June 29, 2016

If I Could Only Help Mom Post a Video

Kitties, Sticky Person and his mommy came over yesterday. All three of them soon went out to the local Wetlands  Park administered by TVA.  (There is also a very old cemetery there with human folks born in the mid 1700's buried there).  Mommy took her DSLR and took some pictures.  They were wet shirted and damp faced and wet haired with sweat when they got back as it was it quite hot and HUMID out that early in the morning when they headed out for the hike into the wetlands.

They come home several hours later, and James got to play with his toys that  my Mommy keeps for  him here while Mom made them both lunch.  James and his mom both came into the kitchen to keep mom company while she did the lunch preparations.

Kitties!  THIS visit, the Sticky Person's mommy said that she wanted to teach the baby not to play with my fuds, so that I can eat at will while they are here.  Till yesterday, mommy always took it up and put it up where there baby could not reach it. So my fuds and water were down on the floor on my placemat as usual.  Fast forward, and mom and Sticky Person's mom were talking and laughing in the kitchen while James was walking about opening cabinets and the trash can.  ONE second, of our inattention...eyes not following the baby in other words as he wandered in the kitchen,  and the baby went straight to my fuds which were about a foot away.  He stooped down on his way past, grabbed a handful and popped them into his mouth! And chewed!  He has 15 teeth now so he did great with MY kibble.

I believe my mom is the one who first noticed the little booger had MY FUDS! She alerted the Sticky Person's mom who became doubled over laughing  (same as my mom) (what an outrage!!) and both mom and she kept ON laughing and saying "He's eating it"!  Mom has a video of that part and no clue how to post it.

His tiny fist was pried open and the fuds were taken out that weren't already in his mouth.  She opened her hand to show Mom how many more  kibbles were left, and the baby quickly reached into his mom's hand and got a few more and popped them in!  Mom and mom's daughter-in-law were just in tears laughing, trying to get them out of his hand.   James was doing open mouthed chewing.  There was no use trying to get it out of his mouf, so they gave him a milk chaser.

That was one of THE best visits for THEM ever, she said.  Now me, I have a different slant on it.  That was MY fudables  kitties.  MINE.    Hard earned with eternal nightly and daily vigilance to keep mom safe!  What happens?  I wuz robbed!!!

NB:  Mommy has an iMac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and so on.  Not the same as a PC so those rules can't apply here, darn it.  Videos can't be chosen from the Photo library on the Mac and inserted in the "insert video" icon in the blog.  Mom hasn't learned how to get videos to Tube.  And even if she did know, she's too addle pated to know how to get them OFF UTube and onto the blog.  She is useless...I keep telling ya.  There's a way to do it, yes.  Just no one here has shown mom how.  She did manage to get a video of the last bit where the baby sneaked  another bite from his mom's hand and started back to the kitchen to raid the fudable bowl again.  Mom took it and put it up.  Heeeee. 

June 24, 2016

So There We Were....

So there we were.  close to 2300...lights out, sheet pulled up to my shoulders and we are snuggled together and it's time to sleep.

Fast forward:  Mom here.  A really boisterous electrical storm ensued  at three quarters of an hour after midnight  while Katie and I slumbered.  Impressive thunder claps and some continuous strobe effect lightening lit the room.  Katie's back was still pressed into my chest and the sheet was still up to her shoulders.  I was glad I was able to be there to keep her from being frightened.  WELL.  She slipped on out to the floor and gone!  Leaving ME to fend for myself.

I laid there comfy and with more freedom so I settled in again nicely.  I heard an announcement meowed out a little more loudly than usual.  She always announces when she brings in her babies.  Then I noticed she did not get into bed as she came into the room  so I drifted off again.  Another announcement.  And three more times.  Finally she slipped in and just laid in a fur circle near my arm.  (I was on my side).

In the morning I saw 5 of her babies.  A first, and two new ones were added to the usual ones.  White mousie whose tartan was ripped off by fangs.  And Red Heart Mousie finally came back to the fold.  Of course, Donkey and floppy duckie and floppy mousie were there.  So I am assuming she left the relative safety of the bed to get her little family in and safe with us.

Katie Here:  I am getting tired of her complaining!

June 21, 2016

I Get a Visitor.

Brovver is coming over this morning.  Just for today and he will leave noon tomorrow.  I wish he would stay and stay.  I totally love him.  He was here when I first came home!  So we go back a long way.

Mom emptied my litter box two days ago and took it outside and washed it down.  She used newspaper to dry it out.  First thing I did was climb in and make a deposit!

Mom really tired her legs and back out a LOT yesterday while working out.  She may skip tomorrow so that she can rest her back most of all.  She's really been going at it.  Like me she gained a bit of weight and she is also trying to be careful eating. I told her my Royal Canin is MINE!

I got mom up at 6!  That's what happens when sun rises early.  I have been getting her up that early for weeks.  She wishes I would not.  I am fairly polite about it this year whereas before, I would pester her terribly.

Mom has to learn how to stretch her calves and hamstrings and be like me.  She's drawn up into a knot!  Lots of weight bearing exercise.  She will google that when I tell her she can.

I missed Box Day kitties. Makes me feel terrible.  Maybe a nice mancat can come over and help me get over it?   Spitty?  Leo?  Austin?  Anybuddy?

June 17, 2016

Another Day, Another Treat

Kitties!  So far so good on my earsicle.  I have not scratched at it nor shaken my sweet headie.  The rest remains to be seen.  It lasts about a week, and that will be coming up on Monday morning.  I hope that will be the last trip to the Vet for that earsicle prob.

Last night,  after we settled in bed there was cool air blowing on my furs as I snuggled my back into mom's front and we tried for sleeps.  Well, I don't like that air blowing on me and she tries to keep it off my furs but can't really.  So again-- she tried covering me lightly with the sheet.  Instead of up to my waist, she arranged it up to my shoulders; and for once I allowed it.  She dropped off to sleep with me snug inside the sheet with her.  BUT as always, I left at an unspecified and un- noticed time to get my Donkey and Mousie and Duckies and bring them in with us.   Then I decided I would sleep velcroed to her leg and back, alternatively.

I told mom she'd better get my box outside and wash it down good.  Fresh litter each week is one thing as is daily cleaning out but one needs to wash the box too and she has NOT!  Not in several months.

The white spot on her head is a spot of correction fluid to identify her if she flies into the trap again.  This is a hummingbird banding event.  If you adopt one for $25.00, you get a certificate with his or her band number on it and if he or she is unfortunately found deceased one day, you are notified as the adoptive parent.  AND you get to hold him or her after all the weighing and measuring and banding is finished  till they fly away.  That my hand holding mine.  She left instantly.

June 13, 2016

Sad Monday

Kitties, Mommy has lots of tears for Mommy Cat at Jacqueline's Cat House as her husband cat Daddy Cat passed away and Mom is devastated  She so loved that couple. Daddy Cat, you left your Mommy Cat in a peaceful journey away and your mommy as well as Mommy Cat too, will mourn your loss.  Rest in peace darling boy.

And Merlin passed away as well.  Nellie's new husband. I am so deeply sorrowful for these babies' passing.   Rest in peace dear little ones. Mom nor I will never ever forget you I promise.  Neither of you.

I wasn't well and had to go to the v-e-t this morning early.  Mom noticed I was scratching at my right ear and shaking my head a lot.  Continually almost.  Before things got worse, mommy called the v-e-t and asked if I could be brought in.  I didn't say a word when mommy picked me up and lowered me into the PTU.  I did have red in my right ear and I got a medicine that the Vet administered into the ear, massaged it in well, and it will remain in my ear for a week or so.  Hopefully that will do it.  Mom is not good at pilling me and Tiffany my fave Vet tech broke her ankle in two places a few weeks ago right after she left here to go feed and walk a 100 pound lab.  He knocked her over..she hit several concrete places on the way down and posted  her x-rays.  Bad break requiring surgery.

Me,  I ate well when I got home (I had spurned my breakfast so mom trashed it and gave me another (of course!).  I have barely shaken my head and mom feels better.  Mom has a Pet App so she looked up the symptoms and it indicated an ear infection. So she called right away.

 Oh and LION came out to play.  He was in the living room and TURTLE was in the bedroom with Donkey!  Those kids of mine...I never know where they will go next.  When Mom leaves the house, they are everywhere when she comes home!

Please go see Merlin's mommy and Daddy Cat's mommy and his mate Mommy Cat, and give your loving thoughts.

Love you.

June 8, 2016

Good Use For My Allowance UPDATE! Problem Solved! Steve gets his Ratsie!!!!

Kitties, does anyone know how I can get another Plague Ratsie?  Mom asked if I would give away the one that Admiral had and then I took over and neither Admiral nor I liked it at all.  Although Admiral did half heartedly play with it.

BUT:  Mommy asked if she could give away a bag of my toys I won't use either ever, or that I am tired of.  She gave them to a mancat called Steve.

His mom doesn't have much money at all.  She works in a grocery store as a helper/bagger.  He doesn't have many toys, as he dislikes catnip as some of we cats do (not me..I love it) so she gave up on those and can't afford the larger things like a scratcher post, an Ess and many other things.  Mom knows she would not like it if mom bought those things for Steve.  So mom and I are trying to get him little acceptable things.

Since he loves my former Ratsie, I would love to get another for him for when he finally does this one in.  She said he can't get enough of it!  If anyone want to see mom one, I told her she may use my allowance as that is what it's for.

Anyone have one to sell?  💗 Steve would be so happy.  He could have another one for Thanksgiving or Christmas maybe.  xoxo

UPDATE  Steve will get his Ratsie! Thank you Auntie Karen. (Admiral's Mother in law).

June 4, 2016


Good Meowning Kitties and Woofies.

I am sprawled on my back.  My back feets are resting in their white socks against the door.  My head is upside down of course and mom is playing peekaboo with me as she takes my dictation. My green jewels eyes are gleaming like the gems they are.  Life is good.

Mom dared to quit typing a moment and rise from the chair here to go into the bathroom linen closet to get fresh sheets 'cause today, I get to help change sheets!  Well!  The bathroom door was put to and that means it was closed so I could not freely walk in!  She had to close the door she told me so she could open the closet door in there.  I do NOT care about her excuses.  I busted the door open and it clunked into the door jamb of the closet door.  I have NO idea why she thinks that is so funny!  But she laughed  at the two loud clunks.  I got IN.  That's the important thing.

What's Playin'  on my BirdTV just outside my room.

June 1, 2016

Being of Service to Mom

Kitties, it must have been that grilled chicken sandwich she and a friend had at W***'s.  It had to have been something because last night after I left Mouse Patrol (yeah, we have one) i crept into bed with mom.  Turns out I was up by her head just behind the pillow.

She knows that because she was having a very bad dream it seems.  She dreamed she was in a  room getting ready for bed and glanced up to see  a man's face looking at her from a VERY high up window.  He looked to be in his mid 50's perhaps, sandy hair, and an enigmatic expression on his face Mom later said.  (why does she use words I don't know?  Demerits for HER Report Card time!).

She tried to scream "HELP" and had a hard time doing it (of course).  Finally she did get a loud yell out for help and that help was at hand.  I came straight to her face..she could feel my breath, and I puffed air at her.  I do that with a sweet sound, puffing air out of my nosicles forcefully.  She is always enchanted by it).  Then, I laid down right against her chest.  My warm fur was meant to be a comfort.  She fell back asleep with me fast by her to keep mean dreamies away.

Who is a good girl?  I am a good girl.