June 29, 2014


I had a little mishap a few evenings ago my furriends.  I have put live mousies in mommy's bed but I have heretofore put Donkey, Lion and Red heart shaped Mousie and Pink fat mousie on the floor by the bed.  But several nights ago, I mis-stepped in the dark it seems.  How so, you meow?

Mom got up and there was NO one in there with her.  She heard me announce that Donkey or someone, was on their way but nothing was there when Mom got up.  She looked everywhere in the house for Donkey and he was not too be found.  That was scary as she has a spare Lion but no spare Donkey.

Time passed and after we had our breakfasts and she cleaned my facilities and washed her face and got dressed..she started making the bed and Donkey was caught between the mattress and the footboard.

I was going to bring Donkey all the way into bed for her and he fell from my mouth when I was trying to negotiate from the big oak chest at the foot of the bed, to the mattress itself.

Oh she was so glad that I was going to bring him all the way into bed, and sad that I was not successful and probably discouraged.

Just a story of our life one morning a few weeks ago.

June 28, 2014

Caturday Hoo Ray

Kitties, guess what!  My other favorite brother  from over the mountains got here late in the afternoon yesterday here just for the BBQ.   He is gone now as of 1000 this morning.  He was here overnight only as he is headed to Guatemala and Belize Monday.  And to show him how grateful I was that he drove all the way here to attend the BBQ for his brother, I brought  LION to him!  I did!  His door was closed, so I had to leave it against the door. (taken in murky dawn light..no flash)

Since the time Mommy got up, I brought Lion in to join Donkey on her floor since brother's door remained closed!

I was so glad to see them when they got home.  It rained and there was some serious lightening but it died away just as the cooking got started.  There were many friends there of Brovver (who had been ill)and all my brovvers and sisfur-in-law were also there, and we all had a great time!  Boy the food was great.  The host was brovver's dearest friend.

Look!  Here is proof of poor unappreciated Lion!  Languishing against the door!  And here he is again when I retrieved him to put him next to Donkey.

I HOPE brovver from over the mountains is honored!

June 26, 2014

I doin' Happy Dance Wif My Feets!!

I am awake and alert and getting ready for a BBQ to be given in honor of my favorite brother's favorable state of health now.

His good friend has arranged this BBQ including the food, and the area to have it...a Park in The Big City.  It will start tomorrow afternoon at 1630.   His friends who are arranging this are leaving it open for contributions to help him pay for his hospital and medical bills.   My other favorite brovver in NC will drive here to participate and my other favorite brother and his wife, my sweet sisfur will also come there after work as will folks from his church I think and one or so friends from his former place of work.  Here I am, after getting this blessed news!  I am making plans of my own to honor him.

Here's my feets!  I have them all toughened up and ready to trot to the Big City.  Well, maybe not.  I might get scared in the dark.  I better stay here to welcome favorite brovver from Charlotte instead and warm his bed.

My favorite brother feels honored and very humbled at this beautiful event, just for him.

To a Dear Friend

Happiest of Birthdays to you dear Jan and Funny Farmers too... who share your day with us.

Love all you do and both mom and I are a deeply appreciative.

XXOO Katie and mom

June 24, 2014

Cat World Domination Day


Kitties, this is Cat World Domination Day.  Thank you Sparkle for the beautiful TRUE graphic.  

June 23, 2014

When Mom is Away, the Little One Plays

And you ought see the living room!  Mom went to work out so I got bizzy.

Donkey is in the middle, kickaroo in the foreground, white mousie in the doorway and dark fur mousie at the end.

June 20, 2014

Sheesh! Whatta Day That Was

Kitties, I'll tell you what!  Just because I didn't eat, drink, make a clump in the box nor a poopy for getting on to two full days, she hauled me off the the dreaded v-e-t.
I was in a good mood for pity sake and I played, I loved my brushies, I slept in the bed so what'cher prob, Lady?

Anyway, I finally got my temp taken (I prefer to put that in the back of my mind) my undercarriage prodded, my little heart and lungs spied upon.  Nothing. So then, the baseline blood test!  They stole my BLOODS! And they took their durned time doing it too!  Mom had to hear me screaming for at least (no kidding) 8 minutes.  She asked what on earth was wrong and they said my veins were so small that had to use both of my beautiful legs! I know mom said maybe it was dehydration!!! That makes veins hard to find.  And I was telling them off in the best possible language I possessed that I hated HATED being held down, scruffed and treated like that!  The end results were told to mom via a call later in the afternoon.  My bloods are fine too.  I got my claws shorn as well!  Good GRIEF!

A friend told mom I may be bored with my foods so she went and got the aromatic Royal Canin and sure enough I scarfed it down.  She said she was about to clean my box so we'll see if it brought any results!  It did.  Two poopies and a nice clump or two.  Boycats, do NOT read this.  None of your business.

I bet that was THE last time I will ever go into my PTU without a fight as I always have done till yesterday's outrage.

See my white piggies?

June 18, 2014

Sorta Wordless Wednesday..(well not as bad as I usually am talking so much)

Sorta wordless...had to say this was taken in the dark.  My paws were over my head and the bottom ones, stretched out toward my tail tip.  I was on brother's bed.  He is visiting.  I was RELAXING happily.  Mom lightened it up best she could.

June 16, 2014

Gonna be Tuxie Tuesday in a few hours!

LOOK what Nellie made me!!!!

Kitties!  It was supposed to rain and it didn't!  How wonderful.  I have been thundering around everywhere. I also have been in my puzzle box reaching in and which ever treats I couldn't sweep out thru all the holes, I reached in and picked up.  Honestly and truly--- and I put them in my mouf!

Guess what I did today?  Well, yesterday too.  I laid next to mom here in by the computer desk while I was dictating to her and I have been putting my paw on mommy's foot while she sits here.  I have done that even when I am not dictating my bloggie.  I love her and want to be close.

Here is my latest picture taken with a camera one of my favorite brothers gave me.  A Nikon V1.  It's not heavy like mom's big DSLR even though this is a DSLR.  Just smaller.  Different than mom's regular bigger heavier one and she is still trying to get used to it.

I'm on the supper table ready to be served up for the meal. 

June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Mom and I wish ALL the daddies out there---cat daddies and bean daddies and those daddies who have both beans and kitties,  a very happy Father's Day.

My brothers act as my daddy as they have for all the other kitties who came before me.

Mom and I also want to wish a happy Father's Day to all the mommies out there who like my mommy, had to rear their children themselves, being both mommy and daddy.  Our love to each of you.

Thank you Ann for the beautiful graphic.

June 14, 2014

WHO Through Yon Window (door) Comes? Tis Himalayan Cat! Arrrggghhh

Kitties, I am not quite as bonkers as I used to be when I saw Mr. Black or Mr. Ginger or even this kitty, the Himalayan.  I still don't like it but I can be calmed after the initial hissing, screaming and window fighting.  Mom feels sorry for the kitties I mentioned that are out there, as they are not groomed or taken care of very well.  Ginger disappeared over a year ago, by the way.

Here I am.  Ever vigilant.

I got'cher back Mommy! 

June 12, 2014

Furry Furiday

Kitties, I have been missing in action thanks to that mom of mine.  She has something go wrong with her this meowing but a visit to the Dr. and a prescription seem to be working right now so I made her sit and help.

What with this and that going on including work outs (thank goodness..she was really getting whimpy) she drew a blank and so did I what to say.  I have a feeling she will show you an old several weeks old picture that I chose.  But it is a re-run from several weeks ago.  her sorries and me too.  We will do better.

OH!  I do want you to see the Angel mommy purchased 20 years ago when she still had her precious Robin, her tiny 5 1/2 pound Tortie, mostly black, girl.  She was going to put it outside where Robin is but built her a pile of granite rocks instead.  Hers and Admiral's angel will stay safely here.  Here it is.  It is the size of a teenaged kitten.

Mom put it on the bed to take the picture.  It rests on the oak chest at the foot of our bed and Admiral is in a new urn on the dresser again.  Mom couldn't bring herself to take Admiral from her box she came in but now, a Tortie color urn.

Here *I* am.  What a pin-up!  Mommy said she will haul out the flashy box again.

June 8, 2014

Late Sunday--Monday too All Because I loves Yoo

Easy on Sunday will melt into Meowy Monday in a few hours.  Now mind, I will be curled on our bed while it's dark BUT another day is on the way so let's celebrate it.  Meow your loudest and be your sweetest.  You and your pawrents both.  Every day IS a gift after all.  Didn't mean to worry any buddy.  ALL is well here with us.  <3<3 Was just being gratefuls for what we has.


June 6, 2014

Furry Friday

Kitties!  Just stopping by!

I have brovver here and that's a joy.  I was looking forward to that.  Mom fed him fried chicken and two sides.  Nommy.  But me, I had my Fancy Feast extra gravy for gravy lovers turkey feast!

You can tell it's warmer nowadays.  Mom actually got to read a few paragraphs of her book because I took a bit more time making my way in to sit on her chesticles.  Once I start making my way up the side of the bed, the book gets laid on the bed table and all hands are on me as I deserve.

I am ruthless about the 0600 rising time however.  But, she has no excuse not to go work out she said what with being up at the top of the day.

Can't wait for the new calendar for next year.  I LOVE every page of this one.  Nerissa is todays calendar boy!

Just stopping by to meow.  I hope you have lots of good stuffs to eat and that you are sleeping in your pawrents beds before they can even get in there.  It's what you deserve.


June 4, 2014

Hug Your Cat Day

Mom here:  My pleasure to hug this sweet girl.  And one of the many reasons is this. In the dark hours of the middle of the night, I woke for a few seconds (back pain) and felt something light as a whisper on my hand.  I sleep on my side, right side preferred and have my right arm under the pillow with my left opened hand resting on the pillow.  That "whisper" I felt was Katie's little head resting on my outstretched hand.  I opened my one eye and saw the barest outline of that little one stretched out beside me lengthways and her head resting there on my hand.  What a dear sight. ❤ I closed that eye and went happily back to sleep.  This girl took Admiral seriously when Admiral chose her and told her to take care of me.  She woke me from a nightmare for the second time since I have had her the night before last. And last night she ensured there would not be another what with her dear presence guarding me.

June 2, 2014

Why I Am Spoiled

Kitties, I told Mom that made me feel embarrassed that she said I was spoiled rotten, and a diva as well.

Here are the very reasons I am so well loved.  I planned them all carefully. Besides keeping her warm at night, I also play by myself in enchanting ways which she has spoken of before including walking a few feet on my back legs while looking right at her.  Doing the side-ways kitten scamper and the Halloween kitty back while jumping.  I reach into my puzzle box and curl my toes around a morsel and bring it to my mouth.  I am not a kitten for certain.  My age has been adjusted upward by my new Vet who said I was going to be 7 now, after two years of living with my mom.  The former v-e-t told mom a false story about my age, but I sure do act young.

But here is what makes mom just melt...when I have been asleep somewhere  that she isn't, such as the bed or in a corner somewhere; when I wake...especially if it is dark in the room I was napping in, I come quickly trotting out making tiny little sounds with a closed mouth, every inch of the way.  Mom said it's like calling her, asking her where she is as I come out to find her.  My tail is fully up and the tip over a bit once I lay eyes on her.  I trot quickly right up to her and want to be picked up and hugged.  And she always does and she hugs firmly.  I LOVE it.  You ought to hear the purring!

That's my reason that mom loves me so much.  Because I love her back with all my heart.  Heeee.