October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Kittehs

Happy Halloween all you kitties, woofies, donkeys and bunnies and turtles and lizards out there.  ALL of you stay home and let the humans have their night without you.

To those who asked, my human brother traveled to and from the hospital in a rolling box that holds a PTU for transport but he wasn't in a PTU, oddly enough.  They actually trusted him to not fight, claw, spit and howl and to stay inside if and when the door opened.  Me?  I'd be out in a shot!  (After I spit, howled, clawed and bit that is.  Gotta get THAT in after all).

He returned to workies today as far as I know.  He did some of that from home too yesterday.  Fanks you so much for caring about him.  Mom and I really love him and we were counting the minutes until he came home Monday night.   XXOO to all of you.

Here I am with Mom. It's good to relax.  She wasn't going to put this in there because her legs were all flattened out on the chair and with my weight and looked...gasp...big.  But I told her no one cares about her when they can see ME!

October 30, 2012

Hopefully all Done

Kitties and woofies.

My human brother, the one I especially love has been in the hospital since early Friday morning.  He may still be there as I write unless he says he is ready to leave this evening.  If so, he will be discharged this evening. His Dad will take him home.  Mom was there till an hour ago. Brother's Human Vet called him at work Friday morning and told him to go immediately to the hospital and so he did and there he stayed and mommy and I were very busy purring and praying for him.  Mom left me here a lot but I didn't mind ONE bit.   So, we think from what we were told this late afternoon that my brother will get all betters if he follows his human Vet's instructions to the letter and takes some medicine.  Mommy, I fink you should give him Pill Pockets?

That's where we've been.  xxoo

October 29, 2012

Meowy Monday

Kitties, I just wanted to say Mom and I are purring and purraying for those who are impacted by the storm.  We are thinking of all of our kitty and woofie furriends and their pawrents.  We came back to tell you that.  Mom and I hope we will be back to visit and comment shortly.  XXOO

October 26, 2012

Just for a bit

Kitties, mommy and I won't be here for a bit.  We didn't want our buddies to worry.  Mom and I are OK.  See you very soon.  Maybe before the weekend is over or soon thereafter.

Love and snuggles

Uh-Oh Friday

Kitties, mom waited too long to get my nails cut (No, she can't do it herself because I refuse to allow it).  So I did some pretty bad clawing on the carpet when mom isn't looking.  Mom said it's a good thing that otherwise I am purrfection purrsonified because this could be a deal breaker, this destructive clawing.  As I said before there are MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY appropriate scratching surfaces of all types both horizontal and vertical  provided all over the house and there is no good excuse for this.  All tricks and treats and methods have been used to curb me to NO avail.

SO, as I was saying, mom took me in to have my nails cut.  She just hates spending $20.00 to have them done.  But I think she has come to the conclusion that $20.00 if it lessens the severity of my clawing is worth it and she'll go every 3 to 4 weeks from now on.  So she inquired about Soft Paws. They had to throw out the ones they had because the glue was out of date (too old..they kept them too long with no sales) so if mom buys them on-line, they'll "install" them.  The Tech said he hated putting them on  the cats and that the cats hated the process equally.  That makes mom re-think having them because she doesn't want me afraid of going to the V-E-T until I "have" to be afraid on down the road for whatever happens as I age.  I would probably be afraid if there is a struggle to put them on and if most cat's hate the ordeal.  Then, it would be like trying to take the Admiral to the V-E-T where she made it almost impossible.  Mom said she's trying to put THAT off as long as possible..me being afraid of the PTU.

That's the headlines of The Katie Journal this morning.  I have started firing up the tunnel and I've been to Wales, Canada and Oklahoma so far..re-charging and about to go again. XXOO

October 24, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Mom is beginning to wonder if I am indeed a deepest darkest deep deep shade of brown and white  instead of black and white?  I look black unless I am in light.  Then there is the unmistakable all over deepest next- to- black-color of brown to my furs.  Mom has insisted that is the color of my underwears but now even she is beginning to wonder.  But right now here in light from the house I look soft black. Don't know the answer to the mystery.

Mom came in from sweeping the oak leaves off of the deck yesterday and said there was evidence that raccoons are back again.  Remember the screaming session I had at them midnight on night a few months ago?  We had to get a trapper in to relocate them and we had a bumper crop of raccoons and possums?  Well this time, there is no hummingbird feeder for them to destroy or mess with and no huge tomato plant to eat and destroy so maybe after this scouting trip they will leave us alone and mom won't have to hear me get my pantaloons in a wad again.

I'm making my way around to your homes..

October 23, 2012

Tuxie Toosday

Kitties, I treat mom so well I deserve a medal from her.  Aside from always clawing the scrumptious carpet, I am a furred pest model of feline purrfection.

I mean each morning at first light she has an elebenty hundred head bumps from me to wake her up.  These are combined with my purry Katie face and tickly whiskers in her ears and eyes to make sure she's in there and not some scary stranger.  Then she gets skewered with claws tenderized with  many trips across her defenseless recumbent form lying in the bed and more headbumps and some kneading to put the final touches on the biscuits.  Then, when she finally sits up she gets MORE headbumps on anything I can bump, served up with loud purrs and as an added attraction, she gets to hold me and (gently) squeeze me and make stoopid kissies all over my back and head. Now that's the down side kitties--those kissies.  I always have to wash up later to get rid of the mom DNA polluting my furs.

Mom wasn't here much yesterday to help me so I had to sit here examining my toesies- waiting patiently while she traipsed around and and saw other humans.  She takes leave of her senses like that too many times.  I'll bet the Admiral had to put up with that and more!

Coming to see you Kitties..watch for me.

(Me!  Waiting and looking for Mom!!!)

October 21, 2012

Easy on Sunday and a Fly Away Fur Baby to the Bridge

Kitties and Woofies, precious Possum  of The J-Cats left his mommy this morning for the Bridge.  He was so very tired and he tried so hard to stay longer for his mommy because he knew her heart would break.  His sisfur Pixie flew away ten months ago so now, their mama has no furbaby to love.  Please go see her and offer your purrs and loves.  She is feeling very very sad.

Come on up.  I may resist this anycat entering the crow's nest here  where *I* am, but there is plenty of room on the way up AND my girl cave at the bottom.  Just be careful of the pictures I have on the walls.  Don't scratch or otherwise harm them.  xoxoxo

October 19, 2012

MOM! Gimme a Break!

Mom, can you stop following me around with that flashy box and let me stalk these chipmunks in peace without YOU always hovering?

October 18, 2012

Not a Garden Tour

Kitties, I fink I like the trend toward Not a Garden Tour for we kitties and pawrents who are useless outdoors and don't have a proper garden.  Leo and Spitty like doing it for us..I may do one every once in a while.

Here are a few pictures my mom took this hot summer and just a few days ago.  Mom and I hope you like them as a reminder of the joy of next Spring to come.  The sun in the tree is our forest  in the back yard down to the city line. Mom took it three days ago.

Snuggles and soft meows, y'all.

October 17, 2012

Whisker Wednesday

My human brother is coming over so I'm getting all spiffed up for the occasion.  I haven't seen him in a couple of months.  Do these look presentable?   It's a bouquet just for him.

October 16, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

Mom said I have a gift for layin' around in this thing a few days before I have to use it for transport.  I mean my PTU.  I was in it lounging yesterday.  You can see my wee little teefs shining out too if you look closely.  After a trip to the v-e-t, I won't go near it for weeks!

I only need to get my claws cut.  They are like swords on top of needles.  I know mom wishes I would let her do it but I would apply my teefs to her hand of she tried.  I'm a sweetie except when someone is handling my paws for claw cutting.

Remember, as Precious says, Tuxies Rule.  (you-know-whats-drool) Well, let's face it.  ALL kitties rule.

October 15, 2012

Sentry Post

Kitties, this is where my sentry post is when I patrol.  What I see from here determines which window I go to next or what I say to mom.

If I see Ginger, I really let him know I see him and I let mom know that I am NOT,  repeat N-O-T happy one bit.  If I see long haired black cat, I don't like it but I only chatter in a calmer (but annoyed) manner to mom.  Black cat just lays there and watches me calmly.  But Ginger..we are mortal declared enemies.  By the way, he doesn't have a tail!

October 14, 2012

Easy on Sunday

Kitties, I am going to take it easy for awhile anyway and catch up on my rest.  Mom kept turning over last night and disturbed me.  She's supposed to be completely still when I am glued to her.

I'll give her one more chance tonight.

October 13, 2012


Kitties, I was a fierce watch cat yesterday.  Well,  O.K.  I was on the dryer and tried to look like a fierce pirate...Arrrrghhhh...I have my eye closed and a jaunty pose.   All I needed was me patch!  Well,  lessee...I was warning my mom to give me treats OR ELSE!  OR...I was yawning.  And enjoying a great early morning sunpuddle.

October 12, 2012

Furry Furriday plus another kitty needs help-see update at bottom

Kitties, sweet Squashies, Furrever Home TK and Squashies (and Pip) need our purrs and prayers as Squashies is in an awful situation.  Please go visit and purr your encouragment to her pawrents.  There is something about TK and Squahies both that have caused them to take up residence in my mom's heart.  I don't mind because there is a LOT of room in her heart for them and for me and other furriends as well.  She loves all of them.

Squashies is a dear and precious little girl who is cherished by her mom, dad and brother TK.  Let's purr her well.

Please go see Possum here at this link and help he and his mommy to choose a path,  *I* say get another Vet.!!

October 11, 2012

Horking Fursday

Kitties!  I did so well now that I am on the new fuds.  But this morning after a LONG (to me) 12 days, I horked up my breakfast in three separate places on the carpet.  I added a twist by waiting till mom was seated at the computer with her coffee and THEN I emptied my tummy.  I formerly did the emptying just as she picked up the hot cup of coffee and toast just warm from the toaster.  She ate anyway and then got up to clean up. Humph!

The Furries of Whisppy gave me an awardie.  The One Sweet Blog awardie.  Mom wants to eat all the pretty cupcakes!  I love seeing how pretty they are.

I am supposed to tell who gave me the awardie and nominate five kitties or woofies for receiving this pretty award.  A lot of my furriends have already gotten it and I might accidentally re-nominate them.  So let me nominate several who have not to the best of my knowledge, as yet.

Tucker Tells All


Clarissa's House of Cats

Devoted to Willow

Keisha the Spaniel

I hopes they all come and get their awardies.  xoxox

October 10, 2012

An Outstanding Wednesday

Kitties!  If you have been to see the Admiral today, you will see what she and mom got in the mail yesterday. Mom and I are the Admiral's emissaries so we thought we would mention her blog over here as mom got a surpassing beautiful gift in the mail.  Mom has had leaky eyes since but in a happy way. A memorial quilt for the Admiral and Mom.  Please go to  Stacy Hurt's Art Blog and see it.  It is splendid.  Ms. Stacy is Ms. Stella O'Houligan's mommy and efurryone knows Ms. Stella was the Admiral's hero and mine as well.

Here is a detail from the side.  Admiral in her rocking chair wif her teddy bears.  She loved those.  Click to biggafy.

Kitties, much love and have a happy day.  xxx

October 9, 2012

Tuxie Toosdee

Kitties!  Quickly I will pass on what mom said.  The flowers cannot be cut off her stinky cactus.  It almost killed the cactus when she did that several years ago and she had to get expert help to root the remainder.  Why it doesn't tolerate the cutting of blooms, no one knows.

Now, I have a picture of me doing what I do best with my Ess.  Never lay on it.  I like to sharpen my claws on it but otherwise I will sleep next to it or near it.  Go figure!

After three or four days of rain, there may be some sunpuddle this afternoon to enjoy.  I hope so.  I am losing my tan!

Wish me luck.

October 8, 2012

Meowy Monday

Kitties!  It is raining and 47 degrees out there again for the 3rd day.  No sunpuddles for me in DAYS.  Mom brought in her plants except one.  She wants to bring it in too but it has foul smelling flowers on it (smells like rotted meat..supposed to be that way).  The plant belonged to my grandma before she went to the Bridge and mom took it home not knowing about the blooms.  It's a Stapelia.  So mom is waiting till the last second to bring it in because the flowers will fill the house with a horrible odor.  Really.

If you happen to know about mom's own blog, she put a picture of the flower in there and explained why she keeps the plant.   http://www.ramblingon-ramblingon.blogspot.com

Mom is making some chicken as we speak.  I will have to taste test it soon as it is cool.  I told her we needed to make the chicken so that when I have company I can be a gracious hostess.  She agreed so it's in there cooking as we meow. Ummm.

Here I am doing what I do best.  And now I am in my own bed doing it!  I only lie in my own bed when it is cold outside.  Otherwise I am on mom's or the guest bed or the chair or the sofa or anywhere I please.

We think we understand that Brian from Brian's Home feels that if someone will just foster Jamie-- the poor cat who was cruelly dumped and is amongst feral dogs etc. there may be a home for him out west.  But it's imperative that he get out of there like right now before he is taken from us to the Bridge.  Brian is the best one to explain.  I may have it all wrong.  Please go to his page or contact him. I tweeted as did mom and the Admiral as well about Jamie and we put it on mom's Face Book too. Time is almost run out though.

Kitties, I will continue trotting around to see you as I have been doing this morning between naps.  xoxox

October 7, 2012

Easy on Sunday

Efurrybuddy make sure you are having your easy.

URGENT from Brians's Home page.  PLEASE read!

October 6, 2012


Kitties!  It's Happy Caturday!  Sit on or otherwise cause and command that your mom and dad's body heat  be yours for your comfort in case there is a chill in the air.

Here it is dank and chill--gray and drizzly.  But we are grateful for the day and we'll make the best of it.    Mom will take the camera out and look for changing colors of leaves and my elusive 'tocks so that she can add to her collections for Flickr and here.  Gotta have those 'tocks she said.  Me, I'd sooner not.  We will see who wins this one.   This is as close as it gets probably.


October 5, 2012


Kitties, always remember that I keep my Rainbow furrieds on my Rainbow page as a memorial after they have been on the sidebar for awhile.  They are never ever forgotten.

Today is a beautiful day and I am helping my mom clean windows.  I may send her out with the camera in a while.  She has been sneaking around trying to get Tocktober shots and I absolutely do NOT cooperate.

Here is a camellia my mom found in her boy's yard for you to remember us by.  And snuggles and whisker ticklies.

Dis me.  Heeeee.

October 4, 2012


Kitties, mom is still as useless as mammary glands on a boar hog when it comes to pictures for me with costumes or themes etc.  That has not nor, will it ever change. That beautiful pawty outfit yesterday was courtesy of a dear kitty friend, Mariodacat.  He frequently helps me because I am his buddy.

This is me and my buddies celebrating mom's birthday last month.  She turned a squillion years old.  We helped her scrape the barnacles and algae off.  Those five candles were just to appease her aged condition.  The furriend in the middle with the hat assumed her, mom's,  place at the cake since she had to wield the flashy box.  OR so she said.  Humph. Looks a lot like her though.

PeeEss: I just came from Joey's mom's blog at Cats at Wild Cat Woods.  Joey has two tumors and they look suspicious.  He will need $700.00 for surgery and tests.  His mommy has a Chip-in on her site and a good sale on her other site with Wild Cat Woods Treasures.  She cares for a lot of kitties and she is a wonderful momma. Please go see?

October 2, 2012

Ginger Man

Oh noes....but oh yes.  HE showed up again today.  I asked mom to open the front door way early.  It was like 0830 and usually she won't that early as it is asking for trouble due to wandering felines.  WHY did she open it knowing full well there might be be trouble, no one knows.  But open it she did and I saw....Ginger Cat!

Mom heard me starting to get agitated so she leapt into the entryway and saw me puffed three times my normal size and starting to hiss and growl.  Somehow she got the door shut without having to spray me with water to do it.  I growled, ran from window to window, hissed and growled some more, stayed puffed. Mom went into the computer room for a bit.  When she emerged she asked me of I wanted a treat?  I allowed that I would, so I had some treats in the kitchen and after that she actually tempted me into my play area  with more treats as I was calmer (but not decompressed)   She gave me some more treats and then, full of good stuff and calmer, I decided I would just lay in the window waiting for him to dare show up again.  Mom told me he took off at a run as soon as I started fighting instead of staying this time.   So, I did far better than the first time.

Here I am practicing yoga last night.  I may need to do that again tonight to relax after getting all agitated earlier.

October 1, 2012

My Best Lovie

Kitties, I decided that while mom is trying to find a way to take a good 'Tock photo we may as well see something very special while we wait.  (on accounta the wait is gonna be LONG!  I'm stubborn).

Kitties, here are a few photos of my special Lovie.  I mean my donkey.  I love him best of ANY toy I own.  See how well loved he is?  Him has dangly legs and a mane and a tail and I have laid many a bitey on all of the above.  I love him so much.  I play with him all day and during the night.  He is usually the first toy I bring in to momma in the night time-- and my voice when I do it is adorable she says.

I play with him in the days and evenings too.  I hide behind whatever I can find and then I  thunder out and POUNCE on him!  I bite him hard hard hard and toss him up into the air.  I catch him and thunder off across the room or down the hall with him in my mouth.  THEN I come back, toss him up in the air again and pounce on him real scary-like.  I grab him and toss him up into the air again and run and hide so I can sneak up and attack him again and again.  I loves my donkey best of all.  I loves my big furry mousie too and I bring HIM in to bed too most times along with my kickaroo.  But many times, it's me and my donkey...just us.  I loves him so much.  Momma found another and put him away in case this one comes completely apart she said.  This donkey is looking mighty loved, don't you think?  You can biggafy if you wanna.