September 28, 2019

Test Results

Kitties and Woofies...I was surprised when mom got a call from the Veterinary Hospital.  They said ALL of my numbers were good.  Turns out I didn't have any pee to collect, and they said I had a small bladder as well, when they tried.   So I have 30 days from today to have another collection at no charge.  I'll be ready for a nail trim again so we can do it then.  No sign of thyroid problems and nothing to indicate kidney disease at this time.  My numbers were smack dab in the middle.

Mom and I worried as I am a full figured lady cat (with many devoted loving mancats who like snuggling with my rich, warm squeezy Tuxie self) There was a family  fear of pre-diabetes or full blown diabetes because I am 12 and so full figured.   Though I have no symptoms.  All is well however.

Thank you so much for caring and letting us know you cared.  We are both grateful and we have your backs too.  Always.

XX I am happy and I  know I am well.  XX

September 27, 2019

Today is the day! With Update on Going

Kitties!  Mommy has given me the medicine in a bit of tuna (water packed and solid white albacore as I deserve) and tuna juice and I ate it all done.  Mom has had her breakfast and she will be decorating her face here shortly and getting dressed.  I will be there early-like.

This is likely to be me soon, I hope.  Mom and I don't know what to expect.

this was taken several nights ago...
Mom got me there by 0810. I got the medicine very early here at home.  I was very relaxed indeed, but I did manage to hiss a few times while having my nails done.  They asked if mom wanted to be present for blood drawing and mom trusts them already and she said no, it would be all right. I did say what I thought while it happened though, but I didn't scream or make any sound mom could hear.  Dr. told mommy when I came back.

waiting on the Vet

I got a potty patch and I had two bad mats on the right flank that they got off me...I have an almost small bald patch there.  Very close cut.  Had to be.  They were bad, and the size of a quarter each.  I got a senior exam.  I got full blood work and anything else, urinalysis, for a work up.  Mom and I won't know till Tuesday.

Here's how much I love mom.  I only want to be with her, not by myself.  When I got home, I did eat, and had a good drink of water.  After that I very tiredly followed momma who then stood still, and I leaned on her.  I just wanted to be with her as close as I could.  Mom decided not to pick me up but tried to get me to walk up her legs  to be snuggled as she sat.  I decided not to, and stayed by and on her feet.  I have been sleeping since I got home at 0945. I got up to get a drink once.

Brother has spent at least 2 hours lying on the floor at my beddie, loving on me and petting.

Please hope with us that my bloods are going to be OK.  She already said my teef looked good but I will need a dental soon.

XXOO  Thank you for thinking of me  ( and mom) kitties and woofies.  💗

September 25, 2019

Happy Girl

Kitties, I seem to have become more active and glad to be here these past several days!  Mom almost hates to do that to me and take me in.  But she knows she has to, like it or not.

Look at what I showed her last night on our bed!

Perfectly crossed

September 22, 2019

The Blog Family

Kitties, Admiral started blogging March 2009. She still puts a paw in  about every month.  I started January 2012, a month after Admiral got her wings.  Eight years for me, and ten years for Angel Admiral.  Mom's blogs go back from Live Spaces forward to Blogger years before us cats started our blogs.  So, me, Katie will be having an eighth Blogaversary in three or so months.

Look at me hanging there by the couch hoping brovver would come back.  He left yesterday morning and I have looked for him since as I usually do.  This is the end of the couch he sits at always. Handy end table place to put his coffee, books and so on.

Waiting and waiting

OK.  I'll nap while I wait then!!

Mom was overheard telling a friend that she will call tomorrow, Monday, to get me an appointment at the new Veterinary and  at a time to allow the two hours for the sedative to take effect.  Mom told her friend that she feels like she's betraying my trust as she has always been so careful with me to get my trust.  But she also knows it must be done, so she will.  I don't think I am at the top of my game anyway.  Too much laying around.  I'm eating and drinking but I barely play and run.  I bring in Donkey every few nights instead of every night.  I am too heavy and that is from not playin much the past several years.  I was born without the red dot gene.  It means nothing to me.  Like I don't even see it.  So she can't get me going with it the way she has with everyone else.  Update:  Friday morning at 8:30.  Mom's not looking forward to it. Hope the news is not bad.

Hope you had as beautiful sunpuddle day as I have had, Kitties.  ❤️

September 21, 2019

Caturday Overexposed Pic

Kitties, I was in mom's lap just before bed time and I was sitting there stretched up and laying against her.  The phone was this close to me and made it look worse than it would have but it was so sweet, mom took it any way.

September 20, 2019

Just a note

Closet Nerd Games is the manufacturer of that nightmare "game".   Mom was asked by several in the CB.  It's visible on the box in the picture.  Scroll down and see it described.


September 19, 2019

Meow Like a Pirate!

Arrrrrgh me hearties!  Ye'll work fur your treats here with me, but the treats'll will be worth it, believe me.  The plank over there on the side is  just waiting for some enemy pirates.   We'll take them on board when they think they will conquer us!  HA!   As soon as we see them out there on the deep seas, we'll go after them with all we have and capture their treasures!  See if we don't.

September 18, 2019


Mom and I are glad you agree with us that the game, which it is supposed to be, not a book, is vile, disgusting and inhumane.  She said to tell you she wrote the corporate HQ of the store...message me or email me for the name if you want to).  The store itself claims they have to take what is sent.  The name of the place that makes and distributes it is visible on the box.

Meanwhile, Mom's head was not as used as a perch as always.  I did however send mom off to sleep with my footie just in her left ear.  I do that most of the time...who knows why.  Donkey and Floppy Mousie had come in just before my coming on in to bed.  I announced them as always and as always, it, the announcement,  makes mom smile.

Mom is leaving in a few  minutes, and I will be carousing throughout the house.  Mom wishes she had one of those cameras to see what I'm doing.  I'm not quite as active as I used be..  But mom can still see where I dug in as I ran.

See you soon...I'm tunneling over to the sea...

September 17, 2019

Your Thought

Kitties, these  two pics are ugly to mom and me.   Mom was sickened by this in a book store last week.  This is supposed to be a game for kids?  She also knows that others may see her as too sensitive.  What do you think?

 I'll take this down after a day.

Mommy thinks the manufacturer should be told.

September 16, 2019


At 0445 I made the decision that mom needed her face washed.  I always go for the right side of her forehead first and then, the left side.  She always puts her hand up.  Wakes her up well, I find.  Then, after a while, I stopped...she started back to sleep and I made a sleepy groan and settled on her head and face.  I did leave room for her to breathe. (Otherwise, what good is she)?

We stayed that way until 0520 when she gave up and turned on the light and we started our day.  Oh, she assured me and I know it's true, she loved my warmth, heartbeats, sweet sounds and luscious furs all over her head and face. She would have shooed me off otherwise.  BUT it's not easy to sleep that way she said.  She had to get up at 0530 -otherwise we may indeed have both dropped off.

One of my thrones

September 13, 2019

A little Fang, a Little Toe Hawk...

Kitties, Mom found me up there on the couch back when she and brovver got back from the barber shop. He needed a beard trim and shaping.  He doesn't have fur on top right now.  That will come back soon.  Meanwhile, they saw me just awake from my nap when they got into the driveway and this is how I greeted them.  No wonder I get so many smooches for pity sake!  I looked at these and they sure make me look scrumptious!  I was parked behind where brovver sits.

September 11, 2019

Mom Has it Bad for Kitties

Mom stepped out to go somewhere this morning early and this little one was there on the kitchen small porch when she opened the door.  The same sweet baby that was there several times before that momma is trying hard not to encourage.

Why?  Because even though there is no i.d. on this little collar, no nothing. She obviously belongs to some home in the near neighborhood.

When mom stepped on out, the cat immediately head bonked mom's legs, wound in and out, made sweet little high pitched meows, purred. And broke mom's heart.

I am inside only and I am older now and never would tolerate a sibling.  Remember how mom and I blogged quite a bit about how she had to keep the windows covered in opaque film so I wouldn't see the outside cats?  For over a year?  I screamed horribly and tore up blinds in all the rooms with windows facing the street.

Too, if momma went somewhere  over the mountains and had started feeding this baby, she couldn't depend on a sitter.  AND this loving youngster deserves laps, love and more love, more laps, beddies, toys..everything.  

Mom will ask a few neighbors if they know this young love...and who she belongs to.  Maybe she can make friends with the people.  She will pay for a chip for the cat if her persons will do it...collar and tag.  Whatever she needs.

starting to reach for mom

Making precious little sounds

I need love.  
If mommy succumbs to loving this baby up when she comes over, she will encourage a precious little one who deserves better, a loving warm safe home.  Maybe Mom can find the owners...

September 8, 2019

Sleep? What's That?

Kitties! She's moaning and complaining again.

First, she says how sweet it is when I climb up and walk to her chest, (and after pulverizing that), to her head, whereupon I settle on her pillow next to her head with my face pointed comfortably under her neck area-while she's on her back.  I burrow in, start purring and what's the problem here mom?  I thought you said how warm and sweet?  Right? Purring, heartbeat..what more do you want?

Oh, she says that's not the issue.  The issue is me waking up many times in the night and having a good bath. Or a least washing my paws and my face.  She said the whiskers right in her face still, constantly going across her face tickles so much she has to scratch her face which in turn disturbs ME.  After we get THAT settled, I will occasionally wake and commence to washing her face.  She really REALLY doesn't want me to wash her face.  She said that first of all, there is moisturizer on it and she doesn't want me ingesting that. Next she complains that I am flaying the skin off her forehead and that I took a few swipes at cleaning her eyelids.

Kitties...what a lady cat to do?

September 3, 2019

A Good and Sweet Thing happened...

Kitties, do you remember my mancat friend, Boomie?  He, Spitty, Kozmo and Austin got into some interesting arguments.  All regarding me of course.  I have always enjoyed me some  mancat company; UTB or out on the town.

Look what he, Boomie, sent me in a picture?  He had a confection made in his city,  in the image of me and him!  Isn't it just purrfect???  See my mustache- all perfect and on the correct side?  (Boomie likes to smooch it).

  He let me know about it a few days ago.  He has been distracted raising up kittens and setting them on the straight and narrow path (I think I just heard his mommy laughing all the way from there to here!) And keeping all his brofurs and sisfurs in line.  (there goes that laughing again...  Hm. )

I invited him to come and stay awhile.  We've lots of places to go and I'll tell him about my new medication for going to the v-e-t.  He may have ideas I could use.


September 1, 2019

A Deer Day

Kitties!  Momma said on the way home from getting the first Quarter Pounder she has bought in probably 4 years, (said she had to have it) she saw there was a vehicle stopped in the road ahead as she rounded the curve.  The driver had stopped to let a momma deer and her still  sweetly spotted fawn cross the street.  They did cross very slowly.  They made their way to a lawn and nibbled on some bushes.  Mom had to take pictures thru the car window into the evening sun for pete sake but she did anyway.   Baby is in the front.

Mom said to tell you that she is very glad to read what you kitties and woofies said about being sedated.  She was and is very sad at doing that to me, but the alternative is not to be allowed.  She thanks all of you.  Can you tell us how soon it starts to take effect?  I get 100 mg.  And what will I be like?  Asleep and not responsive?  Does it last long?