December 28, 2012

I gots Presents!

Kitties!  Guess what?  I gots presents!  My mancat Boomie sended me a beautiful card, a Nip Nanner and some Silvervine.  I am so thrilled!!!! When mommy and my other human brother who is here for Christmas got home from visiting my favorite human brother, she showed me I had an envelope!  It was addressed to mommy but she knew it was for ME!  When we opened it we saw the beautiful purrfect Hello Kitty card and the package with that intoxicating Vine in it.  Oh kitties!  She sprinkled some on my black wash cloth and I rolled and rubbed and rolled and rubbed and flopped over on both sides only to do it again.  Mom said she had to use the flash to catch me while she could instead of messing with the f stops while I was playing.  She wanted to catch me rolling but there was a noise at the window that took my attention.  I wouldn't start rolling again with it in my arms for her so she got me resting and guarding my cloth.

I LOVES silvervine.  I Love my Nip nanner too.  Boomie, I love you too.  XXXOOOXXXOOO

Katie <3<3<3

December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to our pawrents and Happy Crissymouse to my furriends.  I think of you ALL and I miss all of you.  Things are slowly getting a bit better and though I have meowed it before, this time I fink that the light is appearing at the end of the tunnel finally.  So mommy and I will increasingly have more time for ME!

Meows, snuggles, lovins, snuggles, kissies and happies to each one of you.  From us to you and your pawrents.

December 21, 2012

Three Toy Night

Kitties!  I made it a three toy night.  Mom just took this in the semi dark.  One is my lion, one is my donkey and one is a wad of Christmas paper.  I announce each one very sweetly.  But mom didn't stir.  I know she heard me though!! Secretly, she loves to hear my announcements in my quiet little tones while I talk about it.

Oh and an update on what mom did regarding my really over the top reactions to Ginger. Several weeks ago, she went and got some poster paper and now those two windows in the spare bedroom are blocked completely.  I have asked mom repeatedly to please fix that situation.  I sit on the table or the bed expectantly waiting and waiting for her to uncover the windows.  But though she indulges my every whim up to this one, she refuses to be moved.  She said it's ugly to see the windows like that but it's uglier watching me go berserk every time a kitty passes by when I am on patrol. She hopes, she said, that the other windows will not have to be blocked as well.

Brother will be discharged from the hospital today.  He will need some rehab.  THEN he will visit me a bit and then go on home.  xox

December 18, 2012

Tuxie Toosday

Kitties, fanks you so so so muches for the well wishes for Brother.

I hopes to be back blogging and commenting this weekend.  Mom allowed me to go to a few this meowning and I miss my furriends SO much.

See you all very soons.  Maybe a few more this evening when she gets back.  XXXOOO

December 13, 2012

My Favorite Brother

Kitties,, just a note sorta kinda.

Just wanted you to know I fink of you every day but mommy not here till nite nite times and then, her goes to bed.  I pile in there wif her cause I miss her soooo much but I understands and it's Ok.

My favorite human brother is in the hospital and has been almost since mommy let me write the last bloggie.  Why he is there is boring to kitties and the only thing left to say is we hope you'll not mind that we haven't been over to your houses for awhile and probably still won't be until things are back to normal.

I miss him.  Just wait till I see him again.  SUCH lovins!  He my brother after all.  He'll be my Chrissymouse present. He's all I want under the tree.

December 6, 2012

For Awhile

Kitties, I wanted to tell you that Mom will be extraordinarily busy with matters here and that she can't help me blog as much for awhile.

She said she would help me some and that she would let me read your bloggies but she might not be here to help me with mine.

Neither she nor I are sick, so please don't worry about that.  And we will post a few words here and there that I meow.  Just some days she simply can't help me so I will forgive her and wait till she can.

Meanwhile, I will miss you.   We hope to see you when we can even if it is not that much for a week or so.  Remember what we look like so you won't say "who in the world is THAT?" when we come knocking again.

Mommy Said

Mom called the V-E-T yesterday and told him that business of the night time hissy fit the evening before yesterday and that I compounded the thing yesterday afternoon by challenging a woofie who was on a leash being walked by his owner next door.  Next door, kitties.   Of course I did this by making a loud scene in the house on my side of the window. The Dr. said I was 1.  Incredibly territorial and 2.  that I was still wound up over the night before so I was ready to fight anything I saw during the day as well.

Mom got out the calming spray and this one really sees to take the edge off.  It is Nutri-Vet Pet-Ease. No, no one is paying me to say this.  Mom and I are just trying to help other kitties by telling you that it seems to have taken the sharpest edge off my anxiety.

Mom sprayed the stuff every hour or two from the afternoon on.  I finally slept in the recliner and after a while I did come into bed with mom when bed time came.

MOM HERE:  Dr. said get a calming collar (we know how that works on many kitties..sometimes yes, sometimes no.  Use calming spray (the other brand does nothing for my cats ever so it will be the Pet- Ease) and lastly, block her view.  Now that's a toughie.  I would have to use poster board to cover the bottoms of three windows. I would leave her the view in the back of the house where  her Tree is,  and the view over by the sofa.  That window gives good a view over by the sofa, but that is where Ginger trots over from..the street view... but I hate to block everything off if I don't have to.  Just most of it. If she gets agitated there too, then it too would have to be covered.  Sigh.

Just an update.  She has been brushed with her new brushie and some calming spray has been far, no kitties to upset the Katie applecart.

See you over at your homes.

December 5, 2012

Mommy Beware

Kitties, last night I showed out in a very unflattering way.  I just can't cope with Ginger.

It was 10 PM and there was an awful crash in the spare bedroom.  I screamed.  Mom got up to see that  I had knocked over the plant stand andthat the sole plant that was on it fell to the floor.  I knocked over the china bowl and pitcher that was inside it as well and the trash can. All to get to Ginger who had the complete unmitigated gall to come into MY yard.

Mom knows better than to come over to me although she spoke to me.  I hissed very loudly at her, kitties.  But she didn't come over to me of course. Every time she spoke, I turned and warned her with my posture and my loud hisses and open mouth.

Mom sprayed some calming spray she said later and she put on a jacket and went outside to scare him off if he was still there.

Peace eventually came back to the household but she stayed up an additional hour just in case.  Sigh.  I laid on the coffee table with her but my tail was thumping so she didn't pet me.  I didn't go in when she went to bed and I finally got up on the bottom on the bed close to morning.

There is nothing to be done.  For some reason he just enrages me.  The black kitty simply makes me talk and chatter and be alert.

Mom doesn't know who he belongs to but he is not a stray we feel sure.  He doesn't act like he's hungry...he's just inspecting what he must consider is his territory.  Mom said she hates to have her hand forced but she may have to stop feeding the birds again.  But birds aren't what brought him here in the night.  It was what he considered his patrol.


December 4, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties, before I forget, Mom accidentally put 7 of my furriends on the blog's Reading List into the Hidden category.  She was clicking the names for me and each time they disappeared  for pity sakes when she thought she was bringing them up for me to see.  She can't think her way out of a paper bag and so she and I are asking you do we un-hide those 7 blogs?  VERY irritating, and I may have to scratch her for this deed of hers!

However, she went to three stores to find the right brushie for me.  She wanted one humans use.  I get testy when she brushes me with regular pet brushes. She found a Goodies one and tried that on me.  It will do till she finds another.

I made it up to her regarding that nightgown incident by sneaking up on my donkey and stomping his guts out with my back feets while standing over him.  Then, I threw him up into the air and while standing, I caught him with my front paws.  I threw him up into the air  about 8 times and kitties...I caught him with my front paws every time!  I whapped him over to my platform rocker and then I sneaked around the other side to attack him.  When I did, he got wedged near a little rise in the chair platform.  I got under the chair and reached my arm under trying to grab him.  I kept that up for several minutes and I know from experience that mom was loving every second of seeing my searching arm sticking out from under the chair. I found he was just out of reach so I came out from under and I ambushed him again, whapped him and walked away!  I am GirlCat, hear me ROAR!

December 3, 2012

Unchangable Tuesday for Tuxies

Kitties!  Mom has shown she is not following the rools.  The rools are thus:  You will not wear a nightgown.  You must wear pajamas.  Mom dared wear a long nightgown last night.  She said something about being tired of the jammies all of the time.  She put the gown on, sat down in my recliner and invited me to join her.  I slunk very low across her treacherous gown covered lap once and slunk off of her and the chair and low crawled to the other side of the room where I watched her closely in case she changed into someone I didn't know!  Bet she won't wear THAT thing again!  HA!  She did go change into pajamas but I punished her  by not getting up there with her, until we went to bed.

Usually I am a benevolent rooler but that shocking display needed my attention and correction.

So, our home is secure and safe with the  awful thing that had enveloped mom gone cotton knit long gown safely put into the recesses of the closet, long may it stay!  Sheesh!

December 2, 2012

Easy on Sunday

You are getting are headed toward the treat are going to give me brushies.....

Kitties, I have a sun spot on my forehead.  Reminds mom of an old 70's song about "sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy"  This sunshine made ME happies.

One other thing before I go.  Mom was shaking out the area rugs in the kitchen and had left me assisting with bed linen changing in the bedroom.  Well, as she turned to put the rugs up on the washing machine she heard the exact sound I make, a little chirrup, on the way out of the door.  She dropped the rugs and saw the storm door was still making its way closed.  She knew I had shot out of it and into the (very) cold out doors and into the busy street.  I am an indoor girl, never outside so that was frightening to mom.  She ran outside in her bare feets but no me.  Then she flew back in, down the hall at Olympic speed and found me residing in comfort on the clean sheets that I had helped to put on.  WHEW!!!!!!  That sound was from the kitchen's storm door door closing as it turns out.  It is just unfortunate that it created that replica of a kitty chirrup.  Poor mom.  Lost one of her lives (if she has any left that is).