April 30, 2018

Yes, Mommy?

Yes Mommy?  What can I help you with?

Your lap?  Here I am! You ask, I do.

In today's warm afternoon sun, I'll protect you.

April 23, 2018

You Know What?

Mom said she could go the entire rest of the year and not get "the usual" in the morning.  We got up...she fed me and prepared her own food.

I ate. The coffee was finished making, and she decided on oatmeal for herself this morning.   It was in the bowl...walnuts added and stirred in.  Coffee was poured--- and as she came down the hallway to the computer room...VOILA!  A HUGE hork at the doorway awaited her.  I was nothing if not impressive with the amount.

Breakfast for her was rapidly cooling as she tried to clean it all up.  I went about my business.  She ate the cooled oatmeal and drank the lukewarm coffee.  That's her lot as a mom.  Tuff, but someone has to  do it.

Sushi and ice cream.  Pawfect for settling my tummy, don't you agree?  Mom took this as an example of my relaxing after all the horking activity that just exhausted me.  Watching her clean up is like watching a whirlwind after I hork all over the carpet.

April 19, 2018

I Showed Mommy I Can Talk (sorta kinda)

Today, after favorite brovver came to visit and we had snuggles (he's so good at snuggling me) I decided to walk over to mom.  I did and I looked up at her as she sat on her chair and spoke.  Usually I don;t but I did.  Probably 5 or 6 times with no sign of quitting

They were polite meows now..nothing strident or worrisome.  But unusual.  And I tried to circle her feet which can't be done when she is sitting.  So I stood up and held her knee while looking into her eyes.  She kept trying to pick me up.  Um...just NO, mom.  Then she stood up and thought to play Stringy with me.  NO again, Mom.  She stood there fruitlessly moving Stringy for me anyway when I gave up being polite and went to the supper table that was laid for supper, and bunched my muscles to jump up, which I never do.  I insisted-- though she tried to distract me from it.  THEN Kitties, the sun rose...the trumpets played..the duck dropped down from the ceiling and I think she heard the ghost of Groucho asking what was the secret word!  I swear, you could have heard a bunch of trumpets sounding when she FINALLY got the idea.  BRUSHIES!!!

You see, she spreads my brushie blankie on the end of the table for brushies (her knees will not allow her to kneel on the floor any more.  Too many injuries to them while doing qualifications for work.) And after she unrolls the blankie, she gets my comb, brushie and slicker out of their bag and pats the table.  Up I go, flopping on the blankie and I start getting Zoom Groomed!  Then brushed with a human hair brush, and then, slickered.  Ahhhh...the furs rolled off. I got fabulous scratchies with the brushies...I was so happies!

She said that was very intelligent of me to go so far trying to make her understand what I wanted.  I worked for those brushies, Kitties.  She got an F on her report card.

April 17, 2018

Yesterday and Today

Kitties, yesterday it was colder than ice-cream.  Wind blowing too...rain...then SNOW.  Well, snow flurries--- but still...what with the intense cold and wind, it was terrible and mom was gone from 0530 till mid afternoon.  THEN it started hard flurries.  Today however, look!  I found a sunpuddle on my soft white throw mom has folded on the couch back for me.

After getting warmed and  having a short nap...I retired to my tunnel to check coordinates for a visit within a few days.  This  picture was taken today as well.  I am going to spend a few days at Austin's home.  He has accommodations for for the Queen  that I am.

We are going to meow about our mom's and about how we are Staffed.  And hopefully we will step out for a trip to the local pubs.   I long to hear Austin meowing in Welsh again.  It loses something when we Facetime.  I love his aristocratic mustache. It tickles my face when we have a smooch!

Hope my tunnel holds up.  It's been getting a bit ragged.

April 15, 2018


Kitties, I am on duty, keeping us here in my home safe from vishus deers and ebil squirrels who eat the birdie foods that bring in good reception of BirdieTV, and I am sending change of addresses out with and to the birdies, so they can more easily find and visit the Tabbies of TroutTowne.  I multitask.

This is my new film technique.  Katie's  film noir!  Voila! Deep and mysterious.

April 11, 2018

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Spring 🎶

Kitties!  Beautiful day.  I spent a lot of it gazing at it through the backs of my eyelids.  Gorgeous reddish-gold glow.  Sent some more having a bath.  Here I am bathing my arms.  I'm on brovver in one of these, washing up for supper. And the other, I am basking and bathing in my favorite sunpuddle.  My guard furs are looking so gleaming. I take good care of them.

Ahhhhh, life is good.

April 9, 2018

HALP! Vishus deer!

Kitties!  Will you look at the size of the terrible vishus deer?  I mean GIGANTIC vishus deer if there ever were any!  Imagine innocently jumping onto your window sill after breakfast, all unknowing, fixing to  to watch a little relaxing BirdTV or SquirrelTV and see that ginormous head standing tall looking right back at you!!?? I mean a vishus DEER!  Or MORE than one.  Oh, my little heart!  Where is my mancat protector?   There's two of them there at this house.  Mommy was on her way for a walkie when these terrors plunged across the street in front of our car.

When will it all end?

I felt fainty....very fainty.


April 8, 2018

April 4, 2018

The Chattanooga Choo-Choo

Here I am.  I got there in time to catch the train.

Just got there in time.  It has a powerful engine!!

The powerful velocity almost CATapulted me back out again!

Look who finally came out to play two nights  ago. So now Mom...shut up.

April 3, 2018

He's Eating All of the Bacons!

Kitties, there was a birthday pawty for my Client Saturday and I want you to see for yourselves that he ate ALL of the bacons.  There was none for me once mom and brother got home!  I may have to charge more next case regarding him as that was a terrible thing to do to me.

You can see from my face below here what a terrible shock this was!  I can't un-see the evidence presented above!  I am prostrate with shock and dismay!

The sorrow I feel after this awful betrayal...

I had to take to the bed to recover...if I ever do.