October 31, 2016

Happy Meow-lo-Ween!


I will pop into my pink tunnel, hit "anywhere" on the directional finder and pop back out through YOURS!  BOOOOO!

October 29, 2016

Hm....A New Lawsuit Brewing?

All I know is:  I was resting on my throne when I heard the whirr of a camera motor doing the adjusting for the long lens.

and then....

Sure enough...she never learns.  

pee ess:  Biggafy for a look at my mad-at-you-eyes.

October 25, 2016

Don't Complain Mommy!

Now Kitties and Woofie, She is usually complaining about me taking over 3/4ths or more of the bed!  Well, I submit that I certainly do NOT!

She had taken the comforter off the bed before her shower last night and lo!!  Look where I was!  just as I always am!!!  Does that look like 3/4ths of the bed to you?

 I will admit to being crammed into her side or shoulder later in the night or up on the pillow...hers...but here I am on MY side!  M-Y side!  I'm filing suit for those awful character assassinations on me she sneaks into MY blog!

October 24, 2016

Kathryn Isabella, Catttorney at CatLaw Esq.

Kitties and Woofies, I have been in private practice for a year now and I may expand to the CB.  Spitty may be my first client.  He is filing suit against his human re: unremitting flashybox shenanigans. He is fed up to his glossy mancatly chest furs!    My fee is negotiable as long as I like it.

My most notable and newsworthy case was the Caper of the Stolen Fuds that occurred here in my own home a few months ago!  MY  fuds, mind!  I was going to sue the miscreant, one James, 13 months old and surely tempted beyond his experience.  So I felt pity for him and decided to defend him and his actions (eating my KIBBLE!) and train him up better.  His mother and my mom were overcome with laughter.  I recorded that on a video which I posted on Utube!  It was the evidence that got him freed from the charges they had filed against him with the CatCourt.

I'll hang my shingle as soon as I can order stately robes for CatCourt days.

Meanwhile, my new Purple Fishy has made the cut of toys I bring into the bedroom at night!  Second in line.  Donkey was third!

October 21, 2016

Still Eating

Kitties, I am still eating food with my probiotics in it.  Tonight however, I did not finish my supper.  I wonder if I am coming to the end of that rainbow where other of my furriends said they turned their beautiful  noses up after a few weeks.  I hope I keep eating it.   My tummy is happier...my poopy is the best ever so my Katie guts must be in tune at last.

Brovver is here just for over night.  I hope I will cooperate so I can get lots of kissies and snuggles.

Mom has the heat set to come on at 70 or perhaps 69 tonight and it will as it has been chilly all day.  I'll wallow around on top of her favorite red fleece blankie and she'll be under it.  We make a good pair.  I am welcome to get under it too but I just never have.

I have been around to visit many of you and I will do some more visiting after mom is available to help me some more.


October 16, 2016

The Hots and Humids are Here Again

Kitties, can't get a decent break.  The hots are here and the humids with them.

I have to lie about airing it all out to keep some cools into my furs so my skin can be more comfy.  I look unlady-like but that's how it is for now.  I am keeping Mom warm each night by sleeping next to her head sharing my warmth.  She threw off the covers.  What's up with THAT!

Mom goes to a park and walks just about every day as well as works out.  There is a type of Collie (partly) whose name is Ringo who has been very nice to her.  Very polite while there in the company of his human.  Mom! I can smell that woofie on you.  Don't fool yourself!

Just sayin'.

October 13, 2016

I'm Doing Well

Kitties!  I have completely turned around to the betters!

I slept on mom's head as I told you and since then I have been doing super well.  Mom got the full dose of probiotics into me each day so far since Sunday!  Kitties, you know how we cats are...there is no such thing as TMI...right?  So with that in mind I will tell you that I have had a poopie each day that could be a photo in a Vet book about how a good one is supposed to look!  Hope I don't refuse the probiotics after a while.  Seems some of my furriends have.

Also, I am playing harder and running more.  I had told several kitties that I was not quite myself.  I didn't know how true that was till my innards got fixed up.  I have even taken my blankie, made by my  best furriend Stella O'Houligan's mommy, wadded it and pushed and dragged it under the table in a heap.  EVERY day!  And oddly enough, the dry skin flakes I had on my coat have diminished to almost nothing!  That we don't understand.

I am still sleeping on Mommy's head, poor mom.  The do rag gets a thorough licking and the rasping sound wakes her.  Heeeee.

I wrassled it into submission

My other favorite brovver is a teacher.  His 9th grade students in Science and Math made mommy birthday cards! 


October 10, 2016

How I'm doing

Kitties, I literally slept wrapped around my mom's head.  (I referenced our great bloggie friend "Cat on my Head" as what I did reminded me of them). Really and truly without moving except to push my snooter between the pillow and her forehead.  That was Saturday night when mom persuaded me to  come to bed when I started trying to hide I was so miserable.  I had no interest in food and all I could do was have loose stool and bile brought up right afterward.  I was sad indeed in that last picture in the last bloggie.

Mommy purred hard in her own way about it all day and night, and I did too.  We went to bed  early Saturday night and I never moved until 5:30 Sunday morning.  I did not bring my toys at all for several nights. Since I was quite literally on her head, Mom just dozed off and on as she was very uncomfortable but I am worth it.  I rose Sunday morning with my tail up, it was down the pervious two days.  I gave morning head bonks and a few side rubs.  Then, mom gave me a coffee teaspoon of wet fud--- which I ate.  We did that several times in the day.  No more vomiting and no bowel movement.  Mom finally got the first dose of probiotic into me today.  Divided up, I got the whole packet.

I have played some and eaten a lot and made two good sized peepees.

Mom and I want to know whether of not the probiotics will start me having a poop again.  I am not having any in 2 days after all that diarrhea.  Can you tell us what cat probiotics do?  Do they work on having you go to the litterbox or only to stop loose stools?

To all who were worried...mommy never ever let me eat her hair.  Don't worry, but we love you for being concerned. 💗 I just tried licking usually, but she woke immediately and covered her head.  She dislikes it, and she sleeps lightly.  Now, she takes no chances as she is wearing her do rag.  I think I got some sort of virus really.

Mariodacat and me at the Greasy Spoon Cafe last Thursday 

October 8, 2016

Mommy Going to Get me My Prescribed Probiotics.

Vet said I should try this...a pet probiotic.

Mom wants me to feel betters.  She just took this.  Vet said a GI tract bug maybe.  No infection.  And I don't get to nibble mom's hair really much at all as she wakes up immediately and covers her head.

October 7, 2016

Thank you Kitties and Mommy's

Thank you efurrybuddy.   Kitty, woofie and human beans.

I am better but not fully.  No diarrhea last night nor today at least so far, and I only had two golf ball sized pees in the box for 24 hrs. I barely ate or drank though mom tried to tempt me.  She finally decided I knew best.  I lost 5 oz. when I went to the Dr., and I am sure I have lost more now.

I tried to shampoo mom last night--- so she knows I am better!  Look what she put on, or WILL put on tonight to try to fix my wagon!  Her do rag she wore under her motorcycle helmet.

I think that may about thwart me.

October 6, 2016

Purrs for Me Please

Kitties, I turned unwell in the night.  I have diarrhea and some pretty serious vomiting. I vomited in my litterbox after another diarrhea.  Mom called and they took me right away.  I had my favorite tech and all was decently well (no screaming and fighting) until they cleaned my bottom.  No temperature and abdomen palpations were normal.  Fecal sample was free of parasites.  I did lose five ounces somehow.  In two weeks.

I was given an antacid by injection and they tried giving me an antibiotic in a liquid suspension...I made horrible noises, salivated terribly and had a difficult time .  Needless to say, there will be NO more of that.

Mom can only wonder if the Pounce I  was given and that I loved enough to drool all over the table!!! had anything to do with it.  Mom allowed me 7 pieces yesterday afternoon.  I am used to Party Mix only.

Purrs and prayers would be so appreciated by both me and mom.  It scares her when I am not well.


Update:  Mom had to re-clean my box with the garden hose etc again a while ago.  She spiffed up my box and changed the litter yesterday, but after this morning with the loose stool and vomiting, it smelled terrible despite having been cleaned out.  I hopped right in when it was refilled and made a pee.  Mom said she is hoping for a bowel movement so she can see if I am normalizing now.

October 4, 2016


Kitties, I insist on grooming mom.  Even with the bandana on her head I insist on washing even that.  And when she says no...I just go down and wash her arm.  If she tucks that in, I wash the sheet.  She said that interrupts her sleep badly and that she has a hard time going back to sleep.  Why she can't join me for my all day nap is not clear to me! She said I may put my toys in a bandana, attach it to a stick, and sling it over my shoulder and visit one of you to hone my skills. I love that suggestion of "Katie's Kuts" for my business name when I get my start with my new enterprise!  She doesn't appreciate me.