January 31, 2013

Woo Kitties!

It's official..brovver is coming here on Sunday.  Mommy went out last night (again)  after being gone most of the day (again) (of course!) and bought close to a hundred green papers worth o' fuds.  I say crack him some cans of Fancy Feast...so much easier on her and the time she saves can be spent loving on me.

Kitties, it's a good thing I am an indoor only girl because we have record rainfall for the month of January--the  most since 135 years ago.  A quarter of our years rainfall has fallen already here in January.  Ginger has not been seen at all out in the horrible snow and ice that I have observed in all of my patrols.  That made me and mom feel better even though I don't like him.

Things will be back to the way I like them  very soon with mom attending to my every need and helping me with visiting my kitties and woofie furriends the way I want her too!  She has been so slack with that though she gets 20 or 30 a days sometimes.  NOT good enuff, mom!

I'll start around to your homes soon kitties..I will just watch mom leave to see brovver for an hour and then, I'll make her help me.

Pee ess:  Mom said you should have heard my little bitty sounds when I brought my donkey into the bedroom last night.  She loves it.

January 28, 2013

Oh Noes!

Kitties! I was given an awardie, the one you see above last week and mommy did NOT write down who gave it to me!  She has wracked her feeble brain and has not come up with any answer.  She thought it was Lily Le Mews.  Then she thought Willow. She finally gave up for right now and I am making her apologize for this insult to my hospitality and friendship.

(Mom here:  I am truly and sincerely sorry.)

Brother should be here next Tuesday I hope and then let the kissies begine!  I will have no fur left from all the kissies and pets.


January 25, 2013

Ice Storm Furriday

Kitties, there is an ice storm and so I am spending it in the crows nest of my cat tree.

What better thing? Pee Ess: Click to see my footie even larger.  It's luscious.

January 23, 2013


Kitties, so far so goods on favorite brother coming here for a few weeks.  Maybe in another week.  Meanwhile look what my BFF--- Stunning Cathy Keisha  sent him!  ME!

This is so he will know beyond any reasonable doubt who will be in charge!  ME!

Also, handsome Nerissa  gave me an award.  See?  The Shine On award which was given to him by Angel at Angel's Whisper.  Please go and visit if you haven't been there yet.  Fanks you Nerissa.  I appreciate that loving thought toward me.  XXOO

Mommy and I were up and down all night becuse the nawty fone kept up with the  ringy dingy stuffs.  So we say good night and happy Wednesday and Fursday.

January 21, 2013

Almost Tuxie Tuesday...Almost

Kitties, it's almost Tuxie Tuesday, just a few hours away and mommy said I could say a few things about my favorite brother.  He is much nearer to coming to my home for a few weeks before he goes to his own home again.  This is assuming all keeps going as well as it has lately.  I am SO excited.  I have been waiting and waiting to see him.  So maybe in less than two weeks, I will.

Here is a picture of my brofur-in-law.  His name is Nik or @CatRulers on Twitter and he is a handsome ginger man of note ofur in the Windy Kitty where he lives with his brofur Rocky and his mommy.  I think he is so handsome that I asked Boomie if he would mind if I showed what a handsome brofur- in- law I have.  Boomie said that was fine. Have you read about his sisfur Tutu being officially adopted into her family?   And Marg of Marg's Animals is her Godmama!!  Now Boomer is a brofur and not Uncle Boomer any more.  I am so happy for Tutu.  She is a raving beauty and a loving little girl.

I am a happy girly today.


This is my Brofur-in-law <3

January 19, 2013

Two Fings

One is, mommy feels so sorry for Ginger really even though he freaks me out--still she feels sorry for him.

This morning at 0630, she saw a movement in the icy foggy darkness and saw it was Ginger..walking slowly up the sidewalk across the street.  Pitch black out..mid 20's in temperature with icy fog blanketing everything. Still the poor guy was out.  You know his ears and pads were stinging with cold.  His coat is so unkempt.  He may be an older gentleman mommy said. He isn't thin but he is certainly not padded really well.  No tail and just so sad looking.  Someone is feeding him it seems but makes him stay outdoors I think.  Mom did not raise the mini blinds of course (she was peering out of the kitchen door's window) as I  would have seen him and gone bonkers.

Mom was commenting to Mariodacat on the phone several times that my coat is gleaming like it was polished with silk.  It gleams so well that she can see the reflection of her hand on my furs when she holds her hand over them.  'Cause I get brushies and foods and stay inside.  Mom said she would see if there is a rescue group.

The second thing is I got an awardie.  I love this one and I was hoping to get it.  Fanks you Celestial Kitties!

Mommy said she is taking the easy way and copying and pasting the rules. ( It will look b-a-d).

Here are the rules for the award:
1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
2. Answer 10 questions.
3. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.
4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know that they have been nominated.
5. Include the award logo within your blog post

Here are the 10 questions.
1. Facebook or Twitter?  Twitter.
2. Your favourite pattern?  Floral ones.
3. Do you prefer getting or giving presents?  Giving.
4. Your favorite number? 163
5. Your favourite day of the week? Any of them.
6. Your favourite flower? Violets.
7. What is your passion?  Photography and Kitties
8. What is your favourite colour? Black.
9. Your favourite animal? Kitties!!!
10. Your favourite non-alcoholic drinks? Ice Water!

This bloggie too long now so I may make links tomorrow.


January 17, 2013

The Night of the Toys

First of all, mom just called me a "little beastie".  That wasn't nice at all! I'll remember that tonight.  See if she gets any toys to play with.

Here is my new paper bag that I busted clean out of!  I punched a hole in the side and after a little while, I split it wide open.  I come and go through that big tear.  LOVE it.

 See my peacock fevver?  I busted that too!  What a girlcat!  There's my lion up at the top.  He and my donkey are my two favorite toys.

Now.  Here is evidence of what I am kind enough to bring mom at night.  (she said that in order to show you I had to add a caveat: That the carpet is NOT dirty, it is tracked and needs grooming) (That's what she says so I said it)

But look at the variety of toys I bring that ungrateful mom!  My lion!  My donkey! My kickaroo! And she calls me a little beastie AND does not thank me for the toys I share nor does she speak when I announce each offering.

Fanks you all for coming to my pawty yesterday.  I loved seeing each of you and oh, how mom appreciated the clean-up team that stayed over a bit to help.

Hugs and loves. XXOO

January 16, 2013

My First Gotcha Day

Kitties!  It's my very first Gotcha Day here in my own comfortable and loving home.  I am so happy to be here and I take excellent care of my mommy every day.  I send her off to bed, I get her up again, I run off introoders and I warm her back, front and lap every day.

I was chosen by The One Who Came Before, Angel Admiral.  I was brought in to Mom to see even while Admiral's tiny footprint which had been preserved for Mommy was brought to her to have.  That was the Admiral placing her approval so that Mom would see that I had been chosen for her to love and for ME to love her for Angel Admiral as well as myself.

Because we are still awfully busy here Mom and I have  just ordered a small bar set-up for efurrybuddy.  She said she would have noms for my birfday instead.  But I DO have a cake!

 Cheese Platter and some cheezy nachos.  Eat up!

I have stocked the bar for us so we can have a small pawty and I have strawberry milkshakes for the kittens.

 Hanks famous Bacon Beer.
 Dom Perignon champagne
Nip shakes and milk shakes for the kittens
 Famous Niptinis as well...
And strawberry smoothies.

Please come and help me celebrate  my Gotcha Day and the team that mommy and I make together.  We are made for one another.

January 14, 2013

The Next Big Thing

The Admiral and I have a beautiful Tortie furriend named Willow  She awarded me The Next Big Thing Award.  I am thrilled with it.

Fanks you Willow.  You beautiful girl.  I would like to award it to Keisha the Spaniel.
And to Celestial Kitties  and Sweet Purrfections  along wif The Furries of Whisppy and Katz and Other Tales. 

If any others of you furriends would like to have it,  please tkae it and enjoy.

By the way Ginger hasn't shown up today so, so far-so good.


January 13, 2013

Not So Easy Sunday

Kitties!  Guess who came to rile me up?  Yup.  Ginger. And he decided he was having such a great time doing it that he laid there on MY sidewalk taunting me.  I hollered, I howled, I puffed, I hissed.  I even hissed at Mom when she came to see if I was "at it" again.  I was indeed and she got some of my upset when I hissed at her.  I also rubbed against her legs and hissed some more.  Finally Mom went out and ran the booger off!  And sprayed the Pet-Ease.  That stuff really works on me.  I don't get instantly calm but it sure helps.

She has to leave in a few minutes so she hopes Ginger does not come back because goodness only knows what I will do to everything at the windows I CAN see out of.

Peace Out, Kitties.

January 11, 2013

Furry Friday, Kitty Caturday

Kitties!  I got mom to sit still for a minute to help me out!  Man, trying to stop her running thither and yon is like trying to stop a freight train!  Not easy.

I had a great breakfast and mom saved half of it for my supper serving tonight.  It's my favorite Fancy Feast Marinated Chick-hen morsels.   Nommy.

Looks like it's about time to get to the dreaded v-e-t for another little shot of steroids.  I am itchy itchy itchy and I need a mani-pedi too.  Getting a little sharp kneading the ol' tummy, Mom said.

Mom cooked me chick-Hen and I would not eat it.  What's up with THAT she wanted to know but I couldn't answer her.  She bought me freeze dried chick-hen and I refused that too.  Admiral loved both.  I'm a girl with Tuxie tastes, not Tortie tastes.

Boomie brings me home made jerky that his mommy makes.  NOMMY!  Then we go UTB to digest the jerky and bathe one another.  I have shown him the best windows here for Birdie and Squirrel TV and he lays against me watching as they play.  His Catio is better though.  It's outside.

Here I am in the tub.

Mom and I are trying to keep up these days.  See you over at your homes.  XX

January 8, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday

Good meowning Kitties and Woofies.

It's Tuxie Toosdee and we Tuxies (and Torties and Tabbies) rule!

This is what I will be doing in a few hours and this is what I will be dreaming about.  See you in my dreams.  XXOO

January 5, 2013

Easy on Sunday

Before I forget, to Miss Kitty-Kelly Thomas...I want so much to visit you as well but you are on Google+ and it won't allow me in to read your blog or comment.  Mommy doesn't want to go to Google+ unless they make her.  Thank you so much for coming to see me..I so wish I could return the visit.

Kitties, I actually did succeed in breaking a part of that lamp.  The part that the bulb screws into..that brass looking thingy with the switch on it..it keeps flopping over.  Mom tries to re-insert it but at the slightest provocation it falls over again.  That is or was her favorite lamp.  It's feminine, a "lacy" pink shade, and a glass bottom.  I'm afraid I made her a little sad.

I hope everybuddy is having a warm and snuggly easy with lots of kisses and petting and warm blankies.  Ask your pawrents for treats too.  And give them kissies back.  They deserve it for they love you very much.

Here I am at the spare room window being all alarmed over the long haired black kitty.  This was before mommy blocked the windows so I can't see out.  Mean mommy.

January 4, 2013

New Way of Doing Business

Kitties!  I have a new way of getting Mom up!

Picture this!  0610 and I leap onto the bed as always.  I know she knows I am there.  How can you not?   So with no response from her, I checked her eyes.  Closed.  I inserted whiskers into her nostrils.  (Mom here:  She did!) I saw some wincing and nose movement.  Ah!  Now we're cookin'.  I checked her eyes again.  Closed.  I walked around and around her head...nothing.  Then, I went to the bedside lamp.  I do this every morning and every night but this morning, I did it with gusto.  I rubbed my face on the shade so much and so hard, VOILA!  Eureka! I finally succeeded in knocking it off the stand.  It's GLASS too.  Extra points. That got her up with a loud voice toward me.  However, she got up..that was the point after all, and I got breakfast.

Case closed.

pee ess:  That little triptych on the table is something mom found in a Russian store in Charlotte NC.

January 2, 2013

We Three Queens

We three queens of Tennessee are:

Robin, matriarch of the Cat Family here with her just created stained glass likeness.

Robin, a dark Tortie, went OTRB 18 years ago and we still love and miss her.  She reared mom's human sons and did a great job of it too.

 Then there was Admiral.  She followed several years after Robin flew away.  Everyone knows how much Mom and Admiral loved one another.  They made a "girl family" here..just the two of them among all the sons.

Then, there is me.  I am the apple of Mommy's eye though she misses and loves the Ones Who Came Before.  I have taken up the Standard and I bear it proudly.  I make Mommy proud of ME and I am proud of Mommy.  We are a family of girls among all the human brothers.


These are the creative works of Anne Varner  http://www.etsy.com/shop/livingglassart

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year Furriends

Happiest New Year dearest furriends and pawrents.

May blessings and good and love be in every Furriend's life and experience.  May peace,  joy and contentment be your Pawrents every day companion.

I hope your pawrents efforts for good always come to fruition.  And I send purrs and headbonks; mommy sends her huggles and loves.

Happy New Year.