July 27, 2015

Oh a Precious Little One is Gone.

Goodbye beautiful beautiful beloved Ivy.  As with your other sibs when they too went to the Bridge, I cried.  I am doing that for you.

July 16, 2015

Blog Vacation

Kitties, Woofies, mommy said we are going to take about two weeks off from blogging.  She already said that on her own bloggie and asked me to tell my furriends here on mine.

We'll be back with stories and fibs to tell along with any adventures we happen on to have, so don't forget us...we'll be right back after these messages.

watching my baby shows

July 14, 2015

Tuesday Tuxie Comin' Down

Kitties! This is my "don't mess wif me" face. And I mean it too!

I call myself Mistress to Cap'n Jack of the High Seas.  We command our own pirate ship and we have taken on ( conscripted) lots of kitties who heave that barge and tote that bale for our ship when we are at sea and when we come into the harbor.

I know one look of my stink eye and seeing that I have a black satin patch over my other eye keeps them all in submission and obedience while Cap'n Jack is plundering or burying treasure (it IS treasure you're burying isn't it my love?) in the sand!!

AVAST me hearties.  Trim that sail or lower the boom or something! 

July 12, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Kitties! I am about to try this again.  Let's hope Simba's and Summer's advice soaked in.  I wouldn't want to bet on it though.  They don't know how useless my mom is.  *I* do.  I am joining the Cat on my Head's Sunday Selfie.  

July 11, 2015

Caturday Kitty with Update at 2:20 PM

Happy Caturday Kitties!  I had my favorite brother here just for the night.  He is going back to his place this morning but it sure was good to see him!  He had bacon and eggs with toast and jelly this meowing and coffee and juice.  Me, I had the better breakfast.  Fancy Feast grilled chick-hen with gravy.

I had a couple of horking sessions today.  Naturally right after I ate and after mom was getting ready to eat.   One had a hairball in it.  I would like to think that the Greenie's Hairball treats help.  I don't think I am horking as much as I used to.  No one is paying me to meow this.  Just information.  (probably TMI)

Don't I look special here?

Kitties, mom and I are deeply saddened at the news that Julie of Twinkletoestails has gone to the Bridge.  Please, go see her family and leave some words for her mom and human sister.  XXOO

July 9, 2015


Today is Fursday and I have had brushies.  Mom says "Brushies"? and I trot very quickly down the hallway into the living room right to my brushie spot and my tail is straight up in the air showing my delight.  Oh how I love my brushies.

Mom uses the Zoom Groom lavishly.  Sometimes she will finish with the soft side of my regular brushie.  The pin side not as often since she got the Zoom Groom several years ago.  Mom gets a lot of furs out with that Zoom Groom.  Also every day she  combs me when I am on her lap.  I love that too.  All she has to do is show me the comb and I drop what I'm doing to get over there for my combs.   I have a fine toothed comb which is not my fave so she may as well throw that away.  I have a few flakes of dry skin so she bought that to remove them from the surface of my gleaming furs.  It doesn't do an adequate job and I find my regular comb does better.  I have a slicker that mom leaves out when she is gone for the weekend. The pet sitter uses that.

I want to enjoy this most excellent sunpuddle so see you later.  Join me if you like.  It's big enough for three of us.  xxoo

July 7, 2015

I Explored Another Place to Sleep!

Kitties!  Last night about 3 am I was a total pest.  I didn't feel well at all during the preceding day.  I was clingy, wouldn't eat much and I deposited a solid waste into my newly turned out  litterbox that was refilled with new litter.  The deposit had an aroma that would peel the paint from the walls.  But mom was gone while that happened.  When she came home it, the smell was throughout the house.  She lifted the hood of the box and saw I had horked at the entry way (but still in the litter) as well as the solid waste deposit.  Oh.  Wow.  She cleaned it out immediately and took the bag outside.  Well, that indicated I was not at my best.  That also explained why I  very clingy, why I was tired, why I was lying on the floor and not interested in playing.  Mom gave it till this morning before a visit to the v-e-t.

At 3am, today however I was nestled by her head.  Mom has a CPAP and I was in and about the little hose apparatus as well.  That location where I was wallowing kept pulling the little device off mom's nose.   She was not amused but said she thought either I was better or worse.  She'd see which when day break got there.

She woke officially at 6:30 (she hates not using military time...so time consuming and strange not to) and I was on the floor, four great toys there for our chasing activities and me as bright as a button.  She had taken up my kibble  the night before so I had nothing to eat in the night--- hence I was in tip top shape this morning.  First time with no dry fuds out.

Today to celebrate feeling betters, I laid on the floor gazing up at my baby shows.  This time it was Cat in the Hat.   I usually watch from my recliner, but chose the floor this time.

I have eaten well, and mom said she would not inspect my box till she cleans it in the morning.

Here I am this afternoon.

July 6, 2015

Bloggie Hop and Me

Kitties, I want to thank Simba and Summer for their great advice on getting the code into my blog hop bloggies.  I will try soon.

Now, let me tell you what I was doing the past few days..and I really was.  I know mom thought it was such fun to watch but me...I thought it was practical and easier.   What?  Let me tell you.  You be the judge.

Here is a fuzzy hastily taken photo of me about to do what I like to do.

I was getting ready

This was before I started using my red heart.

 I was washing my face and I surprisingly to mom, began washing my red nip heart.  I gave it  probably 5 or 6 good swipes with my tongue and then I  held it in my front feet and applied it to my cheeks and ear.  I repeated this three times!  Each time I used it as a wash cloth to wash my face.  I used both paws by the way.  Not one.  Anyway it got too heavy and bulky for me I guess so I dropped it and used my arm to wash my ears.  That was three days ago and I have used it as a wash cloth the two days following.  I may never do it again but I sure did it these three days.   Just saying'.  Also, I still do my Correctol commercial dance and wild hopping and wide eyes after using the box for, um, solid matter.  So I am a lot of smiles around here. So Mom said.

July 5, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Kitties!  I am really really going to try doing this again.  Mariodacat is helping me!  Let me see if I can!  I will tell you the truth, mommy had to use her finger to help my claw to press the shutter release.  That's only because I wanted her to feel needed.  Yeah, that's the ticket.  Well, OK.  My claw didn't quite get there to the button but it will NEXT time.

Kitties, I tried so hard and I can't get 'er done.  Mariodacat and I tried multiple times  to do the selfie with link but the code shows up in my bloggie instead of kitteh pictures and Cat on my Heads piccy with link. I give up.  Again.  Heeee.

July 1, 2015


Kitties, I am about to make mom get us into the big bed so we can sleeps.

Well, I have night shift to accomplish of course, so what with the hauling of my favorites into the bedroom or onto the bed...I have to say a girl's work is never done.

I have been weary with the hots around here.  Well, it's not too bad but it costs money to make the cold box blow out more of the cold air.  So, she keeps it right on the edge of comfy.  Where it is almost comfy.  Better than being outside and sure beats all the snows and ice storms we had.

Here's our Thursday in the Garden kinda sorta.  Hope you likes it.  It was nommy.  (she wouldn't let me nom it)

Live long and prosper Kitties!