May 30, 2019

The Boss of Me

In this case, that's me, mom, saying that.  Not the Boss.  The Boss has only to look my way, and it's whatever she wishes.


And put this  face on my face at's all over for me.

The weapons that work

And these...apply them to my face and pat my cheek or mouth with them, and I'm done for.

May 26, 2019

Selfie Sunday

Kitties!  Oh! my! Catness!  That expression on my face is because of the 8 ball I see off to my left!  I'm behind it!!!!

The 8 BALL!  For pete sakes!  I just got caught by the self timer and mom made me use this one for my selfie!  the 8 ball!!!!!!!!!!  Now what will happen to me?  Will I be eaten by Lion?  Nibbled by Mousie?  Kicked by Donkey?  I'm worried!!!  But I'm joining The Cat on My Head Hop anyway.

I'd say biggafy for the horrified view

May 25, 2019

Another Happy Girl Day

Kitties.  My favorite brother has a birthday next Wednesday. But another favorite brother will be here today with his family to celebrate his birthday today...which is also that brother's 6th wedding anniversary.  So we'll be eating cayk for two good reasons.  Early birfday, and their day too.

I'll tell you...after months and months of barely any horking, I laid some gigantic wet lumpy horks masterpieces on the carpet (mom always wishes I would hork on the scatter rugs, but, oh no).  And they took several times and several days to clear up.   Foods are the same, so go figure..but I decided to gift her with these yucky masterpieces hoping she could make a photo opportunity.  She said NO!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.  Smoochies to you.  

May 19, 2019

Happy Girl

Me, I am a happy girl.  See?  Straight on into the kitchen for my snack; and in a while, my supper.

I am all rested up for this too!  I've been napping in my PTU for two hours.  Mom will tempt me out my laying out the brushie blankie.  I can hear her as she puts it on the table.  My ears are like radar!  No announcement is needed.  I am there in a flash..trotting fast and my tail straight up!   THEN I go have a snack.

May 18, 2019

In Honor of Crockett

Kitties, here I am...with orange to celebrate Crockett's life.  I will miss him always.

May 16, 2019

Oh Noooooooes

Kitties!  It was the worst of times, it was the most awful of times.  Donkey became losted!

I know mom told me she heard the clarion call of my announcement in the small hours... to which I recall she muttered "Alright baby". And went back to sleep thinking I would be right up.  Perhaps I was.  It was 45 degrees out last night, heat not set very high in the house and mom had a quilt pulled up and everything was under it but her head.  (I checked multiple times).

This morning at breakfast,  Donkey was nowhere to be seen.  We called and called him, but there was no answer.  Mousies, all of them, Fat Pink, Floppy, White, and Red Heart Mousie's each stated they'd not seen him at ALL.  They had heard a small bray in the night- but that was all.

We searched each room carefully and though mom's knees don't like bending getting up off the floor, she did me the honor of looking under the furniture, behind doors, and places I have put Donkey before.  Or where he put himself.

We wrung paws and hands and tonight before making supper, she tried once more.  She looked UNDER the bed though Donkey never ventured there before.  Kitties, thank the goodness we were depending upon, Donkey was found AT LAST.  Mom tossed him to me and I caught him to myself, bit him,  and then got up and stomped the stuffing outta him.  He didn't mind at all.  He was happy too.

Donkey conferring with Lion....

Lion, Donkey, Floppy Mousie and Fat Duckie ponder wagering on who can spin the ball faster. 

May 12, 2019

Selfie Mother's Day Sunday

Kitties, I had to ask Mom to assist me since I had my head hidden. I think I was napping while I was supposed to be setting up the iPhone.  That's OK.  It's her Mother's Day gift to ME!  After all I keep her in practice.  She waits on me hand and foot!

Fresh from the tub's rim.  That isn't fat, thank you!

I'm going round to see you other Mother's Day Selfie Hop Kitties!

May 10, 2019

The Nicest Thing

Kitties, Mom went to the store after everyone left today (busy busy with relatives and fun) and when she returned, favorite brovver was lying down at mid afternoon.  He came to see us yesterday afternoon and will go home in the morning.

After his nephew and sister in law left, he went in to his bed and laid down.  The antigen therapy knocks all the wind out of his sails.   Mom left.  She came back later as I meowed, and as she walked down the hall, what did she see?  The sweetest nicest thing I have ever done for favorite brovver.

Kitties, I brought him DONKEY!  I did.  I announced him too...loudly and often as I presented this treasure among family treasures.  DONKEY!  That's how much I love favorite brovver.  Once upon a time I brought him Lion.  But today...Donkey, the best gift I have to give.  You should have seen brothers face when he realized what I did.

My side of the bed last night before our bed time, me and mom..  

May 5, 2019

How Do I Annoy You? (at 6 am) Let Me Count the Ways Selfie

I annoy you with walking on you, as far back and forth as my feets carry me.

I annoy you by making biscuits on the pillow next to your ear and then, on you.  My claws pulling and popping the fabric loudly.

I annoy you by checking your eyes and ears every minute to see if anyone is in there.

I annoy you (and this one you actually love) by putting my nose and mouth and whiskers at your ear and cheek...all soft and warm.  And purring.

I annoy you by walking with purpose and power, up and down your relaxed belly/body.  Special emphasis on the chesticles.

I annoy you by literally jumping onto your belly...on purpose. Hard.

I annoy you by striding quickly up and down your bedside next to you.

I annoy you (and charm you) with little tiny, low, raspy wee little meows next to your face.

I annoy you by licking your pajamas, and your face. And your arms and your hands.

What would you do without me?

Me.  Miffed at the complaints.  I wanted breakfast! 

May 1, 2019


Kitties,  Mom headed out again to do a hot sweaty walkie.  When she came home...this gruesome scene greeted her.  I meant to get rid of the body, the evidence showing what happened before she got home but...she got in the door before I was ready.

I dedded Pink Heart.  I drowned the bounder in my bowl of water in the bathroom.  Unfortunately, the splashed water from the struggle that ensued shows on the floor never mind the dedded body of Pink Heart!  AND some of my furs are lying there too.  DNA evidence. You can see the water plain as can be.  I may need an attorney. Even though I am one, only a fool acts as her own attorney.

Maybe mommy won't turn me in.  I think though that Pink Heart may be revived.  Mom took him up and squeezed him in a towel to pump the water outta him.  I'm waiting on the outcome.

Look who all came into our room last night!  Quite a crowd!

Red heart Mousie, Floppy Mousie, Donkey, Turtle, and my sushi!