November 30, 2013

Day Two

Mommy and I are deeply and truly saddened by Russell, of William of Mass Destruction  and Tillie's passing.  TOO many of our dearest furriends are flying away despite our families begging them to please not, to stay a little longer.  Love and comfort and warms hugs to their families.  Mom said she sure knows how they feel as do all the pawrents. Our pawrents love us like the fur babies we are.  And we love our pawrents right back just as much.

Kitties,  I am home still.  Mommy was heartened that I got into bed and slept up against her pajamaed tummy.  I stayed till she had to answer the alarm and get up for Brovver at 0130.  When she got back I had gone elsewhere but eventually I came back to her.

I am sneezy, one eye running and my nose is running like a wee faucet.  That's why I am licking my lips, mom thinks.  My nose is congested.  Mom took your advice and went out and bought a humidifier.  Instead of my thick comfy bed I am in my PTU presently but both bed and PTU are in this computer room so mommy has it running in here.

She called the Vet and drilled and grilled him.  He swears on his Terrier's head that this is all allergy!  I know my mom thinks a cat  cold.  Mom told him what she'd read about colds and cat herpes too and he again swore that I had neither.  Mom says a cold...he says allergies in the worst way.  But if I am not better, back I go after a few days.  If I am holding my own..brovver has a very important appt. Monday to keep with his surgeon.  If need be I will go in Monday later but mom somehow thinks now that I am home and have her to bury into, I will get better.  I DID eat supper, a decent one too, and I drank pretty often.

This morning, I came in all wheezy and snuffly but I did a good job on my stinky goodness and I was having a fresh drink of water right after mom laid it down while still in the bathroom.  (I have two watering holes).

I had lunch too, Kitties!  Pretty decent amount.  I made one pee over night..a big one, and one poo.  Whew.

So, now I wait with my humidifier and hope I eat and drink and cod knows I am resting!!! I had my tail up once.  The rest of the time it's down but mom said she saw it sailing proudly once...cutting the air as I made it into the living room.


November 29, 2013

Here At My Home Again

Kitties, I am home.  I drank and drank when I got home and had some wet food to eat.  I let mom hold me a little while and she heard my snuffle and stuffy nose.  :-(  While I was gone I got a shot for my allergies.  Not sure what else as there was no charge except for my urinalysis which was clear.

They still maintain that this is largely allergies, mom does not.  Yes, I have them but the shot would have taken care of that.  Mom called the Vet again and there was a voice mail for mom while her phone crashed to the floor and broke apart. Essentially that if it is a rhino virus (sp)  it will have to work its way thru.  You can't give antibiotics for a cold.

A person commented on my last blog and said "why is it better to go to the Vet hospital if there is no one there to take care of you?  Can't your mom take care of you till they return to work"

This is a question that needs and deserves an answer, so here goes.  Mom was afraid for me and had tears when she was advised to leave me there again.  I had been lethargic, sleeping in one place for hours at a time, eating little, drinking too little, sneezing and made odd little jerking movements under the skin plus I was incessantly licking my lips.  I did not play and I did not sleep with mom nor did I bring toys in to her..just once and only one. That's why mom took me back to my Dr. The long and the short of it?   She was afraid.  As for waiting several days here at the house,  I needed to be seen and assessed then, not days later.  I got a shot, something for nausea and assessed that moment half an hour before they closed for the Holiday.  There were people there at given times to keep watch on all of the woofies and kitties there in the hospital, medicate and talk to the Dr.  None of us did without anything except our dear families.

I am in on favorite brother's bed after I drank and drank.  Had that bite to eat and now, I am curled on the bed's soft blanket.

I know mom will do all she can to help me and make me comfy.  She loves me so.

Mom also has my fave brother here while he recuperates and we are ALL so grateful for each warm and loving well wishes for him and for me, and for my mom as well.  You are the beauty of the blogging community and the reason we are all truly a family.

November 27, 2013

Mine and Mom's TerribleTerrible Bad Bad Thanksgiving + UPDATE to being in the hospital. See bolded.

I am back in the hospital because I really has a sickie.  I got the sickie at the Vet's the last time I was there.

My symptoms are: a LOT of lip licking, sneezing a lot, strange movements like hiccups or something with no sound, but the movement like I had them,  under my skin.  Tiny jerky movements.  Not eating much, not drinking much, sleeping most of the day without moving.  Mom is scared I know.  I was draped into my carrier like a toy.  No resistance at all.

The Vet office is closed and I will be all alone today after 1, all day tomorrow except for someone feeding me.  Mom is sad sad sad.  I am too. OF COURSE SOMEONE WILL FEED ME AND CHECK TO SEE THAT I AM ALRIGHT, AND I ALREADY HAD A SHOT AND SOME ANTI NAUSEA MEDICINE.  

Brothers are here.  One came from over the mountains and I couldn't even greet him.  The other one is too weak to do much.  :-(

We don't care about Thanksgiving.  We just want to be together, but brother will go with the other and his wife to her mom's place.  They will being us a plate here but now, I won't be part of "us".  I will be in the hospital alone.

Mom is sad, so I told her to quit typing now.

 Happy Thanksgiving my dear furriends.  Really and  truly.


November 26, 2013

Me and Brovver

Kitties, Brovver was sent home yesterday.  Mom had NO idea they were going to do that.  It was late and 1830 hrs when he left.  His other brother went to get him and fetch him home here.  Mom is worried about his welfare.   Mom was there as always at the hospital sitting with brother for hours and they NEVER told her that was the plan.  She was not prepared, had nothing here for him and had to run around like the crazy woman she is trying to scrape up a few things.

He is supposed to have a very important appointment at the medical center to assess his situation, take out staples and have a blood profile done and it is supposed to snow.

Me, kitties, I got a cold at the hospital.  I am sneezing and sound  a bit mucousy.  Mom called the Vet and he said the series of shots I got were why would have been used to treat me anyway.  But mom and I are sad and so is brovver.

But Happy Thanksgiving to all of you dear furriends and paw rents.  We love you bunches.

We are sorry to be so late and so tardy with replies.  Mommy is, as she was last year running constantly trying to git 'er done.  XXOO

November 24, 2013

Easy on Sunday

Mom missed getting my shot administered yesterday.  I struggled while she was trying to give me my shot and it all went onto my furs.  Mom was so disappointed as that puts me a day behind.  Tomorrow was supposed to be the last one but not now.  Mom DID get today's into me though.  And she will try the same tack tomorrow as well.  BUT I have to go in maybe Tuesday (I hope I can cooperate) and get the shot I missed.  Also a urinalysis.  Then yet again for my allergy shot finally.  Can't have it while I have a UTI. I am miserable too.

I have been as close to mom as paint on a wall.  I follow her everywhere and must lay on her.  I make it really hard for her to sleep at night.  Now more than ever but that's the way it is.

Brother may be home in the next several days.  I can't wait.  Mom won't cook a big dinner or even a small one.  Others will, and bring us a plate.  My brother over the Mountains will be here  and stay with us but he will go with his married brother and sister in law to her parents and to her Grandmother's as well for dinner. A bit at each place.  This is new to us but it has to be this time.  Mom can make it all up at Christmas.

Thank you for the purrs and prayers and all the good wishes for favorite brother and I.  Mom and I...favorite brother too are truly honored and deeply appreciative.  Huggles and snuggles to each of you and our sincere thanks.


November 22, 2013

Furriday + I has 3 shots to go and I dones.

Kitties, mommy got me out yesterday after the Vet Tech showed her how to give me a shot. She gave me one there and one here this afternoon.  Thing is, she sure doesn't have the knack for after she pulled up the skin at the nape of my neck and got the needle in, I started walking.  It was sure hard to keep me there so she hurried and tried to get it all in.  There was nothing on my furs.  Mom called the Vet Tech and he said it was in me  if I was not wet on my furs that is. No fun to do but mom wanted me to come home and I wanted me home.  I am alone half of the day but I am home.  I didn't do badly at all at the Hospital.

I got lots of scratches and rubbins.  I was hesitant when brought home and had to explore everything. Finally late afternoon I got into mom's lap and passed out.  When we went to bed, same thing.  I got into the curve of her stomach..she pulled me all the way up against her pajamas and we stayed that way quite a while.  I even brought my donkey.  Just the donkey though.

Mom was at the hospital till about 2 something today and came home to give me my shot and to have something to eat.  Brother is doing wonderfully according to his Dr., mommy said but...he must get up, try to walk and be ready to come home maybe the beginning of the week.  It won't be a walk in the park for him or for mommy but...he is doing well.

Thank you from the bottom of mine and Mom's hearts for the well wishes.  We needed them.  And the purrs and prayers were as welcome as a sun puddle.  WE were basking in them and drawing strength.


Our Admiral's photo in just off center there in the middle. This is a collage at our Vet's Office.

November 19, 2013

Brovver and I Are Both in the Hospital

Kitties, I had to stay at the Vet Jail yesterday because I did not have a poo problem.  There was nothing there.  He said that was, um,  fat   flesh he felt when he was palpating my undercarriage.  BUT while I was snoozing they did a blood test and I have a UTI.  I need a shot a day for 10 days,  The Dr. fully  knows Mom's situation, and he also knew she would be gone most of every day for awhile to see brovver.  So he said "You take care of your son and let ME take care of Katie."

Mom was very reluctant to do that but she couldn't pack me up every day to have them do it as there would not be sufficient time and I would not be happy to get in the carrier every day.  He said if mommy couldn't stand it when things got better with brovver, he would teach her how to give me a shot.  Mom is trying hard NOT to think how I must miss her.  We are very bonded.  It hurts her to think that I would think she abandoned me.

Brovver has had his surgery and when mom left the hospital he was doing surprisingly well.  Mom will go and spend the day tomorrow too.

xxooxx and thanks you SO much from the bottom of my Katie heart (and mom's too)  for each well wish and purr and prayer.  We needed those very much and we are VERY grateful for them.  Very very grateful.  You are all kind and caring and loving kitties, woofies and parents.  Means so much to mommy and me.  xxooxx

For Katie's Favorite Brother

Star light
Star Bright
I wish I may
I wish I might
Have the wish
I wish tonight.

Please purr and purray for my favorite brother who will be undergoing serious surgery Tuesday, November 19,  0800.

November 18, 2013

I has a Sads

Kitties, I didn't pee or poo yesterday either.  Mom gave me an additional bowl in the middle of the hallway where I was resting and I had a long drink close to 11 last night.

I have been eating every morning and night and mom saw me drinking a few times as always.  I have been playing and very loving but I have slept a bit more than usual.  For certain reasons, mom won't be able to do much in the way of going back and forth to the Vet after today, so she called and got me an appointment.  I am typing this from my iPawd  in a cage but still in my carrier (it's my safe place) and I am mad.  They are going to make me sleepy and give me an enema because the vet said I am constipated.  I have to stay till I have a BM or I will maybe have multiple accidents over the house if I came home right away.  Also, while I am asleep they will take a pee sample.  JUST in case.

Mommy had to come home without me and I KNOW for a fact SHE has a sad right along with me.

I can't come home till mid afternoon.

November 16, 2013

I Had a Wonderful Visitor today

Kitties, Woofies, Piggies, Ferrets, I had a fun visit for a long time today.

This picture shows you how I looked not fifteen minutes before the door was knocked on.  Momma got it with, what else, her cell phone.  See my mouth?

Just wakened....

Anyway, Mom and my pet sitter Gina have become wonderful friends.  Mom and she talk all the time so mom and I decided to extend an invitation to her to come over.

We served coffee and shortbread cookies and Kitties, you should have seen me.  Oh I wound around her ankles, I head butted her, I got up in the window...same place that picture was taken and laid there and got pets, scratches and loving from Gina.  I TALKED to her too.  And, I played Paper Bag, and I played elastic stringed bouncy heavy fishy toy with crinkled ribbons tied on it.

Mom had been a little concerned (I was very worried) because I had not made a poo for 36 hrs and day before yesterday when we got up for breakfast,  she went to clean my box and in 24 hrs. there was NO...nada...pee in it!  No poo either.  Nothing.  Scared her, she said.  I felt great, ate like a starving warrior, and mom put a third dish of water out..I took a long drink and finally peed.  BUT it wasn't till today after  our company came on this the second day of my scaring mom, that I went to my box and finally had a bowel movement!  Boy, I perfumed the air!

Do I have her in my paw or what!?

November 14, 2013

I Has a STAMP!

Kitties, a wonderful friend that my human brother and my mom have had for about eight years, designed a stamp just for ME!  See?

His name is Benedict and he as well as my human brother over the mountains, have what is called a City Journal where all of the people..we can sort of call them bloggers...sorta...make cities.  It's a Sim City thing and the website is called Simtropolis.  Both myself and my sisfur Admiral are featured on my human brother's City Journal occasionally.  (Not Benedict's..but he kindly made me a beautiful stamp and message).

Look at my stamp and the message.  I am so proud!  Thank you Benedict.  xxooxx

See my beautiful stamp Benedict created? 

Guess I showed her!

Kitties, I was a little disturbed still yesterday after being interrupted at my concert and being shouted at.  The spraying dealio, well, that goes without saying! I was not quite as ready to be picked up yesterday as a consequence.  But we went to bed on time yesterday and I brought my donkey and...I did not play the xylophone.  I came in and slept at her waist level.  I was a good girl all night.  BUT...this morning though I allowed her to get 1 1/2 pieces of toast down and half of her coffee (I never allow that.  Just this time.  A one time only deal) I horked four times.  The first was half in and half of my tray.  The next on the little desk.  The third and fourth on the carpet.  So...she got a break but I did have to make a statement. Not large amounts either but enough to bring the anti-hork spray out and scads of paper towels out.

Now, since I have already dictated this blog I am sleeping on the top cup of my cat tree.  Ah...morning light still.

Time to go out into the world, mom said and get things done.  When I wake up, I will see you later at your place.  I already went to quite a few kitties this meowing.  xoxox

pee ess:  Did you see my little nosey in that sleeping picture on mom's lap blog before last?  Mom said my nose looked like a sewn on teddybear nose!  She thinks it looks adorable.  (I do too).

November 13, 2013

Xylophone anybuddy?

So, it was 1130 PM last night.  Mom had dropped off to sleep.  I had brought in my donkey but I left the room though she did not know that.   She found out however, when she heard me playing the xylophone on the living doom mini blinds. (yes, I bent them)

She shouted at me from the bed but that didn't work.  I had a new song I was composing "Ode to an Outside Animal".  So she threw back the covers, leapt out of the bed and crashed into first: The dresser.   Second: the small cupboard she uses for extra T shirts and jeans.  Third: The door frame.  Then, she made it into the hallway where she went into each room shouting for me to stop it.  I wasn't in any of them.  She turned on the hall light and came into the living room where I was trying to hide under the glass coffee table.  She went into the kitchen, got the spray bottle and liberally sprayed me. I took off for the spare room under the rocking chair and she, to the bed again.  Took awhile for her to fall asleep though.  I DID come to bed later.


November 12, 2013

Who is Your Sweetie (not brat)?

I believe someone was called a brat?  Here I am sleeping on your lap.  Is that being a brat?  Hm?

November 11, 2013

Mom called me a NAME!

She did.  She called me a spoiled brat!  What is THAT?

Peekaboo.  I see you!

November 9, 2013

Alley Cats and Angels of NC: Sometimes you HAVE to

Alley Cats and Angels of NC: Sometimes you HAVE to: Sometimes intake closed means when an emergency arises, you find a place to put a couple little kittens because the consequences of not doi...

New Tactic and...An Award!

Kitties, I have finally adopted what many of you do, to roust up my mom on any given morning.

I am getting her up at 0630 as I always did now that I have adjusted to the time change (Fall Back).  However I can tell she does not wish to get up when I want her to.  This morning I went through my indexed book of "Cat Tactics for getting Them Out of Bed" and I happened on chapter 8.  I have no idea how I kept missing that chapter and the valuable information it contains.

I followed it exactly Kitties, and it worked.  I despaired of it working however.  I had crept up the bed softly and put my face up against hers as always.  However, chapter 8 states "Lick their eyelids" so I did.  Amazingly, that did not bring a response.  (Mom here: Oh yes it did!  I was trying with all my might not to react to the eyelid thing, but it was awful) So, following outlined procedure I laid down with my back facing her,  backing right up against her chest and chin as close as I could make it.  She later mentioned she felt my heart beating for the first time ever.  That's how tightly up against her I was.  My Tuxie body was warm and the purring was my extra touch to charm her.  Adding my heartbeat was genius.  Thank you chapter 8!

Well, she continued to be asleep (Mom here: I desperately wished for sleep) so I went to chapter 9.  It instructed that one walk carefully and politely around the human's head and settle against the human on the other side..purring loudly and being sweet as sugar.  Voila!  Her arm came out of the covers and over to me to enfold me.  Ahhhh....TOUCHDOWN!  Breakfast within  minutes!  Mission Accomplished.   The End.

Kitties, Nerissa, of Nerissa'slife gave me an award.  The MOUSES! Award.  See?

Mouses!  I never expected THAT!  But I am honored to have it and I thank Nissy for it.  Here's a Tuxie smooch too, Nissy!  One must use the word Mouses! in their bloggie and of course thank the kitty who gave it to them.  In my case it was Nissy who is celebrating his second Blogaversary!  Go congratulate him on this achievement.  I will pass it to Niko and Goro San on Gorogoronikonniko site.


November 8, 2013

Bed Hog Extraordinaire

I admit it.  I am a bed hog.  Of the first water.  There are kitties who equal me in expertise, but none better than I am I would warrant.  I can spread out from one side to the other and all the way to the top and bottom.  Mom has the edge to rest on.

Another feature I have is:  I troll the bed at the veriest first light of day checking to see if Mom is conscious.  I wait quietly by her face if it is still dark, testing the waters so to speak.  I lean in close to see if her eyes are closed and if her breathing indicates sleep or (pump paw in the air) just pretending to sleep.

I feel I got her attention (she did) when I horked on the carpet and when I scratched the same carpet a moment before.  Those sounds wake moms up from a sound sleep.  Rather like their baby humans once upon a time when they were stirring in a room away...moms can hear everything.

Mom is going to work out this morning so she may as well get in there and make the bed, dress and assemble her face, pretty much in that order.

My Crown from Queen Nellie

November 6, 2013

Ginger Jasper by Katie's mom

Today we learned that Ginger Jasper, whom we all loved so much, flew away from us to the Bridge.

When I saw that email from Ann, tears immediately formed in my eyes and I went to the link even though I wished it were not so, it was.

I loved that precious boy.  I will miss him terribly as will the rest of us.

Carol and Barrie, I send my condolences and my love to you both.  As many have already said, Jasper knew how much you loved him and he loved you, his mum and dad as well.  Very deeply.

Good bye for awhile dearest GJ.  We will all meet again in the by and by.  And while I wait, Katie and I will watch for your brilliant Star tonight.

Good night darling GJ.  All our love.


Wordless Wednesday

Nothing more need be said...

November 4, 2013

Meowy Monday a Bit Early

Kitties, another dear girl cat left her family and flew to the Rainbow Bridge.  Her name is Midnight and I have put her sweet likeness from Ann, on my sidebar.  Too too many of our kittie and woofie family are flown away,  and it makes us sad.

Mom was busy yesterday for certain, she was a good part of the day today and will have a lot of time to play more with me tomorrow.  I was exercising my claws on the carpet..arms stretched out while under the coffee table but I only got two each (claws) digs in when mom's really scary eyes looked at me and I stopped without her saying a word!

I have been on patrol like I really mean it after the Siamese looking cat was walking about under my nose right outside my windows in MY YARD!  I had a hissy fit, yes, and I was upset.  Mom sprayed the Nutri- Vet and walked away.  I was still extremely agitated but mom went outside and chased the cat away.  Twice.  But I have been keeping vigil for 24 hours now.  After hissing at mom, I walked toward her and she moved slightly away from me but my eyes were normal and I was walking normally.  I stretched my neck out and headbonked her chesticle.  Four times.  I was apologizing for hissing at her when she came up on my having fits over the stranger cat.  Over all, I did better with Siamese and even slightly better still with long haired black kitty. But make no mistake I hates 'em boaf.

Look at me a few hours ago all flattened out on the little desk in the kitchen (mom said pay no mind to that fire hazard in the plastic file where she has like a YEARS worth of stuff jammed into it!!!) as I was enjoying the heated air coming up from the hot air vent.  Cell phone pic again.  She says that's the only way she can catch me any more.

November 2, 2013


Good Meowning!

I have to listen to Mom holler and rant for TWO, count 'em, TWO football games.  One is my favorite brothers university, MTSU at 1300 and the other is for the VOLS this evening at 1900 where the hope is they can vanquish Missou.  Remember, the VOLS are rebuilding and have made visible progress this season.  However it will take another two years for them to be where they need to be and mom scare the fur off me screeching when they win.

It was cold in here last night.  Down to 66 in the bedroom and I crept up against mom.  She was slightly awake when I gingerly put one foot in front of the other testing the billowy sheet and blanket before stepping down and then, that moment when my warm Katie body settled against her tummy.

I have been starting our evening off by laying my cheek against hers when we first settle in bed.  That is precious to her, I know.  I close my eyes and drift off.  BUT that keeps her from turning out the light and turning over.  So she and I have compromised.  I get to lay my face on hers for 15 or 20 minutes, then she turns out the light.  We lay there a few minutes more and then, I jump down for awhile.

Mom is adding grain free dry foods into my regular sensitive stomach dry and I don't like it.  She is still trying.  They had little variety in wet foods in the form I like..minced or chopped.  I am not a pate kitty!  The companies seem to make pate more than anything and strange flavors.  What's up with THAT!?

Gotta help Mom make the bed before brovver gets up from his.  He is visiting till afar the game from arriving after work yesterday for a chicken supper!


Sun puddles and ginger underwear's to efurrybuddy!