October 30, 2015

Halloween Kitty...Me.

Mom and I are sticks in the mud and we don't care for Halloween.  Not too sure where this graphic came from.  It may be Ann Adamus.  We thank whoever it was.  XXOO

But Happy Halloween to those who love it.  :-)

October 29, 2015

National Cat Day!

Kitties, it's National CAT DAY!  YES!  HOORAY for US!

We kitties are supreme anyway, but especially today! MEOW!

October 27, 2015

Tuxie Day in Tennessee!!

Kitties,   I am showing the State of Tennessee how wonderful a Ruler a Tuxie can be!  Well, maybe not but I can pretend I am.  That's just as good.  Lotsa beans live in a fantasy world so I can too!

I've been hanging out in the PTU a lot today.  Mom said in an everyday voice "Brushie?  Brushie"? while standing at the table.  She was spreading my  brushie mat out when I can rushing in.  So I am not ill.  I just wanna hang out in my PTU.  I do that sometimes.  It's spacious and I can turn around in it.  Mom got crazy and got a size large which I didn't need.  But you kitties were right and your beans too.  I LOVE my spacious new bathroom.  I was using it the other day and mom was sitting in a chair facing where my bathroom is.  She noticed a beautiful face, mine, in there because of the bright white half mustache.  She said seeing my sweet face looking back at her and seeming so small compared to the spaciousness of the Potty box was adorable.  I would NOT put it past her to have taken a picture of only she could have.  By the time she reached for the camera I was out and about!

Soon it will be time to allow my wet fuds out for a while to come to room temperature.Do your mom's and dad's try to accommodate you too?  My mom stealthily pulled the beds' blankie up to my waist last night as I lay sprawled next to her face and chest.  I allowed that about 5 minutes.  It was very cool in there but still...I didn't want a blankie covering me.

Hey, word to the wise Kitties.  Don't ever teleport thru your tunnels over here on Game Day.  When her University is playing she has been known to scream.  Sometimes get on the floor and pound it with her fists.  NOW because it scared the Admiral and me, she screams into her hands or a pillow.  You don'UNsee it..so warning to the wise!
Me sleeping on Game Day till she screams!

Enjoying my Peggy Blankie


October 25, 2015

Oh Noes...Monday? Really? (Mommy got HER 2 cents in too. Sorries)

Kidding.  Every day is a weekend to me.  But not to mom.  I just watch her whirl about and do lots of things and work and I just lie there resting so as to be heartbreakingly bewteefuls for her at all times.  That's a lot o' work.

 A mean old coal company that owns a mountain where my  mom's ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) HAM club is having its repeater  threatened.  It was a gentleman's agreement 45 years ago that the club could erect its antenna and repeater up there.  They are threatening demolishing our equipment if we don't pay up. They said that mom's club must  suddenly start to pay high  rent.

HAMS are a public service right along side of it being for serious hobbyists.  (takes work to be a HAM and a pretty good test).  They threatened to tear down the antenna and the little building where the repeater is housed if we don't come across with money even though they too are benefited by our equipment as they are allowed to use it, as are emergency responders.  Hospital and Emergency  nets use it too.  Kitties and parents will be glad of the HAMS taking over vital communications when cell phone coverage is gone or a tornado or earthquake happens.  HAMS are the only communication in a region sometimes Mommy said.  Sorries I got up on the sofa top which is my soap box.  Any of you all a HAM too?  Not in silliness, but in radio?

Lastly, it's raining cats and dogs as you can see from the v-e-t's wall hanging in my exam room last week. Biggafy for the best view.  Mommy and I loved it.

October 23, 2015


Pet parents really have to go through a lot when they have us to love.  "Us" means Kitties, woofies, piggies, anyone that is loved and cared for by our parents.

I know Mom has told me how terribly sad she has been when one of us  that came before had to leave for the Bridge.  And now, more babies have gone on before the rest of us and the sadness in the Blogosphere is strong.  There are those who are sick here in the CB as well.  Human and fur babies and that too makes us sads.  There are Twitter fur babies who are ill and it grieves mom and me so much.

We wish, as do most kitties and parents that there was no running off to the Bridge.  No sickness and no suffering of any sort for any reason.  Oh we wish so much for that.

Rest in peace dearest Isadora and Rory.    This is taken from our lawn on a September evening.

In Memory of our Babies. 

October 20, 2015


Gotta go with my human sisfur and mom since she is able to walk better now..much less pain...and get those mats I have shaved and my claws cut.  Her is coming  allllll the way here from the Big City to help mom and me.

I hope before the month is out Mom will get a 'tocks picture.  I sure have some pretty ones!  All fluffy and my feathers there are soft as a whisper.  Mom calls them feathers because they are so fluffy.

I am dictating this from my big black beddie.  Dreaming of a pink beddie.  I used to know a pink beddie.  In another time zone.

I'll see you laters after the horrible v-e-t visit.

The Dynamic Trio

October 16, 2015

Working on It. By Mommy & Me Both

Katie says:  Wowzers, mom has been to the doctor and in desperation because of the pain in her lowest back to a chiropractor as well for the first time in her life.  Two times there, but the second time she almost could not make it to the car for the pain.

Now, it is Mommy here:  It is not the practitioner's fault.   This is more a medical doctor problem right now rather than adjustments and etc.  They were very kind in the office I chose and down the road, I will return while I am healthy to try to prevent problems.  But  for now..I went back to the doctor and to my first physical therapy.  Ultra sound, stretching and moist heat (OH that was surprisingly nice!) with electrical stim pads on my back.

I came home and for a good 5 hours I felt better.  Lots of pain but not at practically a 1level 10 the way it was for a week.  More like 8.  The  timing of the pain med was changed too, to one every 4 hours or 5 hrs if I could wait,  instead of the 2 pills I had when I rose at 6 and 2 more when I went to bed at 11.  That was 16+ hours between doses and I was in agony.  SO,  the plan is I go back 3 times a week for a while to see what happens. No one knows if it's sciatica or not but it may not be if the therapy helped that much for awhile. I have taken enough  space on her bloggie.  But and thanks for the chance to say what's happening. PLEASE help the helpless and innocent.  AND tell other cat parents to spay and neuter their pets!

KITTIES!  WOOFIES!!  She's a hog for taking all that space.  It's National Feral Cat Day.  Thank heaven she got us back here to SAY so.  Sheesh.  She hired someone to go to the grocery store  for us...man, mom can't walk 25 feet without doubling over and complaining as though the world was crashing!  I'm tired of it and I hope to pity sake she gets better.  I have to have my brushies on the dining table!  My human sisfur will come over wif Sticky One next Tuesday and take me to get my lethal claws cut off and THREE!  COUNT 'EM...THREE MATS cut out.  Where's good help when you need it?  It sure ain't here! I think I'll scratch her.  Right now!  *reaches out arm*

Bye.  We're finished complaining.  Maybe.  xxoo

October 12, 2015

Stuck on You

That should be the title of a song that should play when we head into the bed, me and mom.  Last night because of severe back pain she was in the middle of the bed.  She usually likes to be on the side facing the door.  I do too, so we battle about that side of the bed always.

Last night however, she was on her side in the middle and as soon as I discovered that, I was next to her in a flash.  I put my arm out in the dark and I could tell she was on her side with her chest and tummy available as a warmer for ME.  So I flopped down quickly and used my feets to press way close against her.  We stayed that way all night as she could not move once she was able to find a position that did not make her back hurt worse.

I was so happy.  I love nothing more than to be near or on her.  Hence the title here...stuck on you.

Mom said she's headed to her Dr. at 3 today to see what can be done.  It's pretty painful and restricts what she is able to do.  But boy, *I* sure made out!!


October 8, 2015

Fursday and Furiday

Kitties,  it's getting pretty durn chilly in the nights nowadays.   Maybe THAT is why I persist on lying on mom's head and face and certainly her pillow.  She has had to keep me from trimming her tresses too.  I know it's a pain in the neck supposedly to her but hey, I'm here to show her how good I feel.

dezizworld has nominated me to provided three quotes and examples.  I will do that next blog.  Thank you beautiful girls.  Lone Star Cats have done the same and I need to stop meowing around and do it.  I am to challenge three others to the same things.

Mommy has a LOUD thing in the kitchen that I wish she'd left in the store.  It sounds like an L 25 hurricane when she uses it!!  It's a somethingaruther that when turned on makes horrible noise like I said about the hurricane, and then when it stops she starts drinking from it.  Today I saw her add a cuppa milk, a cuppa organic cherries and 3/4 a cuppa ice cubes.  Then her eyes rolled back and she said how good it tasted.

  Hey, good tasting is as good tasting does.  A can o' feast ain't near so loud and I certainly don't complain or roll my eyes when I throw it down the hatch!  Um um good ---and quiet!

OH!  And here is me...patiently tolerating a sticky little one right there near MY toys....although the little sticky person has his own toys in a box in MY room! I am such a good girl to snoopervise!

This was mom and Sticky Person's mommy and Sticky too,  just about 3 mi walk

There are two big fishes in here if you biggafy and look closely.  This was on their walkie this meowing.

I am sitting out of reach on momma while Baby James plays. 

October 4, 2015

Good Grief!

That's what mom said so many times.  I was all over the bed last night cause I am feeling in top form after my course of medicine.

I chose about 5 am to sit on her pillow and crowded her head to the very edge.  I purred so that made it OK as she could hear it through my body into her head.  I was pressed up against her tightly.  My elbow was pressing against her closed eye! She moved it an inch or so.  All I would allow.  I kept trying to lick her face and her hair and hand.  Hand licking occurred when she weakly raised it to move my face away from hers and her hair.  My face hovered right above her head. That moving my face never worked. I was a prime pest for a good hour.

This morning she picked up the toys I brought in and tossed them onto the bed.  I had THE best time grabbing and tossing them in the air and running on top of the bed.  I feel SO good now.  There for the longest I was in my bed not long after breakfast.  Now, I eat a good meal and play!  My litterbox has contents that are good to see Mom said considering I was such a worry for a time.  It was worth every penny to pay someone to pill me for 14 days.  I feel like a million right now.

Just sayin'.

pee ess:  Hummingbird TV channel seemed to be missing for a week and mom said she was going to take the feeder down and disinfect and store it.  Yesterday through the incessant cold rain, there was a girl hummingbird out there all bent over against the rain on the tiny branch mom has out for them to rest on while they guard their feeder.  Mom put on her raincoat and went straight out to get the feeder and refill it again with her nectar she'd made.  Mom and I have been looking for the girl hummingbird but we haven't seen her.  Mom said it was worth going out there to refresh her nectar regardless of the rain.  Poor girl..  We hated seeing her so wet.

October 2, 2015

I feel pretty...oh so pretty

I feel charming, oh so charming
It's alarming how charming I feel
And so pretty that I hardly can believe I'm real