October 28, 2018

Paint on a Wall

Mommy said I was all over the Tech "they" sent out to try to resolve my internet problems again.  We got a slight few weeks break from them and wham...three days ago it started again where we don't have an internet signal except a minute..then out..then back...maybe out for 10 minutes, back for 3 minutes...out again and that goes for the computer as well.  Mom tried 3 days to fill in a Catster questionnaire and the internet kept dropping right about toward the end before she could complete and hit send.  Grrrrrr.

This man seems to know what the problem is.  He did an experiment to test his theory.  It worked.  So  Mom called an electrician to check the wiring behind the computer desk's electrical outlet in the wall.

I came trotting out when I heard him talking when he came in this morning.  I purred, weaved in and out of his ankles, headbonked his calves, talked...chirped, wove some more.  He reached down and petted me and rubbed my face and headie.  Mom said you have to be a cat man.  He said he had two and usually has had through the years.  He even proudly showed mom pictures of his gingery Maine Coon.

Anyway, I haven't blogged much but every 3 days or so.  But I always try to come see you all anyway whether I blog or not.  If you haven't seen me these past 36 hours it's on accounta mommy can't get connected.

We are for the moment--
so with that, have a grand Sunday evening and love on your parents.

October 23, 2018

Kicked the the Curb (sorta)

Kitties!  The last time favorite brovver was here, I sorta kinda kicked mom to the curb.  Oh, she got my attention off and on during the day and I laid on her lap in the evening while I watched my baby shows on PBSKids.   BUT:  When she went to bed, while I usually come in about the time she pulls the covers up this time I didn't.  She waited and waited and finally put the brace on she uses for the carpal tunnel syndrome in her left hand.  Petting goes out the window with that thing on her hand!  I get petted with her right hand.  But I still didn't show up so she turned out the light.  I still didn't show up.  Time passed and she sank into sleep.  I never showed up all night nor did I bring ANY babies in for the first time EVER!  NO Donkey, no one.  No announcements.  No visit.  No sleeping with mommy (who got the best night sleep in years!)

And she missed me Kitties, I know she did as she told me when I did show up to assist her getting up.

She was going to be saying goodbye to brovver that morning since he was going home, so she mentioned it to him as he ate his bacon, eggs, toast, jelly and coffee and orange juice.  (Mommy does it up grand for him whenever he's here). Dad Burn if he  didn't say I was with HIM!  He told her we had quality lap time and petting and smoochies on my head and all that while she laid there cold and alone without me to guard her.  I was guarding him instead.

Just sayin'.  Don't take me for granted, Miz Lady!  Don't take me for granted!

Snacking on my sushi...and showing mom who is Miss Thing.

October 18, 2018

Now THIS About Does It!

Kitties!  YOU be the Judge(s)!!!!

I think I may kick my client to the curb!  LOOK at what he did today!

Leave him alone for one minute and this tragedy!  Well?  Now, whose beddie is it?  I am outraged!

Exhibit A.


October 14, 2018

Sunday Selfie

Hi Kitties!

Here I am curled warmly in the blankie off the guest bed.  My favorite brovver was sleeping there and mom took the sheets off to change the bed.   Of course she whispered my name to make me peek out.   I decided what and when on that changing the sheets dealio! Ain't nobody making me move till *I* want to move.  Wish Kozmo was here too!

October 9, 2018

Sun and Sweetness

Kitties!  Mom found me this early morning in my chair...happy, warm, soft, comfortable, purring and aglow with a sunpuddle.  I melt her heart.

October 5, 2018

Furry Friday


This place is covered in rugs, scatter rugs and carpet, and blankies and other things...towels and so on.  You might think I had the plague or something!  She's always using her rubber glove for getting up bags of fur everywhere after I went through all that trouble to make it happen.  The beds, all of them, chairs, sofa, places on the carpet I lay, the sheets and pillowcases every morning for pity sake;  ...sheesh!  What am I, poison?

Here I am in the kitchen negotiating through the scatter rugs. Any the door, at the sink...in front of my bathroom facilities for litter scatter...as if!  If I'd known she was going to take a picture I would have combed my bib!

I might need to petition our Union, and President Austin.

Of course, he meows in Welsh.  But I understand him pretty well.  He comes over a LOT.

October 1, 2018

At Last, Mommy!

Kitties!  I was finally rescued!  Mom came home last evening in time to feed me a late dinner.  OH was I glad to see her!  Tiffany treated me great, but seeing my own family is such a good thing.

I helped her put stuffs away and followed her around and later supervised her shower.  Finally after everything was done, she sat in my chair and I came up to nest on her lap.  She said I felt like a hot loaf of bread.  I made her jammie knees all special with my wet nosey.  I kept burrowing my nosey into the knees of her jammies- and they were damp with my nose leather moisture.  When I burrow, I mean it!

When we went to bed, which was early as she didn't sleep much while she was gone; I had my arms around her head and my chin on her forehead. No getting away from me.  Later in the night, I put my nosey into her ear and parked for a time.  Ah.

Good meowing all of you kitties and woofies.  

Here, Biltmore, is where all of my  favorite brovvers and sister took mom.