February 28, 2020

We'll See About That Mom

Kitties, I am entitling this Now and Later.  Mom did actually.  We will see about that.

Last night at 0335 I reached to pat her eyes as I always do, and my nails are so long and sharp I scratched her eyelid and woke her.  It stung a lot.  So she got up to look.  When she came back to bed she made a decision to use a sleep mask until I get my nails done.

She drags her feet because she hates stressing me but she can't allow damage to her eyes.

I had my face all the way up to hers when she came back...face to face...and I tried to gently pat her face, but she woke instantly from the doze she was in, to block it.  She called and they had room at 1245!  So in half an hour, mom hopes to scoop me up and take me in.  It's a 20 min drive on a good day.  Gonna be a Burrito.



February 25, 2020

Twosome Toosday

Kitties!  Mom was just prancing by yesterday after she got home, and she happened to have caught me in the act of being a gracious host to our guest! You see my tongue tip cause I was meowing to him.

Leo and I get along wonderfully well.  He is as soft as I am!  He doesn't bite hard and I am in the process of trying to get him to groom me.  Oh~ and he does have a beautiful set of brown/gold eyes but his furs cover up his left one a bit.  I'm using his arm for a pillow.

February 21, 2020

Getting My House in Order

Kitties!  I worked to get this done!  I bet on Saturday she'll put all but a few back in the basket!  That's not fair!  I have a bunch in the living room too.

February 17, 2020

Momma Did the Deed...Leo.

Me.  Torqued off!  A LOT!  

Kitties, Mommy took several of you furriends advice.  You are right.  Life is too short to quibble she agreed.

She had to take Brovver back to the hospital today and while there (he's home now) she re-visited the gift shop.  A familiar darling she said, simply leaped into her arms.

My bed Kitties and Woofies.  No interlopers.  Just ME!

Now LOOK!  Leo the Jaguar.  Mom had thought he was a Leopard.  He's not.

February 15, 2020

Let's Celebrate Caturday!

Here I am.  And a bonus ebil squerril too.  Mom saw him on a walk last Fall.  He was saying ebil things.  She heard him!

February 13, 2020

A Special Day Tomorrow

Kitties and Woofies,  Happy Valentines Day tomorrow, February 14th.  I hope you will all be my Valentine.

February 11, 2020

Somebuddy Loves Me

Kitties!  I was afraid I would get no Valentine  this year but I did!  LOOK!  I feel so happy that I got aValentine!  My Welsh ManCat Austin!  I had quite given up.  I figgered Mom and I would be one another's Valentines again this year.  But even though I have one, I will  still be Mommy's Valentine this year.  I loves her too.

I'm the happiest LadyCat in TN!!

Look what mom saw in the gift shop at a hospital yesterday!  She told me she has never seen a Leopard for sale before,  and one so large. She wanted so badly to buy it.  She carried it around, but knew she had no place for him.  Look at her holding his paw!  It shows how large he is!  If you biggafy, you can appreciate him more.

 She still wishes she had him.  He was as soft as anything she has ever experienced.  She would have called him Leo.

February 9, 2020

Oh MY!

Kitties!  I got to laugh and laugh at mom this morning, but I was also not pleased with her for what she did!

She came out of our bedroom this morning after a not restful sleep time, and started getting my breakfast ready.  After that, she tended to hers.  Now Mom likes to lay everything needed out for hers  and my breakfasts the night before, so that making her breakfast is a seamless transition from making mine for me.

However.  After serving mine ...she poured in oatmeal to her bowl, & added the dried cherries and  cinnamon.  She picked up the last bag lying there on the stove for the final touch to the oatmeal before cooking it.  Red bag, green bag waiting for her...all used and then, put away.  Until Mom noticed that the green walnuts bag was still in the cabinet.

Still in the cabinet?  Um...didn't she just put some walnuts into the cooking oatmeal?  I watched her trying feebly to figure out what happened--- or more simply, what she did.  It finally  dawned on her as the oatmeal finished cooking.  Mom had sprinkled my Party Mix in!  The oatmeal announced it was ready and mom stirred it.  Catnip Party Mix was liberally applied to it from it's on similarly colored  and sized green bag.

I was hoping she didn't make the connection in a way, as it would have been fun seeing her eat it!  Poor woman.  It reminded me of stories our Angels told me in the night time when they visit about her pouring Cat Milk into her coffee one good day!  And not realizing.  Until it was too late.

Hey Kitties,  Look!  I have a new pink heart shaped bowl.  It was purchased by the Cat Matriarch of the family way back in the 90's when Robin saved her famous cat food maker labels and added a few of her allowance dollars and ordered this from a cat food maker~  Mom said Robin would not use it, so it was put away all these years.  But now, I went straight to my new bathtub water dish I use to sip from as I monorail!  Purty, ain't it?

February 4, 2020


Kitties, woofies, mom said she found this on the Feral Cat Project on Face Book.  The author is Hilda Lunn, and this work was posted on the page   Feral Cat Project  on Face Book.
It makes me and mom sad to read it, but I do believe those ferals who wait so patiently so many times are thinking similar things.  Mom said if only...if only...she could make things better.

Too many of our dear CB furriends have gone to the Bridge within a short time.  I am posting this as a memorial for their precious lives.  They were loved.

February 1, 2020

A Girl's Work is NEVER Done

Sigh.  Always having to work.  No vacations...no naps, no resties,  Lift that barge, tote that bale.

Time to make the bed....

Pee ess: Some kitties have asked about the large art work above the bed.  It is an animal parchment that has been written in ink and brush in Latin; and mom got it in Spain some time ago.