February 26, 2014

So...Who Gets to Meow Last?

I get to meow last!  I showed her.

I slept against her back in the accustomed place last night.  She even felt my sweet toesies against her back.  BUT: when she got up this morning and traveled to the kitchen to tend to my needs first, water, fresh kibble and some fancy Feast, she saw nothing amiss on her journey in.  As I ate breakfast she dared to pour coffee and let the toast pop us.

Armed with toast and coffee she went into the computer room to eat the toast and drink the coffee while looking at her various email accounts.

Well, lo and behold!  There at the base of my cat tree was a big pile of kibble hork.  Up one level to the top of the girl cave was another good sized pile of kibble hork.  To the right of the tree, touching the base of it and a bit on the carpet, a wetter amount of regular liquid hork was placed just right.

SO...while the coffee cooled and the  toast turned cold, mom cleaned it all up.  Tell ME I smell bad will you?  Lift MY tail again after turning on the light and rudely awakening me will you?  Well, you see that the shoe is on the other footie!

February 25, 2014

Mommy was Rood to me!

Mommy was rood to me last night Kitties!  I was finally up there curled in the place she prepared having decided to forgive her for allowing me to hork on our bed and make it unacceptable.  It does not matter one whit that the sheets were changed again and etc.  I slept away from my place.  But Kitties, last night I settled right in the place she prepared for me and what happened?  Her nose went into overdrive and she thought she smelled a very unpleasant odor.  She assumed it came from ME!  ME!  She used the light from the clock to see if I was toting any extra "baggage" if you will, but I was not, Kitties.  The N-E-R-V-E!  Her sniffer got active again as soon as she laid back down and this time she got UP!!! And turned on the light!!! There I was looking all relaxed and totally adorable all stretched out and sleepy.  There SHE was standing there examining me!  I got up and LEFT her insulting self standing there and went to my crows nest!

She went back in, tried to settle and she tossed and turned and never did figure what that.. um..unpalatable odor was.   (mom here..I could find no source and it went away as quickly as it came.  Something coming thru the hot air vent?  Who knows).

Meanwhile I did come back.  I laid on her other side but finally I went to her front side where once again, there was a place prepared.

She has a black heart to so accuse me of an odor!

February 23, 2014

Um, It Was an Accident, Mom

Kitties, other favorite brother is here till this morning and then the usual favorite brother will arrive this afternoon, also for an overnight and leaving in the morning.

Meanwhile, mom and my other favorite brother had gone out to eat last night at Ruby's as mom lurves their salad bar).  When they got home from that, they had a grading pawty with mom getting to grade some papers too.  He has a total of 186 students and he teaches six classes, so we (he) has over 600 papers to grade this weekend.  No, HE will have all of those because mom only graded maybe a hundred or so.  When he goes back to his home in NC he will have to finish all of that we had to leave undone last night before school commences again Monday morning.  Brother teaches Science.

Moving on, here is what I did last night after mom was in bed, lights out and waiting for me to join her.  There she was with her pillow all bunched up to suit her and her position feeling just right.  She had her eyes closed I know when I leapt lightly to my place already prepared right beside her.  She always carves out a semi circle of area free of the top sheet and blankie so I can have unobstructed access to her warmness.  Kitties, there I was, and within just perhaps maybe three minutes she heard that old familiar sound.  I have to tell you that I horked a HUGE amount of kibble all over our fresh and just changed bed linens.  An enviable pile, Kitties.

Mom had to get up of course and remove the pile, place paper towels under the sheet and cover the sheet with two fresh pillow cases.  Then she settled back in.  I refused to go anywhere near where I had horked.  So I occasionally slept at the foot of our bed.  Sorry Mom.  (suuuuure).

Me with this favorite brother last visit.

February 21, 2014

Almost Caturday, so I declare this CATURDAY!


If I knew how to post a video I would.  I have one of myself rolling around and tossing my mousie.  I do have a U-Tube account but I don't have a clue what to do.  So I sent it to Mariodacat to look at.  Heeee.  He liked it.

Kitties, you know what?  There is not one of we kitties in the entire world who is not beautiful.  None of us are ever not beautiful.  We come in all sizes, all colors of furs and all of our furs are beautiful.   Any given kitty in any place--- no matter their shape, weight,  eye color,  fur color or their unique markings is ever anything but beautiful.  We are beyond compare.  It does not matter our heritage.  We make every home shine and glow with our softness and beauty and our love.  Just sayin'.

My brovver went away today to his own home and returning to work within days.  I miss him Kitties, because he loves me as much as mommy does.  And I love him too.  I am in there on his bed right now.  I was sitting in the middle of the floor before that in the dark, just waiting.

He did come to talk to me while I was in the crow's nest before he left.  We had a long talk and some smoochies.  But he told me he had to leave.  He will come back Sunday afternoon for an over night and return to The Big City Monday morning.  (mommy misses him too).

I'll see you in my dreams, Brovver.  ❤

February 20, 2014

At Last...

Kitties, after three days with nothing at ALL...look what I brought in to Mom during the night.  My pink mousie and red heart shaped mousie were included but elsewhere in the room.  But it's LION!

Kitties,  I hope you get lots of suns and lots of snuggles.  xxoo

February 17, 2014

Monday Washday...Tuesday Tuxie Day Heeee

Kitties, my mom took the litter box out  this afternoon to wash it thoroughly, both top and bottom.  (I have to have a hooded box as some of you may remember I was not squatting well and tended to overspray the box top edge.  Mom had a lot of pee to clean up till she finally got a clue.

Anyway, it was---of ALL things---65 degrees out there today.  Hard to believe we woke to another snow YESTERDAY! She hooked the hose up, emptied my box and gave it a good cleaning outside.  Man, it needed it too.  Whew.  Mom uses Precious Cat litter in an effort to cut down on that horrible choking cloud of dust every time I use my facilities, and every morning when she cleans the box out.  CLOUDS of dust that coat our lungs and the kitchen!  WHY in the world litter makers can't cut down on that harmful to us and our humans dust and charge moms more for a better litter is beyond me.   So, I have a clean box to use and I am happy.  And mommy has switched to Precious Cat litter. No, mom wasn't compensated.  It's a personal opinion.

Kitties, here are a few fuzzy pics of me LOVING every SECOND playing with my gift from King Spittola a week ago.  These are awesome toys!  I LOVE the silvervine in them and I can't get enough. You have already seen me with my long kickaroo which I love.

But I also love stalking my knot.  Oh kitties, I even untied the knot I play with it so much.  Here I am VERY early before mom worked out today, stalking and killing my knot!

and my heart...Oh, my word!  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Thank you King Spitty for these fabulous toys and for supporting Winnie's Wish.  Star and Leo's mommy sure knows how to make these and they are all made my hand, kitties.

Go to Celestial Kitties and find the link.  xoxoxoxo

February 16, 2014

February 13, 2014

Snow Day, Kitties!

Kitties, we are having a snow day.  I will make mom put just one picture here.

Bird TV reception is snowy today!
Good thing we got everyfing done yesterdays before the snows came in the late afternoon through the night.

One of our dearest kitties went to the Bridge yesterday.  Grace, of manx mnews.  She joins her sisfur Abby to wait for their mommy and daddy by and by.  Mommy said her heart was broken for the family.  Please go and offer some love and comfort?

Meanwhile, mom said she will  read the other bloggies to me now and I hopes to see you very soon.

Good meowing fur now, Kitties.

February 11, 2014

A Queen's Present from a Servant in a Distant Place

Look Kitties!  THIS came in the mail today!  A friend of my other favorite brother who created the two badges for me that I have on my sidebar, one for my Gotcha day and the other one was another Year of the Rat on accounta I'm a cat...sent this made -it-himself stamp on a postcards.

One side addressed to me (mommy took out the street address) and with a regular P.O. stamp and then the other side which was written to me, Queen Katie, and a wonderful message on it (biggafy if you want to, to read).  But that stamp Kitties, he made it himself and I think it is excellent in design and workmanship enough to rival regular U.S. postage.

I just wanted to share it wiv you..  

This is his creation.

Here is the message.

It's going to snow an awful lot starting tomorrow.  The whole of the deep South is going to and some States already have, get a walloping dumping of snow.  

I have been around today to some kitties.  I got off to a late start yesterday evening because mom was gone on business all day and today she seemed to be constantly embroiled in something.  OH!  She had a horrible dream about me she said.

Last night in full too livid color, she dreamed that I slid out of the front door while she was trying to check for mail.  I ran to the edge of the yard and then, I saw another cat across the street and she said I took off with all my might and jumped onto the other cat and rode it all the rest of the way down the street.  I fell off after a distance and me and the other cat got into a horrible biting fight.  She was horrified and then, both me and the enemy cat continued screaming and running and fighting and disappeared to where Mom could not ever find me.  UGH.  NO more of that, mom!!!

February 8, 2014

Caturday and an Award From Nellie (who I loves!)

Kitties!  yesterday Nellie from The Cat From Hell  gived me an award!  The Sunshine Award, and she complimented me saying that I spread sunshine which she needs to combat the winter doldrums.  I was thrilled.  One, I loves Nellie furry much.  Two,  I  am honored that she finds me to be happy and sunny because I  really am, every day.  XXOO to you, Nellie.  Fanks you. ❤

Kitties, if you haven't been to see her award and her nominations, I ask that you go today!~  She did an excellent presentation of each nominee (something I can't do..my mom is too too lame) and her representations are not only spot on, they are funny.  Wait till you see the one she did for ME, Katie!  OMC, I wish I could save that forever!!!

I am to nominate about ten kitties, so here goes!!

Stunning Keisha

Truffle and Brûlée at Sweet Purrfections

Madi and Mom at DownHomeinNC.

Friends Furever

Shaggy and Scout at Little Cat Feet

Spitty at SpittySpeaks

Gracie of GoodnessGracie

Nerissa's Life


Four White Paws

Fanks you dear Nellie.  Love and kisses and we LOVED that nomination!!  xxooxx always .

February 6, 2014

Are You There? Mom? Mom? Hello?

Kitties, at 0555 this morning I hopped lightly onto the bed and licked mom's eye lashes.  Not letting that stand on its own, although that was a stellar move if I declare so myself...I thought perhaps a little refreshing wash would be good.  I began with her forehead.

I haven't any idea why but her hand rose and interfered with my ministrations to her comfort!  What rudeness!

Last evening before bed.

I moved on to give her a haircut.  She sleeps in a pony tail and I find the bundles hair to be in just the right position or situation rather, to be barbered. Kitties, I was brushed aside! Seems that nothing I do is good enough for the furless one lying there!

However at 0610 she gave up and got up though not with the proper attitude.  There were no whispered "good morning" greetings, no pets and no holding.

Sometimes you can just be too good to them, Kitties.

February 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday a Bit Late, (but who's Counting)?

Kitties!  Mom said to tell you that my Lion has been all lonely and unloved ever since I came back from the hospital.  I did bring him in two times not too long after that but not since.  Donkey gets brought in, and pink mousie that came from @Dylcat and red heart shaped mousie that was a gift too, but that's it.

Mom said she is marinating him again as I speak.  She took him out after a few hours  (8) and I was interested but walked away.  Mom said she will not give up..and he is in there marinating again.  This time for longer.

I have been zoomed and had brushies after that.  The prickly side of the brushie and the soft bristle side.  I am SO relaxed.  All "melty" and dangly on my tree.

See you in a bit.  I have already been to some kitty homes.  I will be around to your place too.

February 3, 2014

Tuxie Tuesday a Bit Early (but who's counting?)

Kitties!  It's (almost) Tuxie Tuesday and I have neglected my duty in stating that often enough.  Thank goodness for Precious! Tuxies are going to HAVE to meow up!  This retiring, shy little thing ain't getting us nowhere.

Obey the Tuxie.  

Lion: Lonely and unused. Not wanted. Neglected. Home wanted.

The only view I get of mommy!  I wanted her to see that! NOSICLES!
That picture is an accident when mom was in the car ready to leave the drive way, she held it up, thought she was going to see a grocery list and BAM! The camera was still up from last usage and HA HA HA! Her fingers brushed the shutter release and this gem dandy appears!

February 2, 2014

Sunday Awardie

Kitties, KjelleBus gave me an award!  See?

 I am truly honored that he thought I deserved this award.  I don't think it's because I swoon every time I see him and that my whiskers tremble while gazing on his handsomeness, do you?

Thank you Charlie Rascal!  Smooches to you!

I am to acknowledge his and the award and bestow it on another kittie.  I am going to choose Clarissa of Clarissa's House of Cats because she is so darned cute with that little mouf open and those teefs showing!!

And Flynn, that handsome man cat of TwoDevonCats.

And Leo of Celestial Kitties! You Lothario you!!

Boomie,  of The Furries of Whisppy.  here it comes...<3<3<3'

Let's go see The Kitten Bowl.

February 1, 2014


Kitties, it's Caturday!

Colder'n can be but I'm in here so it doesn't matter, right?

Mom said she dreamed that I had four kittens!  That I was under a bed when I had them and she didn't know till she happened to have seen them later in the day.  She scrambled to get them out and into a large bed for me and them.  One was gray and one was black is all she remembers.  Wait..I think she said there was a tabby stripe but she doesn't remember the other one.  Mom!  I am not a girl about town! Good grief!

Let's celebrate the day with loads of bacon and nip coffee and then,  let's set our tunnels and Ess's for "ANYWHERE" and see whose home we pop out at! I know as soon as I finish eating and I think you kitties are up for awhile, I will get mine fired up.  We want to meow and laff and have a cuddle pile and nom whatever is in the cupboard in one anothers' homes.  Ready?  Set? GO!!!

Ready or not, here I COME! WHEEE!