June 30, 2013

Just like me!

Kitties, wonderful day! Sunshiny and brother is here.  AND Mom has a new antenna for her HAM radio.

In other news Nerissa, my buddy at Nerissa's Life gave me a beautiful award.  It's the My Favorite Things award.  You are supposed to list 6 things that are your favorite.  I love this.  Then you give it to other kitties or woofies.  So here goes.

 One thing I love is a golden sunpuddle.

Another is visitors of the human kind.  Any one.

Let's see, a third is seeing mommy leaning toward me while I am napping with her arms out 'cause I know I will get kisses and hugs so I purr!

A fourth thing is my stinky goodness.  I headbutt mom's hand 10 times at least while she is serving it into my dish.

A fifth thing is playing with mom and my wand toys.

A sixth is my cat tower and the crow's nest way up top.  

I would like to award this to Carl of Twinkletoes.  And Spittola of Spitty Speaks.  And The Cat on My Head

Here is a cartoon that my family said reminded them of me.  It's from Kit and Carlyle.

June 29, 2013

Baby Doll

Can someone please help Baby Doll?  She has waited two years for someone to adopt her and love her as she would love them right back.

Here is a link about her plight:  Please place in your browser or go to Brian's Home where he has the link on his blog.


She is in a loving foster home with Marg who is kind and helps all the animals in need who come to her.  She never turns anyone away.  Mom and I have great respect for her and her kindness and loving heart.  Her foster kitty BG also needs a home very much.  She is featured today in Marg's Animals bloggie.  She and Baby Doll are fortunate to have Marg but whey would like a home of their own too.  Maybe someone can help spread the word about these loving girls.

June 28, 2013

Furriday Tuxie Comin' Down

Kitties!  It's Furriday and now you will have your humans to wait on you hand and foot even MORE than you did during the week.  Something to be extra happy about.

Those of you who haven't been yet, go see Catsparella's page and click on that video about the two teenage girl cats!  It is hugely funny!  What divas!  I wonder why I think of Truffle and Brulee?  Catsparella said she got that video from Cat Chat Caren.  LOVED LOVED it.

Meanwhile, here I am..in all my Tuxie splendor.

Oh and here's my new sister.  Her groom, one of my human brovvers took this right after the wedding.

What?  Up a tree already?  teehee...

June 27, 2013

Fursday Thursday

Kitties, mom took this wif her new iPhone last night.  Aren't I just adorable?  Mom says so anyway.  I was asleep. (of course)

My bikini is showing a bit...
Kitties!  You have GOT to go see Caspurr's spots...BELLY spots!  My mom just gets all fainty looking at them.  She loves Trixie of course as do I but Caspurrs spots...ooo la laaa.  If you look at the last three bloggies Caspurr and Trixie wrote...*whispers* there are belly spots galore!

But I have my charming feminine half of a mustache to enchant my mommy so..I'm not jelliss at all of the J-Cats.  (well, maybe a bit).


June 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday (mostly)

WHO am I going to go see?  I have the tunnel fired up, switch is on "go"!

All systems go? Check! Gyro on? Check!

Ready on my mark...three two one FIRE thrusters!!!

June 24, 2013

Cat World Domination Day

I, Queen Katie Isabella do hereby declare that not only am I Queen of Tennessee and Neighboring Lands, I am also--- in honor of this special day declaring myself Queen of Mexico as well.  Maybe even Central America!  I may even go so far as to become Queen of SOUTH America too!  As soon as my Consort is able to travel safely, he can help reign!  His mommy said the air is so unhealthy in Malaysia that he and his siblings must all stay indoors.  We must all purr for rain there.  This is terrible for the Country they live in.

Here I am, in my regal splendor and if anyone doubts I am the Queen, look at my Coat of Arms (should that be Coat of Paws?) and marvel!  Thank you King Spitty for my Offishal Portrait and Coat of Arms.

Queen Kathryn Isabella l

Look upon me and marvel.

My Royal Coat of Arms

June 23, 2013

Easy on Sunday

Good Meowning Kitties.  Mom finished with the sucky monster so I am gonna get my easy on...see you laters.

Looks like I tied myself into knots, doesn't it?

June 21, 2013



 I have brovver here till tomorrow to help enrich my day.  I love that!

I have been reading your blogs but not commenting on many as Mom is busy.  Brovver is having health issues again but we are both, mom and I, keeping up with reading.  We don't mean to fall behind like this and we'll catch up again the way we did before.


June 18, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday and maybe Wordy Wednesday

Kitties, I fink I hear a puddy tat!  I did! I did! I did taw a puddy tat!

Get away BBC!!! Oh, you say you're not there?  My bad.  But I'm looking for ya.

this is the other window I look out of to see kitties out and about! 

June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

To all the cat Dad's out there to beans as well as kitties, I hope it was a happy wonderful love filled day.

You are all special.

June 15, 2013

Caturday UPDATE: New baby at: http://gardencottagecats.blogspot.com

Good meowning Kitties and Woofies.  Mom has been busy and so she told me I had to wait.  I think I will file a grievance with the Feline Authority on her!

Mom paid close attention to all of the kitties who told her where she could indeed find the film...at Home Depot!  She was going to order on-line but William of Mass Destruction took the trouble to tell her several times even where it IS in Home Depot.  What makes mom kind of mad is that when she went there specifically to ask about this product the clueless person she asked said they hadn't carried that in years!  NOT true, as William meowed to Mom.

Mom went there yesterday and another sales person took her straight to it.  It was where William said it would likely be.  Thank you William, from Mom.  Me, I see *I* will NEVER EVER get to look outside again!!! There is ugly ol' poster paper there now.  Soon there will be what looks like that crackle glass on there!  That will be an improvement in looks, for certain and maybe more light in there but me, I still won't be able to see BBC or any other furred being out there!

Mom also is thankful for the advice about essences that may help me be less agitated when I see something I don't like.  She will definitely investigate.  I only get agitated when I see another kitty.  Not otherwise.  Just meowin'.

Oh and to the furriend who commented about my behavior, I wasn't turned back in to a Vet for my behavior.  I lost my previous person because they couldn't take care of me.  The vet office thought perhaps they died or went to a nursing home.  I went to foster care, and then to the vet because the foster place had too many furry residents and woofies who weren't nice to me; so they asked the vet to care for me as the other situation "wasn't fair to the cat" Me.

Happy Caturday to all of you.  I was tucked into  the back of mom's legs last night as she slept.  She made to turn over and couldn't because I was also formed into an "S" with her as we both laid on our sides.  Gotcha, Mom.

Do I see BBC out there?!?

June 12, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Sigh.  Kitties.  I wish I could help myself but I just cannot.

I started in at 0615 this morning.  I had gotten mom up then and she prepared to feed me.I am always first, just so you know.

Anyway, I hopped up on the tiny desk in the kitchen and I saw the long haired and beautiful black cat.  I will call that kitty BBC for beautiful black cat.

I haven't seen Ginger in months.  He may be gone.  But BBC is one I have seen and yes, hissed at but I didn't used to go berserk.  Close, but not quite.  Kitties, today I pulled out all of the stops.  I hollered, I hissed, I ran to the window mom still has poster paper on so I can't see out and I about ruined the mini blinds after all the pawing frantically at them hoping I could see BBC  regardless of the poster paper. If mom doesn't keep the blinds down on that window anyway, I spend hours trying to paw off the paper..  Mom had to keep coming in to straighten the blinds and plead with me to knock it off.  I couldn't and didn't.

TWO hours later I was still on the alert.  Not screeching or hissing per se but pawing at the blinds.  These are expensive ones and custom made so they would be expensive to mom if I keep doing this time after time.

No, calming collars don't work and as we discussed before, the spray does...to a certain extent.  But I got myself so wound up that it was hard to come down.  Mom never got her email or websites checked due to me having literal hissy fits.

Mom has tried to find the static cling window film with designs on it that allow light in but you can't see in or out.  No store as it. They have the dark sun filter stuff but that's it.  I could still see out of that.

Mom has sad ears and she wishes I would just get a clue.

June 11, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday (and Tortie Tuesday too)

Mom said it is MY day today.  Tuxie Tuesday (and Tortie too) is a day always celebrated around our home.  I am a happy Tuxie girl!

see how long my whiskers are?

June 10, 2013

Meowy Monday

Look at what mom got herself!  Wrinkly top provided by 100% linen!  She saw this in Catsparella's page a week or so ago and had to have that hanger.  The cost of the shipping was more than the cost of the product--- which was kinda steep.  But as a one time deal, she said it as worth it.

Here is mom's smile for the day.  She said she hoped you kitties liked it. Me..I can't figure what's so funny!  The cartoon details are:

F Minus by Tony Carrillo

June 9, 2013

June 6, 2013

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time when mom brought me here, it was very easy to see what my life here would be like.

When I was brought out to her to meet, you may recall that when I was settled into her arms there at the v-e-t office, I started non -stop biscuit making.  I purred like a swarm of bees and still made biscuits on her face, chest, arms, stomach, whereever my kneading paws could reach.  When I was given back to the tech for the weekend while mom thought about it (Admiral had only been gone a few weeks)...I looked almost longingly at her as I was carried back to my cage.

Mom came to get me Monday morning and brought me home.  I never panicked.  I walked around a  little a bit and got on the sofa.  I stayed completely awake and alert ALL day up till the time mom went to bed.  But during the day light hours mom could not move without me coming to her to be picked up and loved.  I had moved to the floor so I could have easy access to mommy.  I needed constant love and attention.  I never stopped purring-- and my breathing was so fast mom got alarmed but I purred constantly and couldn't stop headbonking her.  Still I never slept or closed my eyes.

I stayed awake from 8 in the morning when mom got me to bring me home till sometime in the night, when I found the bedroom and when mom made to turn over in the deep dark nitenite time, I was stretched full length along her back sound and deeply asleep.

I trusted my new mommy enough to get into our bed  all on my own and I just about went into a coma I was so very very tired from being wide awake and taking everything in all day.  Mommy felt my warm little Katie body stretched out along her and when she started a slow turn over, I was so deeply sleeping I slid into her place...still out like a light.  Mom had to get up and walk to the other side of the bed to lie down for the rest of the night.  She tried to gather me close to her stomach so we could spoon.

I got up just before her and showed that I had used the litterbox she had shown me several times.  Mommy gave me a huge breakfast. I ate with gusto and gave every bit back.  That was the beginning of my horking habit.

Mom was reminiscing though about how trusting and totally loving I was when I came here to live and she guessed that whom ever I was with prior to being made to be fostered and then to the Vet's office must have loved me very much.

I am the most loving, dearest, sweetest natured quiet and friendly kitty she has knows.  The Admiral was that way with mommy and favorite brother but NO one else.  Me, I love everyone.

Mommy just told me to celebrate my dear life with my story again and she said she would help me find a picture from back then.

My official portrait to announce me to mom's Flickr friends. 

June 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Sailing on the Sea of Sleep

Staying the Course

Safe with Mom on the Shore

June 4, 2013

Hug Your Cat Day

Today is Hug Your Cat Day.  I get hugs several times a day.  After mom sits up in the morning and I have waked her up and again when she is at the computer and I wait to be picked up and hugged gently.  I love it on accounta I purr really loud to tell her I do.  *kitty smile*

It's also Adopt a Cat month.  Thanks to Ann for providing these awesome graphics.

Mom and I noticed that others have posted stats so we finally looked at mine and I have 360 posts to date not including this one and 51, 030 page views.  That and a few dollars will get me a saucer of milk and her a cup of water or somethin'.  My second blogaversary isn't until January.  We will check again then. XXOO Hug your cat, they are waiting.

June 3, 2013

Monday Moves

Here is what I do Kitties,  and it's on purpose too.  Mom knows that all through the night when I come and go, my step is so soft and slow in the bed that she rarely can tell it's even me till she reaches out and feels the puddle of furs.  However:  Comes 0600, I run in, leap into the air and land as hard as my 11 pounds will let me right on her!  No quarter given and she said, none expected.  That is her first warning.  I will leave if she stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that crash landing and I know darn well she had to have felt THAT!

 After thumping very hard and loudly onto the floor I come back in about 5 minutes or possibly less.  Then, I use subtle things as in checking her eyes to see if she's in there after creeping up to her face.  I purr loudly and put my nose on her...then, the "coop dee gracie"..I pat her mouth and cheek with my sweet paw..no claws..very soft.  Works every time, Kitties.  Every time.  Some kitties have said to do that first and if it didn't work, emply the Fly'n'Leap'n'Land on her afterward.  I may experiment.

Here I am yesterday after telling mom off.

June 1, 2013


Kitties, I messed up on the blog hop.  Jan from Jan's Funny Farm found that the link under my avatar was broken.  It is really more trouble to do than is worth it to simple minded folk like my mom, rest her heart.  She is so so so inept and un-savvy as to be pitied.  I don't see a benefit really except it is a nice thought to join the others.  But I haven't done it till this attempt, and everyone did just fine without the little pot roast.

We had a good day so far and hope for a good evening.  But it will be mom and me this time.  Last night she slept the best she has in weeks.  Maybe months.  She hasn't been sleepy all day.  That alone is miraculous!  I had my toesies in her back so that may have finally took hold and helped.

Brother went home and mom and I will fire up the HAM radio (wish it was as tasty as its name, but it isn't) and listen to Smoky Mountain Net. It's a buncha HAMS from TN. NC. SC. GA. and anywhere else on that 2 meter band. I love it.  Mom does too and we will hear brother talking on the net as he is a HAM.  (but again, not the tasty one)

About the horking, remember, I have done that since mommy adopted me.  I am down to about every 4 days where at first it was every meal!  I am on sensitive tummy and sensitive skin fuds and it helps a bit.

Gonna get my easy on early...pee ess:  KittiesBlue, you are on G+ and it won't let me in to read your blog.  I guess that is Googles way to force you into G+ and mommy doesn't want them to have the info they ask for..so she won't and I so regret not being able to visit you and the other G+ kitties.  *sad ears*