November 28, 2015

Food Food Beautiful Food

Kitties!  Mom and brovvers ate like beasts for three days for pity sake!  It was like an old Roman festival or something,  Sheesh! The Thanksgiving dinner at the home of my human sister's mom was totally outrageously good.  Beyond compare  There were four desserts too! ALL from scratch pies and one dessert bread.

Brovver that stayed here from NC left at 1000 this meowing and mom and I hated to see him leave.  We both miss him.

One thing I have as a reminder that my routine has been upset maybe is *whispers---blushes* I haven't made a poopy in this is the third day.  I am eating well, acting well, but no poopy except there were three tiny tiny thimble sized poopy's in the box this meowing!  Mom said if tomorrow also passes with no poopy, then first thing Monday she will try to fit me in with  the Dr.That's scary and mom said she hopes it is upset routine.

Mom opened some pumpkin and I sniffed a long time--- turned to her and said, "You ARE kidding, right???" So no pumpkin went in.  I refuse to lick that hairball ick off my arm--- that comes in a  tube, the hairball gel...and I won't eat it from mom's finger or a spoon or in a dish either.

Mom said I am the worst cat she has ever had about eating anything that can help me other than plain cat food.

Here I am... my waistcoat that I borrowed and that I am wearing is unbuttoned against the strain on its buttons from my doubling over against my, um, floof fitting into this shoe box!

November 24, 2015

OH Yes! Happy DAYS!

Kitties, my brovvers are coming to see me.  I will see all three of them at differing times but I will see them.  How lucky can a girlcat be?

I wasn't lucky last night though.  Tiffany came by and sneaked up on me during a visit and clipped my CLARS!!! I really talked to her about that!  I wasn't really loud but I made certain every buddy knew I hates each second that ticked by as I was getting the pawdicure!  I worked hard to grow them clars!!

 At the end after she loved on me despite my protestations, I walked a foot away and turned and gave her a GOOD loud single Hiss!  yes.  I did.  She deserved it too after I had greeted her and was hospitable!

Here I am, looking for my brovvers, my sisfur and the sticky person.

November 22, 2015

This is Late but Still an Expression of Love

Kitties, Ann Adamus of Zoolatry and me, Katie, got together back in July, and she lovingly crafted this purrfect piece for and with me to express how I felt when Mommy was gone for 8 days and nights away from me.  I was meant to post this then when mommy left me, and what with one thing and another I did not.  So I am doing it now because it expresses the deep love I have for mommy and she has for me.  And because of the love Ann has in her own heart for all of us in the CB this  creation by Ann was made to help me, Katie.  It made leaky eyes for mommy when she saw it. She, mommy will as I will always and ever be grateful through and through for this beautiful, peaceful, full of hope goodbye to my mommy and a loving hello when she came home.Here is this article of love and beauty. Heartfelt gratitude to Ann.

November 21, 2015

Happy Girl on Caturday

Kitties!  Mom brought me a new BOX!  She got rid of the old dilapidated one I had over by the table for over three years as I never sat in it.  AND I have delicious crisp white tissue paper too!!!

Brovver came by just to see me! (he had business in town but that's irrelevant) and while here he bought himself a new pair of shoes.  OH!  BOUNTY for ME!

Now, me in my box was taken right before bedtime so please try not to see all the disarray around my gorgeousness.  I was bathing and forgot to pick up the place before permitting a picture.

November 18, 2015

Bat Man LIVES!

Kitties, I am concerned that Bat Man, perhaps Bat Cat will live in my house and muscle me outta house and home.  See?  He's right THERE!  I'm kinda skeert!  Can you help?

November 15, 2015


Good GRIEF Kitties!  In my own yard.  I heard him but somehow...for whatever reason I did not charge in to see him.  Mommy told Brovver that there is a scrumptious medium haired probably mancat out there who is a tabby.  I forget that that pattern is, I heard her say that looks a bit like circles in the coat.  He is  chocolate and gold in color...and some darker chocolate accents.  His whisker humps are creamy gold in color while his face is milk chocolate.

His tailio is long and very full.  His eyes are gold.  Mom heard him scream but it wasn't too too loud. She opened the kitchen  door and he was standing in the car port next to our car.

He looked at mommy...mommy stood and feasted her eyes on him.  He looked very well kept and sleek.  Someone obviously moved in not too long ago somewhere and lets this extraordinarily handsome boy just run loose here where the street is often dubbed the Indianapolis Speedway!!! We  in this family have lost two precious babies to cars hitting them until we wised up and NO one gets out any longer.  Haven't any family fur member gotten out in 20 years. Admiral stayed in all her life and I am staying too.

He is gorgeous though.  I heard mom telling brovver that when I see him on patrol tonight there will be heck to pay!  Screetching from me, him, and mommy too.

Kitties I was contemplating the disaster in France.  We furries would never be like that.

November 12, 2015

Rain Rain Go AWAY!

Kitties, I've about had it with rain!  I think there may be mushrooms sprouting on my furs even if I am inside only.  Mom said she expects to be combing them out of her own hair if this continues on and on and on as it has for four years now.  That means kitties, that we have had an inordinate number of gray and/or rainy days.

So, here is MY solution.

A good box makes everyfing betters.

November 11, 2015

Our Heartfelt Thanks to all Veterans, Always.

Kitties and Woofies, we thank our brave Veterans today and every day for their service and sacrifice.

November 8, 2015

I Beg Your Pardon?

I beg your pardon?  What gives you the idea I am on the counter?  I certainly am not.

Stop saying that!   I am  simply enjoying a cool sojourn on this smooth surface.  I am in no way disturbing it nor you.

November 7, 2015


Kitties, sometimes you just need to think it all over.  Of course watching TV while you do does not go amiss.

November 5, 2015

Ehhhhh, What's Up Doc?

Kitties!  Look what's on Birdy TV today?  And I can show you where he lives too.  And his buds as well.  The next picture is the nearest part of my back yard looking from the deck, and I have commanded the birdies live there so they may entertain me at will.

 Here is where he and his family live along with many other channels on TV for my sole amusement.  Well,  ackshully, when I entertain special guests such as King Spitty or Queen Nellie or Royal Knight Austin or Tuxie Supreme Kisser Mario, I let THEM choose the channel.

This is the side view of my back Kingdom where the cleared area is for little Bean playing.  Flynn and Simba occasionally grace me with their Ginger delight ornj goodness, and  when we are all tired of chasing and wrassling, we go up, all  seven of us onto mom's bed where the memory foam mattress thickness comforts our bones and cradles our loved bodies.  Other kitties are welcome.  My tunnel is always pointed at you.  Come on over.  I'll break out the fuds and cream and Temptations.  I have LOTS of toys and there is a whole house to trash if we want to.  Mom lets me do whatever I want.  I can show you my new spacious baffroom too that mommy bought me.  The JUMBO one.

And look what Admiral's and me, Katie,  BESTEST friend sent mommy to cheer her up during the sciatica.   Nik and Rocky and Karen, me and Mommy thank you for ever and ever for this precious reminder of who is always boss and who is loved so much around here. 

November 3, 2015

Halt! Who Goes There?

I am doing my duty and guarding our home as I race from window to window and then to the door.  I will not tolerate any introoders!  They will feel my wrath!! There are doggies, kitties, and human beans to contend with and I have to demonstrate that they are not welcome.  Mom does override the human part and welcomes them however!  The nerve!

I am only facing this direction temporarily! 

November 1, 2015

A Plea For Any Help From a Friend For Her Cat. Can You Help? + small update.

Kitties, this is a very serious and sad post for us, but mom's and my friend who has no blog just got this terrible news from her kitty's Vet.  You have met him. here.  He is gray with a soft white star on his sweet chest.  Mom helped me post stories about him twice after a trip to see one of my human brothers.  His mom requested that I place the information here for your mom's and dad's to see and offer suggestions and thoughts about what she and her cat might do regarding the diagnosis and her decision making process.  She WILL have the recommended surgery for her cat.  It's his prognosis she wishes input on here if possible.  I will leave the blog up for awhile .  And  she hopes to determine if anyone here has had the same problem with their cat.  It will be a long blog to read, but I know you understand that. The facts here may  possibly help one of you one day as well.  xxoo  Here it is and I cannot make the type larger: So I will "bold it" to help reading it.Here is something from Ossie's mommy for you.This is in the comments below.

I am the mom of the kitty mentioned here. Ossie is still upset over 3 different needle biopsies in 5 days, being shaved twice, rides in the car and is hiding under his blankie. I live in a large city so am fortune to have access to a radiology vet specialty who did kitty's last ultrasound guided biopsy. Can't figure out why the lab reports did not state Ossie had an abscess or a tumor?

I thank all of you for your input. Ossie is my soulmate.

 The inside of the growth; cannot say if it is an abscess or cancer, is dead tissue. Possibilites are that he swallowed something foreign and it has formed an abscess and the middle of the abscess has become necrotic over time. Since the tissue is necrotic (non-viable) then antibiotics will not help to clear the abscess if that is what it is. The other possibility is that it is a tumor (can be benign or cancer) and that the inner portion of it is necrotic. The only way to know for certain is to surgically explore the area and remove the growth and submit it for further testing (histopathology). This growth is what is causing him to feel sick and it will remove the problem and at the same time give him a certain diagnosis. We can do that surgery here .

Fine needle aspiration of a 4.5 cm mass near the cecum/colon were taken from a 10-year-old male neutered DSH cat with vomiting. Four slides submitted and evaluated.

The samples are moderately cellular and are composed of inflammatory cells mixed with large amounts of necrotic debris and moderate numbers of erythrocytes. Inflammatory cells are composed of a mixture of neutrophils and macrophages. Macrophages often contain cellular debris and occasionally exhibit leukophagocytosis. Additionally, low numbers
of epithelial cell clusters are found. The cells are round to
occasionally columnar with moderate amounts of moderately basophilic cytoplasm and distinct cell margins. Occasionally the cells are vacuolated. The nuclei are round, eccentric and occasionally appear basilar, 2.5 to 3 times the diameter of an erythrocyte and have moderately to coarsely stippled chromatin and contain 1 to 2 prominent round nucleoli that vary in size. Definitive organisms are not seen.

and lastly:

Marked necrosis occurs both within the necrotic center of an abscess as well as the necrotic center of a neoplasm. Unfortunately, both differentials remain possible in this case. This could represent the necrotic and inflamed center within an abscess with aspiration of the surrounding reactive epithelial tissue. Unfortunately, aspiration of
the necrotic and inflamed center within a neoplasm also is a potential differential. In these cases, biopsy with histopathologic evaluation
is highly recommended to determine the precise cause. It can also help more accurately assess malignant potential. Consultation with an internal medicine specialist regarding additional diagnostics as well
as treatment options may be of benefit in this case. Consultation with an internal medicine specialist can be obtained.


Thank you kitties and woofies.