May 31, 2012


Kitties!  We have had suns efurryday the past three days and I am getting toasted on all sides up here in the crows nest of my cat tree.  I love it up here and I'm here a good deal of the time I take naps.  This was the best Mothers Day present Mom said she ever got.  My brother bought it and gave it to Mom as a gift right on Mother's Day.  She didn't need it so she gave it to ME.  What a mom!

Here I am on the back of the recliner that mom has covered against my silk furs.  This time you can see all of my face. I hope you like it.

I don't think I brought anything to our room last night.  Mom said she hasn't looked around yet as it was still dim in the room when I woke her to serve me my breakfast.  Usually the toys are pretty obvious so she thinks I may not have brought any this time.

I'm dictating from the crows nest right now and, um,  Zzzzzzzz..snerk..huh?  whuzzat?  Zzzzzzzzzz

May 29, 2012

How to Charm Your Pawrent

Kitties!  I always perch on mom's chest before she goes to sleep.  I get lots of whispers and petting and she gets warm purry furs on's a win-win.  I get off after about 15 or 20 minutes and either flop on my red blankie at the foot of the bed or I go off into the dark rooms.

Last night in the middle of the night-- as with most nights--- I came in and made my tiny little sounds..some were on an upward note as though asking questions.  Just continuous darling (mom says) tiny little sounds.  Wakes her up but she always smiles because she says I sound so sweet.  I did that two times last night..a bonus for her.  When I do that, I am telling her that I have just brought her a present.  Usually my dark brown large fur mouse.  It's my absolute favorite.  Well, I showed up again just as some light was creeping into our bedroom that was three times!  But this time, I just scrambled around on the bed a little after putting something at mom's waist.  She reached around and felt a little fuzzy mouse. She went back to sleep for awhile.

When she woke, kitties and woofies, I had laid my FAVORITE tailless black and white mousie that she had rescued yesterday in bed next to her; and on my blankie I laid my dark brown fur mouse.  About life size.  Then after we got out of the bed she saw another fur mousie on the floor..same size as my big  brown mousie and lo--- I had been up on the cabinet while she was asleep, where she has two new fur mice put by in case something happened to mine favorite one, and I fetched it down all on my own and left it on the floor in our room.  That was three gifts for Mom.  She has been smiling all day.

We are lucky to have found one another.

May 28, 2012

My New Plan

Remember those who served and are serving now. And say "Thank You"
My mommy is giving me an allowance now.  I get a DOLLAR A WEEK!  I know Kitties and woofies..riches!  I almost feel giddy, I am so rich!  But mom says I can't buy a bunch of stuffs with it or treats.  She said I have to save it up mostly in case Anycat needs it or in case I myself want something really special.

Mom put three dollars into my piggy bank today on accounta she's making the beginning of this month to be the start of my allowance, so I got three allowances today instead of just one.  I'm going to put my piggy bank in my room here with my cat tree and my other Katie toys.  Don't you think that's a good idea?  I can keep an eye on it in case some mousie tries to take it.

Speaking of mousie, mom got down on her side..just about dislocated her shoulder trying to be flat enough to see under a heavy piece of furniture  and that tiny viewing place she had at her disposal..she held a pen light with her toofies and tried under the furniture in the blackness of space! to see my most favorite mousie in the whole world under the unmovable piece of furniture.  She had a long stick and finally was able to inch it forward until she could get it.  It took a hundred YEARS she swears, to get it out. I whap that mouse under that same piece of furniture over and OVER!

Hope this is a great day for all of you. <3

May 26, 2012

Early Easy on Sunday

Kitties, my human brother was here last evening and left again this noontime and I am sads.  I LOVE it when he visits me.  I allowed a zillion pets, kisses, scritches, and just plain being together close by.  I made sure I played the mini blind xylophone for him.  Mommy heard my music too.  I just played on in celebration that he was here.  I was at the foot of his bed making gorgeous musics for him.  I only do that when a brother is in that bed.  That' my way of saying that I love him.

Now mommy saw that I am curled up in his bed all by myself.  I will get to see him a week early because he's coming over next Sunday afternoon as he has an appointment in town on Monday.

I can say with certainty that the bacon gene indeed passed me by.  I turned it down again today.  I could have had eggs, bacon, toast, jam and coffee but no...sadly I chose not to.  Brother's birfday will be the 29th of this month so mom made him his birfday cake already and since he was too full last night, he had a piece of the cake for breakfast as dessert after his bacon and eggs.  Mom wrapped the rest of the cake for him to take home.  Yellow cake with chocolate icing and snowflake sprinkles.

Look at this wonderful picture  Katie at Glogirly made of we two breath taking Tuxie Glamour Girls.  Man Cats, you may line up on the right..single file please.  No spitting.  Fanks you.

May 25, 2012

Furry Friday

Kitties!  Mom has a few out of focus picturs of me to share that she took with her totally unfamiliar 50mm lens (all she has at present) so here they are!!  You should see the ones she deleted!  Even worse.  She'll get the hang of the 50mm eventually.

May 24, 2012


It's a sad month here on the CB.  I am just thinking about things today.  XOXOX

May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday ML!

ML, a loving and happy Birthday to you.  And gratitude for all that you do for we kitties here in the Blogosphere.  Nose taps, lovins and head bonks and again, thank you.  Happy Birthday.

May 22, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday (and Tortie Tuesday for all the Torties out there)

Good Meowning Kitties!  Today is Tuxie/Tortie/Tabby Tuesday.  Rejoice and celebrate all of those beautiful kitties!

Please purr for precious Squashies and that her course of treatment helps her ear.  She is having a bad sickie right now and her mommy is terribly worried.

And dear Captain Casper has flown away to the Bridge too.  Please go see his mama and help her with purrs in this awful time.

Here I am, all balled up into a tight Tuxie ball enjoying the sun puddle on Sunday.  Get it?  SUN puddle on SUNday?  Heeee.


May 21, 2012

Happenstance? I think not!

Why is it, mom said in a huff, that any time she wants to take a picture of me I am in an area with a busy or otherwise unsuitable background.

And here is my precious furriend Squashies who has a sickie right now.  She and her brofur TK are very dear to mommy and me.  Please purr for her to be alright.

Is it on purpose, she asks (I'll never tell!!) or bad timing.  (I'll never tell!)

May 20, 2012

Easy on Sunday PLUS Update w/ picture

I'm getting my easy on.  Mom and I both slept well and here is my after breakfast nap. Ahhhh..

Thanks to a friend in Canada, I was able to get these pitiful pics off my cheapo camera I bought and onto iPhoto.  Not used to no view finder and the uinability to focus but it is what it is.  xox  Here I am in my crow's nest. You can see an ear in the first one.  A Spitty-like view in the second.  (he is sooo mysterious).

May 19, 2012

Saturday Sleepies

Mom got up at the awful hour of 0353.  I never said a word to her as I myself was asleep.  She went into that small room, then tried again to go back to sleep.  I know she wanted me in there with her but I was asleep in my tree condo by then. She felt me leave the bed 15 or so minutes earlier.  We have had our breakfast and I am back asleep.  She's hoping that I don't decide to get her up tomorrow at this time.  Somehow she just had enough sleep this time, just 5 hrs.  She's not sleepy at all.  (she and I will be piled up napping later..mark my meows).

Here is the last of three pictures that my human brother took of me while he was here a week ago.  Hope all of you kitties and woofies have a good Saturday.

May 18, 2012

Feline Friday

 Kitties!  I have been playing this morning instead of staying on my tree.  Of course, mom being mom, she hopes I will still use my tree.  One other good thing has happened with the advent of the cat tree...I have not clawed carpet that mom can tell.  One thing is, I am not down on it as much AND I can claw the cat tree which is carpeted.

To Terri who comes to see my adventures,  thank you so much for the suggestions. I eat hairball formula foods and bomit anyway, and mom can't cover the carpet where I scratch because the entire house is carpeted except the kitchen and bathroom.  That makes it hard on mom, MOL. She never had another kitty like me who loves carpet.  Her other kitties all clawed sisal rope posts.  She also said to mention that she has 4 scratching posts, 1 scratching mat and 3 scratch pads.  BUT while I use those, I STILL claw the carpet.  Guess that's part of having a most excellent beautymous Tuxie like me..

We are playing with my red tissue paper and the fishing pole with a denim bow on the end that looks like a moth.  I LOVE that thing and it's a pass-down from as far back as Robin, mom's kitty who flew way 16 years ago.  Mom, for a change up from the usual fishing with me will put the tip of the fishing rod under the tissue paper and I attack with the ferocity of a mountain lion.

Ah..I am demanding attention..see you laters.

May 17, 2012

Fursday Revels

Kitties, ever since I got that cat tree, I have been in the crows nest of that tree every day after mom showed me how to get up there.  I no longer ask mom to play right after breakfast; now I climb up to the top of the tree (six feet) and survey my kingdom and then nap!  I love my tree and I seem to be spending a lot of time up on it.  To the lessening of active play.

Mom said to tell you that I still have big hairballs when I expel them.  (BOMIT, Mom!!) And she is wondering if I am pulling furs out even though it doesn't show because she IS Furminating me.  Now, she's concerned to really go at it for fear she'll hurt me.  She needs a human here with her who is experienced to show her how much pressure to use.  Since she doesn't know anyone who uses one, she's kinda sunk under the sink as far as finding out that info is concerned.

Mommy saw this picture in one of my brother's journals and lifted it to share. She squeeed when she saw it.

May 16, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Kitties!  All of the workmen are out of the house..the heat and air folks and the electrician from the day before.  AND I have my tree that I am loving.  Mommy took time to teach me how to climb up it and down with my favorite fevver toy as a lure.  Now, you can't keep me off it.

I have another one of three pictures that my brother took that I will post if you like.  Mom can't wait for me to be still (when her lens comes back) so she can take a picture of my nether region.  I have the cutest 'tocks.  But I won't be still so she can focus.  Unless I am asleep or stalking thru the storm door glass, I am not still a second.

Here I am.  XOX

May 15, 2012

Straw Hat Day!

Kitties, I sorries I didn't get around much yesterday.  Our electricity was off and after that was over, the router and the modem went haywire.

Oh I wish you could have seen me in the condo part of my new tree.  My little Tuxie head was sticking out of the diamond shaped opening in front and I was adorable Mom said.  When I wasn't doing that, I was draped on top of the condo part and my ample rump was hanging off on one side and my arm hanging down while I sawed up some logs.  NO CAMERA!  Mom said Grrr most of the day.  Today they are coming to put in a new heat/air system as the old one has given up the ghost so who knows what will be happening today with electricity and so on.   XOX

This photo was made by Ann of Zoolatry.

May 14, 2012

Monday Blues for Mom

Mom says that her camera is down for the count.  Turns out it's the lens that is broken.  So to get it repaired means at least 3 weeks and that doesn't incude shipping time.  Mom is not happy. She likes to get macros and landscapes,  and the prime time for the flowers she wants to photograph will be gone by the time she gets back into the fray with a repaired lens.  Last year she had the broken wrist and very injured legs and the entire summer went by with her unable to do anything.  She said she was looking forward to this year's photo jaunts.  Well, that will be much later again.  Oh well.  If that's the worst that happens to her she may consider herself fortunate.

She did get her son to take a picture using his cell phone yesterday of my new cat tree!  Like to see it?  I did get into that part that is like a condo with my head sticking out but no camera to take a picture.  Brother was busy in another room.

Here is that one he took though.

May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to EFURRYBUDDY!

Happy Mother's Day to efurrybuddy.  Momma kitties, OUR human mommas and  Daddies too who take care of us when there is no momma.   We wish all of you a happy loving day.

Here we are in a family picture of us sending our thanks  to each of you for being our furriends.  (mom deliberately added some effects to hers to make it different) Admiral kindly allowed a likeness of her OTRB, and so we added Katie and me as well.  We all send loves, kitty kissies and our furry best. Happy Mother's Day to all of you.  XOX---one from each of us.

May 11, 2012

And What to my Wondering Furs Should Appear...

But a Furminator from my hero..Ms Stella O'Houligan!

Mom has been cautiously drawing the Furminator across my furs trying to get the hang of it.  We are most grateful for Ms Stella's sweet gift to help her admirers, me and mom, not have so many fur balls to cope with.  Here I am...kinda sorta is getting used to mom coming at me with a blade!  I must be used to it because I am purring now while she gingerly draws it thru my furs.


May 10, 2012

Fursday Tra la laaaa

Here I am, kitties.  My brofur was here last Sunday for a few hours (the other one), and took this picture of me.  Him has another extra camera, a small one, to use when taking his D700 (Nikon) is more than he wants to deal with in some situations). So dis was taken wif the Nikon V1 in case you want one.  I, of course make any picture look goods.  That's what mom says anyway.  xoxox

 Oh and beware and read this pet food recall list.

May 9, 2012

Rainbow Bridge

So many of our furriends have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  Far too many and now our dearest Fin has traveled there.  She was among the first of kitties we knew when we started blogging back when Admiral was here.  We are so sorry to learn this sadness this morning.

I have Finny's picture in the sidebar right now and I will remind efurrybuddy that I have a Rainbow page where I keep memories of my furriends who have gone on before me.  Please feel free to visit them.  Some of my Twitter furriends have gone on as well.  It's a very sad week.  But I am grateful to be here and to have all of you as my dear furriends in the here and now.❤

May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

If for no other reason, mom is celebrating Cinco de Mayo because she finally got a clue.  Yes Kitties and Woofies..she hauled me off to the v-e-t for a manicure and pedicure!  I had been scratching the carpet, the bed, anything I got my claws on.  Mom had the hammer come down and bonk her on the head and realized it had been a long time since my nails were cut.  I won't let her do it so she took me in.  I have not offered to claw anything since.  Mom's clue:  "Let them grow too long and when they stick as I walk..I am reminded to claw!

While I was there, one of the two hospital cats that live there got into my carrier.  Cliff is a beautiful Maine Coon. He filled my carrier up.  He was enjoying being there. BUT *I* was a hissing virago when I saw him in it as I was there to be deposited myself.  Cliff was not impressed with my display and had to be picked up and put on the floor.  My hissing knew no end when I was put in!  Cliff smells!  Mom took the fleecy "floor" out when we got home to wash away the Cliff smells.

That night when we went to bed, I was my usual sphinx on her chest but then, I elbowed my way upward and laid my head down on her cheek was across her lips.  She got to kiss my cheek for a long time. She also got  her face tickled by my furs and whiskers for an equally long time.  She was hot and itchy but hey..worth it, right mom?  Heee heee.

May 4, 2012

"My Girl--- I've Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day..." Temptations 1965

My Girl.  She IS sunshine on a cloudy Day.  She is  warm and sweet as the month of May.  She's my girl.  pee ess: The kitty looking in is the stained glass rendition I had made of her.

May 3, 2012

Introoder Alert! Introoder Alert!

Kitties!  It was awful.  There was an introoder on MY territory yesterday morning.  I was on patrol as of course I should be and all my vigilance paid off.  There he or she was..brazen as daylight creeping over the morning horizon!  Bold as a shout in the dark!  A long haired black with green eyes introoder.  You can see him next door by the fence lying there drooling over my Bird TV, the bounder!

I called mommy but in a soft tiny voice.  She could tell by my tone however that something was amiss.

When she  got into the room where I was she saw me scrubbing furiously on the window pane trying to get out to box that introoders ears! I was telling mom all about it continuously for minutes.  I was telling her blow by blow- if only I could get out there to do my duty.

Mom could only get a picture through the window and screen but I told her that was fine.  The picture would do as evidence in the Sheriff Harley Poleece Line-Up once I reported this indignity and affront to me and my property,  that was sure to take place later.

Always on guard.  That's me.  Nothing gets past me (except multiple hairballs).

May 2, 2012

May 1, 2012

Tuesday Tuxie

Happy May Day Kitties and Woofies. Here is a flower for you. and I can't seem to win.  We changed to the hairball formula but when mom noticed that I was only eating maybe half of my breakfast and supper, she knew what was coming.  Yup.  I have horked up three or so hairballs a day for three day.  Magic number 3 I guess.  She was gone all day yesterday and had some well formed sausage sized hairballs waiting when she got home.  She told me she wasn't surprised due to my not eating much yesterday morning.  Showed her my tummy was upset. She said she's getting a Furminator very soon now.

By the way, to reiterate, we have carpeting all over the house except the kitchen and bathroom.  So mom can't really place things where I scratch because I scratch any and everywhere I please.  I thought I'd mention again that I have 4 scratch pads, two scratching posts, (one carpeted post and one rope post) plus a hanging scratch pad off the  door knob.  I don't like the rope post at all, just the carpet one. I use my Ess for scratching too and my scratch mat, my boxes and my large donut shaped rolly ball thingy with the scratch pad center. Nothing works to keep me from clawing the carpet as well unless mom sees me and sprays me.
Naughty is my name..clawing is my game.

Mom and I hear the Meow Mix song in there in the living room.  "Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow..."  Mom will he singing that under her breath all day.  Heeee.  MOL

Oh and I sort of punished mom for being gone yesterday.  I just laid forlornly on the carpet near her and
refused to get on her lap.  Showed HER! I kept that up till we went to bed. Go off and leave ME, will you!