June 30, 2020

Around the House

๐ŸŽถHello Windows, my old friends,
I hope to patrol with you again,
Because a sound of softly walking
๐Ÿ•Will bring memories of me stalking....๐ŸŽต

 I'll run!  And see the kitties there!  I don't care!

☀️Sunpuddles keep calling
But I'm still mostly stalling
I'll lay in you again one day
Wait and see, I say.

The snore of napping...

June 27, 2020


Kitties!  I wonder when the forced change will come to the blogs?  Hope they don't make it hard to find my Rainbow Page.  Hope I get to keep it.   I have a huge long list of fur babies.  Wonder if I can have my headers?  Mom is like a newborn kitten when it comes to tech stuffs and creating. She doesn't like change.  I grew up just like her...sigh.

Anyway, Mom got a same ol' same ol' picture of me yesterday, but by grannies, it's in the full day time.  Not night just before bed as it always has been.

Brovver is going home today.  Been here since Thursday afternoon.  I'll be rollin' on his bed in there after he goes.  Mom's broken three eggs and they are ready for the pan.  She has the bacons done to a turn.  Debating biscuits or toast.  I say toast.  I like to beg some.

I had a good start to the day Kitties!   I woke mom, 0615... and she turned over so we could snuggle all the way up close for about fifteen minutes.  Can't beat that with a stick!

Happy Caturday!

June 24, 2020



No more complaining or meowing.  Here's a smile for you.  Thanks for everything.  XX

Almost Same ol' Same "ol

Kitties!  Ah.  So close but not quite the cigar yet.  *I* have no idea what mom means by close but no cigar.  If she said it, I'm with her.

Mom said I am doing everything except thundering thru the hallway; and I am not patrolling at all.  I did get into one sun puddle a few days ago in the afternoon.  That's it.

Just wonder even myself why I am not patrolling as I always did and why I am not enjoying sunpuddles  No window sitting either.  Only at night and only in the living room.

Maybe as more time passes I will be fully myself again.  ๐Ÿ’—

June 21, 2020

Welcome Back

Mommy said "welcome back!!!" to me when she returned (sweating mightily, and groaning about the humidity) from her walkie and looked around.  I was left here to tend to business as always as I would rather wrassle a woofie than be on a leash and walk.

Here is what she saw and why she welcomed me back!  Mom and I want to thank each of you who came to see me when I was very down and not myself.  Each visit and wish for me was like gentle petting on my furs.  Thank you so much.  ๐Ÿ’— You are my best friends, each of you who helped me. recover.

A thoroughly drowned Shrimpie whose rescue was futile, I see. 

I have a choo choo train of my faves out! They were in a sunpuddle

Me, recovering from my work

This is the first playing I have done in well over a week.  AND Donkey and Floppy Mousie were brought to bed last night!  Mom said she cracked en eye open and saw my mustache within 2 inches of her eye.

June 19, 2020

You Never Know

Unfortunately, you never know what will happen when your cat must have medicine.
We have been through some hard times for eight days so far, Katie and I.

A particular combination of two drugs to sedate Katie so she could have her full workup, bloods, exam, two mats I couldn't get for her, nails, potty patch, etc. etc.  She came home agitated and disoriented.

I called the vet who said it would be over in 24 hours perhaps, and that Katie was apparently very sensitive to the drug.  (I only know one of the two drugs).  I have looked it up and find nothing written, so far, that suggests the following reaction she had is the norm.  The vet said it will be in her record to never use that drug again.

Uneasiness around me  was the first thing I saw on letting her out of the PTU, but that has changed now.  Other symptoms that lasted:  No patrolling, not any.  Staying UTB a great deal.  Not sleeping in her own bed at all nor using her cat tree at all.   No sunbathing at all, no playing at all, rare lap sitting unless I pick her up and then, she stays a few minutes only.  Sleeping apart from me, and more "I don't know you" type of behavior.  I will end this symptom recitation by saying it was unnerving to see her personality gone.

Yesterday morning, a week after her visit, she woke me with sweetness.  Her brother came home later yesterday, and that helped enough that she curled in his bed when he turned it down!  She looked out one window last night.  Yes!  She slept with me, and I found about 5 this morning that she was curled tightly to my head with her arms around it, my head,  as though she had a basketball in them.  Safe to say she is feeling more herself.

Vet said there is ear gel gabapentin.  No clinical evidence to point to that it works, but...anecdotal evidence that it may, is mentioned.  So, we may try that for say, the next nail trim.

Meanwhile, Katie said since I took over here to show her happy on my lap last night, with her furs gleaming like a newly minted silver dollar!  No flashy.  We never use one.  She has a new brushie- and it helped.

We were very fortunate that we had another CB blogger that I turned to, asking for help or any  suggestions.  That  alone helped us each day of this journey with good advice and complete understanding of the difficult time.  I am grateful more than I can say.  Having someone understand, firstly, and care, as well as advise, is a treasure.

June 14, 2020

June 12, 2020

My Results

Kitties, all my bloods did furry well!  Mom always gets worried about them as I am a mature Queen.  I'm close to thirteen now.

Mom noticed two things.  I am more able to wash my pantaloons better now that  they have been made less lush and plush what with my long furs and all. But the other thing mom said she noticed  after my vet visit is I am starting to go slightly UTB.  The foot of the bed  and on the floor, and you can see my legs sticking out but...its the back "passenger side" of the bed. Right around the bed's right leg.  I have done that since I came home including several hours under there this morning.  I was acting fine till then.  That was/is my storm hiding place.

Can having been sedated caused me to me vaguely afraid as an after effect I wonder?  Except for UTB partially hidden, that's the only aberrant thing.   I finally slept with mom last night. But not on her head. Just on the bed.

The results were all normal though including thyroid.  There is one thing that is a worrisome however.  The Vet came out and said to mom "I didn't get a urine sample.  She has a bladder the size of a pinhead, and I don't think she had anything in it anyway".   She is the third vet to say that they couldd'nt get a sample; but the other vets just said that the fat pad on my undercarriage was too thick for the length of the needle they use to aspirate urine from the bladder.  This Vet was joking to make a point though.  So while we would all like to have a urine sample  from me to corroborate the excellent T4 reading...no can do.

I'm still a little leary of being placed on mom's lap by mom since my return home.  But when I leap up there on my own...that's another thing.  I got lots of kisses and pettings and talking to me last night while on her lap while I laid with my head on her chest.  I'm still not 100% myself and that surprises me.

PS Mom and I are having trouble commenting on all WP blogs now..not just the usual 3. If you don't have a comment, please know I tried.

June 10, 2020

Back From the V-E-T

Kitties!  This time I got everything I needed done, done.

Mom tried the gabapentin capsule in sardines.  No.  I took one tongue tip in it and went for UTB.

Soon it became time to leave for the vet and mom low down  as a traitor offering brushies, which I got,  and then picking me up and taking me to the PTU.  She tricked me and took advantage of my trust.  She tried to feel better by saying she had to get me there for all the things I needed.

I got the Vet I wanted, one who has several cats.  She decided the best thing to do would be administer a little sedation via an IV.  She can reverse the effect if needed...in case I got into trouble.

Kitties, under sedation..my nails were trimmed way back for the first time (burritoed doesn't get it done well much).  And my teefs were perfect and clean too!  ALL of  my physical was 100% perfect.  My heart sounded perfect she said, all the palpations were great in result.  My joints were in great shape.  I got two BAD mats shaved down.  It doesn't show.  A potty patch (boy cats disregard) ( my bloomers are those of a long haired cat).

My bloods were stolen in a brazen theft.  They must hope to create another gorgeous Queen like me with them.  It will be reported to me Friday what those values are.  I hope hope that they are good as they were the last time 6 months ago.

So:  from now on, for both (2) senior exams a year, I will be lightly sedated.  For all else, burritoed.

Thank heavens all is well.  Mom asked to see if my ahem...um -*whispers... anal glands* are OK.   Must be.

This whole thing what with the sedation was very expensive, but mom says I'm worth it.  I didn't let mommy pay for the nail cutting though.  That was complimentary.

Thank goodness Kitties.  I only have to wait for what my bloods said.

June 6, 2020

Oh Noes....Not Again

Kitties, I have to go to the v-e-t again.  Trying for my blood panel that I didn't get in April when I went for my senior workup.  Again, how I could have been THAT bad when they injected me with Gabapentin, I will never figure out.  However, that's what happened and mom was concerned about me these past three days so she was forced to make an appointment regardless of the virus restrictions.  They said they would allow mom to be with me.  In an afternoon appointment.  Mom will do her best to get my meds down me with sardine juice from sardines (packed in olive oil).

There was a sigh from the receptionist when mom asked, not knowing of course, if they were allowing pet parents in yet.  "Sigh".  "Yes, in some instances".  So..a late appt. They do all the parking lot waiters in the morning hours. Glad they are allowing some cases inside afternoons.

I have been quietly meowing often, eye to eye  right to mom's face as though I am trying to communicate.  I have been horking a lot  and often. And eating like food was going out of style.  Unusual.  And I look unkempt.  And I'm not patrolling nor am I lolling in sunpuddles.  My litterbox looks good in that all functions are normal.  Not too much..not too little.  Right on target. So far I haven't horked today.  Mom said she heard me thundering in the hallway last night.  That pleased her.  Maybe I am on the upswing BUT I need my bloods done and a few minor things. Wish Mom luck in getting my gabapentin down for my appt. Wednesday at 1pm.

pee ess:  Those furriends who Are OTRB and who were in my sidebar- are still here  In my Rainbow page.  I won't ever not put my friends in that page where I and the rest of us can look for them. XXX