February 29, 2012

Whisker Wednesday (& I gots the whiskers, too)

Mom may have found the magic formula for feeding me my wet foods via a kitty friend.  Mom gave me only a tablespoon of my wet fuds and I ate it right up..licking the bowl clean. (really) and 15 minutes laters, she did that again.  And so did I.  Then, an hour laters, I gots the whole rest of it.  Carpet is clean!  hee hee.

Mom wishes she had a way to record me in the middle of the night.  I always announce all my mousies that I bring into the bedroom after I have them in place--- with tiny little sweet conversational sounds.  Mom said they really do have inflection and sound like talking.  My meow is so small and sweet that she never minds hearing it.

Mom caught me sitting on the human litter box looking straight up at the towel rod.  She discouraged me from the thought.  Nine pounds of cat on the rod is not a good idea.

I love my Neko fly that a dear kitty friend gave me a few weeks ago to the exclusion of anything else.  If mom doesn't get it out quickly enough for me, I go get it myself.  As for my Ess, I just park by it still.  I never have gotten on or under it.  And mom bought me a laser light.  I told her I had no idea where her head was and to put it away.  She kept trying...I kept saying no thanks.

February 28, 2012

Tuxie Toosday

Oh I got my day off to a rousing start.

I brought all my mousies into our bedroom and into our bed to play including mom's favorite, the one with the sound chip with a real mouse squeek.  I tossed it around on the bed and whapped it and mom (acci-dint of course) for quite awhile till it leaped  fell off the bed where I continued the chase.

Laters, I decided mom had enough sleepies so I got her up.  Best way to do that is to walk on her and make fresh breakfast bread.

Having done that, she made my breakfast.  I was hungry, kitties and she should have read my Tuxie mind but-she didn't take time to do the Vulcan mind meld with me this time.  Her bad because I loved the choice and ate like there were goblins behind me.  She had made & buttered her toast and poured the coffee and was on her way into the computer room when she heard the ol' familiar hack hack hack sound of me urking up my breakfast.  I brought it ALL back up.

We have discovered that it's not a food allergy or any medical thing like that (and we have talked to the v-e-t) it seems to be ME making a piggy of myself and bolting down my food.  Mom tries to help us both by giving 2/3's a can and that usually works (reserving the rest for 15 or so minutes later) and that works unless I love my meal so much I bolt it down. Then, it's all over but the horrified gasp.

So, I'm off to a great start to the day.  Just sayin'.

February 25, 2012

Sunday on Saturday

I had and will have all my brothers.  Two today and one tomorrow.  What a great weekend for a new family member like me.  xoxoxoxoxo This is me on my brother's lap while I have a baff.

February 24, 2012


One of my human  brothers will be here this evening.  He is traveling over the mountains just to meet ME! Mom just lives here with me. I am hoping and hoping that another brother will be here Sunday.  He hasn't confirmed that yet.  Two brothers.  All I need is the third one and I would be three times happier.

I hope efurrybuddy is purring and that your whiskers are, as Brian says, turned up.  Fanks you for coming to see me.  I am always happy when I see your furs at the door.  XOX

February 23, 2012

Fursday and the Tuxies are Stirring

Here I am...protesting at my front door while watching TV because mommy started up with that flashy box again and disturbed me so I am leaving!  Sheesh mom, enough is enough already!  And then this morning she had the nerve to come in and fuss because I was about to rearrange the bedding.  I showed HER!

Oh and revenge is sweet, kitties.  For the flashy box intrusions, I came into our bed in the middle of the night with my fairly new toy.  It's a life sized mousie with a sound chip installed of an actual mousie squeak.  I brought it to bed o'dark early while she was asleep and commenced to romping over her and the bed tossing it and it squeaked a LOT.  Mom shot bolt upright thinking her worst nightmare came true..that I caught a mouse and brought it for her to share the fun chasing it.

She heard more squeaking that a real mousie would be doing for the happy occasion so she realized that it was my toy in bed with us.  She let me run around and toss it till it fell off the bed and then, she went back to sleep but kitties, it sure gave her a jolt with that totally real sound.  hee hee heeee.

February 21, 2012

Tuxie Two Pad

Yup.  Mom said looks like it will be a two pad arrangement for my litter box.  She put a new puppy pad down under my box Sunday afternoon.  She looked yesterday and say a little bit had collected in one place on the pad.  (I pee thru the crack of the box and it's clip on edge) So today, she took the box off the pad to check it better and replace it certainly when she discovered that the pad was soaked and the floor was wetter than it has ever been.  The pad distributed the pee all over..so it wasn't just collected in several smaller spots.

SO...she cleaned up all the wetness and cleaned the floor where it all had been and got out 2 puppy pads stacked one on top of the other.  While she's out she may look for some heavy plastic too, to add under that as well. This is so not fun I heard her murmur.

Happy Shrove Tuesday and I would have loved to be in the photo contest today but mom is too lame and doesn't know how to add things to pictures.  Sigh,  new technologically capable mom, please!

February 20, 2012

Monday Me

Unbelievable that I should be able to enjoy Bird TV and a sunpuddle early in February with an open door! But I take what I can get.  I'm afraid my cinnamon underwear is showing again.  Avert your eyes please.

February 19, 2012

Easy on Sunday

Kitties, I come here to my beddie in the day time even though I sleep with my mommy at night.  I go back and forth between her back or tummy and my blankie at the foot of the bed.  You saw my blankie yesterday.  Her bad bad cold keeps her coughing and the bed heaves and bounces like Mt Vesuvius erupting.  I had my toesies firmly pressed into her back the night before last holding on to keep from being tossed plumb up in the air,  She wasn't hardly sleeping with the coffing and drainage so I didn't add my claws to my toesies.  I kept them retracted.  She has enough to deal with.

Hope she quits doing that soons, I've been putting up with her several days. Oh well..on another note she DID add a puppy pad under my litter box and while today will tell the whole story as she'll change it and SEE what it collected, so far seems to be, so good. Fanks for the suggestion. XOXOX

PEE ESS!  The puppy pads WORKED!  It was sodden with pee pee that leaked tru the crack. Fanks Simba! xoxoxo

February 18, 2012

Bed? What Bed?

Hey, I'm just trying to help Mommy.  I walked in, hopped up and found our bed all smoothed out. So I simply got it ready for tonight. What?  You smoothed it again?  Well, OK!  I fixed it again.  Oh no, you didn't go back in there did you and smooth it out?  This is the last time I'm going to do this so leave it alone! Three times the charm mommy!  I'm so outta here!

February 17, 2012

My Ten Questions

King Spitty  tagged me yesterday to answer ten questions.  Let's get right to 'em.  I'm full of energy and soon I will run out of energy and need my after breakfast nap.

1. Describe yourself in seven words.  Happy, feminine, beautiful, fast, loving, playful, quiet.

2. What keeps you up at night?  My mousies, real or play. I am ever vigilent.

3. What would you like to be?  Just my mom's little girl.

4. What am I wearing right now?  A feminine Tuxedo.

5. What scares me? LOUD NOISES!

6. Best and worst of bloggin. Getting to see my furriends is best, making mom stop is worst!

7. Last website I visited.  Twitter.

8. One thing I'd like to change.  Throwing up my meals.

9. Slankets, yes or no?  Decidedly and unequivocable, NO.

10. Tell something about the kitty who tagged you.  See below:

 King Spitty is a royal and very regal mancat.  He has all of what it takes to rake in the ladycats too.  His arsenal of charm is vast as is his Kingdom- which consists mostly of we lady cats.

Now, I gonna tag some kitties.  Heehee

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February 16, 2012

Fursday and the Tuxies are Stirring

Kitties, Google is being a so and so with their new-to-me style word identification. Or am I the only kitty who gets those words they have begun to put in that are so obscured and almost broken up looking?  Mom and I can't hardly make out the one word of the two they put in.  Mom said she can start making that happen on my bloggie too so you can see what she's talking about.  It makes it time consuming to post a comment.  Takes poor mom three tries sometimes.  Mom's not that old and her eyesight is good.  Those words are difficult to make out. (well for HER anyway).

Mom found out that the new litterbox she got me with a low side for entry(of the 4 sides) was not a good choice.  When she cleaned the kitchen floor, some of my pee was on the floor where I overshot. She didn't even know that till she moved the box so as to sweep. She rapidly changed the box to a standard all sides the same height.  So far so good.  Mom hates to get a hooded one in case it disturbs me to have to go in there not being able to see around me and all.

Here I am in another bathing beauty picture taken yesterday enjoying the rare sun bath.  My gently rounded tummy is showing to perfection. You can see the golden slit of my eye as I started to tell her to back off with the box!

February 15, 2012

Who, me?

SOMEONE was caught licking the butter right there in the dish!  It certainly wasn't ME!  Mom is going to try to make me say it was I!  NO WAY!  It was her!  The butter on my chin and whisker roots?  Purely a co-inkydink.

 Here I am in the window trying to imagine getting away from her accusing glare.  And why would you want to gouge out purrfectly good butter from the dish and pitch it when you think it's your beloved furbaby licking it?  WHAT a WASTE!  She needs to learn about sharing and about waste..not that I touched that butter.  Nosiree!

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Love and kissies and huggles to all of my furriends.  XXXOOO

peeS:    http://www.thethunderingherd.com/pillars-of-strength/ Go here and purr your hardest for K, who has the horrible C.

CK tolds mom that she put the wrong link in here.  That she had the blog hop link.  I sorries that mommy is so lame.  By now you know where to go and if mom can find the link, she'll come back and out it in.  Maybe mom did it right here..let's see:

February 13, 2012

Meowy Monday

Kitties, I was afraid mommy wouldn't stay with me after she came home so I glued myself to her back in the night.  I am alright with her now.  I allowed her to leave to go work out and did not make her feel badly when she left or when she came home.

Here's a picture of me telling her off when she came home yesterday!  I don't appreciate not having her to keep me warm at night.  I don't appreciate that at all.  I sleep on my red blankie but I want HER to lean against too.  She'd better not leave again.

February 12, 2012

Mousie not here any more.

The sitter emailed mommy (who is FINALLY home) and told her that the mouse I have been trying to catch again so as to put food on the table, is no more. He, the ded mousie, left a note next to the trap he had been laffing at all this while and said that he was so stressed and harried by my constant unrelenting and pervasive vigilence that he just couldn't take it any more and went to the land of mice in the sky.  Now I won't be able to surprise mom with him arranged attractivly on the bed in there with her.  And trust me, I would have.  Mom said she sure hoped there were no more in the house.

I have been wonderful with my sitter but---- mom was left a note and told that I was lonely.  That made mom feel bad which is good.  I am ignoring her a bit for punishment.

Whomever comes to see the Admiral and me from Indian Trail, NC I had mom blow kissies on both sides of the road as she went far east and returned back to Charlotte.  She asked me to ask whomever you are to tell us where to start the kissies going..US 74 or I-95?  Which side?  And all the kitties and woofies in NC, mom had orders (and assured me she did) to blow kissies all the way thru  NC to kitties and woofies furriends both here and Twitter.

Mom said she is beat and logging off.  I just wanted to send some furry loves. xoxox

February 9, 2012

Visitor Day

Hey Kitties!  Today my pet sitter came to meet me.  Mommy is leaving me!  YES!  Can you imagine?  Leaving me in the morning to go to a Family Day in NC.  She won't be back till late Sunday afternoon assuming the weather behaves in the mountains which she has to go over..coming and going.  I greeted my sitter (Admiral did from UTB..NEVER came out) sat with her in my favorite chair and got loved on.

She is the lady who baby sat Admiral all this time.  Admiral only started coming out to be petted the last 6 months she was with mommy.  Up till then, it was UTB with Spitty.  Then, if you are UTB with Spitty why would you want to come out?

Here is a picture of Admiral wearing her halo.  She got it from Twitter furriends. Isn't she precious?

Mom is waiting for the Good Will folks to come and get her perfectly good treadmill.  It was beating mom's right foot and lower back to death because mom always was on it.  When she broke her wrist and her knees were so gravely injured..she couldn't use it of course so she found out when she returned to it months later that the treadmill was what was hurting her foot and lower back.  SO..she works out now instead.

After they get here and all the moving out of stuff is over, me'n'mom will sit in the recliner and rock.  I LOVE to be rocked.  I do.  really.  Gently though.


February 8, 2012

Speaking of Monorail

I gave mommy a treat.  I heard her turning over this morning and she was on her back.  Time to make a move.  I was at the foot of the bed on my comfy new red blankie.  I got up and settled onto mom's chest.  One thing I can't figure..why does she call my legs "pylons"!  And then she says "pile drivers".  I just keep kneading and making biscuits while she makes faces and says those words.  NO clue what on earth she's muttering about.

 ANYWAY, after I made the breakfast biscuits,  I flattened completely out..arms and legs out to the side and my head flattened onto her chest..the rest hanging off her on either side in my best monorail..  (Or at least legs and arms straight out..she ain't that skinny, believe me.) And my purring was like a pricey race car running, ready for the signal. We stayed that way till she said quite a few times that she had to go to the small warm room. Finally we got up.  And here I am after breakfast in my chair.

Good Morning world and Mommy.

February 6, 2012

Meowy Monday

Kitties, I laid fluffy bomits from kibble in every room but the computer room.  EVERY other room but.  That was really some work! They cleaned up very easily..very airy seeming.  I fink what happened was for three days I wouldn't eat my kibble.  All I had was my wet foods.  So mommy got me kibble she knew I'd eat.  Royal Canin and I stuffed myself.  I fink I will be OK from now on out.  I sure keep mom guessing and yes, she now turns on lights when she gets out of bed.

MY human brothers were both here.  One stayed in the spare bedroom while the other returned to his home. And guess what *I* did?  I kept banging on the mini blinds at 2 or so in the morning until Brother awakened and got up and raised them!  I asked much earlier to have the other window's blinds raised too but everyone was up and awake then.  I may be becoming a bit of a pill.

Want to see my toesies?  I fink they are gorgeous!  Mom took this picture this morning while I slept.  I had all four paws put together in a bouquet.  Come see.  xoxoxoxox

February 5, 2012

Industrious Sunday

Kitties!  Here I am being a monorail.  I'm zausted! Mom said I was very industrious all night.  She heard all the running and I hopped up onto the bed on several occasions to announce the goings-on so she'd be up on things. (no pun intended there at all).

I moved my toys into our bedroom!  I thundered around in celebration too.  The main thing was that even though my meow is so tiny, when mom heard me make my announcements thru the night it worried her that I was announcing that I had caught my mousie again.  I got her attention every time I spoke as I will bring all my trophy items straight into the bed.

I think after all of that activity I will have an easy now.  Oh and mom is despairing of finding grain free products that I will eat.  She has spent a lot on things that largely go to waste. We are re-thinking things. Don't know what our next move will be yet.  Every cat likes things their own way and to their individual taste.  No one has liked what Robin loved when she was still here and I don't seem to care for what Admiral had nor the new things.  Three years away from mom must have taken its toll.  Who knows what my former person fed me.


February 4, 2012


Please purr and pray for Poppy Vic.  He needs every single purr and prayer we have and he needs them right now.  His doctors are going after that evil disease again with another form of treatment, and this time with ernest prayer,  he will rally.

All of you have a happy Caturday and I will see you tomorrow.

February 3, 2012

Furry Friday

Good Meowning Kitties and Woofies.  I had a fine night and a great meowning so fur.  Mom didn't but that was her fault..not mine.  That's her word too.  She said she's still gonna go work out regardless.

I am still on patrol but not as much as I was so the mousie may have gone away.  maybe.  And no yak puddles these past two days but I am doing a superb job raking the litter out of my box.  What an impressive pile of it on the little rug in front of my box.  (I call it my commode).

Mom got a smile from this cartoon and wanted to share it.  I hope no woofies sees it and gets mad at me.  NO OFFENSE TO ANY WOOFIES!  Mom thinks she's SO funny sometimes.  Sheesh!

February 1, 2012

Yak Wednesday

My mom loves me dearly and I AM a precious little girl after all.  But this morning when I asked mom to get up, it was late enough, yes-but still winter so the house was pretty shrouded in dark gray..barely make out anything.  Mom got up..opened the mini blinds from room to room and then, made her way down the hall to the living room whereupon she opened the BIG vertical blinds going across..turned on a lamp and proceeded into the dark kitchen.  Kitties.  Woofies. As she strode purposefully into the wooden floored kitchen, she skidded several feet on her right foot into a throw rug.  She had stepped into a large pile of fluffy yak.  Mostly kibble I would say.  AND, there were three other smaller piles as well.  SHE stepped into and slid in the largest there.  Light came on...paper towels loosed from their spindle with the wooden knob on top..and clean up in aisle one commenced.

After that, Mom got my breakfast ready.  My bowl of kibble was pretty full..go figure.  I've been known to empty it at night.  So, she gave me half a can of food.  I was starved and ate rapidly.  She waited..and gave  me the other half.  All is well.  I seem to be the yak Queen.  The first one after a week was scary as it was bomit and all watery.  I had brought up ALL of my just eaten supper.  This one while unpleasant to walk and skid into, was more of a normal thing we kittehs do sometimes although the amount was awe inspiring.

I have a new comfy red blankie that was hand knitted for me by Admiral's MIL  remember Admiral was married to Nik?   She was kind and knitted this beautiful blankie for me.  It is as soft as *I* am..like a cloud.  It is very large.  Mom folded it this once to make it even cushier for me. Some of Nik's ginger furs are on it.  xoxoxox That was so loving of Nik's mommy and I love my blankie.  This is not a good picture for many reasons but whenever mom gets up to hold the camera I move toward her.  So by and by I will allow one of me stretched out again all over it.