September 25, 2018

A Good Day For Us

Mom is a happy mom today and I am happy too.  I was especially cuddlesome last night up against her head and face.  In a way that did not interfere with sleep...hers or mine.  XX Love my mommy. (she loves me too).

She has a trip this weekend, the entire family...including all my favorite brothers; and they are renting a van so they can all get in together, including my client, the Sticky One.  Mom said I have to be alone for 1 little while, but Tiffany will come and feed me.

Here I am receiving the news!!!  My expression says it all.

September 23, 2018

My Sunday Selfie

Kitties! My selfie with a great view of my monocle.  I don't usually allow everyone to see me at my Royal best but I made an exception today.  I'm trying to get mom to hurry while the modem is working.  We are still having more outage of service than not and we have to hurry everything before it all winks out again.

I took this last night while watching TV when it was able to be on between outages.

September 19, 2018

Pirate Day!!!

Kitties!  It's National Meow Like a Pirate Day!

Avast me Hearties!  Ain't I a sight to behold.  I have me cutlass ready to run you thru iffn ye don't obey me orders!

September 17, 2018

The V-E-T

Kitties!  She made me go to the V-E-T today.

She got worried when she was combing me as I lay mono railing on the tub edge and she was feeling my sides.  I flinched and called out when she felt the left side.  I have done that before but I never called out.  Mom likes to feel my body to make sure nothing seems different.  That flinching..I have done it before as I said.  But this time she decided that was going as far as she would let it.  I got scooped up and taken in.

Mom said it scared her a little though and shows dreading the visit while knowing it had to happen.

I got my nails done, and I got a "sanitary clip" in the nether region.  NO BOYCATS ALLOWED TO READ THAT!

I had my, well, my, um,  well, certain glands examined to see if they were, well, sorta, um, full.  They were- so I had to endure THAT  too.

 My temperature !!!!!!!!! was normal!!!!! Gees, Mom!!!!!!!

 And my heart was good.  I gained weight again however despite my not eating great amounts.  SO...Dr. Shumpert said to give me a more than a third... of a can of Fancy Feast for breakfast and the same amount again for supper, and a scant half cup of dry for the 24 hr. day.

Really I don't eat a lot more than that.  But Mom said she would.  I had my blood work last time so I'm good to go.

Wanted to tell you.  Mom was worried so she didn't let me blog about it.  She still doesn't know why the Dr. was able to palpate my sides and tummy and I not say anything.  But she said she'll take it.

Kitties, Woofies, I have furriends in my Rainbow page.  When I put our friends in the sidebar I also put them in the Rainbow page so please know they are there always and ever even when you no longer see them in the sidebar.  That page gets an enormous number of visits.  I am glad to have our beloved family of furriends there to see and think of with love.

September 16, 2018

Sunday Selfie

Kitties, she follows me everywhere. And she wanted me to try for a selfie again!  She never gets there from here.  Always missing a step.  Or do *I* follow HER everywhere?  Anyway, she found me playing and whapping the ball in the trackball toy.  I am trying to get it OUT of there.  I put tissue paper there to help.  Tissue paper has special powers, you know.

September 14, 2018

Purriday Stuffs

Mom said that was supposed to be Friday in the title.  OK Mom...

Look what she found again in her jewelry armoire.  They aren't scarred or marked...some of that which you see on the surface is light reflection, and the rest is the creator's markings to enhance me.  Mom is not so much...that I showed you these back when I got them for her.

 She had found a pair that looked exactly like Mariodacat, who is not blogging any more...and she bought them and sent them straight to his Mom.  Mario's mom wore them many times out to lunches and dinners.  Her friends who knew Mario loved them, as they are the spitting image of him.

Mom wanted some of me, so I got mom's custom made and they look just like me.  Right to my one sided mustache.  The image of me.  See?

I'm the cat's meow!

September 10, 2018

I've Done it Again

Kitties!  It's been a while since breakfast horking.  I did it again.

I was ripping into my wet fuds and Mom knows when I do that, it's a 50-50 chance of seeing it again. She always starts with a teaspoonful.  If I keep that down, she cautiously gives me a few more  teaspoonful.  Her eggs were done so she set the pan aside and gave me my extra teaspoons full..I tore into it (my fave flavor) and when she took her coffee and eggs into her breakfast place...HORK!  And HORK.  

She barely got them set down when the horking started-- trying desperately to get a scatter rug over to where I was in the act.  Instead, I got to throw up on her hand!  It got in the way, Kitties.  She quickly tried to remove my ice-cream cone from the mark but it too got a horking and mom got some more on her hand.  This was a first for me.

Eggs doing the same; she headed to the kitchen double time and finessed her way around a black and white speed bump each time carefully placed in the middle of the junction of the hallway.  Said speed bump  was enjoying the view of her hurrying back and forth in her PJ's with filled up paper towels--- then rushing back to get more hork cleaned up and get started with the spray cleaner we use. 

My morning entertainment.  She said to mention if I would, that once she stopped feeding me the "sensitive skin and stomach" dry fuds...and started with older lady cat fuds..I stopped horking so much.  BUT...importantly, 😻 I still do hork when I enjoy my fuds quickly, however cautiously she tries to serve it. 

Wait till I hork on THESE!!

September 7, 2018


Kitties!  It's still 90 degrees+ but it is definitely getting on to the end of Summer.  I can tell.  I was lying in my favorite window on top of my favorite white blankie and the shadows were falling differently in the yard than they had been these past months.  All slanted looking across the grass at only 8:45 this morning.

Mom took off for her favorite park and started walking.  As hot as it was in air temperature, she said the faint breeze felt cool as she walked under the trees as the shadows that were already elongating kept the broiling sun off of her for over half of her walkie.

Me..I was still in the window when she got home and into the drive way.  She saw me as I straightened, and hopped down to go greet her at the door.   She was really all wet from and had to change all her clothing including socks.  Glad that wasn't me.  What a bath I would have to take.

A lot of shadow even near 10 am today.
Mom...zat yoo?

If not, I got something for ya! 

September 1, 2018

Twist and Shout

Kitties!  I twisted and shouted some in the night and got tangled.  I also needed  a nap from all the action.  Now that I have my short tunnel, I have exhausted myself with it's possibilities.  It's an upgrade and fitted out with more TA...Tunnel Apps. I have to try them all.  I tunneled off to Casbah last night via pre-sets in my short tunnel ...I saw the dancing kitties, threw them a few kibble and came on home before Mom woke to worry where I was.