July 31, 2020

Oh MY oh MY MY MY!

Mom was eating her curds and whey this morning (oatmeal) and I came crashing (yes I did actually) through her feet on the floor as she sat at the computer, and landed at the wall under the desk.  I hurried out crashing her feet and ran to my clients trampoline stored against the wall.  I flew out of the room and tried with all my might to get the hall for closed  It had a flat iron keeping it open.    Mom rose and closed it somewhat and a nasty looking dark gray mouse-- or rat one, scurried out and across the living room.  I chased it, cornered it- and it slipped under the china cabinet.  I am now glued to the carpet in front.   Who knows how long the standoff will last.

Brovver is here till in the morning, so mom has to start with the eggs.  She already cooked the bacons.  Cinnamon toast too.  We thought the plumber would be here but our seeming emergency stopped.  Mom and I and brovver too heard water running somewhere (sound seemed in the pipes or something only in the bathroom). He was supposed to be here 8 this morning but mom said the sound stopped finally.  She will re-make the appt. and try for an inspection next week.

By the way, Mom was pulling my leg about saving and using my furs.  You were right.  But she'd have a heckuva pillow or blankie of she did!

Look, I brought Donkey, Mousie and Turtle to us last night.  Each with a happy announcement.

Look how big Bald Eagles really ARE.  This is a good comparison shot.  Sorry Tabbies...:-(


Bald Eagles

July 29, 2020


Mom said everything in the house that can be, is draped with towels or covers of the furniture type.

She always smiles as she and I read through the blogs and see all the other kitty homes are also covered up  with sheets, towels and other covers, inside.  Except our beddies and trees.  Those are left alone and not covered.  I asked mom what that was about- since I finally noticed.

She said it was to help gather the sweet furs as they gently left our purrsons, and make them easy for moms to save; and then make us a wonderful filled -with- furs comforter for us.  Now I purr to you...isn't that super nice?

All the moms and dads everywhere in the CB saving our sweet soft furs to make us something luxurious to sleep on.

I thanked mom in advance of my new blankie when she makes it.  Last night as she was reading, she was surprised when she put the magazine down that I brought THIS and put it on the foot stool as she was reading.  It was a surprise!  A first, kitties.  I always take him in to the bedroom...I never do this.  It was special for Mom to show my love and appreciation for all the trouble collecting my beautiful furs.  

Here I am, letting furs collect on this sofa cover. I always try to help.

July 26, 2020

Snoozy Sunday

Kitties...look at me with my cute tongue sticking out and my eyes sealed shut!  Mom saw that as she left my room yesterday!  Look under my mustache.

closed eyes and tongue out just enchant mom.

And later I took a nap by my track ball.  I didn't want it to creep away while my attention was elsewhere so I made sure I would know if it moved.

you are not going anywhere, Track Ball! 

And last night I was arguing with my bag!  I subdued it again!  Oh, those dark things under the chair are because the legs dig into the carpet.  Mom waited (of course) till the damage was done before she put the only sized movers she could find under the legs.

July 23, 2020

Blistering Hots

Kitties, it's hot out there.  I need to make mom get a pan, fill it,  and put it out there for the animals.

There was someone here yesterday for a birthday lunch and mom made a lemon pound cake for them.    I came  out from my comfortable beddie in my room to act like the tart I am.  I was all over him like syrup on a pancake.  I have only seen him maybe 3 times in my LIFE.  I'm friendly to everyone who comes in...I favor men over women, but I will at least greet the ladies who visit and stay to chat. Mom's the only woman I love and snuggle with.  Men...oh, mom obviously didn't teach me how to be a lady when they're around.

I hopped  up to the couch!! with him (something I never do with strangers) and wound around his legs just before he sat down.  

He's an old fellow, and obviously had a cat in his life once upon a time.

on patrol

July 17, 2020


Kitties, I am on the hunt and I WILL win this battle I know.

There is a mousie under there.  I couldn't even finish my breakfast!  Mom was in her room making the bed and heard me crash into the washing machine. I'm still there!

July 14, 2020

Friends...Welcome at All Times.

These family members were brought in to bed by their mom Katie Isabella.  Back to normal.  Donkey and Floppy Mousie. 

July 12, 2020

Roasting and Toasting

Kitties!  I am back to complete and total normal operations including trying out all the sunpuddles I can find in every room.

This was early yesterday morning.  I found great ones later too in the spare room and in the living room.  This one was taken in my room.  I am patrolling too.  Weeks of worrying mom is over.

Does anyone else sleep like this?  I have ceased draping all over mom's head and half her face to settling in, with my  arms folded in, and resting my chin and throat on mom's forehead while she sleeps.  She woke in the deep night time, just barely coming to consciousness (I can tell) and felt white satin on her forehead...minimal weight, just warm enough, and soft as a whisper.  It was me.  I have come up, lain on the other pillow and faced her forehead for several nights now...resting my head on her forehead.  Mom said that is far easier to sleep with (her) than enveloping her head with half my body.

See you at your house.  We can trade secrets.

July 6, 2020

Ah.....at last!

Kitties.  I made thunder in the hallway and leapt up to one of my fave "observation ports"!
I do believe I am completely over it finally.  I was patrolling last night too.  And I kicked the stuffing out of moms head while she tried to sleep last night.  My front legs hammered her forehead (claws in and covered)  in a gingantor stretch many times.  I tossed and turned a lot too.

Few minutes ago

July 3, 2020


Kitties!  Brother is going home in the morning.  Other favorite brother will be here Thursday so I can love on him.  My client  and his mom will be hereTuesday in between the two favorite brothers.

I found a sunpuddle yesterday meowning.  I hope I keep doing that.

July 2, 2020


Kitties!  We will have Brovver (he does his laundry here and pets me...) so I will have that to look forward to.

Guess what?  Look and you'll see what.