August 30, 2019

Oh My

Kitties!  It was the worst of days, it was the horribilist of days.

I was asleep in my PTU from 8 am till time to leave at 1115.  Mom just closed the door and off we went.  I didn't say anything.  Never do.  Mom does not like me to remain in one place like that so long and put it down to not being well.

The new place was wonderful.  Strictly a kitty entrance, and no encounters with woofies.  They took my paperwork, and a tech came in to assess my fear level.  Off the charts.

Long story short, when the Vet came in, mommy found her extremely nice.  I was frozen with fear though they tried giving me treats, some baby food,  sat on the floor with me still in my PTU... and there was a pawsome tree in there I could have used if I would have come out.

Mom lifted me out of the PTU to reduce stress and my sounds were better since it was mommy.  I was handed to the vet.  She was still on the floor.   I was so hyper stressed they only tried to trim my overly long nails (as I have been hurting mom). The other place I went never did an adequate job trimming.  I showed signs of being too stressed so the vet did not want to stress me further so we had to call it quits.  The plan is to sedate me two hours before I go to  the next appointment so I can be fully examined and assessed.  Whoever that tech was at my old place..the only two times I had to be handled by her...really did a number on me.  I was fine until those last 2 visits.  You never heard me meow about anything.

Mom is  very saddened she has to do this, but I must have an exam and senior profile and a dental.  So sedate for now will be the name of our new game.  That makes her very sads.

The Clinic is top notch.  

August 28, 2019

Today is the Day

Kitties, I go to the new v-e-t today.  Mom can't wait to get me there.  She has P pads in my PTU, all ready for the 20 minute trip.

Look what she bought me the day she called for my appointment.  Some presents to make me feel better.

I LOVE the cozy soft padded smallness, and I stay in it a lot.  Mom said I need to come out though, and be active!  The woman is never satisfied!  She took it up last night so I wouldn't be in it when it's time to leave.  It collapses into a beddie.

Look at my new dish too!

Mom wonders how a ceramic bowl can be organic? 

Kitties and Woofies, I hope to have good things to say tomorrow.  XX

August 26, 2019

Little Do I Know...update

Kitties, last night I came onto the living room and had my left eye closed.  To make a long story short, it took me a few minutes to open it and I rubbed it as though trying to get something out of it, or to soothe an itch.  Mom said she will call the new vet this morning to see if they can take me soon. If not I will have to go to the old on.

AND I need a pawdicure in the worst way.  Mom's collected all my paperwork to take along when the time comes to visit the new one,  including my tags.  (I don't wear a collar).

I'll let you know if I get to go with an update to the blog. 💗  Update is Mommy got us an appointment for 12 on Wednesday this week.  Nail trim and look at my eye.  It will be an hour appointment for the first one.  They are certified fear free.  I asked if that meant cats too.  As I saw just one in all their pictures and testimonials.  She said yes.  I hope it's not a dog centric place.   Dog -centric Vets and techs make over all the woofies that come in, smiles, pets, talks to them;  and tolerate the cats.  That's been our experience. We don't get loved on, cooed at and petted in our town.  I realize that other cat parents and their cats don't have to go through that.   But we have here in my town.   

August 23, 2019

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Kitties!  Mom found a cat friendly vet about 20 minutes away.  Now...the only thing that is worrisome is I may have to pee or worse before I get there or before I get home.  But she is so over as am I, with the not very nice or sympathetic treatment we get where we are going (they are dog centric) (and it's very obvious too). The problem is, the new place  is 20+ minutes, depending on traffic, seems  a bit much...or is it?  Now it's not cats only.  In the ad, there are nothing BUT dogs.   But I saw one cat in a testimonial.

Here is a picture f the water color mom gave one of my brothers for his birthday.  I don't think the Tabbies will see it.  If they do, I'll deny it.

I am turning up my snoot at my supper and I horked up my breakfast all over the place.  Mom still trying to get the stains out of the carpet.  I waited, as according to CP...Cat Protocol, and horked as soon as the oatmeal was ready, hot, in the bowl, and the coffee JUST poured.  The way I always do.

August 21, 2019


Mom said I am a treasure.  She said if those who have kitties are always loving to their cats from the first moment, they WILL see that love returned in a way that is recognizable.  An action, a look, a soft pawed touch, a headbonk, a smooch with a wet nosey, side rubs, tiny meows, almost hoarse sounding they are so low.

Our eyes will show our love many times when we are being cuddled and loved on.  Just look.  Or maybe when we come into the room where you are.  We may bring you our most favorite toy.  We may bring you  supper that we catch in the kitchen if mousies have come in from the cold.  Or at the window or outside.

We will groom you, smooth your too long furs, wash your face...purr to you...make sweet sounds, snuggle up with you as you are our family, and we will lie on you, get as close as possible and sleep with you.  A cat person will always be the recipient of our love and sense of family.  How can anyone ever say we are distant and independent and pass that untruth every day?  Perhaps they don't really look at their cats and see what is in front of them.  We are not dogs, and many expect that is the way we should be.  Appreciate what we ARE.

The look of love

August 17, 2019

Rise and Shine...

Kitties...Rise and Shine.  The world is waiting.  Or at least your Staff!  We just got up this morning so it's dark still and mom had that infernal camera by the bed on the night stand... so pay no attention to my bedhead furs.

She's headed to the big city for a birthday celebration of another favorite brovver.  My present is looking luxurious!

Please see side bar about Sunny, who is terribly ill.

August 12, 2019


Kitties!  I'm waiting for Brovver.  I miss him when he's gone.  So I laid here on the sofa next to his accustomed place waiting and waiting and waiting.  I even brought Floppy Mousie to the spare room he sleeps in.  I like the cover mom put on the couch.  It's soft.


August 10, 2019

We Kitties Know Stuff!

We kitties know stuffs and we learn stuffs too!

Mom had to get up super duper early yesterday to accompany favorite brovver back to the big city for an important function for him.  (he will have a giant breakfast this morning where he finally gets up.  Three eggies with cheese, lots of bacons, toast and grape jelly.  No biscuits.  Mom is lazy).

So, she slept like nobody's business last night.  And she overslept according to MY little clock.  Here's what I did so I could have breakfast.

I got up on the foot of the bed, but I didn't know Mom felt that.  She stayed still and quiet with her eyes closed.  Nothing happened up there on the pillow and the rest of the bed so I made a very strong stationary pounce movement.  It shook the bed which was my intention.  *mom here:  I sure felt that Cat Quake*  and when mom didn't move or open her eyes...smiles don't count to indicate she was awake...I gave another lunge in place.  Another ripple through the bed.  Nothing achieved so, I repeated this strong lunge in place a total of six times.  Mom counted she told me later .

Mom said anyone who deceives themselves that we are not quite intelligent is indeed deceived.  Yes, we are the learners and the innovators .  I didn't go pat her face as usual and rub furs all over it because that makes her go right back to sleep.  She needed a jolt and I gave her six!  It worked too.  Kitties, take note!  

See how smart we are?  Do you have methods like this to make your mom and dad get up?

Mom, you may not wake me the same way.

August 7, 2019

My Domain

Kitties...I am lying in State.

Whoops...mommy needs to update her vocabulary  I am very much alive and biting.

August 2, 2019

The Good Life

Kitties!  I am such a fortunate girl.  All of us in the CB are so loved and cared for.

I sleep with my arms up many times.

It's a wonder I still have a mustache.  Mom smooches it at least once a day!  Like to have worn it off!

August 1, 2019

A Day in the Life

Kitties!  I'm doing what I know best.  Guarding and protecting my family.  There is another girl cat out there!

Now...look who showed up a couple of days ago...and when my mommy went to get in the car, this little girl  plopped down and took a baff in my yard!  Mom resisted going over to her as she doesn't want this little one to make a habit of crossing the Indianapolis Speedway out front here, to get to her.  She belongs to someone who just lets her out all the time.  😡 She is sweet, friendly, and seems very loving from watching her other actions while mom stood there busting to go pick her up.

She may be a dilute tortie. 
Look who we saw last Alsatian (I think)  therapy woofie.  LOOK at her long long TAIL! Her name is Sadie.

That was our excitement...inside and outside.  XX