January 30, 2017

Warm Air Blowy thingy

Kitties, I can't move hardly at all except to my food dishes. If I am not over here on my fuzzy blankie glued to the air vent blowy thing, then I am in my thick beddie curled tightly.  Not a single mancat to snuggle me.  How sparse the the mancats are when Winter sets in.  Flynn?  Spitty? Austin?  Mario?  Or Nellie? Leo? Hellllllooooooooo? *echo echo echo echo*

On one of my blankies

NO one to snuggle wif

Abandoned and left to freeze wif no mancat

January 28, 2017


A good furriend sent me this.  You may not recall my speaking of Ossie who went to the Rainbow Bridge a year ago Thanksgiving week, but now he directed his mommy to get herself a little boy to love.  His name is Joey.  She will send me pictures soon.   Here is a dear picture and quote she sent me as well.  I thought you would love it too.

January 25, 2017

Wordy Wednesday Maybe

Kitties, mommy said she has been and can continue affording the cable but she has become fed up paying so much for so little.  That money should go to ME and my upkeep.  She has decided she will likely only keep the internet. Unless they charge an outrageous price for just that.  Oh and by the way, there is no competition here in this area. Not among cable companies.  There is only one. Your only alternative is satellite (no- go for mommy) and that-other-company.  So it's  going to be just internet soon.

January 24, 2017

We Are Thinking Really Hard Over Here About Stuffs. Please read again for correction.

Kitties,  mommy said that she was shocked a few hours ago getting a bill from her internet provider (bundled services, 'Net, TV and phone--NO added things.  Just basic things) shot to a few dollars under 200.00 dollars a month which comes out to  $2284.68 a year.  It was bad enough but that about caused palpitations as mommy and me have the basic cable with NO added shows or anything.  Nothing added whatsoever because she and I watch only 4 channels. And we aren't movie watchers (unless it is Star Trek stuffs).

Mommy called the place and got an out of Country call center of course.   Mommy only asked why the bill shot up even higher than it was the month before.

Mom said for so little it was an awful jolt as the charges before that were just 10 dollars less!  The person said they would give mommy $20.00 credit for a month so she could think it over.  She told the lady no, keep the money as it wouldn't be right to accept it.

She didn't say to the customer service person that she would likely go on to one of those antennas that let you have about 14 channels.  I will miss a couple of the ones I watch sometimes.  We will get something else for a phone so we can keep our burglar alarm mom said.  We are not sure about the 'Net yet.  It depends on how much they charge just for that with nothing else.  If it is awful, then mommy and me will have to say bye.  That would make me, mom and Admiral very sads.  BUT lets see how her substitutions work.  And  what "they" will charge just for the net.

January 21, 2017


Good Meowning kitties and woofies!  Brother is here.  Bacon, eggs, toast, juice and coffee for him.  Soon as he gets up.  He will leave around noon and I will look for him as always.

Yesterday it was so warm, high 60's to low 70's that mom had the front door open for me for hours!  I laid there basking in the cloudy day without grumbling too much.  Then suddenly, about 12:30, the sun came out and wow!  I got over there to my place and just rolled!  IN her own way, mom did too.  She grabbed her stuff and headed out for a good walkie.  They have become more sparse as the rain and wind are a problem though she does go to the big box stores, she has to go slowly and it's b-o-r-i-n-g she said. Better'n nothing.

Here I am, backed off from the front door and out of the sun.  My furs were getting hot.  You can see my catnip blankie that Ms Stella O'Houligan's mommy made for me five years ago.  I use it as a toy believe it or not.  I skid into it from a dead run, toss it, ball it up...scoot under it.  I seldom lay on it any more.  It's been washed many times so the catnip smell is long gone.  I just find it a perfect playmate.

January 18, 2017

SO Exhausted

Kitties, after all that the day before yesterday on my Gotcha Day, I am just worn out.  Exhausted.  This is as far as I could make it.

Oh, sooooo exhausted. 

Well, perhaps I can raise my head for a treat, mom. 

January 16, 2017

Gotcha Day Joy

Kitties!  Woofies!  Today is my Gotcha Day!  I'm not ever going to forget it.  My mommy came into the Vet's office where I was temporarily housed and  when I was brought out to her to meet, I went to her like a magnet to the fridge.  I made so many biscuits that even the Vet's smiled as did the techs.  I trilled and purred like a chain saw cutting through wood-- and made more biscuits.  Enough to feed the Army and the Marines.

I made them on her. I headbonked her without stopping except to rub all my face on her.  I crawled up her shirt.  Made more biscuits, and showed her THE most love she has ever seen.  I even made air biscuits when I couldn't make contact with her body.  I was sad when they took me away from her after maybe twenty minutes.  She was smitten.  I knew she would be.  Admiral knew it too.

When she came back to get me and we got home,  I could not keep out of her arms, and  I wound around her every second of the first month.  If I were lying on a chair and she moved, I sprang out right to her...asking to be held.  Mommy said I must have had a very loving parent before she found me as I showed total love from the first second I saw Mom.  I was born sweet she said, and my other  before parent must have been a saint she gathered because I was reared well and lovingly.

Come join me, mommy and Mariodacat who came over to help me, for noms and drinkies and nip in celebration. Mario is now seated comfortably in the sink to guide you to the litterboxes and washing up facilities as you arrive. for the pawty.  He is also in change of all the extra bowls of water too.  He volunteered to assist with guests before he joins me to co-host our foods and pawty.  He's my sweet boy. 💗

King Mariodacat...Your guide to the house and where the fuds are. 

Mario...come on in with me sweetie so we can set out all the noms.  Quit snacking.  Oh.  You saw me do it?

Help yourselves.  Mario made them with his own paws.

Premium bacon beer from Nipclub
Bacon donuts for your pleasure...courtesy of Mario

For your pleasure

Puppy Chow for the Woofies

Salmon..lets dig in..literally.

Niptinis from Nipclub. 

Toss one of these back!
Kitties, Woofies, thanks for coming over to help me celebrate the best day of my life.  And by celebrating this day, I am celebrating every one of you.  Without my Gotcha Day, I would never have such dear and loving furriends as I do now.  I am truly grateful for you each one.  Let's tuck in.  Last one with an empty mouf is a mousie!

January 14, 2017

Another Day I Will Remember

Kitties, Woofies, I had the most fun filled cuddlesome day Friday!  Look who I got to be with!

I mean, a cuddlepile made in heaven!  My bestest gurrlfurriend Nellie!  And she rested against ME!  And Flynn, all stretched out flanking Queen Nellie guarding her against rogue mousies (HA!  Nellie makes mincemeat outta them!) And Archduke Austin Towers. Prince of Wales.  He is relaxing and enjoying the cuddlepile but he is vigilant against the errant mousies or humans who may come barging in while we have our summit meeting and cuddlepile.  Nellie's Mommy took the picture of us.

Nellie, rule forever! 💗  Us loves yoo.

January 11, 2017

Can't Wait

I has a special day coming up, Kitties and woofies.  I'll get all kinds of kisses and petting and treats and lovins and favorite fuds.  Stay tuned.  I am so fortunate...all I can meow.

But I think I will tell you now after all.  Monday is my Gotcha Day and here I am  the second day in my home with mommy.  She took this the next morning after I spent the night tightly to her side all night long.  I came in in the middle of the night after staying in the living room all day and evening.  She went to bed and I joined her later.  She woke up with me in there with her...all stretched out three times my length, and we have been tightly bonded since.

January 10, 2017

And That's All I Have to Say About THAT

Kitties...it's been brutally cold.  So.  I have gone into survival mode even if I am in my home.

All I hear off in the background is HER complaining that I never leave my beddie and when I do, I am rolled up into a ball in the sun when it chooses to shine.  Nag nag nag.

January 5, 2017

Maybe it's Cold.

Maybe I am spending all my time in my beddie because it's cold..  I also am on patrol mom noticed.  Happens every winter.  A mousie gets in and I have to find it and bring it to mom.  But it's hard work waiting there poised for many of my waking moments--- which aren't too many.

To Eileen,  mom to Sasha, Sami, & Saku, I can no longer access your blog.  I love seeing what Sasha, Say and Saku  said in my last blog and the one before that, but I am completely unable to access yours.  It says it is "not available".   Wanted you to know that.

Mom has been busier than her normal busy--- which is pretty busy! I hope things get calmer around here soon.  If not, I might move to Wales!  If I do, Donkey comes too.  I will meow at CatAir and see what the cost of passage is for the two of us.  I could go in my tunnel but it does get drafty.  There is a dapper Mancat there who should wear and MAY have a monocle and top hat tucked away somewhere from all the formal occasions he attends throughout his Land! We both wear Tuxedos, so we will be well dressed regardless of our outerwear.

Here's hoping....

January 2, 2017

Now Get THIS!

Kitties!  I busted open the bathroom door early this meowning and assisted mom in applying her face AND doing her hair.  I was there to be petted as always on the edge of the tub in between dabs at her face with creams and colors and brushies and things.  She claimed her hand that she would have used to pet me that moment I assumed my "pet me" position was, for the moment, in need of a wash as she had just applied that creamy stuff to her face.  I said "no way Jose" and left!  I tried, Kitties and Woofies,  I tried to normalize things and she failed her part.  That was all on her.

She finished and made breakfast for my favorite brovver and left!  She worked out, came home for a moment and took off again for her walkie.  LOOK WHAT I FOUND ON HER PHONE!

She cheated on me AGAIN!  First Ringo, the Sheltie/Collie mix and now a BEAGLE!  What next???
Claims her name is Daisy and how cute she is.  Well, excuuuuuuse me! What am I?  Chopped liver?

pee ess:  Kitties or woofies if you know "Eileen", please tell her I, Katie, cannot any longer access her blog or profile.  It says I may not.  She just commented a few seconds ago so there must be a problem with blogger.  Could you tell her please?  XX

January 1, 2017

My Day

It's been everybuddy else's day but mine. My home has been busy busy but now, although my favorite brother is here for overnight, I am finally living my usual life with lots of adorations and smoochies.  I haven't even assisted mommy doing her makeup and her hair!  I quit!  Maybe I will resume, maybe I will not.  I have not slept on her head either.  And not glued to her side either.  Just at the foot of the bed!  So there!  And several days ago, I  came when offered a brushie. but I refused it anyway!  How about THAT Mommy?

Things have to straighten up around here! 

Mario and I went clubbing at #Nipclub last evening. Fanks yoo @RealFakeGator
Nellie and Austin and I toasting 2017!  And each of YOU!