November 28, 2018

My Mirror Image (not really) of the Spitster

Kitties!  I sent this picture I am posting here today to Spitty a few weeks ago and told him I wished we were facing opposite directions in HIS own header picture are we are both calm, sleeping and enjoying the bestest sunpuddles to be offered on either Coast!

The Header picture was kindly done by Ann of Zoolatry back in 2013.  I loved it and still do.  Her work is without equal.  It's peerless.

We are busy here at our home.  Mom goes back and forth to The Big City daily now but that part may ease after the first week of January.  She's been trying to be here to help me post.  BUT she does help me come to see you even when I haven't posted.

By the way, remember that the fur family you occasionally see in my sidebar go to my "Rainbow" page after a week, to sadly make room for other babies who fly away to the Bridge.  They are all there if you would like to visit them that way.  They are never gone when you don't see them on the side bar.  We love them too much.

XXOO to all.

November 24, 2018

Mommy found the only thing worth the trip on Black Friday. 

November 20, 2018

Who's the Star?

Mom looked at some pictures from a month or so ago and saw a repeating theme.  The theme encircles the room on all four walls.

November 18, 2018

Happy Sunday Blog Hop.

Kitties!  I wanted to show you my best selfie evah! But I pressed the button before I had hauled my tongue back in!  Ooops.  I never get the Hop right, on accounta I never show up in it.  But I try.  XXX Comments on how to correct obvious errors are very welcome.

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November 16, 2018

New Hiding (and warming) Place

Kitties, Favorite Brovver came to do his laundry (and get some supper and a big breakfast next morning) and *I* got to play in his clothes he hung on the door knob!  I got all curled up in there until Mom kept circling me like I was prey or something, with that phone of hers! She needs a life, Kitties.

November 13, 2018

Tuxie Tuesday

Here it is, Tuxie Tuesday again.  Used to be Tortie Tuesday till Admiral flew away.  She has me to carry on a tradition though.  We have been busier than hound's teeth around here though.  One thing after the other after the other and then, again.  However, there's time to celebrate being a Tuxie.

I am wearing my whitest mittens for you, I washed my mustache, and I refreshed my bib to softness for your pleasure, and my one white eyebrow is arcing over at it's best!  I aim to please.

I'm over here at the favorite Bird Watching window every day.  I get to see vishus deer too.  They walk right UP to me on their way out of the woods, thru the yard and across the street.  They walk on sidewalks here.

I wonder what the Tabbies are having for Thanksgiving?

November 12, 2018

Happy Veteran's Day

Kitties, yesterday was Veteran's Day but we celebrate and are thankful for all our Veterans today. And many of us are grateful every day as we are reminded of selflessness and heroism daily, each time when we see one of our veterans.  Join mom and me in thanking them for their service, Kitties and woofies.  Another Thanksgiving Day, sorta.  ❤️

Thank you, Veterans.  Some gave all...all gave some for our freedom and rights. 

November 8, 2018

She Did it Again

Kitties!  It's been a while but....I caught her at it again.

Mom was at the park walking around looking like a person chasing their tail, and she came across some woofies.  WHAT is it with her and these woofies!

Of course, most moms and dads can't take their feline for a brisk walk except John and his beasts.  But still, does she have to consort with woofies?

I was in her lap here at the computer just snoopervising  and look what I saw!  The total absolute nerve!  And she reeked to high heaven of woofie when she got home  The standard poodle did her in.  She says not, but I know she was impressed!  A Queen such as I feels these things.  Intuits them.

 The German Shepherd and friend who unfortunately got left out of her bonanza of picture taking!

The sheer nerve of Mom sets my furs on edge!  Trying to think how to handle it.  Spitty?  Marv?  Kozmo?  Austin?  Any? I would like to ask Chili Bruce but he's busy I think...

November 4, 2018

Fall Back

Kitties!  Mom always remembers to turn our clocks forward or back, whichever is needed.  She didn't fail us last night before bed and so here we are...way earlier according to our body clocks than we usually are.

She's getting ready to head out into the 37 degree (f) cold to have a walkie.   Things will be happening here starting next week that will keep her from doing that very much.  She decided she'd better git while she can.

If you look at mom's very  dirty car here, she was going to say one of our other kitty furriends mommy has this same magnetic "decal"  on her car too.  I told her then that we also had one.  They are not that easy to find.  Mom had one last year that the personnel at the car wash destroyed.  Mom had forgotten to get it off the car before they washed it (not machine wash). And they managed to ruin it.  They threw it on the garage floor and let it get run over etc for a day until Mom saw it was missing.   It's on again thanks to other favorite Brovver finding a new one.

Guess she's better start getting ready for outdoors.  Me, I'm dictating from my PTU where it's warm and fleecy.

Happy  Sunday to all of you.