June 27, 2018

Help on the Way

Kitties!  My Israeli fellow Cattourney's  are taking my case into consideration.  I shall await their learned reply.  They did advise me to recuse myself from the case because of conflict of interest.  I have duly done so.

I did want to rush to say that Sticky One didn't grab anything IN the litterbox.  (thank goodness)  Just ran his fingers through the litter.  He's a rambunctious little thing!  Any of your mom's reading this should know he was washed thoroughly each time.  Maybe next time we'll get a harness and leash for him for pete sake!

Oh.  Mom finally brought back a flavor of food I said a firm NO to five years ago.  She happened to have accidentally bought a can last week of that very flavor.  Running very low, she cracked it open for me and I licked the bowl to a SHINE!  And when she simply said "supper" to the empty air as I was in the back bedroom, I came out at a trot, tail straight up, and stationed myself purring at the dish.  I waited as she dished it out and I ate every morsel and cleaned the dish thoroughly.  This has never happened with any of my foods!  Not till I got that previously shunned one.

Me...awaiting my consultation. I am VERY serious as you can see. 

June 25, 2018

YOU Be the Judge

Kitties. My client went beyond the pale.   I have represented the kibble stealer, Sticky James the Kid.  I have done a superb job for him in the past as I felt sorry for him after I thought about it when I was about to sue him for eating my kibble you may (or not) recall from the time he was 6 months old till now.

Today however, he compounded his problems by dipping into my litterbox a total of six times.  He was so fast that he got there first--- over and over with me and his mommy hot on his trail to intercept but alas...never quite in time.

 His hand was in there sifting through the litter a few seconds each time. And a good pint sized amount of litter loose on the floor that first time before we realized  where he was and what he had done.  I had  made a transaction in there just before!!!  So he was washed thoroughly.  We would all turn around, and he would slip back in there to inspect again.  Finally we kept him away from the area period.  Never had that happen before.  It sure won't happen again.

I told mom I may have to turn the case over to a prosecuting Cattourney.   I'm debating with myself on the matter.  I may confer with my fellow Israeli  Cattourney to see what would be a fair judgment to seek.

I shall delay the matter until then.  And too, I may decide to defend him again if he promises to stay out of my litterbox.

Shall I sue- or shall I defend Sticky if other Cattourney's sue for violation of Litterbox? 

You be the judge.

June 24, 2018

Cat World Domination Day

Kitties!  It's OUR day!  (every day is really) but here's one that is official!  Summer kindly made us a perfect badge!  Thanks Summer.

I'm going to celebrate by paying no attention to mom except to cause her to give things I want.  Maybe even hand feed me...one treat at a time.  Maybe even just give me treats only today!  And brushies every four hours.  Oh, and play when ever I ask, regardless of what she's doing.

Oh.  Did you say we do this everyday except the treats?  I'd better think of something harder then for today.

Happy WCD Day!  I had the BEST  time at Summer's.  Binga co-hosted outdoors, and Boodie hosted with the indoor only kitties.  That's what I am, but I slipped out with Summer's Human while she was negotiating getting our fuds and toys to play with, outside.  I had a fab time.   Fanks you Summer, Binga and Boodie.  Janiss too.  xx

June 19, 2018

Wordy Wednesday- 4 Hours Too Soon

Kitties! Favorite Brovver is going back to his place in the morning.  He came here yesterday.  Mom keeps him company at the Medical Center during treatment.  I pamper him when he comes back with mom; and he gets fried chicken!  I don't!  No fair!

I gave mom an unexpected best treat ever this morning and during the night too.  I let her fall asleep after my two announcements for Donkey and Mousie coming through t be with her when she went to bed.  I did not drape myself over her head, face or neck.  I did not become a soft warm bowling ball to keep rolling up against her all night long.  For the first time in several years, she slept from the first few minutes after she went into the bed until 7 am.  No waking for anything.  Not once.  ALL night. When she opened her eyes this morning, she saw my face within 3 inches of hers.  We were facing one another on the pillow.  Face to face.  I washed her eyebrow and her nose.  She requested I wait and let her do that rather than tire me.  (Hmmmm) ....

Then, I put my footie on her mouth.  Mom decided to not think about their travels through the night.  That's what they made soap and water for, she thought as she enjoyed the softest paw in the world...warm,  with pink beans, and claws tightly tucked up into my paw.  I was making biscuits on her mouth very gently, as an 'I love you' thing to her.  Not a claw to be found. I am very gentle with her always.  She is gentle with me, and that's all I know to be to her.

So she slept wonderfully, first time in several years,  and has felt like a million all day! That is so unusual as I cannot leave her alone at night usually.   She had the best wake up call I could provide and the day has gone on so nicely since.

Put mom's face right there in front of my front feets.  My back feets were on her chest. 

June 16, 2018

Caturday Art

Kitties, Here I am!

I will try to get it entered when I see Mom is home again.  Right now she isn't.


June 13, 2018

Look What Mom Found

Kitties, Mom went out this morning to specifically get this for my room. I graciously allow her to put the iMac in here, and my office chair. Other than that, except for the Sticky person's toys, it is MY ROOM.  Just wanted to say.    She saw it last week and kept meaning to go after it.  She left it in the store after spotting it so as to think about spending the money on it.  It is needlepoint and someone made it.  It isn't manufactured somewhere.

She kept thinking about it and decided to go see if it was still there this morning-- and there it was!  She couldn't resist and the price was extremely reasonable she thought.

While there, she also bought me a "new" throw for my recliner that I let her sit in now and again (so *I* can be in her lap).  It's very pretty.  I have about five throws now.  Now she has a plain towel up there where I monorail instead of a pretty embroidered piece of hers!

Biggafy to see the kittens with the Mommy Cat

I OWN this chair

It's waiting for me to come down from the crow's nest.

June 11, 2018

Sure Sign!

Kitties!  I guess Mom knows how well I am feeling now!  Not only did I eat my breakfast and supper but when I went to attend to my... um... toilette duties in my private facilities, I came out of there like my tail was on fire just like before and hopped into the living room with my eyes as round as coins and ran all the way down the hall and back with my back up in the air watching mom as I went past!  I pranced, ran some more and I fluffed myself up like a feather boa.  I was happies!

Mom was still a bit worried about me the day after my scare because I slept all day and barely used my box.  But now...back to normal and lots of flying about with my pantaloons streaming out behind me!

Here I am...business as usual and playing the cello.


June 10, 2018

Sunday Selfie? I hope?

Kitties, here I am again still trying. There is a saying here in the South. If I knew what I was doin' I'd be dangerous.

June 9, 2018

My First Caturday Art (I hope) And News About Me

Kitties, the V-E-T called mommy at noon yesterday and told her about my bloods. All is well with them except a faint whisker width over normal of the pancreas test part.  She re-questioned mom about my eating (normal) my litterbox product and it's consistency and color...and re-affirmed that I am not seeming to be in pain and with "business as usual" such as...no hiding, patrolling, playing, sleeping in the usual places.  My habits in other words.  WHEW.  I have not had another episode of blood.  I did wake and cough a bit that first night after this happened. Mom had to google "what does a cat coughing sound like" as she had no idea, and that was what I had done.   My Katie loves to each of you.  You learn who your furriends are when things go wrong.  I see mine right here.  💗

Look at me all goth and stuffs! Or at least looking like the 1800's sorta.  This is our effort for Athena's blog hop!! Mom did the effort for me with Picassa. Mom,the poor thing couldn't come up with anything else, bless her heart. But as this is the first, I'm glad!

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop.

June 7, 2018

Our Grateful Thanks...Mom Here,-

Kitties and Woofies and Moms and Dads!  Favorite brovver was touched deeply by seeing who all blessed him with purrs and prayers.  I was touched too.  I knew Katie's furriends would be here for her and brovver. And me as well.  We are truly grateful to you for being our loving caring friends.

Today when I got back from having my eye exam, Katie was hungry and had done without me all day till 3:30.  I gave her an early supper and settled into a smoothie I had just made when I heard the horking.  I got up after I swallowed it all down and oh Kitties, there was blood in the hork and when I tried cleaning it up, blood stained the paper towel pink.

Scared me terribly, and I had a hard time dialing her Dr.  I did something I didn't think I would do...  I panicked some.  When I got the number dialed, I said she had an emergency and they took her right away.  She was scheduled to have her senior blood work Monday and a rabies shot.  The Dr. said I will take the blood now and you'll not have to bring her back.  She said re-time the shot since it will make her sick and now isn't the time.  I'll hear about the bloodtest tomorrow afternoon.

Dr. said she didn't see anything in Katie's mouth..and she tried to aspirate through a needle of course, blood from her throat.  There was none.  Her temp was good and the rest of her seemed alright.  We are hoping this is an anomaly.  She got a shot of Pepcid though.  She's been OK since we got home.  No idea in the world what's going on.  Any comments appreciated.

Thank you again with all our hearts for the Power of the Paw, the love, kindness and caring!  We think we felt a few headbonks, even.  💗

June 5, 2018

Request for Brother

Kitties,  I would be so happy if you all would include my favorite brovver in your thoughts, purrs, purrayers and kindness.

He thought the journey with cancer ended five years ago, but it has started again.  It was detected much sooner this time, so there is confidence that the treatment may push this back into remission.

Mommy has always been respectful of his privacy, so we didn't ask you five years before for your help and kindness.   But we are now.  We asked him if it was alright to request POTP and purrs, and he said it sure would be.  He would appreciate the purrs, prayers and healing thoughts. We ask 'cause I loves my brovver.


June 1, 2018

Some Art

Mom said there is a Rock club here in town.

 Two groups of Rock painters and finders of those painted rocks too, post on FB.  The members including mom- mostly all (Mom just finds them, she doesn't make them) paint rocks and leave them in plain sight in parks, sometimes sidewalks, outside (only) stores, parking lots in good places...and mom said she found one on top of the mail collection box once.

They are such fun to find.  You find it...keep if you want or re-hide one (in plain sight for kids and adults to find) so that they have the fun of looking for and finding them.  You usually post a picture of what you found in FB on the forum.

Now..to the pictures..  Mom's keeping these!  They are not painted except the background.  Things are glued on.  Mom loves these too.