October 31, 2013

Happy Katie-Ween

Happy Katie-Ween efurrybuddy!!  Look at the picture that Ann of Zoolatry made for me!!

Today, thought I would tell you, I practiced not being too too horrible when that beautiful long haired black cat came by.  I was not pleased at all...some spraying of Nutri-Vet Pet Ease was sprayed and Mom took her time closing the front door while I raced from door to window to door again but not totally freaking the way I used to do.

Look at ME!


October 28, 2013

No, Mom...no I'm not.

I simply have my arms under the rug you placed here for me to scratch along with every OTHER surface you have bought and placed throughout the house (that was mommy writing there, NOT me!! STOP IT MOMMY!)

So, I slid my arms under there and I am resting my chin on the folded up rug edge.  What's that you say?  You heard scratching all the way in the computer room?  You must have been delusional dreaming when you heard that or thought you did, Mom.  Who could possibly be scratching?  ME?  I beg your PARDON!?!

I am simply lying here, arms under the rug.  I am keeping my muscles, pawsies and sinews warm.  Why is that a problem, Mom? Scratching?  Pardon me?  ME?  Can't you see my chin?  It is RESTING atop the rug edge while I warm my arms.  *flexes toesies by mistake* Oh.  THAT sound?  Um, that is, um, I fink that is, um, yes, that's um, that's the clock ticking loudly again.  I want to tell you about that.

Take my arms out?  You're going to lift the rug off them...what?  to see what, did you say?

Oh, THOSE marks and tears?  The pet sitter did that.  I wouldn't scratch the carpet, mommy.  I a good girl.

October 27, 2013

Mom is Back and About TIME!!!

Kitties, several great things while Mom was gone.  One, I winned a wonderful book in a giveaway at Sparkle's bloggie.  You know how beautiful and red she is and how generous.  Rafflecopter picked ME!  The book was here when mommy got home and opened it up for me.  Fanks you so much Sparkle cause Mom and I sat down in my chair and read it right away!!!

Then, she saw I had another package and it is a MINI-ME!  It really is!  Mommy showed me right away!  LOOK!  She's on my cat tree and I don't mind.  She's really small.  But she has half a mustache like me and a white half on her chin too!  And little white socks and look at that luxurious bib!!!

Also, while mommy was in Charlotte, look!  She found a store owned by a calico kitty who sells fabric for all us kitties to have made into curtains so we can shred them!  She called it after herself, Calico.  She sells furniture too sometimes to claw and scratch.  She turned that part of the sign off on account she runned outta furniture right now.  Isn't it wonderful how Catkind is progressing?

I am clinging like a burr to mom right now.  Just saying'.

October 24, 2013

Pool Splash Pawty and MOARE!

Kitties!  I say wait till one hour after the door hits her you-know-what  in the morning and then, warm up your Ess's, charge up your Tunnels, get in your cubes and Tents and come right over!  We're having a house trashing pawty! Doors will stay unlocked and even wide open all weekend for all of you.  We'll just turn up the heat inside to make up for the open doors.

I have lots of strong nip and vine.  CK might come over and bring her stash of CD's and spin us some house trashing' musics if I ask nicely. Boomie will be here early to help set up everything before you get here and his sisfur Tutu will be here as bartender.  Spitty said he will lounge and oversee efurrybuddy and do any directing that needs doing.  He will likely set up a kissing booth, girls!

We have water and plenty of milk for the teetotalers, and bacon beers chillin' in the coolers.  Tutu will bring more good stuffs from her house and serve them up..  She may serve up a few bities too.  Just saying'.  I am expecting a HUGE turnout so there will be plenty to eat and drink.  Practice up on your best songs 'cause we're having a Karaoke "Croon and Yowl" contest too!  First prize is a kiss from me, Katie Isabella and a nip toy from Nip and Bones!  You can't beat THAT quality with a stick! If Caroline comes too, she can scream the night away...we'll join her.  Loudest screamer and the first one to draw the Poleece cats here to the house gets a prize from Spittola.

I have popcorn to pop and scatter and bat around and some taco and tater chips to munch and decorate the carpet with! I have Vole cutlets and Squirrel drumsticks fresh off the squirrel and vole.  Roasted over an open fire in the dining room.  I have a Bucket- O -Birdies and some Snakie Fillets!  And for dessert, mice cream.  I bought that from a vendor .  I'd hate to catch that many mice and milk them .  I'll serve it up on the floor---easier to eat that way.

There are lots and lots and LOTS of toys for us.  Enough for everyone.  Fevvers, wands, nip and vine filled toys to lick and bat.   Balls, tomatoes, nip manners; I have my wooden puzzle box in the middle of the floor with lots of balls and and other toys in it i.e., bells and small mice to bat out of the holes.

I have two big nip cigars for the man cats and for roguish girl cats!

I have carpet throughout the house.  Claw as you wish!  Mom will squeal with joy when she sees all the claw decorations you will have furnished her in thanks for the pawty!

And kitties!  I have deep thick woods all around the house and in back where all the wild animals are.     Go play out there if you dare.  The trees are very very tall so fun to climb.

The toilet paper treadmill is freshly primed with a new roll of toilet paper and the rest of the rolls  are at the ready to..well..roll! So be ready to enjoy the treadmill.  Oh, and you can have fun with the Slip and Slide I have made for us.  I have a piece of shower curtain liner rigged up and a tub full of luke warm water.  Let's take turns doing the Cannonball down into the water.  Whoever makes the biggest splash is the Queen or the King.

We'll have Zoomie races too.  Something for every buddy!.

The finale will be a contest to determine who is the best mini blind player.  I will have to disqualify myself in all fairness.

Those who want to stay the entire weekend...your choice of the beds or my beds throughout the house.  They are all open to you.

Come one, come all.  She'll be gone and good riddance! (please come home again soon mommy).


October 23, 2013

I'm Being Abandoned Furriday AGAIN!!!!

Kitties, my mom is going to 'bandon me Friday for the weekend.  Her's going over the mountains to see her son there.  I love my sitter and mommy pays for her to come here two times on Saturday to feed and play with me, once Friday evening and once Sunday morning.  But the fact remains, I am being 'bandoned.  Alone.  Left to my own devices. No mommy to press against in the cold night.  No mommy's warm lap to sleep on in the day.  No treats. I'm getting scared again.  Maybe another kitty will dare to walk on the sidewalk across the street! There won't be anyone to soothe me!

It was cold again last night.  Mom has the thermostat programmed to keep the temp lower at night.  It was 42 degrees f outside and felt like it in HERE too. (Mom here:  It was 67 in here)  I had my feets pressed into mom's back warming them.  Mom woke a little to feel my toesies wiggling into her back. 

So I will be dividing my time between my two favorite blankies I guess.  I'm not sure I'll have time to lay in supplies for a house trashing.  She may get a break this time from it but I CAN hork EVERYWHERE!! (and I will).  (There WILL be a house trashing!) 

October 22, 2013

Prayers for Ginger Jasper and his Mom and Dad and Brian and his Mom and Dad.

My heart just aches for Ginger Jasper and certainly for his parents.  He is really not doing at all well and he doesn't understand.  His Mom and Dad are doing all in their power for him.

Please purr and purray for the three of them.  I love him dearly.  Always have.

And while we are purring, please remember our beloved Brian whom I love and who is still doing poorly and probably hurting as well as he tries to use the litterbox.  I am just so sad for him and for GJ.

Please send all the love you can to both of these dearly loved mancats.  xxoxoxoxoxox

October 21, 2013

Here is What the Youngest Human Brovver Said

Kitties, Woofies, here is what youngest brovver said.  Now he is a Computer Engineer and herds Programmers plus does some himself as well.

He said I may need to order ice-cream for my Humble Pie I said I would be happy to eat if I am wrong.

I showed it to him while we were waiting somewhere this morning and he said that I would:

1.   Have to create a profile for evil Google+

(NO way will I do THAT).

2.  To get *shudder  ewwwww  shudder* Chrome, I would have to actively download it.

He thinks I can just go ahead and log in with their scary looking log in and be safe from needing to have my computers etc exorcised.

So, pass the Humble Pie...and a big fork..I am ready to eat.  Now, if he's wrong, he'll never hear the end of it from me.


October 20, 2013

Google Problem on Handheld devices here at my home.

Kitties, not sure what I am going to do.  Mom isn't either.  Lately, when we read your blogs on either the iPhone or the iPad, and we go to comment, a window comes up and tries to force Mom and I into signing up and into "everything Google".  Mom and I do NOT want Google+.  We do not want Google Chrome.  We do NOT want ANY of the games, pictures etc etc and other services Google has with the sole exception of Blogger.  It says "sign in to everything Google and then go to Blogger".

I do NOT like being strong-armed into something I-DO-NOT-WANT.  I have a Mac.  An iMac for the big computer.  I have everything else Mac as well..phone and tablet.  I LOVE Safari for my browser and I have no desire for their Chrome.

I want to be wrong.  Tell me I am wrong and I will be tickled to the ends of the earth.  My human brovver is here and he selected "sign in with another account" and as soon as Mom did, there went that window again, not permitting her to go on without signing up for all the services.

If Google forces me and mom while on our iMac as well, Admiral, me and Mommy will all have to go away and that makes us very sad.  Why will we go away?  Because Google is right now at this time the single most invasive user of your private information in the cyber world.  NORMAL cyber world, not the N*S*A.   Face Book ain't no bowl o' kibble either but Google and their strong armed maneuvers takes the cake.  Again, if Mom has misunderstood or is wrong, she apologizes and she will jump for joy to be wrong.  She'll eat a whole truckload of humble pie.

Mom said she is cutting and pasting this into her human blog.


This is me yesterday after smokin' my nip ceegar!  I licked the brown off it!  It was soaking!

October 19, 2013

Caturday almost Sunday

Kitties and woofies, there is a great deal of sadness and many tears in our CB community as several of our woofie furriends have run for the Bridge all at once.  It makes mom very very sad as it does me as well when our dear ones fly away to the Bridge.  But we know we will meet again by and by.  That is something I always tell my furriends parents when we visit.

Mom said there will be a son here for Sunday.  Not all day but for supper and overnight as he has an appointment tomorrow and so he'll miss work anyway.  Mom said he'll have a pawsome supper.  One dinner dish for which he gave her a recipe he thought looked good.  We'll let you kitties and woofies know.

Well, I put on my cheerleaders outfit late today because our Vols are learning again how to win and so we did.  Coach Jones said he will rebuild our Volunteers brick by brick and that is what he is doing.  The scary days of bad coaching (non coaching??) by Derek Dooley are finally in the past and I do believe along with Mom that the Vols will be back to their usual great form in the SEC within another year or so.

Just checking in this evening.  By now in these two days I hope, I have been to most if not all of you who commented for Furry Friday.  Here's a whisker tickle in any case.


October 17, 2013

Furry Friday

Kitties, several things to tell.  I don't have any pictures but guess who came to see me and mommy last Monday?  Mom Jeanne of Random Felines! Mom and I were thrilled and we thoroughly enjoyed that visit.  We talked about handsome Leo and beautiful Star, and many other of my kitty and woofie furriends.  We hated to see her leave and we hope and wish she comes back soon.

I discovered several days ago that Life With Ragdolls gave me and Admiral both a beautiful award, The Sunshine Award. Admiral appreciated her awardie and she said right now she and the Trout Towne Tabbies are trying to get their fish fry restaurant up and running successfully at the Bridge so she will post it when she is not so occupied.  I however will post it right now!  Thank you all you beautiful Kitties.  xox

Here are a cut and paste (I hope) of the eleven questions the Ragdoll babies asked me to answer.

1: Have you ever owned a Ragdoll cat?   No, my mommy hasn't.
2: If you could have one wish (And it actually came true) what would it be?  That  all animals were safe and cared for and never treated cruelly.
3: If you ever won 1,000 dollars what would you do with it?   Use it for a family member.
4: what is your favorite state in north America?  Virginia
5: would you ever be interested in breeding any animals? No.
6: What's your favorite movie? Anything Star Trek, old or new.  MOL
7: Where are you from?  The South.
8: What's your favorite color?  Red.
9: What's your favorite animal?  Cats.
10: How long have you been blogging for?  Probably 8 years.
11: Do you like cats more or dogs? Like them equally. Mom has had both. 

I loved answering and in this case due to a lack of proper time, I will ask those reading if they would love having this beautiful award, please take it and answer 11 questions about yourself, even these you see here.   Mommy and I are logging off and headed to bed.  Sweet dreamies everyone.  xoxox

October 15, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday Questions

Kitties,  I have a question.  Or rather Mommy does.  Take it away Mommy!

Kitties, Katie has always brought me 1 to 3 toys.  Always the same, her favorites.  The Donkey, the Lion and now, the red mousie that looks like a heart.  Failing the mouse, then the kickaroo with the broad fluffy tail.

As a further background, a few days ago Mom and I got to hear the mama cat, Erinn Zuzu Niblet on Colehaus Cats with her four baby Niblets.  Blogger refuses to allow me to call up Colehaus or any other blog just now so as to put its link in here for you.  It keeps saying that I am not following any blogs!  It does that more times than it does not.

Back to business here.  When Katie brings the toys in to the bedroom at night when the light is off, she always announces them with a really sweet low sounding totally adorable chirrup and other sweet sounds.  Once I turned on the light and she had her donkey between her front legs, sort of surrounded.

Now, once I heard Erinn talking to her babies as she came to them, washed them and settled so they could nurse, the precious little sounds she used to talk to her babies sort of..not completely!! reminded me of Katie when she brings her toys in.

Is she bringing me her kittens perhaps when she brings them in to me?  Am *I* her kitten, maybe?

When she wakes up in the daylight hours from somewhere in the house, she always runs to find me, making low very sweet sounds in her throat.  Her mouth isn't open.  She looks right into my face and tail straight up trotting quickly up to lean on me.  I pick her up and put her on my lap.

Who, if either of us, is the kitten or am I more daft than I thought?  Maybe she is just that bonded to me.

I have other news but it will have to wait a few days, C.K. You know what you asked me yesterday.  "They" aren't ready yet.

Thank you Katie and kitties for letting me take over.  xoxox

October 13, 2013

Monday Meowning

Since my allergy shot I am so comfortable that I barely move.  I am not rubbing on everything, I am not constantly on the move.  I have slept more than in weeks.  I did not wake mom in the night yanking out my beautiful soft furs, I did not barber my sweet back, I did not scratch and shake like a woofie when finished.  I am at peace.

Here I am about 15 minutes ago.  Donkey, Lion, Red Heart Mousie and big brown fur mousie and my flat and floppy squirrel are there when I put them.  Those are mine and mom's tootsie prints all over the carpet.

I am happy. 

October 12, 2013


Kitties, I hadda go to the v-e-t yesterday and you have never heard (mom hasn't) such hissing..then growling with a shout or two.   I was taken back by a sweet girl tech to be weighed and have my royal clars cut.  That's "claws" to you.  Anyway, she even said to mom that she didn't mind that I hissed at her some.  She kept petting my head anyway and mommy fed me treats which I did eat.

She told me as she picked me up..."let's go get your little piggies taken care of" which totally made mommy's day.  That was downright cute!

BUT:  The not too good times ceased to roll.  I was wrapped as a burrito and I did say something about that.  I have never been prepared to eat for supper (burrito) before to get my nails done. I understand though because I was growling.  However, once I started shouting, mom looked through the glass and saw me.  They saw mom looking and I was unwrapped.  Then, my back piggies were done without too much drama except hissing and growling.

I am telling you the total truth.  I N-E-V-E-R ever EVER said a word at all at the Vet's until after that boy mom wrote about back in the Spring.  He handled me too roughly.

 I didn't like my claws cut, no, but I NEVER said all that which I said THIS time.  Also, I hissed and growled the entire time I was there even when I was brought back.  Mom gave me treats...I didn't growl during that time.  But as soon as I tossed them down into my 11.9 pound sweet self, I commenced to growling again.  The deed is done.  I got an allergy shot and I had the best rest in weeks.  No constant rubbing onto everything to scratch.

I told the vet about that boy and I have never seen him again.  But the damage is done.

I wanted to say that gift card with my name on it that I showed you a few days ago and gave to mom really came thru the mail to Mommy from her middle son who lives and teaches in NC.  He kindly put my name on it.  I lubs him too.  All three of my brothers are very loved by me.

Tabbies of Trout Town, Admiral, Dude and Sauce work in the kitchens of your restaurant on the Bridge.  They love it.  It's right next to their clouds and convenient to fly over too.  xxooxx

October 11, 2013

Furriday Award from ZOEY!

Kitties!  I am so excited!  Zoey from the Island Cats gaved me an award!  It is the Sine On Award!  Come see how pretty!  Just like her!  (I loves Zoey, her so dear).

I'm supposed to tell seven things about myself! I think you know all seven I will say and then some!

1.  I will wake mom up each day as soon as the sun rises.  I go by sun only as my watch quit working when I dunked it in my water dish.  If the times changes (mom hates when it does) then still, as soon as the sun hits that certain point, I wake her up.

2.  I love on all the men, even if they are strangers, when they come into the house.  Workmen, plumbers, cable guys,  visitors, doesn't matter...so mom assumes back in the day before I was fostered and then in the Vet's cage, I might have been a companion to a man.

3.  I get terribly upset when other kitties come within my visual range. Very upset.  Amazingly upset.

4.  So far, I still sleep in the PTU occasionally and I have not fought mom when I have to go riding.

5.  I am not horking as often since mom feeds me sensitive tummy dry fuds.  Maybe every week,

6.  Mom said I am the most loving little girl 100% of the time.  The Ones Who came Before were also loving but not quite 100% of the time.  Maybe 98%.

7.  Mom firmly believes and knows that cats are just as loving, just as playful and just as much of a personality as woofies.  The thing that folks out in the world don't seem to understand  is:  Cats are NOT dogs and consequently behavior is different.  JUST as loving--- but loving in a feline way.  
Cats are NOT aloof,  They just don't bark and jump or come when called.  They'll get there, but that does NOT make them aloof.  Nor are they unloving and sneaky.  That stupid bad press makes my mommy see red.

BUT that's a blog and not thanks for the award, dear Zoey.  Thank you sweet girl.

I pass this award to the J-Cats Trixie and Caspurr. AND Target of Katz Tales

October 8, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties, look what I got Mom for her birthday last month!!  I even had my name put on it so she would know who it was from!  She used it two days ago. Mom was thrilled.

Remember, I am a Countess as well as  Queen.  My other (human)  brother in NC made me a Countess in his blog/journal.  I go by that name here at the house when my favorite brother visits.  MOL.

October 4, 2013

Furriday Fur

Kitties, Good Meowning!

To keep momma on her toesies I did NOT sleep with her the night before last.  I did not roost on her chesticles as soon as she drew up the sheet...I did not say a word, and to wit..I was absent from the room.  I never DID come in and NO TOYS were delivered in the night and NO sweetest voice in the world was heard!

Last night, I decided I would do all of the above so this morning she saw the donkey was right at where she steps out of the bed and the mouse that looks like a red heart was next to it.  Her gratitude was funny!  Moms are Sooooo easy!

Mom's gonna go work out after not being able to for three weeks! And I am too.  I invited a few pals over

October 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday Sorta

Taking my ease after Mommy got home last night.  I wanted to show off my tailio too.

Mom's lamp bothers me.

Mustache and Bikini.  Is there anything else?