July 31, 2012

An Awardie

Nerissa, handsome mancat that he is, awarded me with a beautiful award.   It's the Thinking of You award.
Thank you Nerissa, you handsome mancat you.  xoxo

I'm supposed to tell you 7 things I love.

I love peace and quiet at night and when I'm at the door watching TV.  NO cats or raccoons.

I love breakfast, lunch, and supper and I've found I hork less that way (three small meals).

I love sleeping wif mom in our bed mashed up against her or at the foot of the bed.

I love my Neko fly.  The tarantula one especially so.

I love sleeping on the recliner, rocker and couch back.

I love crawling up on mom's lap, making her legs go to sleep by staying a few hours sleeping on her.

I love my fevver wands and  my dangly denim bow on a wand.  ("Kitty Tease")

Mom said to tell you that no one was in the trap this morning and the trapper said it could be that because we had bad thunderstorms during the night, that may have curtailed activity.  But I had a good night sleep and so did mom.  We brought the hummingbird feeder in again and put it back out early in the morning.  The hummers are "bulking up" for their trip back to Mexico and Central America.  Mom does NOT like to take the feeder in at all.

Mom won't do anything that would harm the animals which ever get into the trap.  And while mom wants them away from here and the damage they do, she can't control what happens when they are turned loose elsewhere.  If they scare another kitty elsewhere or damage another place, then that is something mom can't control.  She just wanted me to tell you that.

July 30, 2012

Meowy Hopeful Monday

I know I've been missing Kitties.  I have only visited maybe 10 bloggies and I sorry.  My no account mom has been so sleepy she could hardly hold her eyes open to help me much due to two very interrupted nights of not-much-sleep.

Ginger is not guilty of the night terror on the deck.  The critter wrangler that my mom decided on yesterday was here for a couple of hours today and told mom without doubt it is a raccoon, and I will make mommy post what he saw and what he did so far.  He will be around each morning at 0700 to check these 2 traps.  One of the pictures will show the claw marks that my mom could not see.  It's awful when your are elebenty-hundred years old and can't see or hear. (unless I scream in the night).  Raccoon will be released on the other side of town.

Kitties, I fell all over the critter wrangler.  I stood on his toes, I rubbed against him..I absolutely LOVE men.  I like women but I LOVE men.  I am such a girly girl.  I so pretty that so far efurrybuddy has been nice to me.  I'll quit bragging and show you what we have.  Mom will take in the hummingbird nectar each night though.  She took it in last night and coincidence or not, we were undisturbed and I was mashed into either mom's stomach or her back in the night.  Once though she trespassed on my space at the foot of the bed with her foot and kitties, I pushed back with mine.  I let her know she was invading MY purrsonal space and I didn't like it ONE bit.

Can you see the cross hatching of the claw marks at the base of the deck flooring?  Biggafy if needed  and mom took a picture of one of the two traps that are set.  Baited with 9 Lives cat fuds.  I hope Ginger doesn't see it.


July 29, 2012

Mom here...

Run free and happy and well again Cinders, dear girl.  There are many furriends who greeted you as you crossed the Bridge.  Love and kisses for your journey.

Mom here:  We had a bad night.  I (we) went to bed and the light was off by 10:45pm.  Katie had left the bed when the light went out and brought the first of her toys in.  Then moments later I heard her screaming and growling.  I leaped up out of bed, turned on the light and searched the house for her.

She was in the living room at the big window area under the vertical blinds hissing and growling and some screams.  I sprayed her with water to get her away from the window so I could look out.  My note to me is: try turning on the flood lights out there next time dummy, it's hard to see in the dark especially with a howling frantic cat.

I banged on the window with the spray bottle thinking it was the ginger.  I couldn't open the deck door or Katie would have gone out in search of the intruder.

I got her calmed and eventually tried bed again around midnight.  (she gets me up at 6 whether I like it or not).

I noticed because of ambient light in my room that there was more action at least on the ground because the  motion activated lights stayed on more than they were off.

Katie finally came in with me to the bedroom.  This morning when I got up,  I saw the hummingbird feeder was on the deck floor again, burst open and dry.  That has happened twice now in three days.  The cover and weight I had to keep the cover on has been taken off the bistro table and chairs too.  So, I am guessing a raccoon may be the culprit.

Here's the problem.  Katie is in an almost constant state of agitation these past few weeks.  First the ginger cat. Even with me there she won't really lay in the doorway to watch her TV any longer as she is too wary.  I can't feed my birds any more because it draws the ginger to the birds and he upsets Katie with his presence.

Now, a raccoon (I feel sure) has climbed up onto the deck.  It's high up- but they can do it.

What is a good deterrent for raccoons that you can think of?  I can't take this screaming in the night a whole lot of times.

Sorry to take over the blog. Getting "desperate".  Suggestions welcome.  Katie will be here tomorrow or later today.

July 28, 2012


Happy Caturday Kitties and Woofies.  I fink I'll just take a baff.  After all, it's Caturday.  You know..the Caturday baff and all?

July 27, 2012


Kitties,   I got mom up at the usual time and after we have a a few snugglies she sits on the edge of the bed and looks to see what I brought her.

Today's offering was one short of the usual trio.  I always bring my favorite lovies in for her during the night.  I always announce each lovie too, and mom loves to hear me do it even though it wakes her up.  I have a teeny tiny voice and I sound as though I am talking she said, with my little sounds.

I thought you'd like to see my arrangement.  One is my donkey; that is a little gray and black toy and the larger brown one is my fur mousie.  IF I don't have it crammed under the curio cabinet (and I did that last night!) I would have also brought my favorite tiny mousie, the one I showed you a month or so ago that has been passed down to me from Admiral.

I thought I would show you me in back of another favorite toy here in the computer room.  You can see the PTU in the back..it's black and standing up against the wall.  You can see that mom is charging the camera battery too with that cord showing..sigh..and the roll away bed for when my brother and his son come to visit.  Too much messies but that's how it can be sometimes.

July 26, 2012


Mom fed me cold fuds from the fridge today for breakfast.  I got her back though.  I let her think all was well because she got her coffee poured and half of her toast was eaten in here by the computer before I horked it all up.  MOL MOL.  Usually she just picks up the plate  and she's still in the kitchen when I sound the claxton horn and hork.  I waited.  Heeeee.

Here I am last night.  My fang tips are showing and the wee little teefs between the fangs are showing too.  I was zonked out.

July 25, 2012

Whisker Wednesday

Kitties!  I think I have to throw in the blankie.  The ginger cat never went away.  Mom took a chance and let me look out of the door four times in four days and I didn't see him but I was wary and never relaxed and only stayed maybe 20 minutes each time instead of the hour or more.  That surprised mom and she thought it was just memory of the screaming match.

Yesterday after she closed the front door when I left, she opened the side door to take out the recyclables and there he was, standing in the yard near the door.  He looked at mom and mom looked at him.  Mom saw that he looked---no other word for it---weary, tired.  He had a stump for a tail, maybe 4 inches long.  His  coat looked unkempt but then, if he is an outside cat (don't know if the cat is a girl or a boy) maybe his life is such that grooming becomes secondary.  He does look as though he has enough to eat and goodness knows what that might consist of.  Mom feels sorry for him as well as irritated about him.  He is not loved a lot as we are here in the CB. She is not up for trapping him (even if she could) because his fate would likely be very sad.

Mom hissed at him.  She does a pretty creditable hiss.  He trotted to the next year and looked over his shoulder.  Mom hissed again and stomped.  He went 3 yards down.  But this tells me that I will have to enjoy the birds from the window from now on.   Mom said she went to the links that showed that water shower device but it wouldn't work here as the mailman and friends would not like to be showered when they tried to come to the door.

Kitties, things are very sad again in the Blogosphere.  Cinders and Mahoney need us as well as other kitties and woofies.

Please see the Rainbow page for babies who have flown away.  I ask mom to leave them in my sidebar for a long time but we need room for more babies, sadly.  So I ask Mom to put them in the Rainbow page for ever and ever.

I finally get onto the bottom level of my tree on my own.  See my piggy bank?

July 24, 2012

Purrs Needed for Mahoney at Marg's

Sweet girl Mahoney at Marg's Pets  has a sudden severe problem and needs all the help and purrs and prayers she can get. Her little back legs aren't working for some reason.  This came on suddenly. She needs hard purrs, and lots of prayers.  Please help.

July 23, 2012

Meowy Monday

I've been busy Kitties, posing for my new coin.  The mint will release it within a month now that it is engraved.

July 20, 2012

Look at ME!

Mom, may I stay here now please? Will that mean stranger boy ginger cat stay away from here
so I can lie in my sunpuddle as always? He came up here four mornings ago and started screaming at me thru the glass. I had to protect us so I got up and screamed back at him. He said all types of mean ugly things to me but I told him it was our home and he needed to leave! He wouldn't, so we had to fight thru the glass of the storm door. It was terrible.
He was mean mommy. I was just trying to watch my Birdie TV as I always do each morning and he came over here and called me names and stuffs! But you got the door closed against him and he sprayed our doors for two days and I never got to lie in the sunpuddles again until just a half hour ago. Will you help me guard our door Mommy?

July 19, 2012

Toesie Thursday

Kitties!  First off, mom's toast had just popped up  this morning and so she  had just poured her coffee.  I had it timed to the second!  As I always do..right at that moment she picks up her plate and coffee I horked up my breakfast and in the usual  number of horks, 4. Yes, 4.  Mom has why about figured out.  It is, as many of you said, my eating too fast.  I head bonked mom's hands  so many times while she was trying to scoop out my serving of wet fuds it almost went to the floor.  (that may have saved me the trouble of horking it up on the carpet if it had hit the floor...although she feeds me in the kitchen where there is a wooden floor).  Yes, she does leave dry fuds out for over night.  I am just an eager girl.

Guess where *I* am?  I was on the middle shelf of my TREE!  I did that all by myself!  Now I am napping on top of the condo part of the tree.  Mom has laid me there every day and petted me continuously while I stay.  It's paying off I think as this morning I volunteered to go for the first time in three weeks.

Stay safe kitties..I have been around to your houses and still trotting to others...

July 18, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Kitties and woofies, please purr for Ms Stella O'Houligan today.  Her precious paw still has an awful wound and her has to go to the V-e-t again and have her poor toe removed.  Ms Stella (not that I said it) is not quite as youthful as she was, so please purr for our dear furriend.

Kitties, I DO have two windows to look out of where I can watch TV, yes.  But I want the view I get from the all glass storm door in front of the house.  I can see to the edges of the whole world there!  At the windows I can't.  The front door is also my favorite sun puddle place.

Soon, mom will open the door for a little while. The horrible screaming we made was un-nerving when he got here the first time.  Mom quit feeding the birds too hoping that if the Ginger wanted to catch a quick meal, his vittles are now gone... literally with the wind.

Please purr for Ms Stella. The Admiral and I both are.

July 17, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday (and Tortie Tuesday for all the Torties out there) Tabby Tuesday too.

Kitties, mom did have the mothballs down 3/4th of a day and took them back up because of the advice she got here about toxicity. She had sprayed the really strong stuff (and my saved up allowance paid for it..my piggy bank has one single dollar seed money in it now) but she didn't want Ginger or any one hurt so she stopped that too.  She wasted my allowance and here I am without my TV.  But oh well.

I am sad and have spent a lot of time sleeping on the floor or mom instead of playing.  That makes mom sad because she knows I want the doors open.  This is terrible.  Mom feels that Ginger belongs to someone down the street and even if she knew which home, she doubts that anyone who lets their cat wander like that would care one bit about my troubles if she told them.  Most won't keep a cat in once they let it out at will.  Just the way things go.

Happy Tuxie Tuesday.

July 16, 2012

What Shall I do Monday

Kitties, I have a little bit of a sads.  Mom won't open the front or kitchen doors any more and I have no interest in the deck door, the one door she will open for me.  So I can't look out and enjoy my Bird TV, Squirrel TV..nothing.  I ran to the windows and looked out and this morning and I saw that black cat again in the same place next yard over, that he was when I posted a picture of me looking at him a month ago.  This time I growled and hissed.  But mom was able to distract me since he was in the next yard and I wanted breakfast AND he showed himself no threat last time.

So I am mostly lying on the floors in the various rooms since I refuse to get on my tree (I just won't, no matter what mom does to make it tempting) and while Mom does play with me, I just want to look out of the door but mom keeps it closed now.  Mom said she feels that the Ginger lives with someone down the intersecting street,  We saw the tail end of him as he made his way across the street and down the lane just as mom raised the blinds yesterday morning.  I hissed, growled and bristled but he didn't see me as he was almost out of sight.  He looks well fed, so he likely is a nearby resident, more's the pity.

Ambassador Schonheit a woofie of New Zealand, has pledged his protection of my home boundaries so perhaps I may be able to enjoy the outdoors again.  Mom has known him and his parents for several years now and I know without doubt how reliable he is. Boomie said he will go teach the Ginger a lesson about spraying MY door and being a bother when HE, Boomie comes over and Spitty has been a very soothing influence since all this drama began.  I am a fortunate kitty.  XOX

July 15, 2012


Kitties, I saw that bad ginger this morning when I leaped up to the desk in the kitchen and looked out of the window as I always do while waiting on breakfast since mom just opened the blinds.  It was 0630 and he was just across the street walking down the lane.  I growled but mom distracted me with fuds.  That cat has been spraying the kitchen storm door mom said.

Mom opened the back deck door for me because it's unlikely that the stranger cat can get up there.  There is a tall fence on the lower side of the deck (privacy fence) and the other three sides are high enough up to make casual checking-out unlikely.  In the time she has lived here mom said she hasn't ever seen a kitty but ours on the deck.

Kitties, fanks you for all the help yesterday.  I was so upset that I couldn't think straight.  I was on the alert all day and evening but pleasant about it.  I would nap on mom but the slightest outside sound had me at full alert.  I laid close to mom when I was in the bed last night..hemming her in.  Usually I am at the foot of the bed.

This was me two days ago B.S.C.  (Before strange cat) and I hope to be that peaceful again.

July 14, 2012

Need Some Help Please ASAP

Katie was enjoying watching bird tv out of the full glass storm door.  I heard her thump against it as I was writing to Oui Oui (it never got finished).

Then it sounded desperate and when I got into the entryway, she was in full fledged fight mode at a ginger cat right outside the door who challanged her by leaping at the glass.

She and it fought thru the window glass until I could get the spray bottle out to spray her, and that got Katie away from the door so I could close it. She still growled loudly, full puff going on and was very worried and anxious. She is still growling despite it not being seen.

She went to her other fave window and the cat was still there.  I went out side while Katie yowled and fought the glass and the stray cat ran.

I found some Feliway calming spray that never had helped Admiral but I think it did Katie..sorta.  She is still patrolling and growling.  I have been able to approach her cautiously hoping I could soothe and not get bitten.  I dare not open the door or the window shade again due to that stray.

Can you tell me of an outside repellant that will actually work???

Sure hope someone sees this and responds.

July 12, 2012

Tummy Thursday ( 'stead of Toosday)

Kitties!  Devoted to Willow gave me a sweet award.  The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  I'm supposed to tell you three things about myself and award this to others.  Many of you have it, so whoever would like to have it and tell us a bit more about themselves I hope you will take it.  I have told you bunches about me.  But here's another.  Mom can't drink anything when I am on her lap. Not water, not Cola, nothing.  I run a little ways away and mom doesn't know why.  Makes her sad. She can drink stuffs when I am standing next to her.
I wake up from naps in another room and immediately trot quickly to find mom.  She loves the tiny sounds I make as I trot along singing.  The last thing is I relax to the point of total oblivion and limpness on mom's lap.  Please give some thought to picking up this great award and telling us about you. xox

 Random Felines is on record (their bloggie today) as being grateful to ME, Katie, for teaching Doc how to play the mini blinds.  He had a great set lined up for the household's middle-of-the-night entertainment and he played with aplomb (whomever HE is).  The mom at Doc's house  expressed heartfelt gratitude to me today for my effort on Doc's behalf. I found him an able student.

 I am thinking of traveling where summoned to teach kitties these skills.  I will of course travel via my Ess.  These days I save costs on energy using my compact Ess rather than the tunnel. Contact me for my fee schedule.  I will give you a sample of fees here.  The fee for 1-5 lessons is two jars of Gerbers and 1 oz. of Half and Half.  That's just for starters.  I will have a brochure ready by this time tomorrow.  Interested kitties may apply on-line at their leisure.

Meanwhile, feast your beautiful eyes on my tummy.

July 10, 2012

What Can the Matter Be?

When my human brother was here with my nephew, they played and played with me.  Especially the youngest one.  I loved it.  I played so much for that week and a day that I slept hard for almost 24 hours after they left except for meals and the box of course.  Here is the strange thing.  I just refuse to use my cat tree any more.

Mom rubbed catnip on it..sprayed it with catnip..gently placed me on it, played with my favorite fevver wand on it to tempt me and I come down within a second.

Nothing bad happened on it.  Matter of fact this is where they played with me each evening.  The tree is here in the computer room and if we gathered here, my nephew bean would get the fevvers and I would scramble around on the tree, in and out of the holes like a monkey playing.  That last evening they were here was the last time I have voluntarily gone to it.  I now just lay on the floor next to mama while she is working in here but never go to my tree.  I will scratch the carpeting on the tree but I won't climb or get on   at all.  Or I'll go lay on the floor in the spare room...or perhaps on mamma's bed maybe on my blankie..maybe just on the sheets.  Am I sads that they have gone do you think?

Mom plays with me every day same as she always has and I play with her too but still...I wonder if I miss my visitors.

Mom  is still marveling at how I glisten with healthy furs.  She hopes to be able to capture that gleam one day to show you.

The vishus deer ate all the birdie food so my TV was off for two days!  I think mom oughtta be fired, I really mean it.

Oh, I did enter the Counter Surfing Event since you suggested it, and the Single Sleep Position event as well.   Here is a front view of that same time on the sink. I didn't enter this view though.  Oh my.  I meant to schedule this for tomorrow.  Mom?  You are most definitely fired!

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties...come on now, I don't need diapers.  I should have said that the pee incidents occured when I had an open litter box back when I first got here.  Now, I just pee and it's contained within the box.  Even when I face the back, no pee hits the floor.  But it sure collects in the "seams" of the two halves of the box.  Whew.  I hope important kitties of the male variety didn't see those comments and decided I peed on the floor.  How embarrassing.

By the way, I laid out on mom's lap and stayed sleeping for 1 1/2 hours this evening  while mom really needed to get up, and while the part of her lap I was laid on burned like a lit fire from my body heat,  she was rewarded by seeing my pink tongue sticking out between my teefs in front while I slept, my pink and black padded twitching toesies and two fang points attractively arranged on either side of my protruding tongue tip showing.  That was MY evening, kitties.  Soon we'll go to bed.

See you soon...mom is scheduling this for in the morning. OH!  Here is a picture of me spread out on the bathroom sink. That was a few hours ago.  I spread out my back leggies and let my undercarriage do the contact and I draped my arms on the vanity front on one side and the other arm I draped down into the sink.  One of my white socks in back toward you is blending in with the sink top.  I'm flat as a fritter.

July 9, 2012

The Naughty Parts of Me.

Kitties and woofies, I am too naughty.  Just I have a racket  going with my tiny little meows and sweet sounds.  Mom may get annoyed with me sometimes but never mad because I am cute and small and feminine.  I get away with ANYTHING, kitties.

Here is a badge my brother made for me.  He also knows how naughty I can be and I can't always charm everyone all the time.  I think he sees through me.

That above is what the 8 Ball said when Mom shook it and asked about me.  If you have confessions to make, feel free to take and use it for your confession blog.

How am I naughty you may ask?  I told you about it really.  I have a huge carpeted cat tree, three tall scratching posts, three cardboard scratchers, 1 scratch mat, and a track ball with a scratchy place in the center.  I use each and every one of these but I still scratch the carpet..and a lot too.

Also, for a girl cat, I have terrible awful aim.  Mom had to clean up many a puddle of you-know-what off the floor where my litter box is.  She used puppy pads, different litters..but it was my incredibly bad aim.  How in the world I got into the habit of just standing in the box and letting fly, I don't know.  Not EVEN a tiny squat.  I know, TMI.  Finally mom got a clue and got a covered box BUT she has to separate it every day and clean the accumulated wiz from all around where the two halves come together.  No aim, kitties.  Not even a little.  AND while in the box I have gone in to where I am facing the BACK of the box and let loose...do I have to draw a picture here?

AND I scare the hair off mom's head by attempting to get on the stove so she has to try to take measures to guard me while the stove cools in case she doesn't see me trying again.

But when I come into a room after a nap making tiny little sweetest sounds..she's melted butter in my paws as I aim for her and jump up to head butt and snuggle.  I let her pick me up whenever she wants and I am limp with trust.  *then I go scratch the dickens outta the carpet!*

Oh.  No horking since mom started giving me just under a half a 3 oz. can of wet food.  No more.  Maybe my warm shiny glossy belly was too full?

Those are a few of my confessions.  There will be more.  xoxox

July 8, 2012

Awardie Sunday

Kitties!  Prancer Pie gave me an awardie!  Can you believe it?  It's the Lovely Blog Award!  I am happies to have it.  I am supposed to tell seven things about myself and pass this award along to five furriends.

Let me think real hard about seven things...Hmmm....

One:  I try to climb walls in the house even though I slip back down the wall every time.  Even I am puzzled as to why I do this.

Two:  I have no interest whatsoever in the elusive red dot.  None. Mom has tried to interest me multiple times and gave up.  I don't even look at it.

Three:  I have no interest in human fuds at all.  I never get on the table or inspect mom's or brothers or friend's fuds.

Four:  I don't know a human stranger.  Everyone is a friend and there/here to love me.

Five:  Mom said I am the head butting Queen.  NO one head butts as much or as many times as I do each day.

Six:  I never sing at night but I do make sweet sounds when I bring real or toy mousies into our room in the middle of the night.  Tiny soft little sounds. Makes mom smile  to hear me when I wake her playing and telling her about my mousie conquests.

Seven:  I sit on the dresser top where Admiral is.  I do that at least every few days.  Mom knows it's a coincidence that I sit there but she smiles.

I am supposed to pass this sweet award to six others.  It's my pleasure to do that.

Alley Cats and Angels of NC


Critters in the Cottage

Dakota's Den

Friends Fur Ever

Cat-A-Holic with Laila and Minchie

Kitties and woofies, please go see these beautiful bloggies and furriends.

And please visit my Rainbow Page for pictures and times of our precious friends who have flown away from us.  Mom helps me put their dear tributes there so we can save them and they won't be at the bottom of the home page by their numbers/length. XX

Hugga Hugga from me, Katie Isabella
PEE ESS:  Mom said to tell you not ALL is sweetness and light with me.  Not by a long shot. 

July 7, 2012

I helped Mom

Kitties, what a NIGHT!  There I was sleeping peacefully on my blankie and this noise started up.  Oh, it was pawful!  It kept on and on.  I had to take charge and handle this for mom!

I got up and then I stood on my legs and came down on mom's side and hip probably 3 times, full force.  My entire 9 1/2 pounds behind those pylon-like arms of mine!  I'm sure I made dents in her side!

She had been caterwauling out loud!  She woke me UP, kitties!  I could tell this wasn't good for Mom to be doing so I took charge as I said in the beginning here and woke her up and  made her speak to me.  She said she was having a nightmare and that she was shouting out for help.  That was the word she was shouting.."HELP"  "HELP"! She told me some mean animal was after her and trying to hurt her.  I told her to quit going thru Flickr's wild animal pictures before bed--- which was what she had been doing.

I saved the day though.  I woke her up by using my might and my strong arms.  She was immediately quiet and fell back asleep and so did I.

The End

Pee Ess:  Here I am after saving the day..er..night.

July 6, 2012

A Tale of Two Kittehs

Kitties!  Can you help Gronk and Izzie's mom?  They are not getting along after having done pretty well together.  Their mom  borrowed the bloggie and told us what she is doing and she is asking for help.  I can imagine how difficult it is for her and the two kitties so I hope you will go by and help them if you can.

Meanwhile we had a very bad storm late yesterday that came up suddenly with 70 mph winds.  Mom and I were lucky and kept our power and our trees remained upright.  Since they are so very very tall that was a real concern for us.  A great deal of our town lost power.  We counted ourselves very lucky.  I sheltered in mom's arms during the worst part but I was a big girl and went to nap on the bed after that.

I hope the Rainbow Bridge can stop collecting our furriends for awhile!  We need them here.

I have to go patrol for vishus deer.  See you laters.

July 5, 2012

oh MY! Oh my oh MY! And a sads to report..

Kitties, woofies, that  vishus girl deer was here AGAIN!  I chased her away from the bird feeder but not before she ate her fill!!! And she left but stayed in the front yard for awhile.  Mom was about to go work out when she saw that vishus girl standing there by the driveway.  I came tearing into the kitchen to roust that bandit OUT!  But she had walked across the street away from my lasers and razor claws!  DRAT!!

Kitties, Simba from Simba's Antics lost his cousin Terrence.  They have sads today, so hoping you will go by to purr for the family.  Here is a picture of him.  His littermate Persimmon will grieve and that makes my mommy even more sads.

Here is Terrence's picture and his brother Persimmon in the kitty lying down in the box.  Terrence is sitting.

Tuxie/Tortie/Tabby Thursday

It is with great sadness that we share the news that ML's beloved Aunt Dorothy passed away on July 1. 
Dorothy was ML's only remaining relative ... ML has said on her blog, she will be taking some time off.
But please, share your sympathy and your condolences, it will be appreciated.  Thank you.


July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

Happy 4th, furriends.  Enjoy the day and I hope there are no loud noises to send you UTB.  My human brother is here--- the oldest one--- so I have him to celebrate with.  He just came by for overnight and truth be known...to do his laundry.  We glad of that.  See you over at your place later.  Nothing exciting going on here cause he's going home at noon.

July 3, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

Well, I think I gave mom a clue.  She served me turkey marinated morsels for breakfast.  These are small little bits.  I ate..and mom was preparing (you already know what's coming don't you?) her breakfast and had just poured her coffee when she heard the old familiar sound.  My horking up the breakfast I had just gotten down.  SO..her coffee cooled while she got out the oxi spray and the whole roll of paper towels to get it up.   She always gives me breakfast first before herself and if I'm gonna bomit I never fail to nail the carpet just as the coffee is poured.  She likes it boiling hot so she has to take tiny sips.  Not just hot or pretty hot the way it gets after she has cleaned up the three piles I made this morning.  She knows what a microwave oven is she mentioned rather tartly to my inquiry but she doesn't wish to 're-hot' her morning coffee that way.  Her problem...not mine *I* say.

So..she got a clue and won't buy that any more.  I'll bomit anyway no matter what it is about once a week or so but that marinated morsel food gets me every time.  I saw the light come on over mom's head!

Kitties and woofies, have a good day. Me...I'm looking for hard kibbles to eat.

July 2, 2012

On Strike

It's meowy Monday and I seem to be on strike against my cat tree.  Ever since my relatives left I have not been in it more than 45 seconds at a time and only three times that mom is aware of.  Now, my human brother's little rollaway bed was in here where my tree is, yes, and that may have made it a puzzle to get to the tree (you'd have to see how small the room is and how full of things it was) although I did go in the night occasionally he said. But strange that I haven't been in the tree as I loved it so much. I have been sleeping a great deal.  I think I was resting up after over a week of excitement.

I horked up some bomits on my red blankie night before last in the wee hours.  Momma got it all cleaned up and put back down and I refuse to sleep on it for now.  She will spray it with catnip to see if that helps.
Mom did remark that I seem to be down to once a week or so nowadays on the horking.

She just told me I have to stop dictating as she needs to go work out. Pish pish tosh! I should continue to come first.  I will see you in an hour or so.