and so had to use a credit card she said.  She told me she'd rather run down the street nekkid that use her credit card in a restaurant.  Too many horror stories.  My brovver said "I guess that means you drove here with no license or registration?" And the answer was a squeamish "yes" hoping not to encounter the law on the way home.

Mom bought jelly beans and she overate them.  She said she's fuller than a tick about to drop off the dog. She hates that feeling yet she did it despite she was full from supper.  I think I will walk on her belly later!

Jasper Jazzbones, if you see this I am so sorry I can't get into your Google+ bloggie unless I join Google+ which mommy doesn't want us to do.  It refuses me.  Spitty and another furriend told me a way but it will not work for me.  I got into Loretta's blog 1 time when Google+ wasn't looking.  I was jubilant.  Then, it gave me that ugly message again that I had to join Google+.  I copied it and sent it to Loretta so she would see the message.

Furriends, see you tomorrows.  Kisses.