April 30, 2019

Straight to the Hots!

Kitties! Mom has been coming home sweating like a cold bottle of Grape Nehi  out on a hot day these past 4 days.

I want her to see how I moved my family all over the house while she was gone, and all she does is head back to our room and start peeling everything off cause she put on 3 1/2 miles for right then.    I'm glad I don't have to take off MY bikini and stuffs!  She said she was wet with sweat and climbed outta everything she had on..start to finish.

My Aunty Caro gave me this Yeoww ball.  LOVE it. 

Dry you -know- whats...dry capris...dry top...her shower will wait till evening because she just started  for the day and there will be a whole lot more sweating going on probably, as it's h-o-t out there!  

She and I were in the spare room awhile ago where she has the stepping board she bought from a gym a few years ago and keeps behind the door standing up.  It has a giving type of center so you can jog in place, walk in place, whatever and it does not disturb your feets and knees.  So she lays it out, puts her shoes back on...has her ticking and sweep second hand clock, and her weenie-like weights, and in between each set lifting and moving the weights around,  she steps in place for a minute each.  So weights for the reps she chose and then, stepping.  Adding to the 3 +miles earlier, it adds up for the day plus walking the box stores.

I finally got her attention.  We are going in on the recliner, my chair, and I'll hold her down while roasting her lap.  She can read the paper and complain. As always.

April 28, 2019

Selfie Sunday

Kitties, I had to use the timer this meowing.  I just couldn't attend my toys and take a picture too.  Besides I would have to make the effort to come out of my catloaf position.

I have my red heart mousie, my sushi, my cyclops kicker, my pink heart and my nanner.  Mom said to step on it cause she wants to get ready to go out doors.

So here I am.

April 23, 2019


Me and Lion, hanging out getting the suns on our furs and scooting back for awhile when we get hot. Then, we crawl forward again to soak up the rays.  He's more used to it than me, what with coming from the jungle and all where it's hot and sunny alla times.

Look at Admiral all comfy too with her curls showing.

April 18, 2019

A Busy Night

Kitties!  I was sure busy last night.

Mom was sleeping away and  dreaming when I came in after a patrol--- and I really shouted out this time.  I was so loud I worried mom a bit.  She lay there kinda galvanized she said later when we got up...and wondered if she needed to turn on the light and see what the matter was. I shouted again after being quiet and she realized that I was bringing in my family but with more enthusiasm than usual.

In the morning when she went to make the bed... Look who she saw in there!

and next,  who she saw that caused the most hollering to be made!

He didn't make it into the bed after he fell out of my mouth as I was announcing him and Floppy Mousie.  Poor Donkey is between the foot of the bed and the heavy oak chest there as well.  I use that chest to get into bed at night.  Donkey fell plumb out of my mouth. Mousie almost got to my pillow there on the right, but I decided to let him keep warm in the sheet and blankie.  Mom turns it into a fitness course for me to go to bed!  Poor Donkey.

April 16, 2019


Kitties!  SUNS for three days!

I love going into the spare room and enjoying the suns on my furs.  I'm showing off my undies too.  Girls do that!

I meant to show you one of the wall hangings that the v-e-t office has in one of the exam rooms.  Isn't this the coolest?  You may need to biggafy to appreciate the kitties and woofies. Mom wishes she had one for my room.  Buts, my room is filled with all my stuffs and quite a few photos and a painting too, of kitties and me as well as Admiral. That oughtta do it.  No need for more.

April 14, 2019

Pee Ess

Kitties, it was never the v-e-t-s I was meowing about yesterday.  It was inexperienced techs who scruffed kitties when not needed. I wanted to make that clear, as my meows may have been taken a bit differently by several dear furriends.  My claw points were meant to meow that if scruffing hurts you and there is no need for it, speak up.  If it continues, go somewhere else--- or, if you are at the last one in town as we are, get your mom or dad to keep saying "don't scruff" and go with us if needed.  Trust the doctor.  Correct the tech who uses scruffing, needed or not.  Wanted to make that clear.

We are having terrible wevvers and high winds so I am just curling up on the floor on my blankies listening to mommy's tummy growling. She's scary when she does that! And she complains about me growling when I need to!!

I brought Lion out of my room last night and he was in the hallway almost to the bedroom when we got up for the day.

Great sunpuddle at the threshold to the kitchen.  Next to my FOODS! 
Mom said she wears her kitty slippers that can be seen here, most of the time indoors.  They are pink.  A tribute to me, a girl kitty.

April 10, 2019

Wednesday This's and Thats.

Kitties, one thing I didn't meow about in last post I wrote is that mom has taken me to every Vet (5) in town.  ALL of them- in a vain quest to find one where the vet techs aren't ignorant of handling cats.  They do great with dogs I am sure, as dogs are a more familiar patient,  I think too that the  Practice's are usually dog- centric.  Cats are thought of differently, not understood, and not  thought of very lovingly.

Mom has given a successful stink eyes on occasion to stop the scruff and scream abuse; complained on my behalf many times, and tried almost fruitlessly to get them to stop taking me "in the back" where they can have their way with me, meaning scruffing.  Mom walked back there one time after a long time had gone by and she could hear me crying.  She came upon a tech combing a hind mat out and the other tech was scruffing me.  Mom said she had asked to have that small place buzzed out..not combed out as it hurt too much to do it by comb.  Instead they hurt me combing hard, trying to jerk the mat out.  Momma saw that.  She said "I'll just take her on home.  Maybe I can find a way to get it out myself after all." This, the place I go now,  is the last vet in town.  I'm safe as long as she and I are together.

Just wanted to meow some more about it in case anyone thought mom just said "Oh well", and put up with it.  She's like any mom. Don't mess with her baby.  That's me.  *proud ears*

April 7, 2019

My V.E.T Persona Has Been Changed

Kitties!  Now that mom has finally been able to convince the techs to stop scruffing me when I am there for anything..I am behaving so much better.  Its no fun being hurt so badly by those kids or young people.  The only one who held me down instead of the horrible scruffing, was the one who came here for pet sitting and claw cutting, and who just dropped us like a hot 'tater with no explanation.  I think her house mate, also a tech, took a dislike to mommy and me.  Because that disappearing act happened right after mommy and I meeting her.

Anyway, the Vet has taken the big flaming red "C" off my chart and wrote "do not scruff" on it a year ago, and I have been changed from the dreaded "C" (Caution) to "Vocal" on my chart.  The tech I had early in this week, who just held me, said she can tell a fractious cat, as she called it, from a vocal one.  She stated that *I* just talk.  Even though I hissed a few times too, with a few growls.  I didn't scream, yowl, try to bite or struggle much.  Wonderful what happens when they listen to the mommy's.

Mom will tell you I have suffered for years with those immature ones I always seem to get-- save the one I mentioned earlier-- who feel a compulsion to scruff me..and I don't even have much flesh to pinch up or whatever it is they do.  I just know they hurt me a lot and made me cry.  And the more I screamed from pain, the harder they pinched and hurt my poor neck.

You know, I never even knew I could have a blood test without screaming and struggling and many minutes going by with me screaming.  The Vet did it herself, took a minute..and reminded the tech in the room not to scruff me; instead of turning it over to the kids in the back to do.  I didn't say a WORD! Treat me right and I return the favor.

April 4, 2019

I May Sue My Client!

Kitties, I make my case!  I will ask my colleagues, The J-Cats  if they would like to be my Counsel and collaborate with me.  I have been generous on several occasions when he ate my dry foods.  I was going to sue him then, but on second thoughts, I felt sorry for the poor thing and decided to defend him instead against all comers.  But he has aggrieved me again and most seriously.  That second picture that I offer as proof is all 10 fingers and all 10 little piggies  point right at him!   I rest my case until the esteemed Israeli colleagues speak.

April 1, 2019

Wherever I Hang my Hat

Kitties, wherever I hang my hat is home.

 my little blue hat! 

I think while I am resting on the keyboard and making mom smooch and pet me, is a good time to wear my hat and let her take another picture.

Today she took me to the Vet and I had Rabies and distemper shots.  Then, not that any mancats should see this but my, um, nether glands were expressed.  And an exquisite Fur Do to make me all beautiful. *coff coff..a sanitary clip..I had two mats*.  I had a manicure and...a dose of flea meds!  I don't have them; but she said if summer comes, can bringing in a flea  by accident be far behind!  HA!  Hasn't happened YET Mom!!!

It's plain and simple kitties and woofies.  I'm clapping on my new blue hat and heading to Spitty's!  I had an invite and I'm going.  The tunnel is idling as I meow.

Betrayed on this very day! But lying on my mat I won from CK a few years ago.  It's feminine like I am. 

Mom said in case anyone wasn't sure about some of these.