July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday (sorta)

Here I am last night with my other brovver from over the mountains.  I am giving him the Queen's Welcome! Mamma fuzzed up his face since SHE says it's not polite to put someone's face on the innerwebs unless it's a kitty.  xoxox

The Queen's Royal Welcome

July 30, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday

Other brovver wented home and now another brovver comes here to play with me today!  Yea!

Mom said she was gonna make chick-hen for him tonight.  Now I may...may be persuaded to try some.  I don't seem to want humans fuds at all.  Just my own.  However that doesn't stop mom from offering some of the ones she knows won't hurt me.  Robin, who went to the Bridge some 19 years ago loved scrambled eggs and got her own portion whenever we served them.  She loved bacons too and freshly bakes turkey.  Thanksgiving she got her own meal served in  a bowl just for her.  Minced turkey, a few green peas (fresh) and she enjoyed her meal with the rest of us.  Hopping John loved corn, peas, chick-hen, popcorn and turkey and occasional scrambled eggs. Admiral..nothing, just like me.

Mom gonna look for new fuds for me today.  Wet fuds she means.  A certain brand that was given to me by a friend of mommy's was much enjoyed last night.  Mom will try to find some.

See you soon.

July 28, 2013

Easy on Sunday

Kitties, I am going to have two brovvers here, one at a time so I am getting my easy on in my OLD beddie!

July 27, 2013

Caturday All Day Long

Kitties!  I had a pawsome day whapping my toys around and ignoring my brand new soft beddie!  I haven't laid in any beddie in months but as soon as mommy put the new beddie in here and put the old beddie in the spare room, I went straight to the spare room and slept in it for hours that afternoon and yesterday afternoon too!  I'll show her what can be done with the new beddie!

Begone, new beddie! 
I perched up on my tree too.  I paused on the way up to the crow's nest so as to let om see by the stern set of my jaw that I do NOT want a new beddie!  Leo, look!  I have a GIRL cave!

I said BEGONE new beddie!
Then, I decided to kidnap her hair band.  I go through some trouble to do that too.  I have to stand up and crane my kitty neck looking into the little cabinet on the wall to the left of the vanity.  I fish and fish till I find a hair
band and I knock it to the sink and then, I carry it over to my bathroom water bowl and drown it. You knever know when those hair bands will attack you.  Best defense is a good offense!

July 26, 2013

Fearless Furriday

Good Meowning Kitties!  I got a new treat ball and an entire box of new-to-me toys yesterday from mariodacat.  You can see that treat ball off to the left near the table's leg.  Mom didn't even put treats in it yet!  I just took off whapping it up and down the hall and all over the living room.  It was a big hit with me.  I also got a soft ball made of chenille that I whapped everywhere too!  Mom is just taking them out a little at a time.  Here I am looking wild hiding in my box waiting to pounce on the treat ball again.  I'm going to sneak up on it.

Beware!  Wild Cat!

 Mommy bought me a new beddie.  Soft and plush.  I will not lay in it but followed my old beddie into the spare bedroom.

Here I am yesterday with my Yeowww nip filled fishie as a pillow.  I have licked it till it's green.

I play well all by myself too...

  You can see my lion and you can see part of my donkey and my favorite kickaroo.  I bring these plus the new red mousie that looks like a heart that I have played with non-stop to the bedroom each night.

I like to follow the sunpuddles.  Here I am crammed up against the spare bedroom door.

Mom will stay here with me today a lot more as she over-did the calf stretches at the gym and her legs are very upset today.  Good.  More play for me.  xoxox

July 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Hey!  Who do you think YOU are scaring a sleeping kitty to death!? Good Grief Mom!

July 23, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties,  I'm glad I got frustrated with Google+ yesterday and meowed about it.  The kitties meowing back were VERY helpful and now, my problem can be worked around thanks to the great suggestions that were made.  Please go to yesterday's bloggie and see something that OuiOui from Twinkletoes said.  Who KNEW G+ was THAT much of a problem?  And see the solutions offered too if you are also having trouble trying to comment on friend's posts.  But that you can't delete your blog on G+ and that it still shows up, was an eye opener.

Meanwhile, This is Tuxie, Tortie, Torbie and Tabby Toosday!  How lucky can ya get?

July 22, 2013

Here's my Google+ problem

Kitties, the trouble is, when it comes to google+ I can't bookmark something I can't get in to.  I wish I could.  Here is a screen capture of my problem.  When I try to click the blogspot addy of a google+ person, once in a rare moon I can get in.  But this below in a picture is what I usually get no matter where I click or on what.  So you know.  :-(   I remember how tickled mom and I were a few times when we were actually allowed in!!! We made some sort of ecstatic comment on the bloggie we were so surprised!


July 21, 2013

(Uneasy) Easy on Sunday

Mommy said I would NOT be Easy on Sunday if I had happened to have been in my tree looking out on the back yard.  There was THIS to contend with and you KNOW how *I* am!!!

This is a Siamese boy or girl.  (S)he's been hanging around mine and a neighbors yard for a few weeks now.  The neighbor does not own a cat so here is another kitty allowed to roam freely.  Poor baby.  Mom and I want all kitties to be safe, healthy and away from predators both animal and human, so mom keeps me and the ones who came before, inside. That's just us.  Your mom's and dad's do as they choose of course. Haven't seen the black long haired kitty in a while nor Ginger.

The picture is fuzzy.  Mom had the long lens on and we zoomed in as far as we could,  but we have a big yard and this was taken through the window and the screen in mom's room as well.  Not ideal.  MOL.

Have a great Easy.  xxoo

July 20, 2013


I'm thinking about our furriends who have flown away to the Bridge.

 I have those that I knew in my Rainbow Page.  If you ever want to see their beautiful faces, there they are for always.  Mommy helps me put them on the sidebar for a few weeks but we also put them in the Rainbow Page for effur, at the same time.  

Mommy has been helping me here for awhile and said she hadda get dressed.  Hopefully she will wear her clothes right-side out this time.  XXOO

July 19, 2013


Kitties!  It is sad for me that some of the Google+ blogs will NOT allow me to comment, like Kitties Blue for an example.  They have been kind and come to see me and they must wonder why I don't go to see them.  I try and try.  I won't join Google+ because they want too much information. And it makes me and mommy sad/mad that they try to force us by not allowing comments unless you join.

A few Google+ blogs I CAN get into to leave a comment but theirs, I cannot.  Make me sads.  I sorries, Kitties Blue.

Kitties, here is something I did for the first time yesterday while mom was still leg-dangling off the side of the bed when I rudely waked her up.  (I do that by jumping feet first onto which ever side or part is showing).  She said good morning, listened to me say good morning back and then struggled up.  I always always always headbonk her back and forth over and over..as long as she sits there I will pass back and forth across her legs and headbonk her both ways.  But Kitties, this time, I did that AND I passed by and rubbed my beautiful soft satin sides really hard against her all the way from my stem to my stern.  She was delighted!  I did that twice.

Usually she only gets long side rubs from me when she's standing but this time, I made it extra specials.

Last night along about time for bed, I came trotting quickly into the living room up to the chair she was sitting in and I had my soft cream colored teddy with a string and a ring attached to it.  It filled my mouth but I brought it straight to her and waited to be praised, which I was.

I was snuggled into her back again with my feets  clinging and tickling.  I stretched my toesies periodically.   The only thing that kept her awake was my VERY thorough FULL bath.  That was a rocking good time for me...her?  Not so much.

You can see that teddy sharing the sunpuddle with me.

pee ess:  Mom went to work out and it was pointed out that her shirt was on inside out.  Sigh.  She embarrassed me a little bit.

July 18, 2013

Fursday finkin'

I been finkin' that today, Fursday, mom will do some cleaning in our home.  She said yesterday that all of the wooden cabinets in the kitchen need to be cleaned and polished and she said she's saving the fridge for tomorrow.

I think I will help by staying in my tree.  xoxoxox

July 16, 2013

July 14, 2013

Easy on Sunday

Kitties!  Here I am napping in the hallway outside of the computer room doorway waiting on Mom to come back out.  I am asleep with all 4 feeties up in the air.

 LOOK at my lush tailio!  Nowadays when mom has that phone with her I don't have a chance.  Used to be she had to come into the computer room, unzip the big bag the camera is in, take it out, turn it on, take off the lens cover, adjust the settings...and I heard it all and quit whatever I was doing.  NOW, I don't have a chance.

July 13, 2013


Kitties, we had a day of sun yesterday.  3/4ths of a day of sun.  The first buncha hours was all overcast but we did see the sun.

Here I am about to make a speech saying how tired I am of all the water falling.  Mom calls me to the spare room if there is a tad of suns making a skinny watery sunpuddle the two days a month it doesn't rain, and I come running to TRY to bask in it.  I know what she means when she calls me so I always come running!  Right now, it's overcast again.  We have had our entire years worth of rain already the weathermans said.

See this face?  It says "PLEASE STOP RAINING EVERYDAY!"

July 11, 2013

Fursday Tuxie

Good Meowning Kitties.  Someone said yesterday that the NPR jumped on the hate kitties bandwagon too.  However, look at me on the small guest bed in MY room.  I have not done this before but I did last night.  Admiral always did this with sheets and pillows.  This is my first time.  I'm readying the bed for anyone who gets in it.  Warming it up.  It already has brand new pillows, sham and sleeping pillows.  Newly changed sheets.  I am a good hostess so I am furring it up.  Comfort first for our guests!

Mostly under the sham

Bet you can't see ME, Mom!

The wide part (MOM!!!) is my hips and the right hand end is my widdle headie. 

July 10, 2013

Another Attack on Cats by Mom

Cat parents, this really made me mad.  Here they go again!  What IS this vendetta against cats? The cat haters are really out in force it seems and they are given credence by news vendors as we well know when cats were attacked earlier this year saying they were singly responsible for every wild bird death ever recorded!  yes, I am being facetious but still, it makes me very upset to keep reading these seemingly non-stop attacks on a hapless animal!

Here is a link from this morning.  Sigh!


Why, it's a wonder we are not all dead in our homes with these dangerous villians out there!


This stuff really ticks me off!
Remember our babies who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge are in my Rainbow Page above.  Not ever to be forgotten.

July 9, 2013

Tuesday Tuxie Upside Down Kitty

Kitties!  Mom said she can't focus the phone's pictures so this is slightly out of focus but if she had gotten up to get her camera, turned it on, fussed with settings and so on, I would be long gone.  She has always wanted an upside down kitty  face and I finally presented one.  So..she picked up the phone and went for it.That's my new red quilted throw on my recliner.  She was still trying to sit in it to read the Sunday paper.  Silly her.

 This carpet "tracks", meaning every little paw print shows up on it.  Mom uses the sucky monster and "grooms it" (but not the way she grooms me).  It looks good for a minute until she and I start walking on it.  The nap on the carpet goes every whichaway.  That's her way of apologizing for how the carpet always looks.

Happy Tuxie Tuesday.  Let's celebrate with some extra nip and treats!

July 8, 2013

Glamor Monday

Moms and Dads...if there are kittens about you may wish to direct their attention elsewhere as I am posting a full on glamor shot of myself today!  It's to cheer up Monday which is dreary and rainy here where I am.  Of course if you have girl kittens, they may want to observe my poses and exceptional display of my full bikini so as to have something to build upon in their own career as girl cats.

I am soooo glamorous!

The props are: My nip nanner from Boomie, my lion of course (he goes where *I* go) my doney right beside him (he ALSO goes where I go) my tomato, and my little yellow plastic ball from a track ball once upon a time.  Mom apologizes for the shadow.  She took it at night and the iphone's flash operated.

July 6, 2013

Mommy and I Are Back from You-Know-Where

Mom and I got to the v-e-t (Mommy said I can spell too!)

I was carried to the PTU and put inside with no problem.  Yesterday I was sleeping in it a few times.  Mom said I seem to do that when it's about time to go.  Anyway, I never said a word all the way there and I didn't really do more than the barest tiny voiced protest while being lowered into the PTU.

When we got there, there were two huge dogs, one Rottie and one Shepherd who barked LOUDLY and  a lot.  It was hollow sounding in that room and I know it made me very nervous but I didn't say anything.

Mom, I scared! 

When I got back to the exam room (they took me early because of the dogs) I was OK till I was lifted out for my mani-pedi.  I hissed a few times at Jason who is my favorite tech as he was Admiral's favorite.  I was trimmed and weighed @ 11.8 pounds so I gained 3/4ths of a pound! and brought back in where I hissed some but steadily growled THE ENTIRE TIME! Mom was shocked.  I have NEVER growled the first time and certainly never hissed.  That boy was the first time ever! Mom told Jason about that boy who didn't know how to handle cats, and  that mom was afraid would make me afraid to go in the carrier.  Jason said that Dr. Rick had to be told and that if mom didn't (she was going to) then Jason would.

Dr. Rick came in and mom told him that after all she went through with Admiral deathly afraid of the PTU and even the tech (Jason) having to come to the house to fetch her out from under the heavy oak bed) that she didn't want to go through that with ME  being afraid because of that silly boy.

Dr. Rick said he would absolutely talk to the guy and perhaps do as mom mentioned, re-train him as to how to handle kitties. Looks like I now hate the Vet office now though, thanks to him,  and that is not likely to change.

I got a shot for my itchies since I won't allow mom to give me the liquid medicine I need to avoid the  shots.  Mom said not to give her the dickens about that.  She lives alone and I am NOT cooperative and I will bite if someone keeps up what I don't want happening! They are looking into having something compounded for me into a chewable form.

MOM! They're going to eat me!!!

So, I am home, and much more comfortable and less antsy since I am not alive with itchies.  I had my claws trimmed so I'm good to go.


July 5, 2013

I have to go you-know-where

Mom said that my itchies are such that I must go to the dreaded v-e-t place.  I also need a pedicure really badly.  I puncture mom's legs when I start making biscuits. Of course if she weren't wearing shorts...but that's another complaint and story.

As soon as I finish dictating here she will go call in the appointment.  She remarked to a friend yesterday (I heard her..I was puncturing her legs at the time) that I was sleeping in my PTU.  She said I always seem to go sleep in there long about the time I will be stuffed into it for a trip you-know-where!

Here is a picture of what I wish would happen.  We have incessant rain and we are a good 16 or more inches above normal for the year.  I can see it easily being two feet above normal by years end if not more.

Even the toadstools have toadstools! Just always raining and always gloom.  We get maybe about 8-10 days a month MAYBE with some sun.  Maybe.

See my earsies? There be suns in 'em.

July 2, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday Love Gift

With many soft sounds I brought my three favorite toys in to Mom during the night.  She woke with each one although she only spoke with the first as she was just drifting off to sleep I knew.  The other s I brought, she heard and smiled but went right back to sleep.  I talked in earnest with those.  Since I brought my heart/mousie,  (A red mousie with a heart on it) I was probably telling her how much I missed her all day yesterday!  She got home in the mid afternoon just before the horrible thunderstorm started though.  Boy, was I glad to see HER!

Here are my favorites, in the bedroom on my shaggy rug.

Donkey-upper left, Mousie/heart in the center and Lion-lower center.