March 31, 2016

New Turtle

Kitties!  I have a new turtle.  He is good to use for a pillow for lickity licking and...for a wash cloth.  (just like my red heart). I had some claws hooked in him last night just before this picture and washed my face with him.

March 28, 2016

Spring Sunpuddles

Kitties!  I have been loving my sunpuddles.  I lay in them at the front door, at the big window when mom opens and pulls back the vertical blinds.  I love them in the window where mom has laid a blankie of softness for me on top of the couch.

It's cold at night and mom has the thermostat on 68 so I am plastered to her stomach trying to keep warm!  Sheesh!

March 26, 2016

Nursie Katie

Mine mommy got taken by something yucky yesterday and she said that was the sickest she has been in too many years to count.  She said it was the usual unsavory collection of symptoms but on high octane misery.

I stayed close by and on her all night though.  I prevailed of course and she is much improved.  Good thing as someone in the family is turning 1 year of age and we gotta go and be there in a few hours.

Happy Easter dear  furriends and pawrents.  I so appreciate Ann's beautiful graphic for us.

March 22, 2016

I love This (to the exclusion of everything else)

Kitties, mom thought she would be throwing away her $25.00 but no actually.  I like it.

 she also got me this to go with it sorta.  We played quite awhile with it.  She really got it for herself if she were honest about it as she remembers when she first saw it on TV and what show it was. She knew if she didn't buy it yesterday while it was available the chance would be gone always and she would always wish she she put up the green papers for the brushie and the toy.  She graciously allowed me to play wif it! His name is Blinkie.

March 18, 2016

Home at Last

Kitties, I got home about 5 pm.  Turned out when mom called to ask after me, I had been ready since 2:30!  They just hadn't called--- and to mom, that was OK.  Better I should be there in case all was not well.  But all WAS well and when I got home, I ate an entire can of Fancy Feast.  I made a big crater in my freshly poured crunches too.  And I drank and drank.

I scent marked everything again including brother who is here.  I tried to wear his shoes and being unsuccessful with that, I laid on his lap instead for a long time.

Mom had been very restless the night before the dental et me tell you!  So she and I slept unmoving last night.  Both of us are happy.

I have not gained any weight. My dental grade was 1.  I had MY Tiffany (she is a tech there) to help me along with my doctor, so I felt better than without her being there.  She is familiar and a friend here at my home, though it is hard to think of that when you are being assaulted at the v-e-t office with pokey things and all, sometimes.  I got my ears looked at and pronounced that I have allergies as there was something deep within.  My nails were clipped.

Mom got to see and get a copy of my wee EKG that she OK'd prior to the dental and we have a copy of my pre- surgery bloods.  Not as all encompassing as the full panel as the full panel is not needed.

I am home..eating like a champion and I hope to be left along forEVER!

Fanks you from mom and me for your purrs and care and thoughts.  You never know with these procedures sometimes and you sure don't know what will be found.

 xoxoxox Love you all, dearest furriends.  (I really do).

Me relaxing in my sunpuddle after I got home and ate.

March 17, 2016

Today's Journey pee ess: I am still not home.

Kitties, I am at the Vet office and I will have my dental today after not eating (my choice...I wanted no more though it was there till bedtime) since 5 last night.  Mommy took up the dishes and waters before bed and it hurt her heart to see me lying there looking at her wondering where my food and water was.

After a good brushie lasting 10 minutes or more, Mom scooped me up and put me in the PTU.

In the event anyone else was worried about my saying mom used calming spray while I screamed, nothing  bad or harmful in is all herbal and has never hurt me.  Mom did not spray it ON me and it is totally harmless.  She sprayed the air.  We are sorry that we gave a bad impression.

Chow Meow as Austin says, till later.  I hope to be home by suppertime.

March 16, 2016

Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?

Kitties, I swear, he was back again this morning and though I shouted un-ladycat things to him through the window; still he stayed gazing.  Mom came with the Nutri-Vet calming spray, sprayed the air with it and left the room again while I continued to give instructions to the Maine Coon.

Mom mistakenly thought that was it for the day as I ceased imprecations hurled against the glass--- but sadly no.  He was perched high up within spittin' distance right on top of the heat and air unit outside.  Mom went back  for more calming spray.  After administering it to the air again, she pulled on a shirt and went outside to ask after his family and how were the wife and kids.

He departed in a dignified and slow manner but he did leave.  I am still jumpy and upset.

Mom loves her little figurine.  Bet you can't tell why.  MOL.

March 13, 2016

It was an outrage! A Horrible outrage!

KITTIES!  It was awful! It was a terrible horrible bad bad outrage!  It shouldn't  happen to a woofie!

I was lying in a very warm and bright sunpuddle at my own front door which was open so that I could gaze contentedly at the daffodils and hyacinths and watch Birdy TV.  It was a quiet, nothing moving kind of day and I was there, cat loaf position, eyes relaxed and just humming to myself.

Then, that Maine Coon tabby, gorgeous though he is, came straight up to ME on the front porch.  He did.  The solid NERVE! Kitties!  Only the depth of the door glass separated us.  He could have done heinous things to me and to my mom if I had not risen to the occasion once again and protected her!

She was in the computer room, but she heard me leaping up the door glass and growling.  By the time she rose and came in to see what was the matter, she saw Mr. Handsome standing there and I quote her, that she claims I was glaring at that show-off while I was in full scream and spit mode  He, on the other hand just stood there interestedly as I read him his full pedigree and antecedents as well as probable relationships with various entities which shall not be re-screamed and spat out now as the moment has passed.

Kitties, I looked over my shoulder and say mom LEAVING!  She came back with calming spray (HA!  As if!!!) and started inching the heavy wooden door closed, a millimeter at a time until I was forced to back away.  Then, she closed the door and walked off like nothing happened despite I saved her from untold terrible bad bad awful things!

I may seek a replacement mom.  I won't countenance this!

March 11, 2016

Bad Habit Mommy

I can't keep that woman home.  She's not paying proper attention to me.  I am or should be her only concern and she should devote all her time to me.

I'll have a bit more time now,  as her bad habit kicked in.  She thinks she is 19 years old.  HA!  I repeat--- HA! 

She isn't teetering on the brink of extinction, no, but spring poultry she ain't.  Neither am I.  Both of us should be proper and circumspect ladies.  But one of us, coff coff--- her---coff thinks she is a spring chick-hen!

She hurtles all over town trying to rack up miles on her Fitbit after she flings machine weight around.  Good grief Mom.  Give it a rest, OK?  Huh? And no, I don't want to hear about the second sciatica attack.  You did it to yourself.  So when it's over, lay down with me and nap instead.

That's all I have to say about THAT!

March 8, 2016

LOOK at Me and Nellie Bellie!

Kitties, Woofies, Nellie invited me to Lulu's Tea and Nip House.  See?

"Oh, and then Spitty said".....

March 6, 2016

My monocle is Re-Growing.

Kitties, my monocle fell off.  The upper half that is.  My one lone white eyebrow fell out as it does about every 7-8 months.  It is about 1/4th of an inch long now.

No mancats seem interested in me, so I am showing them my absolutely floofalicious tailio!  Now is this not luxuriant?  And here is a close up of my mustache and 1/4 inch long monocle-to-be.

I am turning into a little spinster cat.

Look at my tail. Biggafy for best effect

Mustache Are Us. My eyebrow is the shortest white hair in there. 

March 5, 2016

OH!! MY!! COD!!

KITTIES!  Where is the huge ugly voluminous cover that is always there on the sofa against my furs collection!  I work HARD HARD HARD every DAY to make the sofa bewteefuls with prime Katie Tuxedo furs.  Made in Goodness land.  By myself!  WHERE is it?  I asked her as I sat there looking in horror!  She said Simba's mommy and Daddy are coming and she didn't want them to sit on my furs!

My Katie feelings are hurted!

She said it would go back on laters, but in honor of Simba's pawrents it was coming OFF!  As if!!!

At least all my toys are still there!

March 3, 2016

Mom Messed Up On Mini-Me!

Now, Mom sure is messing up if she thinks THIS looks like ME!  HA!  Again, HA!!!

She bought this a few weeks ago like she doesn't have a real LIVE kittie right here!  Nooooo, she had to buy THIS one.  Get a load of her!

March 1, 2016

Oh Noes!

Kitties, Woofies, the dental is really going to happen. My Tech friend from the v-e-t office came by last night to trim my claws.  I heard mom and she talking about the DENTAL to come on March 17th.  Tiffany said I had to starve to the worst degree possible as I can't eat after midnight.  That means mommy will take up my food and water at 1030 because I am not allowed to drink either, so I will be starved AND dehydrated to black and white dust.  And no breakfast kitties!  I'll whither on the vine (if I had one).

I'll be stuffed into my PTU and dumped off like a pot roast by 8 am or so and I won't see mommy all DAY!  Her's calling the carpet cleaners as if I am gone cause I can't escape through the door if I'm not here.

One thing though I will ask of you brave kitties and woofies who have gone through this.  If I have not eaten nor drunk anything, I hope when I come home I won't have diarrhea.  Tiffany told mommy probably not, but you never know so I was wondering if I am gong to have an unhappy heiney once I get home.  Can you help with information?  And purr for me that day too?

Mom and I are skeert!