December 31, 2015

New Years Eve

Kitties and Woofies,  I want to wish you all a happy happy New Year!  May you have the best of days, you and your pawrents.  And may you have sunpuddles as many times as you want them.  I will have a happy new Year too.    I started the New Years Eve off with a long play time with mom this morning.  That's a good sign of things to come.

Oh, Donkey has not wandered since his three excursions several weeks ago BUT he no longer desires to come into our bedroom at night.  After four steady years of visiting either by himself or with Duckie and Mousie.  We found him in here with all my toys and the computer.  Matter of fact he was ON the hammick. I see the excursions and hiding were a portent of what was to come.  He must be mad at mom.

December 28, 2015

We Have the Sads

Kitties and Woofies,

I know and so does mommy that only our Twitter furriends really know Nikita  who went to the Rainbow Bridge Saturday.

We know and love him and his mommy and  brofer Rocky.  Nik was Admiral's cat husband and now, they are united again over the rainbow in forever sun.

It grieves mom and I deeply that our Nik isn't here where we can hear and touch him.  How much more does his mom suffer?  Like all of we Moms and dads when we lose our fur babies.  It is wrenching and you think the pain will never end.

It is a true mourning.

Farewell dearest Nik until your mom sees you again some day. And your star is brilliant, Nik.  Simply majestic.  Yes.  It is.

December 26, 2015

The Day After

Kitties,  A sticky person was here and my FUDS were put up because he wanted to eat my fuds!  He did.  Went straight to it and attempted to take it up and cleanse everything with my bowl of water.  Yep.  And all my toys were off the floor too.  I didn't know what to think.   Sticky Person even tried multiple times to get into the litterbox!  Mom's DIL said, "please, teach him to use it"!

It rained in sheets and buckets and all the other acronyms and adjectives we can think of.  It has been raining steadily for over a week and will continue another week, Kitties and Woofies.   Mom has said and it's true that we get 2, 3 days of sunpuddles and we're punished with 10 days+ of rain to follow.  The days were also foggy.  Enough weather report.

SO good to see all the Christmas presents all of you got.  I got a lot too and some new fuds to try!  Other favorite brother is here till be goes back to Charlotte and Favorite brother was here for Christmas dinner as were Sticky Person and even another favorite brother and his wife.  There I am, recovering from all the trauma of the crawling SP 's travels thru the house. (Sticky Person).  I retired to my crow's nest.

December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Dear Furriends and Pawrents

Dear Kitties, Woofies and Pawrents,

Mommy and I both wish you a merry Christmas and a good New year.  We want you to know what each of you mean to us; because you DO mean a lot to mom and me.

Thank you for your care, your purrs and your prayers through this very trying year, on behalf of me when I was ill, mommy when she was and when Favorite Brother was  having his illness again.

Thank you for your understanding when mommy couldn't make it here to help me and when she only helped me a few times a week.  Thanks for still being here despite all that.

Merry Christmas darlings.  May it be merry and bright and may all your future New Years be better ones, and ones filled with gratitude, joy and love.

December 21, 2015

Meowy Monday!

Kitties, Woofies, Donkey wasn't laughing...he was getting ready to bolt again but mom and I LOVED the idea to keep him in sight or at least within braying distance. and we are still laughing at 6 in the morning!  A pen for him to stay in, a LEASH (Celestial Kitties) the GPS and the microchip  plus relationship counseling by Austin as he seems to want to run away!  WE both loved these great ideas and don't know why we didn't think of those ourselves.  

Today, Donkey is in the bedroom where I brought him.  He still reposes there and will be taken back by mom to his playground in the living room here shortly.

We have a new Mac that is waiting for other favorite brothers (both) to show up and use the Time Machine (and 3 TB backup drive) to set the new guy up. This guy is good but working on 5 years of age. He's slow.  I have been LOVING the boxes strewn on the floor here.  I will have all three brothers and my sister too plus Sticky Person on Christmas.  I may have to retire to one of the boxes!

Last night something startled me while on mom's lap and I leapt off.  I left a really impressive set of hind paw scratches on mom's upper leg.  She hurried and washed them, applied antibiotic ointment and a bandage but the scratches hurt some today.  I didn't mean to, Kitties.

I'm going to help mom now.  See you over at your place. XXoo

December 19, 2015

Repeat Performance + Update at bottom

I did it one more time Kitties and woofies.  I allowed Donkey to go off on his own and this time it was really hard to find him.  I may have shown him that place to hide, I'm not sure.  It was crammed up against the side of the bass speaker cabinet in the dark.  Mom searched with me all day.  Next day she finally saw him.  Weakly braying.  Mom said she hopes the third time is the charm.

We hopes you are having a good Caturday with warms on your furs and fuds in your tummies and deposits in your litterboxes so your mommies won't worry!  I hopes the same for them--- warms on their furs and the rest of them and fuds in their tummies.  Won't mention the third thing.

pee ess You all's meows and barks here in this one are making mommy Donkey AND me all laugh out loud and I think I will make mom call the Vet and GET his a microchip as Meowmeowmans suggested OR get a GPS tracker collar as Katnip Lounge and Prancer Pie said, on him.  Mom and me are about done IN with all this searching!


December 15, 2015

Kitties! Woofies!! Look!!!

Look what Deziz World made for me!  She noticed that I had said how pretty her was and that my mom is useless as mammary glands on a boar hog (as I am wont to say) when it comes to anything made with images.  She only knows how to post pictures and she knows nothing or less about creating them.  No one here at the house showed her and she never thinks to ask Brothers when they are here.

THANK you Dezi.  *Smooch*.  Now  I can get with the program and leave mom in the DUST!  HA! (as CK would say).

Look at THIS!

Kissies, Dezi and Lexi and Mom.  XXXoooXXX

pee ess  Kitties and woofies, please remember that our friends who few away are in my Rainbow page which can be found just under the header.  I move them there after a while from the side bar so that there may be room there on the sidebar to honor other fur babies before they go to my Rainbow page.

December 14, 2015

Remember Mom?

Today four years ago, Admiral left for the Bridge and things were terrible here at the house until I got here to help.  I am grateful for my mom and she is grateful for me.

Donkey turned up missing again Kitties!  But after a day, mom remembered she had slipped him into her purse to keep a four year old sticky person from playing with him.  Donkey couldn't take that as he is still in rehab from the back surgery mom performed on him.  So he came out among the rest of our buddies there in the basket on the floor again.  He (and I, as I had to do without him)  punished mom by his not coming into the bedroom last night.

Christmas is coming kitties!  Get ready for some new toys!

December 11, 2015

Where ARE You?????

Kitties, it was awful.

Donkey disappeared for all night and most of the day.  We looked the house over for him.  It would have been horrible if he had gone and certainly if he had not warned us. that something was amiss.  He hadn't even left a NOTE Kitties!

We were getting VERY concerned as to 1.  His safety (had he been kidnapped??) and 2.  Had he gone away from us over something we could have remedied easily had we known?

We wrung our hands and paws and searched and searched the same places over again.

Then,  Mom happened to see a glimpse of black mane and a bit of gray body.  It was DONKEY!  OH fank the codfish!  It was Donkey and he was alright.  He had not gone off and left us nor was he kidnapped and he was uninjured as far as we know.  He was jammed back behind a base speaker between it and the wall.  It was dark behind there.  He had to have been frightened.

Tonight I will make it up to him and have him up in there in bed with us.  He must have made a wrong turn at Albuquerque on his own way in.

Good night Moosey, Romeo and Georgie.  I will see you again by and by.  Wait for us.  Oh!  Your stars are brilliant, little loves.

December 9, 2015

Ooooh Kitties!

Kitties!  I am waiting for mommy's tail to de-puff and for her furs on her head to smooth out again as she got really p-i-scribble scribbled at someone where she worked out this meowning.  They were rude to her and Mom did not take the high road!  I will talk to her about that!

 But while I wait, I will stay up here in the crow's nest of my tree.  I only started going up there again after practically a years absence!  I am tracking introoders from post to post and  the crow's nest covers the largest area  in cat  visibility of the back of our property.

Kitties, I had to speak sternly to her yesterday about where my piggybank is and why I am not getting my allowance?!  She used it with my OK to contribute to kitties who needed it from time to time.  But then, when she used it all for some kitty, it disappeared!  I beg your pardon, Mom?  Really?  Go find it!  I want my dollar!  I get a dollar a week Kitties IF I have been good.

Meanwhile Favorite Brother is still here.  Got here noon yesterday and leaving about then today.  I enjoyed his company and even helped to put him to sleep by roosting on his chest after he went to bed.  I'll have you know I left mom to do that!  So he's special!  Other Favorite Brother will be here on the 21st.  Can't wait.

December 6, 2015

December 3, 2015

Rest in Peace Ossie Cat.

Kitties, do you remember a few weeks back I asked if anyone's mom or dad knew anything about Ossie's medical condition?  Mom had posted his report from the vet for all of you as well.  His mom tried so hard every way she knew to save his dear life, but several days ago he flew away after letting his mommy know he was ready to leave.  And his mommy is bereft.  My mommy knows that feeling.  All of our parents go through this when one of us runs away to the Bridge.  We are fur children and cherished as family members.

Ossie and she were close companions and each loved the other as much as they possibly could.  Ossie was deeply loved and cared for as the precious innocent he was, entrusted to  the care of his mommy.  Ossie loved his mommy just as much as she loved him.

Theirs was a "meant -to -be" story.  His mommy saw him in a pet food store up for adoption and it was truly love at first sight.  The star on his chest showing his singularity sealed the deal.  He came home to begin the life of a cherished companion.

Here are his mommy's words to me about Ossie's last day.  I know that most reading these loving anguished words can feel with her the sense of loss and sad emptiness in the home now.
 The mass in his body was too much for him and he was shutting down (kidney failure). We spent a quiet day with me gently loving on him and he gave me a look that was OK mommy, this is it. I stroked his tiny cute ears, rubbed his chin like he likes, kissed his head, massaged his paws the whole time telling him how much I love him. 

Yes Momma, he is waiting.  And my momma sends you every bit of her compassion and support to get you through

I love you Mom. 
Ossie, Beloved Companion to His Mom Evy

December 1, 2015


Yupper, I had a great poopy!  Yesterday too.  Mom said she will check today but at least it was the upset of my routine.  Fanks you for the suggestions and good thoughts and purrs.  They ALWAYS help each of us when our pawrents ask for them, don't they?

Mom has to gather ALL of my toys and all of my scratch pads up out of the living room as Sticky person and his mommy are coming over.  He crawls now!  I wonder what I will do?  Stay tuned!  (not to worry, neither mom nor the baby's mom will let anything happen to me.   Promise).  But my toys are going UP and HIS are coming down onto the floor.

  He had my chicken leg and  my ice-cream cone (mom does have a picture of it) munching on BOTH of them last time he was here!)

Meanwhile, I must prepare and make mom play with me before he gets here.  I may be in my chambers UTB later, so I'd better  get while I can.